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    What are the rules?

    by martinitony 37 minutes ago
    martinitony martinitony 20 minutes ago Flag

    What is your opinion on how or who would leak this and motivation? If it was SODA management, as you suggest, that might screw up the deal. If a reporter goes with this without some reasonable source, couldn't they be investigated?

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    Wait for confirmed news

    by hejkii 37 minutes ago
    martinitony martinitony 35 minutes ago Flag

    What's the horses name and which track?

  • If something is happening and investors are selling with no notification, wouldn't they be able to sue the company for not announcing? If the news breaks this way without a correction if false or an affirmation if true, what are the rules? Seems a little crazy that SODA isn't required to address this. Last time I believe that PEP responded before the open. Anyone remember that morning?

  • martinitony by martinitony 55 minutes ago Flag

    TEL AVIV, April 16 (Reuters) - At-home soda leader SodaStream International is in early talks to sell a 10 to 16 percent stake in the company to a large strategic entity, the Calcalist financial news website reported on Wednesday.

    The talks involve a company valuation for SodaStream of $1.1 billion, Calcalist said, noting that there are still differences between the parties over the type of deal that would be carried out.

    Officials at Israel-based SodaStream could not immediately be reached for comment.

    According to Calcalist the potential investor is one of three companies: PepsiCo Inc, Dr Pepper Snapple Group or Starbucks Co.

    The company valuation reflects a share price of $52, compared with SodaStream's closing price of $37.64 on Tuesday.

    According to Calcalist the potential investor is interested in receiving an option to increase its stake in the future and eventually gain control of the company.

    In February Coca-Cola bought 10 percent of Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Inc and it will help launch Green Mountain's new cold drink machine, putting pressure on SodaStream to bolster its position through a partnership or merger with a leading drinks players.

    (Reporting by Tova Cohen)

  • The institutional shorts are about 5-6 million. That means about 1.5-2 million retail could drive the price up $10-$30. Don't settle for just a few bucks. The price should almost double at some point today if it's true.

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    shorts will do WHAT?

    by dprofiteer 3 hours ago
    martinitony martinitony 2 hours 4 minutes ago Flag

    You're a liar. You have to be short taking that position in the face of irrefutable fact that the article is there. I doubt anyone will forget that markjackson597 is a lying short after this morning. You could have just said you were short and didn't believe the article.

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    shorts will do WHAT?

    by dprofiteer 3 hours ago
    martinitony martinitony 2 hours 10 minutes ago Flag

    You dip stick. Go there and hit translation button. Could be rumor, but you were 100% wrong about the article not being there. So shut your pie hole sheet head.

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    shorts will do WHAT?

    by dprofiteer 3 hours ago
    martinitony martinitony 2 hours 11 minutes ago Flag

    Idiot, more…
    Conducting preliminary negotiations for the sale of 10% -16% share great strategic body. CAlcAlist "learned that talks are underway around the value of $ 1.1 billion Sodastream between the parties and that there are still differences of opinion on how to deal..

    According to estimates, it is one of three companies: PepsiCo International Corporation, Dr Pepper soft drink manufacturer in the third largest in the U.S., or the Starbucks coffee chain. This price reflects the value of $ 52 Sodastream share, about 33% above fair which opened yesterday on Wall Street. According to estimates, the Buyer is interested to get an option to increase its stake in the future to acquire control of it.

    On 6 February 2014 acquired Coca - Cola 10% of Sodastream rivals, Green Mountain, for $ 1.25 billion. Green Mountain Coffee produces home appliances and background of cooperation with Coca - Cola is now also intends to produce household appliance for making soft drinks.

    Share Sodastream responded the same day the owner of 11% in anticipation of a similar collaboration, but has since fallen back to the value of $ 790 million. Analysts that follow the activities of Sodastream believe that without the cooperation of a large corporation may be difficult to recover from the decline in profitability and business results.

    City investment bank wrote following the acquisition of Green Mountain that in general a good purchase Sodastream, with hopes of analysts in the City are that Sodastream produce collaboration with Dr Pepper or Pepsi. Citi wrote further that the fact that Coca - Cola will begin to publish her own household machines making beverages may also help Sodastream.

    Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley conducted in mid 2013 process where asked PepsiCo to buy the Soda Stream by a higher value of 2 to 1.5 billion. Calcalist exposed contacts ", but denied by PepsiCo and later by Sodastream before the announcement has not denied that the contacts. Now under discussion is dif

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    shorts will do WHAT?

    by dprofiteer 3 hours ago
    martinitony martinitony 2 hours 17 minutes ago Flag

    From front page Calcalist:
    Wall Street: Sodastrim jumps 12% pre Commerce
    14:47Contracts on the Dow Jones, Nasdaq and S & P 500 climbed 0.5%. As revealed Calcalist, Sodastrim conducting preliminary negotiations for the sale of 10% -16% share great strategic body; Yahoo smashed analysts' forecasts in the first quarter and increases by 10% pre Commerce
    Complimentary Salinas

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    shorts will do WHAT?

    by dprofiteer 3 hours ago
    martinitony martinitony 2 hours 25 minutes ago Flag

    There are at least two news services reporting this including Bloomberg. That's not someone. Did you just go short? Why you protesting so loudly?

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    shorts will do WHAT?

    by dprofiteer 3 hours ago
    martinitony martinitony 2 hours 34 minutes ago Flag

    What you are suggesting is that if a false rumor is reported and then corrected it will still have a major effect on the stock price. If that were true, do you see why many investors would avoid the market?
    I want SODA up, way up, but I don't believe a false rumor will help.
    As you look as the small amount of trading taking place right now, you should realize this is already a boy who cried wolf moment, a reluctance to believe on the part of most. If just a few percent of shorts believed, over 7 million shares short, the stock would already be at $52.

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    shorts will do WHAT?

    by dprofiteer 3 hours ago
    martinitony martinitony 2 hours 48 minutes ago Flag

    If it's another false alarm, SODA will be down by close. It would just reinforce the idea that SODA is helpless and hopeless. I hope not, but I doubt it wouldn't be halted if a major announcement was imminent.

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    Here we go again!

    by drjohnlong 3 hours ago
    martinitony martinitony 3 hours ago Flag

    KO was in at $78+ and GMCR reached $130-140. If true, I would expect 80-100 because the effect on SODA is more dramatic than the KO effect on GMCr. GMCR, until now has been coffee and cold is a new thing. 100% of SODA is affected.
    Every negative problem, well almost, is eliminated. Plenty of cash, brand recognition, …etc.

  • martinitony by martinitony 4 hours ago Flag

    _____) rose in German trading after Calcalist reported the maker of household soda machines is in talks on a possible stake sale to a large soft-drink producer.

    Shares of Lod, Israel-based SodaStream rose 4.6 percent to $39.44 as of 11:26 a.m. in Frankfurt. The stock cost $37.69 at the close yesterday in New York, a decline of 1.5 percent.

    The manufacturer is in negotiations on selling a 10 percent to 16 percent holding at $52 a share, or 33 percent more than the opening price yesterday, valuing SodaStream at $1.1 billion, the Israeli financial newspaper reported today, without saying where it got the information.

    The transaction would include the sale of options allowing the suitor to increase the stake for potential control of the Israeli company, Calcalist said. PepsiCo Inc. )))))))), Dr. Pepper Snapple Group Inc.______ and Starbucks Corp. _______are “estimated” as the parties involved, the newspaper said.

    Yonah Lloyd, SodaStream’s chief corporate development and communications officer, declined to comment on the report. A Starbucks spokeswoman in the U.K. declined immediately to comment.

    To contact the reporter on this story: Tom Lavell in Frankfurt at ________

    To contact the editors responsible for this story: David Risse_____________Tom Lavell

  • martinitony martinitony 16 hours ago Flag

    I've been here for three years and have been hearing about "next year" the entire time. I used the phrase many times myself. I don't know if SODA had a choice, but I know that at the least we missed the KO boat. We need to believe that the Keurig cold boat is the Titanic, but if it's not, in about a year you will have to come up with another version of what takes SODA to the promised land.
    I don't believe for a second that shelf space for SODA won't shrink in favor of KO, if it works.
    Second place in this category will be last place. Margins will continue to shrink and net income will be down to the bone as we attempt a comeback with advertising.
    If we can afford Scarlett, KO will buy the ghost of Marilyn Monroe. That's the way it's going to be.

  • martinitony martinitony 18 hours ago Flag

    No need to thank me. Your kind words are making me blush.

  • martinitony martinitony 18 hours ago Flag

    Aw GFY. I hope you trip and fall down a manhole on the way home. I never liked you anyways.

  • martinitony martinitony 18 hours ago Flag

    Here's a fact. You don't know anything about me, not even my first name. You don't know whether or not I own a single share of SODA, GMCR KO or if I'm really Seth, that is unless you're Seth.
    I think you spend too much time combing through my posts (I wonder why). That's a fact, that I think it. It's also an opinion.
    Enough said.

  • martinitony martinitony 19 hours ago Flag

    Would it make you happy if I sell my SODA shares? I've made my argument and it's based on a combination of facts and opinion based on my personal experiences. You can believe what you want and so can I.

  • martinitony martinitony 19 hours ago Flag

    No real disagreement. I'm just saying, for example, if the machine cost $200 but actually could produce a good Coke, I doubt the price would give SODA a big advantage. Now if it was $500, that would be different.
    On price per serving, l think you have to look at Keurig at $.75 versus a pot of coffee at a maybe $.20 per serving. The convenience is the major factor for many. You can't really brew a small pot of coffee very well without using up almost enough coffee to be equivalent to the cost of Keurig anyway.

    As to really big mistakes by really big companies, don't forget the Edsel. This situation is very different, IMO. It either works or it doesn't. FWIW, I believe that if KO had chosen SODA and say PEP chose KO, that SODA would win because it is a better concept and system even if Keurig cold works, but business is partly politics and you don't have to look very far to see how badly the public can choose when someone mounts a well orchestrated billion dollar campaign. SODA, by itself cannot win that battle unless Keurig cold is really a bust.

    The theme of my posts lately has been that SODA needs a major partner more than they suggest they do and far more than some of the idiots here believe. I think, as much as I don't want to see this happen, that SODA will most likely fail without a partner. It's not that the current base users would abandon SODA, it is the retailers who will reduce the space allotted to SODA and with that sales will decline, space reduced, then no more display …etc. I don't like it, but I believe it.

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