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mewag51 210 posts  |  Last Activity: 10 hours ago Member since: Mar 24, 2000
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  • I see the clown joshua3xxx just created another new alias by joining just today as stvedt. I realize this board means a lot to joshy (his whole life- sad really) but he is full of bull sheat as he does not know what AAPL pays NOK per unit. He is just a pretentious phony, who cheerleads for NOK and is happy with terrible performance. I think we can assume NOK gets less per unit than they should though.

  • Hey that idiot joshua3xxx (is he also french3?) thinks NOK is involved with produce? Seriously stupid! He was excited that NOK sold 20k N1's but AAPL deals with tens of millions (74 mil iphones in one Q!) of units. And they buy back lots of their shares and will announce more because unlike NOK management they know how to use cash, and have faith in their company. But NOK sits on cash with their junk rating and no one (S+P , Fitch, Moodys etc.) respects this feckless Finnish management.

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    Microsoft offered (not enough) $ for HERE Maps

    by planetnokia Jan 24, 2015 10:33 AM
    mewag51 mewag51 Jan 24, 2015 10:47 AM Flag

    Hey, we all wish but I doubt they could get close to $10B fore Here. NOK entire market cap is $27B so if Here worth $20B and $9B in net cash, then patents and NSN worth negative money?

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    Most manipulated stock

    by ozutk_wizard Jan 23, 2015 12:52 PM
    mewag51 mewag51 Jan 24, 2015 10:42 AM Flag

    Well I sure have been writing about these problems (too many shares out, doing nothing with all the cash, being complacent and feckless) and point how many NOK management apologists (either employees of NOK or just plain fools) and NOK butt girls there are on this board.

  • ....50% below where it should be now. When it gets above $10 you will have something to be happy about but to make up for this lost year it really needs to get above $12 before too long. Sorry for the dose of reality! While mewag5l (I am mewag51) is a copy of me (imitation is flattery?) I think his 10k share purchase (well I don't believe it) is a good move and I bought more NOK call options (strikes at $8 and leaps at $10) early this week.

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    Mewag - Jeb Bush 2016

    by houston_el_mover Jan 22, 2015 7:30 AM
    mewag51 mewag51 Jan 22, 2015 9:59 AM Flag

    Very small chance of another Bush. Hillary is out polling every Republican by an average of 16 points in most polls. Would you want another Bush? If the Repubs nominated someone like Huntsman they might have a chance but the party is controlled by Right wing nuts who are out of touch with most of the country. Do you see that Obama's pols are back up near 50%: W was at about 23% at this point.

  • mewag51 mewag51 Jan 21, 2015 7:51 PM Flag

    zuolk, no margin calls on options, don't you know that? I have still been making money on options (other than NOK) but the NOK ones that just expired (some losers, some positive) last week were not as good (well I expected great) as they would have been if NOK management were better at using their bailout money from MSFT by buying undervalued shares rather than increasing outstanding shares and rewarding execs who have managed NOK shares lower. Again, they wasted a year and have to be happy that so many fools don't call them out. I try to teach you guys. Have to go, Good night.

  • mewag51 mewag51 Jan 21, 2015 7:42 PM Flag

    zulkoll8, is English your first language? Do you not read above the 7th grade level? I have post umpteen times that NOK should NOT use ALL their cash but retain an ample cushion. But yes, I do want NOK to go up so I can cash in my options (I have July 2015's and leaps to 2016 and a few 2017 even) and shares and make money on NOK with out going short or against NOK like Joshus3xx or the others who do not understand buy backs and reverse splits. That's why I think you anti buy back people must work for NOK as you seem happy to just CHURN, and keep the status quo.. You certainly have not made money for a year on NOK unless your were short or timed short term moves perfectly. What I have posted is and opinion that NOK is very undervalued, and facts that NOK has been a terrible performer for over a year, is not getting much value for their huge cash, (or for Here) , and has way too many shares out of a $27B company. The share buy back would not jack the price up short term but indeed would have a long term positive affect on NOK. Again, unless you do not think NOK is an undervalued company. If NOK is overvalued then they should not buy back shares.

  • mewag51 mewag51 Jan 21, 2015 7:24 PM Flag

    Hey idiot Josh3xx, repeat that headline all you can. So if you are selling (writing) calls on NOK, then you must not think NOK is undervalued or is going to move up soon. Remember I said leaps (do you even know what those are?) so that is about a full year that you did not think much of NOK's prospects. No wonder you are against them wisely using their cash in a share buy back. Did you also sell me those NOK calls I had that went up after MSFT deal by 13, 11, 8, 7 and 6 times what I paid for them. THANKS! You may have made a little premium but you sure left a lot on the table as you had to sell me NOK for $4 and $4.50 when you could have sold to the market for $8.50 for them. Unless they were naked, and then you lost a ton of money and not just potential profit You have proved you are not very smart but you also are not very honest. I only buy (do not write) calls on NOK as I am positive (though disappointed with the lost year) on the investment. Joshy, you are at least getting an education here. Well goodnight, off to dinner.

  • mewag51 mewag51 Jan 21, 2015 7:08 PM Flag

    No farhan, shorts (who have been attacking NOK) would not attack at a share buyback unless they wanted to lose money, which they don't. Many, many companies buy back shares without any "short attack" . Only go short if you do not think a company is a good vale. Do you think NOK is overvalued? As for a r/s, I would not be against that but the period where it really would have helped was when NOK was trading under $4 for so long. Needed then, but no so much now. I would combine the two, buy back upward to one bil shares, (800 mil?) reducing count to under 3B and also do a 1 for3 r/s then reducing share count to under one bil. Of course keep a cushion of $2 bil or so in cash and end buyback if shares move up too fast. But that's only if you want to make money on NOK. If you want it to just CHURN, and let the shorts make money at the expense of long term holders (yes I owned NOK well before MSFT deal and indeed owned some in the 1990"s as well) who believe in the fundamentals, then NOK should continue to just sit on its cash earning only 1%. Its too easy to win the argument with some of these clowns (like josh3xxx,, Frenchy, et al ) who ignore facts and reality, and do not understand investing very well.

  • mewag51 mewag51 Jan 21, 2015 6:26 PM Flag

    mewag5l is not me. I do think a 10k purchase here is a good move though. Just sorry this poor, complacent management cost us a lost year.

  • mewag51 mewag51 Jan 21, 2015 6:21 PM Flag

    farhan8000, you are sounding ignorant and hypocritical. If NOK is fundamentally solid and undervalued, then why would their buying back these "undervalued" shares not be a good investment? Sitting on cash has clearly done them no good as they have underperformed the markets and peers for over a year now. They would NOT be burning cash but would be investing in a good value. And why would shorts be calling if NOK were willing to buy back substantial shares? Do you understand basic supply and demand? NOK with all their cash that is now doing their share price no good, would be essentially setting a floor and shorts (whom HAVE been calling on NOK and making money at out expense for a year) are way too smart to go up against a well funded company that is saying they believe their shares are undervalued, and willing to back it up with money. Of course they would keep a cash cushion of some billions, but $9B or so is way too much. Again the FACTS are NOK has done poorly for a year now just sitting on cash. If NOK did a Dutch auction for say 700 mil shares at $8.50, would YOU short NOK? That would be very stupid! Are you happy w/ NOK's performance this past year plus?

  • mewag51 mewag51 Jan 21, 2015 5:40 PM Flag

    Yeah, sure you did frenchy. Your train stuff is so funny, you must write for Letterman or someone. Get a life!

  • mewag51 mewag51 Jan 21, 2015 5:27 PM Flag

    fr3nchmodel, no that's the beauty of options is you don't risk much. Options are a tool that are not understood by many, and obviously not by you. I really made a ton on NOK options thanks to the MSFT deal last year. And I still have many NOK leaps still out to 2016. But yes, I bought many early last year fully expecting NOK to be over $10 (or a lot more) by now and lost on them, and made far less on others than I expected to make. And I do blame poor use of the cash by management for this. As the obvious good move for NOK was to properly utilize the cash windfall to greatly reduce share count I did expect NOK management to do the intelligent thing. I was wrong. NOK should easily be over $10 by now and would be if NOK management were not so feckless and complacent. Have you ever considered getting a life instead of just posting your train drivel on this board all day after day after day?

  • mewag51 mewag51 Jan 21, 2015 4:57 PM Flag

    First Joshey, thanks for being so stupid as to repeat the headline about you being so stupid! You are wrong! Companies buy back shares in many ways, some even borrow in this low interest rate environment to do so if they have lots of faith in their company and believe it is cheap. But NOK is unique in that they have a windfall of $7B plus that can and should have been used for buying back its cheap shares (unless in your opinion NOK is not as cheap as I believe it is). NOK, before the MSFT deal (and before that, its near BK) was a much, much bigger company and had 3.7 bil shares. It traded the devises unit (its main business) for cash, so it no longer has that size but they still have 3.7 bil shares (by some counts more shares now than before the deal and that is a crime to give them to execs who have managed NOK share price lower in a good market, for over a year, FACTS!) So YES, NOK is very fortunate to have that windfall cash (and now positive cash flow, earnings, etc.) and they should use it to buy back at least a half bil. shares and really much more. Only below $10, and as it moves up the buyback could be reduced) . And if they did you would not be losing all that money. Why are you so afraid of good financial management? I guess just ignorance. Do you not support YHOO using all that BABA windfall to buy back shares, as they are? Many, many companies use such windfalls to reduce share count..

  • least have an argument that its management is not poor, and has not let down shareholders by not knowing how to use the cash. But the facts and reality make you look the fool. You claim to have done research but when pressed to give facts to the board you can not. You are the type of fool that thinks reverse splits are always bad (not true!) and buying back shares of a cheap company with way too many shares out is not as good as just sitting on huge cash and watching your company be manipulated, and a chronic poor performer. I realize you do not understand finance but I am in my stocks and options to make money, not lose like you and so many Nokia butt girls have. NOK has for over a year been a great opportunity squandered by poor management. You have your opinions, but I have the facts that NOK have done so poorly since the MSFT deal..

  • ...soared after the deal) set them up with. Just sitting on that cash has clearly hurt NOK. Unless you think NOK is a poor company, then a share buy back at these low levels would be a great investment. I don't want them to drain all their cash (they should keep $2B or so) but think a buyback would be the best use for all the cash they have they are not getting much return on. Joshey fool, do you not realize that many top companies buy back their shares??? Are you happy losing money on NOK this past year. Do you work for NOK or are you short (I'm certain your are short and fat and stupid but here I mean do you benefit when NOK does not go up?) and do not believe in NOK's future.

  • ...some point it has to start reflecting good fundamentals. Should easily be over $10 now but AGAIN there are way too many shares out for a $27B market cap company.

  • mewag51 mewag51 Jan 20, 2015 8:12 PM Flag

    Well how about a good resolution on India tax, a fair patent award vis a vis Sammy, continued strong earnings and backlog additions?? Those could easily move it above $8.50 without buying back any shares, (doesn't Goldman and a few others have targets of $12 up to $18?). And of course if they used their ample cash to buy back shares, or spun off, or partnered, or sold Here, NOK could go much higher..

  • mewag51 mewag51 Jan 20, 2015 5:53 PM Flag

    While a reverse split is not as needed as it was when NOK was in the 3's for so long (it would have greatly helped then) I would support one now (it would help a bit) but think they should also use their more than ample cash to also buy back some serious shares. BUT, this NOK management does not know how to use its cash or how to increase share value. This is conservative, complacent and boring Finnish management and needs to up its game or soon be replaced by execs . who are not just looking to get free shares and keep their high paying jobs. Is NOK management in witness protection?

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