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  • Is the amount of money still being spent to keep the company in check. Not the stock price, but the company from getting positive publicity, a partner, or a buyer. To in some way discredit everything put out or at least inject the variable of doubt. The prize? The most prescribed / profitable drug in the history of the world. And the flip side? The minute 2-73 is approved, sales for EVERYTHING ELSE for multiple diseases ..... dies. FDA approvals will no longer be compared to placebo, but to 2-73. Which means that only some thing better will get approved. Death for current billions being spent. Ever wonder how much 2-73 is worth? Ain't just the value of the drug.

    From those paid bashers at this board that hang around even on up MACD swings reporting micro second double tops on a stock with no trading volume anymore, to scrupulous reporting, to the Law Firms that participated lending their names for publicity sake. Sure there were simply some band wagon, ambulance chasers that unknowingly followed, but these were strategically placed to keep hitting the news wires twice a day. NEVER has this been done for anything else " I " ever witnessed on a coordinated basis, for this long of a period. (and it ain't over yet) And all the while under (the fear of )SEC scrutiny. That .... takes money.

    What you need to prepare yourself for is that a corrupt judge is bought to accept this case ( it is NY ) to keep the rouse going as long as possible. They will get some new bar exam victim to put their name / reputation on the line to pursue this. Schedule the trial for late fall or early spring so that they can .... "prepare" their case, etc. This isn't going away. The real question is, what comes next? Because the ( independent ) science is building and reaching credibility that can be suppressed. Will AVXL ever get a partner? They already have one. The FDA.

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  • We broke negative on the MACD cycle and we see wave after wave of panic selling from high frequency trading and margin babies caught off guard. Wait .... Ain't HAPPNIN. What's different?

    If you want to know where we are in the basing process, it is best to watch the volume on down days. We can and will begin to move up on low volume days, but we obviously didn't slam down with today being a triple witch. This basically means we didn't get over bought or shorted by traders. Stocks moving into the hands of who you want it to be in.

    So this SHOULD BE a short and mild MACD down cycle which is pretty much text book at this point. For a better advance ahead. I say "should" because the whole market is over bought and they are shorting the IBB heavily, (mostly the cancer companies who have high burn rates) but .... AVXL tends to do well in down markets to hide the accumulation.

  • You gotta love it. For almost a year, you could trade AVXL based upon the stock price in relationship to it's 10 day moving average. You didn't have to know anything else. If it was above the line, you were long. If it crossed below, you could short. Volume surged at the turns and it was FREE money. That is .... up until last week. Last week we crossed below and ..... and .... and we aren't .... going down.

    Volume is gone. Why? It's the end of the quarter and institutions are shorting EVERY bio, this should be collapsing. Why? MACD crossed negative and the stock won't go down. Why? The up trend line was broken.

    Clearly, Institutional short action has taken a pause. Retail is pulling out all their classless tricks (lying, deception logic, doom and gloom projections) to fleece the "unsuspecting and uninformed" (all longs are stupid) They WANT THEIR FREE MONEY!!! You see them try and break the chart down time and time again during the days trading activity as they blow into the market and ..... you guessed it, the stock just drifts back. Just look at the chart on this page.

    Something has changed. This is where the old Street adage to "never short a dull stock" comes from.

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    I am honestly happy

    by georgejjl Feb 26, 2016 9:10 PM
    me2yousee me2yousee Feb 27, 2016 10:37 AM Flag

    In the history of the universe, 2-73 is the FIRST drug everyone ( 100% ) asked to stay on the product after the trial. There hasn't ever been a better response.

    Try again.

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  • I expect new ETFs to be created that will be geared to "the head" this fall. The last big Bio theme was Immunotherapy for Cancer. Before that , it was gene therapy. Any bio that had anything to do in that area caught fire in the fall of 2014 and ZOOMMED up. IPO's came public. CALA tripled in a week. ADXS that had been out for awhile, went from low digits to $30. When the novelty of that sector dies, (using an already weakened body to fight it's own battle with cancer) so did the individual company stocks.

    Guess what, head diseases have numbers of patients that dwarf everything else. And now we are learning that many may be related. Head disease companies have lower burn rates for cash. Results can be measured / tracked inexpensively over reasonably short periods of time compared to other disease. And the FDA is receptive in this area for something that works. And the Government may start dolling out cash in this area too.

    The Heptares example is going to bring IPO's out by this fall. And that will get the ETF ball rolling. So while we have AVXL as an individual company, we may just get some extra market assistance in the months ahead. Don't forget the unpredictable events that might hit the stock outside of AVXL's control too. The Michael J. Fox tests come to mind as an example. Third party news like that, the FDA, and others will raise AVXL's credibility and price eventually.

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  • I can't understand the mentality of retail shorts going after that last dime of an MACD cycle. Especially, with something with THIS potential. Oink, oink. Wake up, can't find news as to why, but they have to start scrambling for shares simply because somebody else is.

    A very high percentage of pre and after market trading, is short related. So one retail short panic buys to another retail short that takes a "better" position. While they laugh and comment against stupid longs, it is the shorts that fuel virtually ALL rocket launches. They simply cannibalize each other for that "magic" position.

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  • Life has all kinds of people that aren't goin anywhere until time purges them from the system.

    There has been no overbought run this up cycle. No high volume spike, no parabolic legs, only this slow, boring ramp, in a market where bios are 40% off their highs of last July. Naysayers and traders now say that because we got no news, we dive to $3. (laugh) There will be a negative MACD cycle eventually, if they manage to break the trend line. Buyers will come in and take advantage of the lower prices.

    It's amazing how people ... vasa late one day to the next. (explains the current price) Sitting with a market cap of 173 million, we are undervalued even after this .... incline up in the MACD cycle. Any other company that had 2-73 and a building, 45 employees, and debt would be at a 500 mil market cap at least. Penalized, by the market, just because AVXL contracts everything out and has no book value that COULDN"T BE RECOVERED by shareholders anyway.

    Well that is a disadvantage .... as anyone can talk to people doing the testing. For the price of a drink, they can find out what is going with 2-73 as they have no loyalty / contract limitations to AVXL to keep silent. Ask yourself this. In this market, why has AVXL been going up slowly, steadily, self correcting daily in a market where the bulk of all other bios are down; to the point that AVXL is the ONLY BIOTECH trading above it's 50 and 200 day averages? ANSWER: Those who WANT TO KNOW the data, already KNOW the data. And THEY don't want a run till they are ready for it. Just bide your time they get their (your) shares. Or trade, and speed up the process. :)

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    Today We See What AVXL Is Made Of

    by wickedbigblock502 Mar 21, 2016 6:21 AM
    me2yousee me2yousee Mar 21, 2016 6:34 AM Flag

    Bullish sentiment declining? I hope you aren't going by this board?

    No, the only thing declining is the amount of stock for sale.

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  • me2yousee me2yousee Apr 22, 2016 9:38 AM Flag

    Another possibility. There was a new type of analysis being applied to the data. Now ask yourself .... why? Why would AVXL pay more for data processing that isn't necessary under current FDA standards? Or is it because current FDA procedure hasn't developed squat for AD and the FDA wants to try something new?

    Could be at the request of the FDA for a myriad of reasons. All that seem good to me. Look this is ground breaking stuff on a product that really seems to work for patients. The FDA is excited and this may NOT go like any normal FDA approval process. And they could have a gag in place until a determination is made.

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    My take on AVXL.

    by sciencefan1 Apr 6, 2016 12:55 PM
    me2yousee me2yousee Apr 8, 2016 7:11 AM Flag

    Yep, and now the FDA, after reviewing our data, granted orphan status for our sugar pill and cup of coffee.

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  • me2yousee me2yousee Mar 10, 2016 6:31 AM Flag

    This is what many people don't understand on this board. ANYONE who has been involved with a loved one experiencing AD has a PERFECT understanding of your situation. That's why, when family members asked to have loved ones remain on 2-73, I KNEW this was a winner. No medical test, no electrical measurement, no placebo comparison, nothing else on this earth is required to tell family when their loved one is better.

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  • me2yousee by me2yousee Feb 23, 2016 7:27 AM Flag

    The earnings are out and it's a beat, which means nothing now. And they signed somebody to peddle the Rappy. Excellent, too bad it's a down flu year.

    The market cap is too low. No other value this low, with as much potential that I know of in this market. 4430's competition is taking itself out of consideration. It's already been smashed, so downside is limited unless another failure occurs. BCRX has ( so far ) maintained it's institutional interest, therefore, I am comfortable to let this roll as a long(er) term investment.

    Advising patience to this crew is unnecessary and I will just say, good luck to all.

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  • me2yousee by me2yousee Mar 24, 2016 12:12 PM Flag

    CPXX had a leak for their information and the stock traded like 10 mil shares and was up $.40 before the information was released. Then it gapped over 300%. Since our information is in the hands of contract vendors, I figure that a lot of phone calls are going to be made and trades executed before the actual release happens. We have almost the exact same amount of shares outstanding as CPXX.

    It might pay for folks here to look at a chart of CPXX and see how the stock has been trading since CPXX breaks the recent bio news pattern of blast then fall back. Notice the big names that have been getting into the stock at the inflated prices.

    I kind of expect that here after our reputation has been trashed by the ambulance chasers day in and day out for almost two months. My conclusion was not to be in a hurry to sell. Plan ahead.

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    Silence = Partnership In the Works

    by lrbecke2 Apr 27, 2016 3:42 PM
    me2yousee me2yousee Apr 27, 2016 4:22 PM Flag

    Nope, the winner will be GILD. This could be a MAJOR profit mover for them and they have major cash on hand for the acquisition. And they have nothing in this area to ruin their research since they don't do anything in this area.

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    My take on AVXL.

    by sciencefan1 Apr 6, 2016 12:55 PM
    me2yousee me2yousee Apr 7, 2016 6:02 AM Flag

    You think you are angry now, just wait until a couple of years from now when you say "I once owned AVXL and sold it."

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  • Ever go to a Doctor that was still treating the way he was taught? It's more prevalent than you might think in the medical / dental world. Can't spend all day learning when you need to pay the bills. Why is this important to AVXL?

    Look at how many medical Universities and educators are now running with Anavex theories and using testing of their own for validation. Look at the names and positions of those individuals. Retts Syndrome, Parkinsons, and Multiple Sclerosis research were just the last and didn't cost AVXL anything. People and organizations excited to spend THEIR own money and provide free research on 2-73. And the FDA sees this as well. Wanna bet THEY aren't following the data courtesy of Dr Missling as well?

    Translation: Anavex is not only working toward a marketable goal, but it is steering research and opinion of "new blood" at hospitals and research facilities around the world. People keep looking for "the flaw" in 2-73 are missing the transformational change it is bringing about. Genuine excitement even at the FDA, who is actively providing advice for phase testing. When the FDA finally gets ahold of the IND submission of 2-73 for what ever indication it is submitted for, this won't simply be another day at the office. There is going to be a competitive interest to work on and have their names associated with this project one way or the other. Problem is not going to be getting the FDA to accept the IND, but trying to keep THEIR names off of the research documentation / data.

    And you want to get off the AVXL train because " your " personal expectations were dashed?

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  • Gaps are OK if they are of the break away variety.

    Now that we have a pipeline, AVXL should merit a higher market cap. At least 500 million for 2 multi billion dollar drugs.

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  • People throw numbers around again. And some that are far from here that can now seem BIG. But two stocks, PTCT and CLDX with our friend Frank Fazanno, both failed tests recently. And after their debacles, their market caps still sit around 300 million. After a bear market in bios, which hit small bios hardest, of listed exchange bios, it's hard to find them selling below 300 million even if their product is pre-clinical for toe nail fungus for which there are multiple working approvals already.

    And AVXL's product is going to bite into marketed products from depression to AD. Just about everything for the head, except for headaches. The numbers of those customers will be staggering. And all we need is enough testing and time.

    $10 only gets us to the average standard market cap level. Plug that in to your "what do I do if" models and prepare your decisions of what needs done accordingly. And then have some patience if it doesn't happen by Tuesday.

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    by mr32slim Mar 24, 2016 1:28 PM
    me2yousee me2yousee Mar 24, 2016 2:09 PM Flag

    I applaud your rationality. At least you are consistent. And at the same time, I ask you who you think your helping?

    Our market cap is 1 /5th of AXON that FAILED. Imagine that and read that again. Same product area and 1/5th the value. If you look at the chart you can see we dropped into a negative MACD (distribution) cycle. Hard to find ANY positive expectations at this point at all. Absolute ZERO on the hype scale. Virtually the cheapest biotech on any exchange you can find. Try and find one that is cheaper. We are below even the failures.

    Nope, I want people thinking positive and ahead because the statistics are that you lose better than 50% of current shareholders at a double. The reason that figure is so high is BECUASE people WEREN'T prepared for what if. I WANT to have people around two years from now.

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    Motley Fool Article

    by wicked_690hp_hellcat Apr 27, 2016 6:22 AM
    me2yousee me2yousee Apr 27, 2016 7:37 AM Flag

    It's the FDA that will say what is needed to be done. And since the FDA has been speaking very often to AVXL, my guess, is the conversation has come up long before this article.

    Even if the FDA were to be unfriendly, there are other strategies to execute. Take existing data to another agency to get approved first that is more .... open and objective, like Japan. They have old people. Quite a bit actually, as a percentage of the population. Launch it there and in other countries that accept the Japanese approval process to produce revenue and gather more data. Then work your way back to the more difficult / complicated agencies. By then, public opinion will be on their side for people desperate to get this. Just think how many congressman want to be able to stay in office longer.

    These "EXPERT" opinions just show how limited the authors are and what agendas they have.

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