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  • Try getting answers back from IR...China town doesn't care , they have the 780 million from US investors and control everything..

  • Its taken time, but they have a 17 million tax refund coming, 14 million in reserve to go against the 7 work outs from the Baily's leases, have reduce SGA, and profit margins increased this past quarter..With 1.7 billion in sales, and improving economy, and management committed to cost reductions, and one director owning 28% of this company. He is down 250 million to date just from a year ago.. There is no way they will file BK, nodda..chance.. Wall st has made alot of cash back, and are looking to put to work, many hedge funds, Blackstone, Appollo, etc are out there, coming up with a 100 or 200 mill is peanuts on wall st.. The net equity is still 3 times current market cap. Also, this quarter and the next two are the strongest cash flow quarters..Short interest at 41%, scary to take that position..OK by me though, increase it some more, once it turns it will move up that much quicker..Good luck longs, and shorts...always takes two to tango

  • Big move this afternoon after the Bernak speaks....BAC RSI is the best acting of them all...

  • Man, brutal drop...we need updates on this news just gives the shorts, Herb, seeking alph,, motely foolsss....ammo to drill us down...for no reason at all..Where is all the good pts and growth points no one talks about...ridiulous

  • Even larger than Joe...except Joe has more voting rights...but at least we know softbank is a long term investor looking for large returns....Even a take out will require a very huge premium for Chen and Softbank to sell would definately be above the IPO price...with 1.3 billion in cash, no debt, any one of the large players could float a stock for stock take out without any cash offer...take in Renn's cash, issue BIDU, SINA, SOHU, NTES, many others could easily do a deal...what will 2012 bring...hopefully upside...good luck all....this one has been roughed up by wall street but ready to rock!

  • Unfortunately I can add to this story, our CEO got taken to the boiler room. And to think the us is leary of Chinese ethic's..Well you don't have to go far in the US to find, on Wall ST, this goes on daily...What a Frigging rip, set up this transaction as a loan, get the shares, which you can move these around and never find out where and who owns them once in the DTC. It's like putting money in a bank..Who's dollar is it once it's in there...everyones. Anyway, they took his shares as so called collateral, sold them, didn't give him the loan and just keep the .lets add this up..1.3 million x 3.35..Hum, a chunk of change..4 plus million...enough to live another day...where is that..costa rica!!! Well, our company CEO got ripped off by these wall st types during our IPO for over 1.5 million share too. We tried to track down every share and it became surprisingly impossible. The boiler room lives on...Unfortunately, our CEO will never get his shares back and learned a hard lesson. But, that said, he now has baggage and disclosure issues to deal with...Doesn't change the story, the Barron has the inside track, the stock is cheap follow the money..good luck and thanks for the info

  • THis means they have most of it sold, this is a very large contract for the purchase. They will also announce soon a contract for the sale of the product .. Also, year end statement and forecast. It looks like an easy 200 million in sales vs last yr 90 million. It is very volatile, however, just's going upward ..good luck all

  • good luck longs...this one has been a tough buy and hold, but maybe, finally, hopefully, possibly, the worm has turned

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    END ofthe YEAR DUMP

    by skydiver1013 Dec 2, 2007 1:06 PM
    mawsii1 mawsii1 Dec 2, 2007 1:16 PM Flag

    Already happened. after this deal was announced, all funds made their decision. Volume speaks for itself. You can short here, but, not much left but a % or two. Fed cutting and help with subprime, this will rise with the tide. Good luck anyway

  • Every bank statement is copied and verified with written signatures from the Bankers. Same for accounts receivables, vendors must sign off on the ar. It was good that they made the change to BDO and spent the money backing up the results. Unfortunately spending a mil to do it due to Muddy and the other short sellers just seemed like throwing money down the drain, but now with all the fraud issues going on, it's clear it was money well spent...this co is cheap, solid, and will do the sales and profits forecast...Every industry needs paper products, and Orient is an efficient producer..Period...A good company like this won't stay this cheap to much longer...Davis is a non issue.

  • It's not s dismal as everyone thinks. But I do agree that this has taken them far to long to put something together. The co can still raise capital in various ways. But I think they do need to bring in a partner to take control, bring in capital, and turn it around. Believe it or not, the entire board and management has the responsibility to all common shareholders to protect the value, and this is why they have not agreed just yet. There is lots of value beyond perception and is a perfect take out/or take control for a PE group. The market cap is only 100 mil, book is 10. p/share..sales are on going, just stop at the stores and talk with the managers..Especially at Pagoda, they are doing well, just like SIG and TIF..sales are up... For a PE to take control, BK is not a consideration, no benefit and would have to many lawsuits. This co is in a sector with high margins..48% !! Anyone that knows retail, this is huge, many work in 15-25% range.. with sales over 1.5 billion even during this bad economy, the its all about balancing SGA, and some hard line neg with landlords..A large PE can get this done..New management, cash and credit, and wall st will follow and bring the market cap back up so everyone makes money..this is what will happen..Breeden has to release control and look long term for the upside... Wall st has lots of cash to deploy, always looking for good oportunities..This one is perfect...And there is also a very good possibility of an outright buyout, and I would guess shares have been accumulated in the past month or two taking positions up to 4.99% due to no filings..But a PE could be taking positions in many funds they control. Who knows who really owns all these shares..the only one stuck is Breeden..Lets all think positive, this one has been a tough hold but I do believe will pay up..a short position could be hammered anyday by morning news..Good luck to all

  • good to see, it won't take much, the float is getting thin and once some buying starts ,,,we have a long way up..

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    China direct ?? Call them 954-363-7333

    by mawsii1 Jun 30, 2010 3:51 PM
    mawsii1 mawsii1 Jul 8, 2010 1:01 PM Flag

    No "CLUE!" Exactly why we must change IR firms. Stock values are built on data and information. Without that, its total speculation. Here is what's needed. First, what is the status of our new scrap yard, when did production start, how much HMS 1 & 2 have shipped to date, how many Metric tons is expected to ship next quarter, give updates on 2nd and 3rd quarter revenues. Half of the companies revenues will come from Commodity sales, the last data point in this part of our business was Dec 2nd..have we not sold anything yet this yr? THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT THE MARKET NEEDS, VS THE VACUUM OF SILENCE! It's simple IR/PR work..without this, there now is distrust..Professional investors paid 6.50 per share to provide capital for this company to grow, they have lost more than 5 million in a few you really think the co and CDII don't care about where the stock trades? All CEO's and IR firms care, no doubt.

    Now, as far as our CEO buying in, it is always good to see this, however for Mr. Yao it's really just moving his cash from one pocket to the other so that he keeps control with over 50% ownership..He now has 7.4 million shares. He's not selling these shares now so in Theory he doesn't care where the stock trades today(but we all do don't we?) With 51% ownership he has no people to answer to, even with a board of directors, he still holds the final vote. That said, I do believe his intentions and investment into the company is good for China Armco to become a much larger company. I also believe the warrants given out at 7.50 is capitol the company will need for this much expansion. That's a long way from 3.00 per share...So what we need is simple, just good information!

  • they must be writing for the short money managers that are now on the losing end of this trade..once we pass 40 the bounce up will be even better...put your shares for sale at 70.00 GTC so they can't borrow against...go longs...go

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • This co is an easy target now that things have stabilized. Yes, closing stores here, but adding 130 more over seas. Thats the growth story, and at 400 million in rev, some very prime locations, many companies could be targeting here to consolidate or expand. Starbucks, MCD, some many others. No matter how you slice it, easy take out , even at 6 to 7 most large co can write a check and own it! Good luck , I been here all year, maybe it will be xmas after all.

  • mawsii1 mawsii1 Jan 16, 2012 10:45 AM Flag

    for those that don't know, Chen's last company was sold to SOHU prior to starting up RENN...very smart management and board .... we are practically trading at cash with no debt, 1600 employees and infrastructure in place for large rate of 30 mil per qr with 50% growth should put Renn at 160 million revenue this yr, maybe more...with 80% margins, eventually the profits will fall into place like SINA and SOHU

  • Huge buy after a 50% run up from January...Something is going on with this much silence from the co. Alibaba and Softbank (owns 35% of Renn, spent 415 million several yrs ago) are in negociations in combo with Yahoo might want a stake in RENN, or Alibaba, Bidu, many others..Renn user base will grow another 50% this yr estimated to 200 million users with revenue forecast 170 million. will compete with yoku....Google paid 1.6 billion for Youtube yrs ago, now it's worth is estimated at 20 billion of goog market cap. Renn's assets, cash, and growth...worth alot more than 5 bucks...Chen wants to be one of the Billionaire's in China...He sold his last co to SOHU in 2002 and became their Vice pres prior to starting up RENN. They have the cash, zero debt, smart management, and huge growth potential. They will also make millions investing the billion in cash...interest rates average 6% in China...20-30 million per yr will pay for alot of their employees..alot! This will also fall to the btm analyst talks about this ...even if they are running at brk even with the build out, they can make alot of millions just having this much cash..That is all the much quiet time...we need news on a regular basis...

  • Our problem is lack of news only..the fundi's are all fine and more than likely doing even better with added to the mix. Rev's this yr should hit 170 million..the question is the net profits. Not one analyst talks about the income generated from the cash hord of 1.2 billion ..The average interest rate in china is 6%, close to the inflation mark...they will bring in easily another 30 to 40 million to the btm line with this much cash.reducing SGA costs. Last summer's Con call they stated the auto ad's were the highest and most profitable growth for them in revenue. Auto sector growth is huge therefore the advertising revenue will keep moving up. They also tied into the mobile app.s for additional revenue. Last qr they lost 1 million,,peanuts...and the shorts used that to sell this down..Instead of the focus pre IPO that this company generates 80% gross margins, 50% growth in revenues, 133 million users as of sept horde of 1.2 billion and zero debt...1600 employees of which 800 are engineers...Wall street one year ago put the value of 14.00 per share then, now we are close to the biggest IPO of all time, all of the fundimentals are even better and we still are trading close to cash...CHen sold his last co to SOHU...if he did want to sell out, certainly it would be for alot higher than todays' cheap price...Softbank also invested for the long term, 415 million several yrs ago averaged out in the mid 3's..they are doing well but expect way more than that...they would only sell out their 35% stake when they get 400 to 500% return typical for the PE groups. This is the smart money, and CHEN's 22% stake certainly he's done well even at this price but believe me, when your stock is at 20 per share, you remember your net 5...he's down 800 million...Mr. CHen and the others in charge are well educated and very smart...This is a growth stock, it's cheap, and if BIDU, SOHU, SINA, CYOU, GOOG, or even YHOO with the cash they's be getting could easily take RENN out at the IPO price using a stock swap, take in the cash horde and grow...RENN is sitting in cat seat!!! Shorts are more left, buy hold, put a sell order in for whatever price...20 per share GTC so the shares can't be used for the shorts to borrow...we can double quickly from here soon I think..good luck all, sorry for the rant..just tired of all the short BS nonsense on this board..

  • The float is getting smaller, Softbank 35%, Chen 25%, Chao 11%, and now the co bought back 50% of the ADS shares trading on the float, they now control over 80 of the co..., Softbank is down the most investing 420 million 5 yrs ago...down a billion since the ipo...the pressure is on's call, his last statement is we are waiting for a call? FB, BIDU, SOHU, or MSFT can partner or take offer for the remaining 20% could bring 5 to 6 minimum or much more...especially if it's a stock for stock deal...clock is ticking, trading at net book...

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    by kotex.rider Feb 3, 2012 1:04 PM
    mawsii1 mawsii1 Feb 3, 2012 1:07 PM Flag

    agreed...they have alot to talk about...tudo. today...

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