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  • mathwiz33 mathwiz33 26 minutes ago Flag

    Until there is any kind of video/recording or evidence of extortion by Yelp sales/customer representatives, these claims are irrelevant. #$%$ business owners selling #$%$ services just need someone to blame for their #$%$ reviews.

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    12000 people HATE YELP on Yelp

    by imtsmith4 1 hour 26 minutes ago
    mathwiz33 mathwiz33 28 minutes ago Flag

    I told you that many businesses that have terrible business practices DO hate Yelp. They will be documented as hating Yelp. Ofcourse they would. They're losing money because people are exposing their scam/shitty services. Are you one of these shitty individuals from these businesses that scam people? Only reason why these businesses dislike Yelp is because they need someone to blame for their shitty service/negative reviews. They need an excuse on this about extortion.

    It's still irrelevant if these shitty small businesses hate Yelp because that won't change the fact that Yelp's engaged user base will continue to grow. Look at the numbers. Ashley Madison has haters everywhere from around the world and yet they are growing. Your strategy and logic is shit. Retail investors can continue to short while institutions continue to buy. That is probably why the ownership % of institutions is so high. You kids are being duped into selling a highly valuable company. Expect a graph similar to that of Netflix after 2011 at some point.

    Read fakeittillyoumakeit.
    from Harvard Michael Luca

    This is actual scientific, mathematical evidence on a large data set that proves that none of the advertiser interaction effects are statistically significant. That means your claim about advertised businesses getting special treatment is bias and simply full of shit. Give me ONE piece of evidence that proves that this is not the case. Any audio/video recording of extortion? A SINGLE piece of evidence is all I need and I will go short right this very moment. Anything at all? No? Ok then please stfu.

  • mathwiz33 mathwiz33 41 minutes ago Flag

    The numbers in the financials show anything but significant slow down They just posted an outstanding 2nd quarter.

    Could you be a little bit more specific when you say slowdown in traffic? I still see traffic increasing tremendously. That information you posted here is information from a reporter that is trash. According to actual statistics from Quantcast, in July they just broke their record for most traffic again.

    "Yelp (NYSE:YELP) reported its earnings for Q2 FY15 on July 28th. The company once again posted growth as revenues increased by 51% year over year to $133.9 million. Yelp reported a sequential and year on year decline in net income to a loss of $1.35 million. However, adjusted EBITDA improved to $22.73 million compared to $17.24 million in the prior year quarter."

    I'm not worried about the bottom line as long as I see growth in the top line. Actually, do this... Screen for any company that is growing sales over 30%, has no debt and gross margins of over 90%. You'll only really find Zillow and Yelp.

    Also, most tech companies right now are struggling with this unicorn bubble. Yelp is not alone is this but Yelp is MUCH more established than other companies and Yelp actually recognizes the problem. It's better to recognize and rectify the problem. It looks like they are actually taking steps earlier to continue with their progression. Again, the financial numbers in their top line prove anything other than decline.

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    12000 people HATE YELP on Yelp

    by imtsmith4 1 hour 26 minutes ago
    mathwiz33 mathwiz33 58 minutes ago Flag

    Yeah, I said many small businesses hate Yelp. Obviously they do because they want someone to blame for their #$%$ services and bad reviews. They get bad reviews because they give #$%$ service. There is not a single piece of video/audio recording evidence of extortion by Yelp sales/customer representatives on youtube or any other website. If you find a single piece of this evidence, please show the world. I don't want to see he said she said nonsense because some business owner is angry.

    Yelp continues to grow its user base over 50% y/y and over 70% y/y in R&D.

    Read: fakeittillyoumakeit
    In that specification, we include
    an indicator for whether a restaurant advertises with Yelp, and also interact this variable with
    the main independent variables in the specification – the characteristics of the review, and the
    characteristics of the reviewer. While we use this mainly as a control (to allay concerns that Yelp’s
    algorithm may differentially affect advertisers), these interaction variables can also help to provide
    more direct evidence of how advertisers are treated relative to non-advertisers. We find that none
    of the advertiser interaction effects are statistically significant, while the remaining coefficients are
    essentially unchanged in comparison to those in Equation 1. While we cannot reject hypotheses
    related to differential treatment, we find that neither 1- nor 5-star reviews were significantly more
    or less likely to be filtered for businesses that were advertising on Yelp at the time we collected our
    dataset. Another limitation of this interpretation is that we do not observe the complete historic
    record of which businesses have advertised on Yelp, and hence we can only test for discrimination
    in favor of (or, against) current Yelp advertisers. As a robustness check, we repeat this analysis
    using only 2012 data, so that the advertising indicator and the reviews we analyze are in line. Our
    results, presented in the third column of Table 1, remain unchange

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    by lolat330_55 5 hours ago
    mathwiz33 mathwiz33 2 hours 7 minutes ago Flag

    Clients don't exactly hate it. Unless you're talking about something like Ashley Madison where everyone hates it but yet they're making #$%$ tons of money and growing y/y.

    Many public users of Yelp love their service because its algorithm is one of the only ones out of the few review websites out there that weed out a majority of false reviews. Also, some small businesses that have awful service hate Yelp because they are exposed for their fraudulent practices. There have been no exposure of any bad business practices from Yelp out of all the years its been around. There is not one single video/recording on youtube or any other website where a Yelp customer/sales rep is committing extortion/black mail or any other bad business practices. Why? Because this doesn't happen. These are false rumors. That expose video that was going to come out on Yelp... Where is that? No where to be found because it doesn't exist.

    You can't expose someone if there is nothing to expose. Yes, there are individuals who post fake reviews but a large majority of those are caught by Yelp's learning algorithm. You can tell some of the fake reviews by some that are not fake. In most instances, I truly believe most of these fake reviews are caught. In most instances, people don't post fake reviews. The majority of users that use Yelp post real reviews. The only individuals that I can see posting fake reviews are people who get paid or are a competing business or someone working in the business itself. Yes, some may get through but I think most will get caught by Yelp's system.

    Businesses hate this because they would post a long rant about their competitors and have it get filtered. They'll post a great review about themselves and have that get filtered too. They want someone to blame and that is all. Yelp is still growing and will continue to grow. I expect a buyout of over $6B at some point in the next few years. I'm surprised it even broke down below $2.5B. Save this message.

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    by hiker200055 4 hours ago
    mathwiz33 mathwiz33 2 hours 21 minutes ago Flag

    They abandoned ship. Didn't have funding and couldn't find any way to expose Yelp because there is no extortion going on. This claimed extortion is just an excuse for these bad businesses for their terrible service and bad reviews. Shitty businesses are giving shitty services which in turn are getting shitty reviews and therefore are losing customers. They need someone to blame. Yelp is doing a great job exposing some of these individuals.

    Tell me this folks... Why isn't there a SINGLE video/recording exposing Yelp sales/customer representatives trying to get businesses to buy their services or claiming they will delete good reviews if they didn't. Or any sign of bad business practices? I'll tell you why. There is no such thing. These businesses just need excuses for their terrible services and that is all. There won't be a documentary that exposes this stuff. The main reason why Yelp is going down so hard is because of this ridiculous rumor. Yelp still has the best algorithm of any review website to remove these reviews automatically based on if it is false. You won't find that on Google, Grubhub or Amazon. Facebook maybe but facebook is not ideal for a review website.

  • mathwiz33 mathwiz33 2 hours 27 minutes ago Flag

    Netflix is a company selling online subscription services. Yelp also sells subscription and ads to businesses. How is it ludicrous comparing this company to Netflix from 2011? What other company would you rather compare it to? Elaborate.

    I did my job and made some decent comparisons. It all comes down to the #'s in the end and we can clearly see there is significant growth that won't just stop on a dime. Growth like this never stop on a dime. Expected growth is said to continue according to all analysts and Yelp management. Yelp management says it's projected to reach over $1b in revenue in 2017.

    Ok, how about you tell me what company you want to compare Yelp to. Better yet, tell me ANY internet company that has grown 50% y/y that went straight to bankruptcy or dropped significantly without recovering. Tell me just one. There is a reason why their revenue is still increasing over 50% y/y without any slowdown in sight. Usually you will see slow down in growth when a majority of the market share is already reached.

    Yelp's user base is VERY engaged. Whether the small businesses around the world hate it or not, it does not matter. It's like how so many people hate Ashley Madison but they still use it and it's still growing. It's an addiction. Please, by all means, keep shorting because the squeeze is going to be huge and better for any longs down here.

    By the way, I am not Seriouslynot. Check through my posts and you'll see when I got in and when I got out of the stock. I'm back in it. I intend on holding after their outstanding earnings call. To cheap to pass here.

  • mathwiz33 mathwiz33 22 hours ago Flag

    To these kind of large companies, you'll only really see large selling on the open market. When do you see buying in google, amazon or facebook? The insiders get executive compensation. I hope you're not following insider/buy/sell on open market. It's a stupid strategy.Insiders sold only a very minute portion of their holdings anyway. Probably going to buy a yacht and a million dollar mansion

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    Dead cat bounce

    by infomaniac_whoa Jul 31, 2015 1:16 PM
    mathwiz33 mathwiz33 Jul 31, 2015 2:51 PM Flag

    Oh. Yeah... Great informative analysis. (Sarcasm if you didn't get it)

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    Dead cat bounce

    by infomaniac_whoa Jul 31, 2015 1:16 PM
    mathwiz33 mathwiz33 Jul 31, 2015 2:37 PM Flag

    OOOOOOO GOOD one! You're so informative! (Sarcasm if you didn't get it)

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    Yelp has $390 mill in cash,,,,,,,buyout price $38

    by biz1957 Jul 31, 2015 1:23 PM
    mathwiz33 mathwiz33 Jul 31, 2015 1:32 PM Flag

    Finally some decent analysis on this board that is speaking the same language and on the same page as I am. These dumb dumbs that are shorting here are going to be margin calling all the way up to $40 at least like all of those that did on Netflix after 2011. Ouchie :\

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    Dead cat bounce

    by infomaniac_whoa Jul 31, 2015 1:16 PM
    mathwiz33 mathwiz33 Jul 31, 2015 1:23 PM Flag

    Yeah, very nice information you provided to us here... (Sarcasm if you didn't get it)

    Elaborate as to why it is a "dead stock" with no financial troubles at all. If you're trading based on nothing then you are a bad investor and no one should follow or pay attention to anything you have to say here.

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    Potential M&A target

    by teknowiz Jul 30, 2015 2:08 PM
    mathwiz33 mathwiz33 Jul 31, 2015 1:14 PM Flag

    Yelp worth over $6B in market cap easy... Jeremy Stoppelman will not sell. That'd be stupid to sell low in a company that has continuously grown a whopping over 50% y/y. This company will grow very fast. Expect the charts to start looking something similar to that of Netflix from 2011 to now.

  • mathwiz33 mathwiz33 Jul 31, 2015 1:13 PM Flag

    What the heck kind of analogy is that? A pimple on the back of Tesla? Are you high? Look at the revenue trends and the possibilities that Yelp can have with its gigantic user base. Ok, if you don't want to compare companies that are selling hard assets to internet stocks, fine. What about Netflix in 2011 when it looked like it was in serious trouble with competition and growth, it went from $42 to $9 in 6 months. What happened following that? Your judgement is terrible. If a stock goes down significantly, it does not automatically mean that it will go bankrupt or down much further. You're working off bad technical momentum indicators and its the worst strategy in the long term. Expect margin calls. Take a look at the #'s and maybe you'll make better projections.

    Look at what Yelp has over SO many other companies out there. For currently a $2b market cap company, this company is an incredible opportunity to buy on the cheap. With its massive user base(Currently ranked 150th most visited website in the WORLD according to alexa and the 34th most visited website in the US), while making continuous revenue growth of over 50% y/y, it is INCREDIBLE. Tell me some other companies that have consistently made over 50% y/y in revenue growth. What company wouldn't want to buy out something this valuable at even over $5B market cap?

    Jeremy Stoppelman won't sell it. That'd be stupid selling it. I agree with his decision. Maybe Max Levchin didn't agree with the decision to not sell because he probably just wanted to take his money and sell. Jeremy learned from Elon and sees more opportunity. This company is projected to make over $1b for the year in 2017 easy. It will continue to make acquisitions and integrate it into the Yelp platform with its huge user base. It will continue to grow. This is the internet age that is very VERY young still. Not everyone has full access to the internet yet. Expect there to be significant growth in most internet stocks. I guarantee it.

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    Sold very few of my shares at $48.5

    by mathwiz33 Jun 3, 2015 10:58 AM
    mathwiz33 mathwiz33 Jul 30, 2015 10:52 PM Flag

    Back in Yelp after selling from the pop at $48. Made huge profit on that earlier pop. Bought some shares right after the earnings drop at 24.11... Way too oversold around here. Yelp is worth over $6B easy, even still. Jeremy Stoppelman won't sell this company. That'd be stupid if he sold it. It'd be like Netflix selling it when it was at $9 in 2012 or Amazon selling itself when it was $5 in 2002 or when Tesla was planning to sell to google when it was having huge financial troubles at around $25 in 2013. Tesla almost sold itself several times while it was in financial trouble.

    Yelp acquired Eat24. Anyone have any idea as to how big the online food delivery market is? It's HUGE and growing rapidly. Anyone have any ideas as to what will happen once Eat24 is adapted into Yelp's pages with its gigantic growing Yelp user base? Ok then.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • If you look at my last few posts on Yelp, I bought around May 2nd-4th and sold most shares and pocketed the profit after the huge pop on buyout talks at $47-48. Just got back in. Yelp is incredibly oversold here. With no significant noticeable deceleration in their top line growth, I don't see when Yelp will go much lower from this point. It's an easy buyout target below $2.5. I'm shocked that it even dropped below it. If Jeremy Stoppelman wanted to, he could've sold this company with ease but like many companies that don't want to be sold, this one is no different. Tesla Motors for example didn't want to sell themselves to google when they were in very deep trouble. Look at them now.

    With the acquisition of Eat24, there is huge opportunity for Yelp to grow their top line. Once they integrate Eat24 into their Yelp pages, we will see huge progress. Yelps enormous user base will start utilizing its new features and this will lead to huge gains in Yelp. I see this happening at some point but Yelp is still growing.

    I think it's smart for Yelp to focus more on U.S instead of internationally. Usually, other nations follow. We will see growth overseas eventually but if we look at the trends and growth in the U.S, it is clear that Yelp has a significant market share and continuous growth.

    Yelp is like an addiction. Small businesses may hate YELP ALL they want, but it won't stop users from posting reviews. All this hate and controversy is only giving them more publicity and growth. There have been many companies and individuals who take advantage of this. That is why we still see continuous growth with no major slow down in sight.

  • mathwiz33 mathwiz33 Jul 30, 2015 10:41 AM Flag

    Did you not see my last message on YELP where I talked about how I sold some of my shares at $48.5? If not, go to my review. Since then I haven't posted because I sold some more shares.

    I just got back in after the earnings. Yelp continues to grow. Its revenue projections are in line with what I expected and I believe their value is still worth at least $6B. It is heavily oversold at these levels.

    Don't get fooled by what everyone is saying. Just look at what happened to Netflix and Amazon when they were struggling to grow a profit. Top line and traffic is most important, and Yelp is still very strong in both areas, especially in the U.S. I'm glad they're focusing more on the U.S first before going completely international. Groupon is following the same strategy. If you dominate in the U.S market, things will tend to start progressing in other markets around the world also. Expect growth to continue at a rapid rate since there is no real major signs of slow down.

  • Plan on rebuying with that if it goes back much lower. Love the volatility on this. Buyout/no buyout... Doesn't matter, Yelp will grow regardless.

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    Crazy price action in the PUTS.

    by chad121177 May 29, 2015 12:17 PM
    mathwiz33 mathwiz33 May 29, 2015 12:40 PM Flag

    No one can take you seriously when you put ridiculous numbers like $2 here. Banking huge on Yelp. Played with its volatility and winning big the last 2 days. Also going to hold for long term until buyout.

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