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  • In my opinion only, I am in the process of writing a new book. It is about incompetent CEOs or crooked CEOs. Maybe it will be about scam CEOs. There is one thing where they have a great product but when they have a crooked CEO or incompetent CEO your investment could go down the tubes due to the CEO's actions. When the CEO is in charge of a company and it is a private company he can do whatever he wants to do. When he is the CEO of a public company he is responsible to the investors. His job and responsibility is to increase the share value of the company. It is not decreasing share value in the company. He works for the investors. His obligation is to produce the highest value for the company in share price. If he can not increase share value in the company then he is completely incompetent and should be removed.

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  • In my opinion only, as an investor in this stock my patience is wearing thin due to the actions of the CEO. He sabotaged second quarter earnings by rewarding himself and management team with bonuses .Because of a debt swap that put an extra expense of $50 to $60 million causing it to miss estimates and not posting a record profit due to his actions. The stock has a potential of doubling but the management used this as their own personal ATM machine. They are adding more members to the bard of directors with options and bonuses. How could you reward yourself with huge bonuses and options and expanding the workforce with new members when the sock is tanking. The last several presentations he did the stock tanked. There are things he should say and there are things he should not say. Because of his incompetence he makes matters worse. He talks in riddles and circles and talks like a complete idiot. In order for AMD to survive they must remove this arrogant and incompetent CEO. When you do a restructuring and restructure debt you don't add more debt. You don't add extra board members with bonuses and options. You reduce workforce and get rid of dead weight. You do not increase workforce and add on extra expenses. You don't reward yourself for an incompetent job with bonuses and options. How incompetent is he?Please for the investors step down and resign.

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  • In my opinion only, every time this CEO does a presentation or interview he destroys the stock value of AMD. The CEO is either incompetent or a complete idiot. His last interview with Bloomberg he stated they did not burn through cash and they restructured debt. We have more debt now than we had last year. The debt is delayed for ten years. What they should do is restructure payroll for CEO and management team. The enormous pay and bonuses that they do not deserve especially when they sabotage their own stock. They have close to 11000 employees maybe they should eliminate some of these employees and do layoffs and cut back to increase profit. All old inventory should be reduced and sold to make room for new inventory. The incompetent CEO should not be allowed to do anymore presentations or interviews because I believe he is deliberately trying to sabotage AMD. I am hoping they do an investigation of the CEO because it sounds like someone is playing games like he is deliberately trying to keep the stock low. This reminds me of Clearwire when the CEO of Clearwire and CEO of Sprint were playing games to screw investors. They gave CEO and management huge enormous bonuses and options and salary when Clearwire was loaded with debt. They kept diluting the stock. It does not sound right what is going on now. I think the CEO and management team need to be investigated. Anytime this stock is about to break new resistance the CEO opens up his mouth and it tanks. Maybe they should glue this mouth shut and duct tape it. In my opinion I think the CEO is a complete idiot and incompetent too. That is my opinion.

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  • masterwallstreet by masterwallstreet Aug 29, 2014 10:14 PM Flag

    In my opinion only, the incompetent and arrogant CEO who sabotaged second quarter earnings. They had a special meeting for voting for bonuses and options right after the first quarter. That is when the stock was hot and was on the move. They gave themselves millions of dollars worth of bonuses and options. It was paid out in the second quarter. They did a debt swap costing between 50 to 60 million dollars in expenses that quarter. The second quarter is always the slowest one. Why would you do a debt swap and give the CEO and management team bonuses and options in the slowest quarter? You know that by doing this you will not beat analysts estimates. We missed estimates by one cent and the stock took a nosedive because of the CEO. If we did not do the debt swap that quarter and give out bonuses and millions of dollars worth of options we would have beaten analysts by 7 to 8 cents a record profit. The CEO and management team were more concerned with using AMD as their own personal ATM machine. As soon as they receive their free options by raping investors they sell them on the open market. By doing this it makes the stock go lower. The CEO and management team do not care about investors. They are trying to kill their golden goose. They are all greedy pigs. They all need to be replaced. They have got to start earning their keep and start producing for the enormous pay and bonuses that they get.

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  • In my opinion only, it is very strange and odd that I would recommend it as a strong buy. AMD does have a superior product. They have very talented and visionary people working with them. You have tech designers, tech engineersThey have a superior product at a superior price and have leading future cutting-edge technology available today. The only thing they have going against them is an incompetent CEO and management team. The CEO sabotaged second-quarter earnings by doing a debt swap causing it to miss a record profit. By doing this the stock took a nosedive. I listened to several of the conference calls and the CEO talks in circles. He won't give you a straight answer. He even sounds incompetent. He made several promises a couple design wins he has not delivered yet. We have the advantage over the competition with the ARM 64 bit server but there has been no news of any new contracts. The CEO and management team seem to reward themselves handsomely with millions of dollars that cost investors. It seems like they are raping the investors for overpay, bonuses and incompetent work. Do not get me wrong I believe rewarding somebody for what they are worth. If the stock was trading at or above fair value investors are making money then bonuses and options will be worth every bit. It is trading far below fair value though. If the stock is tanking the bonuses and options should be taken away. How could you overpay for incompetent work when he has not done his job and the stock is trading too low. I feel that if we replace the CEO and management team this stock will take off like a bat out of hell. I have very little faith in CEO and management team. As soon as they get options they dump them on the market causing the stock to go even lower. That is how incompetent the CEO is because they do not care about investors.This is my opinion only.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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