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    A disaster in ATL Headquarters-

    by blackhills1234 Apr 7, 2015 2:04 PM
    mcfarland343693 mcfarland343693 Apr 9, 2015 9:33 AM Flag

    Yes, I certainly agree. In the 90's UPS was a dynamic, privately owned company whose stocks split every three to four years. Once the company went public, over the years they've lost considerable ground. We all know that Wall Street extremely dislikes the company and investors seem to use their stock on a day-trade basis, not long term. In the 90's, I put what eggs I had in this one basket and all was well for awhile. Now with the company's extremely poor management, they've lost so much ground, it's difficult to know what to do. I,too, like others on this message board, don't have a lot of years left and had planned on this stock to see me through. Hard to know what to do.

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    by e7navy1999 Apr 7, 2015 10:49 AM
    mcfarland343693 mcfarland343693 Apr 7, 2015 11:12 AM Flag

    Why is it that every time you go on the UPS website, all the articles are about how great FDX is doing? UPS articles are always about law suits, poor numbers and performance, etc., etc. etc. This company needs to start paying attention to all the negativity out here and the lack of management's ability to generate at least a modicum of good PR to draw more interest from prospective investors. This company needs a dynamic Captain to guide the ship.

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    Package undeliverable

    by illyrian_2_you Feb 11, 2015 10:19 AM
    mcfarland343693 mcfarland343693 Feb 11, 2015 11:09 AM Flag

    I don't know where you live, but if it's in New England, or where all the floods are, with the weather the way it is, you're lucky to be getting your package even that late. Patience, my friend.

    With a scheduled delivery date of 11/02/2015, you shouldn't be seeing it for another 9 months...TYPO perhaps...LOL???

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  • mcfarland343693 by mcfarland343693 Mar 25, 2015 10:01 AM Flag

    Have to say I'm beginning to question the health of UPS. It would certainly make one feel more positive if the people who guide this ship would honor investors with at least some informative articles regarding strategy, forward planning, etc.; at least something to show investors they're expecting better things for UPS. At present, they choose to keep quiet and let FDX continue to gain ground. Perhaps a little positive PR would help especially regarding the law suits that are being filed against them. Remember the old slogan "We Run the Tightest Ship in the Shipping Industry"? This gave a positive impression. Then the ridiculous ad "What Can Brown Do for You?" that left the door wide open for surly, negative responses. Haven't seen the new ad yet. Sure hope it's better.

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    What's wrong with this picture?

    by xitabil Apr 7, 2015 10:44 AM
    mcfarland343693 mcfarland343693 Apr 7, 2015 1:35 PM Flag

    Well, looks the Golden Boy of Wall Street and DC has done it again!! Must be wonderful to have such an in with the Big Shots in DC. Fred offers 4+ Billion and it's called a "made in heaven" deal with the planets aligning perfectly, whereas UPS offered over 7 Billion two years ago and was denied because they supposedly had a larger presence (were they meaning monopoly?) in the transport industry. Pardon my expression but, "What a "crock"!. As they say, it's not what you know, it's who you know, especially in Washington. UPS execs better stop sitting on their butts and take a good look at the share ratio: FDX almost $180/share and UPS at $97.26/share at the moment. Not long ago it was just the opposite. Drivers are getting pressure with increased delivery stops/day to keep from hiring more skilled driver, and they come up with a huge bonus for the top guy. This is nonsense.

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    Illegal cigarette shipping in NY

    by xitabil Feb 18, 2015 12:37 PM
    mcfarland343693 mcfarland343693 Feb 19, 2015 11:06 AM Flag

    Approximately 2 years ago there was a definite law suit against UPS and FDX for delivering drugs to customers from on-line pharmaceutical shippers. UPS settled out of court; however, FDX did not. I often wondered why we never heard the outcome of FDX's refusal. Of course, FDX always does what it wants to do and you never see any negative media regarding its' behavior...... Not surprising if you've followed the history of the two companies!!

  • Just wondering why there hasn't been a positive response to UPS's dividend announcement. Anyone have a logical explanation?

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