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    by redleaf9298 Jan 30, 2013 12:24 AM
    mechan1 mechan1 Jan 30, 2013 11:44 AM Flag

    don't remember, but try putting in google, dk earnings or something like that, and you'll probably get it.

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    by redleaf9298 Jan 30, 2013 12:24 AM
    mechan1 mechan1 Jan 30, 2013 7:12 AM Flag

    I believe that it is March 6, 2013.

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    OT: Warning - thinking about etrade

    by mechan1 Mar 16, 2010 8:11 AM
    mechan1 mechan1 Mar 17, 2010 10:10 AM Flag

    Two things here for obvious ameteurs, such as yourself:
    1) You would be surprised as to how many people come across these boards when checking into a product. But thank you for volunteering to speak for the entire board.
    2) As for the amateur in you, wouldn't you think that Ford investors would be a bit more wary of investing in Ford if they read that Ford is not servicing their customers well? The bottom line is great for hind-sight investing, though anyway it looks as though your hind is what you use anyway, but custeomer retention is often key to forward-looking investing. So, yes, if Etrade treats all its customers as amateurish as "movin-on" posts, then you had better bail on this stock.

    Enjoyed listening to your perspective.

  • mortgage? I have had experience with these guys and told them that if I did not get some type of resolution then I would post details. Will post more when have time. For now, just do your homework.

  • mechan1 mechan1 Sep 15, 2008 6:30 PM Flag

    Obviously you have not read them. They are looser than Bush's. Let's take a non-tax issue. McCain was livid at the Bush admin who tried to say that waterboarding was not torture. And to accuse a 72 year old of being senile is childish.

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    What has MSFT ever innovated

    by msft_must_die_now May 31, 2006 11:00 AM
    mechan1 mechan1 May 31, 2006 3:02 PM Flag

    in�no�va�tion ( P ) Pronunciation Key (n-vshn)
    The act of introducing something new.
    Something newly introduced.

    You are admitting that the Japanese improved on US vehicles. Hey, I'll only buy a Japanese one nowadays. But if taking an idea and using that for the basis of another design, then that is exactly what MSFT has done. It's either all innovation, or, per, none of it is.

  • mechan1 by mechan1 May 23, 2002 5:38 PM Flag


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    Why The XBox Kicks Sony PS2 Ass!

    by no_fuss_no_must Nov 28, 2001 8:56 AM
    mechan1 mechan1 Nov 28, 2001 12:30 PM Flag

    And teens are what drive this market. Do you want to calculate potential bits of information which may prove quality? Or do you want to try to calculate teen reaction which proves the bottom line? Those who tried to take that line with AAPL years ago wish they paid more attention to sellability

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    Why The XBox Kicks Sony PS2 Ass!

    by no_fuss_no_must Nov 28, 2001 8:56 AM
    mechan1 mechan1 Nov 28, 2001 12:20 PM Flag

    However, despite your good points on bits of information, realize that the average user is not a computer guru. Graphics is indeed a major selling point. My neighbor's spoiled 14-year old kid, for instance has a Supernintendo, got a Playstation 2, and now he has just gotten the XBOX. He swears that the XBOX is the greatest. So, of course, my kids went over to spend the entire evening, calling every 15 minutes to extend their playtime despite it being a schoolnight. 4 for 4 was the final tally. My 3 kids and the neighbor all state that XBOX is fantastic. Now I'm stuck having to buy an XBOX in the very near future.

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    Re: An interesting article DOCBURT

    by mideast_expert Oct 3, 2001 5:08 PM
    mechan1 mechan1 Oct 3, 2001 7:35 PM Flag

    If the settlers shoot Arabs as they please, they how the hell does somebody such as yourself know about it? Twas one settler. Every time you appear to have a hint of decency in your tone, you resort back to making ridiculous claims. Face it. I have been there many times, as well as to Arab countries. I REALLY went over there originally with very little knowledge or opinion on the middle east. The Israelis, in general, have a very western attitude, whether you like to admit it or not. The Arabs, though they are generous (as are the Israelis), they still often make statements, such as "we should kill Americans. If I saw an American walking the street and my son slit his throat, I would spit on him (yes, one 'nice' man of about 50 told me that while serving me tea! After a few moments, I looked at my watch and said that I had an appointment)". It is a culture. Whether or not you admit to it, some people are brought up being able not only to see a tortured dead body, but being able to rejoice in the sight. Israelis, even most of the right wingers are not like that at all. NO I am not AIPAC. YES I was objective before I spent time over there.
    Shooting Arabs as they please is not only misinformation, it is a lie.
    Bulldozing entire villages is a lie. And for not having permits is a lie (it is retaliation for terrorism).
    As for presidents and politicians agreeing with you, the only one is your idol, Buchanon. No US president has ever stated that Israel treats Hebron in an apartheid manner.
    As I said, I have no problem with you voicing your opinion, but back it with real facts. You are a liar and you know it.
    Two more points:
    1. Until this day, you have still not condemned a particular act of Arab terrorism. You have merely condemned ALL terrorism which cleverly leaves it up to one's interpretation, such a slanted manner as many Arab countries do.
    2. You did not respond to my previous question. Without that, I stand by my words that you are a supporter of terrorism and the like which stuck so horrendously at the WTC.

  • Will knock Microsoft on it's ass. Getting ready to rumble.

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    Euro Disney Quote

    by bigike49 Sep 29, 1999 12:39 PM
    mechan1 mechan1 Sep 29, 1999 2:32 PM Flag

    Go to

    Type in quote
    field 877886.f

    That should do it.

    are a number of exchanges from which you can get your
    quote and a number of methods. This is just one for

    The Stockwizard

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    Vanek - we will miss you

    by BGates_secretary Jan 17, 1999 11:46 PM
    mechan1 mechan1 Jan 18, 1999 1:40 AM Flag

    Your right. I am Vanek. You, with your name sound
    like one of the moral majority idiots. Damn the left
    wing radicals, right? Anybody who tries to be middle
    of the road must be one of 'them'. I did not agree
    with Vanek. I just don't see any firm evidence that he
    is a fraud. And if Vanek has never shown reason,
    then look at my posts... enough reason to make your
    Jerry Falwell ass shiver. Now, where's your reason?

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    Vanek - we will miss you

    by BGates_secretary Jan 17, 1999 11:46 PM
    mechan1 mechan1 Jan 18, 1999 12:24 AM Flag

    My friends, do not jump to conclusions. Vanek had
    some points, though they were never backed by facts
    and figures. To assume that he is a fraud is the same
    as to assume that he is not. Basically I do not mind
    him posting and it is better than the overexcited
    juniors that tout and route this stock daily. But I
    suggest that posters use logic and share hard news thus
    weeding out the childish emotional ravings that are often
    seen on this thread.
    Vanek, you have wit, and,
    possibly, wisdom, and I would welcome your posts... as long
    as they have some basis that others can rely on
    (Barron's article, other publications, your own logic or
    facts such as sales, etc.).

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    Looking for a jump up next week

    by JRIGG2 Jan 16, 1999 3:54 PM
    mechan1 mechan1 Jan 17, 1999 9:57 PM Flag

    It should be mentioned that Mario Gabelli was the
    one who spoke about TMCS. He actually thought that
    USAI was great but that it was bolstered by a
    basically greater TMCS.
    Face it. TMCS has what a
    clear-thinking internet investor wannabe needs. It has the
    potential internet explosiveness coupled with a
    near-monopoly successful and flourishing business. I, myself,
    have never invested in internet stocks and I have a
    terrific track record. But I finally got interested and
    put some in TMCS. Have seen the ups and downs of
    stocks and realize that it takes time to develop, but
    TMCS will be a high flyer.

    As for Vanek of
    whatever, his big announcement on Tuesday may be that he's
    gay or that he has three eyes, but that will not
    detract from a stock that has an excellent track record
    in the business world.

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    DLJ Market Perform???

    by PogMoThon99 Jan 7, 1999 11:36 AM
    mechan1 mechan1 Jan 7, 1999 2:01 PM Flag

    Brokers have goals for reasons. A strong buy will
    be issued after its clients are already in a stock.
    Generally, a 'stong buy' is put out on a stock which was
    underwritten by another company, a stock which has been out
    there, and its own clients have bought already.
    Normally, this is a true opinion by the brokerage and it
    causes an increase in the price immediately. But for
    TMCS, DLJ has an interest in maitaining a reasonably
    low price, getting its investors in slowly, and then
    upping its ratings.

  • I expect that TMCS has excellent chances to move
    in sinc with the other high-flying internet stocks
    for reasons that I have published

    However, Vanek's luck at picking the price is exactly
    1. Even a company insider, a market maker, or
    an underwriter cannot predict so closely the price a
    month ahead of time.
    2. I find it hard to believe
    that such a well-informed individual would have an
    advisory team and live in the fast-pace metropolis of
    "Benson, North Carolina". Probably some redneck who is
    hoping for this price.
    3. Hush period is over. If
    Vanek has some info, then he can freely publish it,
    unless it is inside information, which is quite unlikely
    for a good ole' southern boy on a Pasadena, CA

    Enough people have given their unfounded price targets,
    be it $20 or $180. An intelligent investor realizes
    that no price target can be made on a compnay as such
    since there is no real data to go by. We can only hope
    by following earlier internet trends and gamble.

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    RE: Harassing/Unnecessary Posting on TM

    by VPetskus Jan 3, 1999 12:41 PM
    mechan1 mechan1 Jan 4, 1999 9:02 PM Flag

    What's this team? Do you honestly believe that
    somebody will buy into this because you have 'news'? TMCS
    has a good chance to rise because it is a household
    name and is as well known as some of the successful
    internet stocks and because it has a real backer. However,
    what would stop you from posting your so called news?

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    Why all you suck..

    by SportsGambler12 Dec 29, 1998 6:36 PM
    mechan1 mechan1 Dec 30, 1998 12:02 PM Flag

    Yes, it is indeed a story that is out there. Yes,
    it is logical. But is it really that big a deal? All
    it may be is an advertisement for TCMS on the MSFT
    webpage. If you go to Yahoo business, which is hit on
    endlessly every day, you would see a logo for CDNW. But has
    CDNW skyrocketed? MSFT could help greatly, but then
    again, it may be no big deal.

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    Why all you suck..

    by SportsGambler12 Dec 29, 1998 6:36 PM
    mechan1 mechan1 Dec 29, 1998 10:46 PM Flag

    Helluva name for somebody that wants to make
    money from facts. Now that I got a jab in, I'd like to
    say that you are correct.

    I love the 'experts'
    who note that there is a support level at a certain
    price. How the hell can somebody tell me that there is
    support at 65? And another says that there is resistance
    at 80? Yeah, he knows that at the magic number 80
    the stock will shoot up.

    However, while there
    is little fact about TMCS, for the adventerous,
    there is the following:

    1. TMCS can become a
    near monopoly in its field on the net.
    2. The
    internet stocks skyrocket as soon momentum pulls in. There
    is an excellent chance that TMCS will become one of
    these stocks.
    3. TMCS is partially owned by a
    successful business with a track record.
    4. The brokers,
    as self-serving as they may be, have put positive
    spin on TMCS' outlook.
    5. TMCS is already a
    household name.

    While one may argue that the
    internet stocks are overvalued, or whatever, TMCS appears
    to be with less competition and more publicity and
    recognition than those other high-flyers... with a few
    exceptions. In addition, as the net moves forward, the strong
    will flourish, the weak will wain. And mergers will
    continue to grow among the strong. For this, I am buying
    TMCS, tomorrow, if there is no run-up on the first
    trade. But I will do so with a buy-stop. Oh, and I have
    an impeccable track record, and have rarely bought
    internet stocks.

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