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  • They are being hit by AAPL IBM deal and they up and AAPL down? What is wrong with this markets?

  • michalisrael157 by michalisrael157 Jul 29, 2014 10:21 AM Flag

    There is a well organized rumor mill that is well organized to hurt AAPL with consistent false rumors about unannounced products. The he"ll with WS

  • Desperate denigration data from IDC, Garner and Strategy Analytics

    IDC, Garner and Strategy Analytics have a long history of presenting carefully contrived data in press releases clearly designed to flatter their clients and denigrate their clients' competitors, with Apple being a common target. Beyond just serving the public relations needs of their clients, however, data promulgated by these marketing firms helped to obscure major shifts in the technology landscape, such as the clear and obvious shift away from conventional PCs that began with the appearance of iPad in 2010. Thanks to regular press releases clouding the facts on phone, PC and tablet sales, there appears to be a mass delusion among consumers and journalists as to why and how Apple is earning the vast majority of profits in phones, tablets and conventional PCs. In addition to excluding iPads from their PC sales (while counting Windows tablets and including every other new form of PC device), IDC has also (like Strategy Analytics) radically revised its tablet figures after the fact, inventing, for example, Samsung tablet shipments that retroactively disappeared in the next year's figures. At the same time, IDC inflated its year ago estimates of the number of tablets attributed to unnamed "other" vendors by nearly ten million units, creating unflattering market share numbers for Apple in 2012, followed by unflattering market share growth figures for Apple in 2013, all coaxed from shifting numbers presented without any verifiable source. Apart from Apple, no other significant tablet vendor reports its unit sales. IDC has also obscured the reality of Apple's iPad sales by comparing them to kids tablets and toys, in order to water down Apple's "market share" and imply that iPads are falling out of fashion—while distracting all attention away from the fact that nobody is selling premium tablets in volumes like Apple with margins like Apple.

  • IDC & Garner seriously fumbled their PC market estimates

    Apple's sales figures not only contradict both IDC and Gartner figures, but also both firm's market conclusions. IDC specifically reported that Apple's Macs "lost market share over the past year. In U.S. shipments, Apple slipped to become the No. 4 PC maker, dropping from the No. 3 spot to come in at 10 percent market share, a 1.7 percent decline."

    IDC's incorrect assessment of Apple's double digit U.S. growth percentage as a year-over-year "decline" also calls into question its ranking of Apple as the fourth largest maker of conventional PCs in the domestic market, as the narrowest possible interpretation of Cooks' "double digit" growth would essentially tie Apple with Lenovo in U.S. sales, according to IDC's own figures.

    More importantly, it also means Apple's Mac sales continued to outpace the overall industry. Both firms reported that Apple lost share in the quarter. However, IDC estimated the U.S. PC sales increased by just 6.9 percent. Globally, it repored that PC sales fell by 2 percent in the quarter as Apple's Mac sales grew by 18 percent.

    Gartner estimated that U.S. PC sales grew at a slightly faster pace of 7.4 percent, still far behind the "strong double digit growth" Cook reported for Macs. And Gartner's numbers portray Apple and Lenovo as being even closer than IDC's, suggesting that there's no way Apple could have experienced a "double digit" percentage in growth without surpassing Lenovo to become the third largest vendor of conventional PCs in the U.S., behind HP and Dell.IDC & Garner ignore iPads for good reason

    In calculating their PC "market share" numbers, both IDC and Gartner include low end netbook and hybrid devices and Windows tablets. IDC also counts Chromebook web browser devices, but both firms exclude sales of Apple's iPad from their PC sales figures.

    If they had included iPads and other tablets in their PC figures, they would be forced to recognize Apple as being the largest computer maker by a wide margin. Despite much media handwringing about Apple's year-over-year decrease in iPad sales, the company still sold 13.3 million iPads globally in the quarter, more than Samsung, Lenovo and Asus (the next three largest vendors, according to IDC) combined.

    Canalys is one market research company that does report combined sales of PCs and tablets without excluding iPads, although it has not yet publicly released its figures for Q2. For Q1, Canalys noted that Apple was the largest global vendor of computers, with Lenovo in second place and HP, Samsung and Dell nearly tied for third place, with each selling about half the total number of computing devices (not including phones or iPods) as Apple.

  • Jul 25, 2014 - 02:31 PM EDT

    Analyst: Apple’s massive R&D investment indicates revenue explosion, new product categories this quarter

    Friday, July 25, 2014 · 1:02 pm · 6 Comments
    “Morgan Stanley’s Katy Huberty says that an analysis of Apple’s recent SEC filing strongly suggests that the company has not only made a big bet on the success of the iPhone 6, with large advance orders, but also that it is likely to launch the long-awaited iWatch this quarter,” Ben Lovejoy reports for 9to5Mac.
    “The graph, obtained by Business Insider, shows the historical correlation between off-balance sheet commitments… and quarterly revenue,” Lovejoy reports. “Essentially, if you know how much Apple is investing in new products in one quarter, you can pretty accurately predict its revenue in the following quarter.”Loverjoy reports, “The correlation between the two is, she says, almost perfect, with a 97 percent match.”

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    When will dividends be given out for this quarter?

    by rmul86 Jul 24, 2014 2:22 PM
    michalisrael157 michalisrael157 Jul 24, 2014 3:05 PM Flag

    Ex is at 8/7 the div will be paid at 8/14

  • just makes no sense GO TO HE"LL OPTIONS CRIMINALS GO TO HE"LL

  • michalisrael157 by michalisrael157 Jul 24, 2014 9:55 AM Flag

    Go to he'll WS Criminal option players

  • just can't build any momentum we are stuck for 2 months already and this is so damn frustrating

  • Bezos Steve JObs? Please

  • theflyonthewall

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    Israel Genocide of Palestinians Must Stop

    by rn1029 Jul 23, 2014 1:31 PM
    michalisrael157 michalisrael157 Jul 23, 2014 1:37 PM Flag

    Oh shut up . Lets see yo atisemitic nobody living n a town bombarded by rockets daily, Hamas is like ISIS they are hiding and shooting rockets from hospitals classrooms while the moral IDF are calling people to leave but they can't cause Hamas his holding a gun to their ead. SO do us a favour and shu up.

  • michalisrael157 by michalisrael157 Jul 23, 2014 9:53 AM Flag

    Piper 105$
    RBC 100$ to 110$
    JPM 108$
    EVERCORE 115$
    BMO 98$ to 106$
    Cowen 106$
    ISI 105$
    Macquarie 102$
    Nomura 88.71$ to 95$

  • They cant predict the exact reaction to the new iPhone 6. They take some margins of delay if they will able to produce it till 9/19 than sales will be higher and they will raise their numbers watch and learn

  • michalisrael157 by michalisrael157 Jul 23, 2014 9:16 AM Flag

    Piper Jaffray
    Analyst Gene Munster characterized Apple's June quarter as "uneventful," with revenue of $37.4 billion coming in slightly below expectations. He, like many others, was pleased with the company's gross margins at 39.4 percent, an achievement as the iPhone's percentage of total sales dropped from 57 percent in March to about 53 percent in the June quarter. Munster also noted that Apple's lower-than-expected guidance for the September quarter suggests that the next iPhone could launch a little bit later than expected. He now predicts that the so-called "iPhone 6" could debut on the last Friday of September, the 26th.
    This means Apple will only benefit from 5 days of iPhone 6 sales vs. 12 in our prior expectation," Munster said. Munster has maintained his price target of $105, which he noted does not include projections for new product categories such as a so-called "iWatch."
    RBC Capital Markets
    To analyst Amit Daryanani, Apple's June quarter was both good and bad, coming in "soft" on sales but beating earnings per share projections. As for the company's lower-than-expected September quarter guidance is likely indicative of a sales "air pocket" ahead of the anticipated "iPhone 6" launch.
    But Daryanani also noted that last year Apple guided its September quarter sales to be flat sequentially in comparison to its June results, while in 2012 September quarter guidance was down 3 percent sequentially. This year, however, Apple's guidance implies 3 percent quarter over quarter growth.For this reason, he has a much different take than Munster: Daryanani believes that the numbers suggest that Apple could launch its next iPhone earlier than expected, or perhaps debut a new product in the quarter.

  • michalisrael157 by michalisrael157 Jul 23, 2014 8:12 AM Flag


  • michalisrael157 michalisrael157 Jul 23, 2014 7:51 AM Flag

    Oh shut up David Trainer or that CNBC lady aren't they Hilarious too ? So shut up already you are pathetic

  • AAPL going down is stupid and insane. I just don't get this Nomura also raises from 88.7$ to 95$
    China now generates 61 percent of the absolute increase in year-on-year revenues for Apple, analysts at Nomura noted in new research after the earnings release. The investment bank raised its target price on Apple to $95 from $88.71 with the stock closing at $94.72 on Tuesday. RBC also raised its target price on Wednesday morning, to $110 from $100, with similar moves coming from analysts at Macquarie and Cowen and Company.

  • AAPL with record Q defying every doom outlook and what do we get ? down ? Go to he"ll WS idiots. Makes no sense that a company beats margins record iPhone numbers and record rev yet we are down.Every company in the world will kill for 7.7B$ net and 170B$ in the bank. This is insane to look at AAPL just for the next Q this is a slow Q with iPhone looking to debut at 9/26 so not many are going to buy iPhone 5S or 4S or 4 when the huge cycle is coming and again WS projected outlook based on 9/19 iPhone 6 debut and that make the deference between 40.6B and 38-40B$ AAPL outlook. They will only sell 3 days in the next Q and to think that they will again post a record Q 4 us impressive and that is the b***S WS misses controlled by CRIMINALS

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