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  • Apple is reportedly set to take the wraps off of a brand new Apple TV set-top box, featuring Siri integration and support for a native App Store, at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference this June, according to a new report.Citing sources familiar with Apple's plans, John Paczkowski of Buzzfeed News reported on Friday that Apple will introduce a next-generation Apple TV in a matter of months. It will also apparently provide developers with a new software development kit to write applications for the new hardware.

    In addition to a dedicated App Store with support for third-party software, the new Apple TV will also reportedly support Siri voice input, as well as the company's latest A8 processor found in the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Characterizing it as a "significant overhaul," Paczkowski also said that the device will feature onboard storage that goes "well beyond" the 8 gigabytes found on the current hardware.

    The Apple TV hasn't been updated in years, though it did receive a price cut to $69 earlier this month. The company has also continuously added new content options to the device even without an App Store, and next month will exclusively bring HBO Now into its lineup.

    The A8 processor that already powers the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus is powerful enough to output 4K-resolution video, which means the device could be capable of supporting ultra-high-definition content. Services like YouTube and Netflix are already offering select content in 4K resolution, while 4K TVs are beginning to hit the market at more competitive prices.Meanwhile, the addition of Siri could bring new smart home control opportunities to the Apple TV, making it a sort of hub for Apple's HomeKit tools for developers. And an App Store opens the potential for games on an HDTV, which would officially enter Apple into the home game console market, competing with the likes of Microsoft's Xbox One and Sony's PlayStation 4.

    Rumors of a new Apple TV have persisted for years, but Apple is believed to have held back on introducing a new model until it can get deals in place for more content. Recent rumors suggest the tide could be turning in that department, with reports claiming Apple is looking to launch a brand new subscription TV service this fall, which could coincide with the debut of new hardware.

    Previously, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities said that a new Apple TV with motion controls would play a "key role" for the company, but Friday's report gave no indication of new input methods for the next-generation device beyond Siri. Speculation about a motion-controlled Apple TV has stemmed from Apple's acquisition of PrimeSense, which also powered the tech behind Microsoft's first-generation Xbox Kinect gaming peripheral.

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    Go to hell options criminals. The SEC is worthless

  • This criminals are so damn good and the SEC I'd so damn worthless

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    Stifel says evidence supports Apple moving into electric vehicles
    Analysts at Stifel say they see enough evidence to suggest that Apple is internally working on the development of a battery electric vehicle to be sold over the next five-to-ten years. The analysts are "intrigued" by Apple CFO Luca Maestri's background at General Motors (GM). They believe Apple's investments in manufacturing should be a key consideration for investors and point out the $40B spent by the iPhone maker over the past five years, with 80%-plus invested in manufacturing, is similar to GM, Ford (F) and Daimler-Benz and well above Tesla's $1.8B cumulative capex. The analysts say there is a "lot to think about" regarding Apple's move into the car space, including the regulatory environment. They keep a Buy rating on the tech giant with a $150 price target. Shares of Apple closed yesterday down 97c to $127.50

  • Apple subscription TV plan could help push services to 20% of company's earnings, Morgan Stanley says Apple's growing services business, including the App Store and Apple Pay, could account for 20 percent of its earnings in the next two years, or perhaps even sooner if the company launches its rumored subscription TV service this fall, one analyst believes.Katy Huberty of Morgan Stanley issued a note to investors this week, a copy of which was provided to AppleInsider, in which she reacted to recent reports alleging that Apple is looking to launch an online TV service with support from major content providers this fall. Given the flurry of recent news, Huberty now believes that an Apple TV service is more likely than in years past.

    She said the moves made earlier this month, including a price cut on the Apple TV hardware to $69, and the announcement of an exclusive launch deal with HBO Now, positions Apple well, if content deals can be hammered out.

    In the U.S. alone, Huberty sees the potential for Apple to add 15 million subscribers to its TV service, which would account for 8 percent of the company's install base. Doing so with 30 percent operating margins could add 2 percent to the company's revenue, she said.Morgan Stanley recently conducted a survey that found 20 percent of pay TV subscribers plan to cut the cord and ditch cable for television in the next 12 months. The highest age group intending to cancel is ages 18 through 29, though consumers ages 30 to 44, as well as those making more than $75,000 a year, also saw their intent grow from the previous year.

    "These data points suggest that cord cutting should no longer be viewed as a phenomenon taking place primarily among younger and lower income cohorts," she said.

    Huberty believes that an Apple television service, along with the iTunes Store, App Store, Apple Pay, and Beats Music could drive the "Services" category of Apple's products to 20 percent of the company's total in the next few years.To her, the "Services" category is key to her platform thesis, in which she believes shares of AAPL should be trading compared to platform peers, with an 18-to-19-times price-to-earnings ratio. Her thesis cites Apple's pricing premium, everyday consumer usage of its products and services, recurring revenue, and total addressable market expansion opportunities.

    Morgan Stanley has maintained its "overweight" rating for AAPL stock, with a price target of $160.

  • ”China Mobile could be poised to broaden its 14-month-old alliance with Apple as the US technology giant prepares to release its new wearable smart device, the Apple Watch, next month on the mainland,” Bien Perez reports for The South China Morning Post. “‘We believe it is time for us to expand our collaboration,’ China Mobile chairman Xi Guohua told reporters onn Thursday.”

    “Although there have been no talks yet between the two sides about supporting the Apple Watch, Xi said: ‘I can assure you that so long as there is a market for the product in China, that would be the basis of our further collaboration with Apple,'” Perez reports. “Analysts see the mainland as potentially the biggest market for Apple Watch this year. Adding China Mobile, the world’s largest wireless network operator, as a sales channel opens up the opportunity to sell the watch to its 90 million 4G users, out of a total subscriber base of 806.63 million at the end of December last year.”

    “‘China Mobile would be able to target more high-end 4G customers by bundling the Apple Watch as an accessory to the iPhone under a tariff plan with additional services,’ said Ricky Lai, a research analyst at Guotai Junan International,” Perez reports. “The Apple Watch will initially be sold in nine markets from April 24, including mainland China, Hong Kong, Japan and Australia.”

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    This pure b...s Nike United health shows gain Matt and into are b...s they were added to the Dow before the tech bubble and had pe of 60-80 aapl is cheaper than the sp by far. They have a great things instore in the pipeline. Why should we hear to a one aapl hater journalist.

  • Thursday, March 19, 2015 · 8:28 am · 3 Comments

    “UBS’s Steve Milunovich reiterates a Buy rating and a $150 price target, after raising his estimate for Apple’s fiscal 2016 iPhone sales by 10 million units, to 225 million units, causing him to revise up his profit estimate for fiscal ’16 to $10.31 per share from $10.01,” Tiernan Ray reports for Barron’s. “That’s only 5% unit growth, he notes, which might be a disappointment after potential growth of 25% this year, but then, any growth after a big iPhone 6 cycle is good thing, he asserts.”

    Ray reports, “Among Milunovich’s chief assumptions are that Apple is going to gain market share against Samsung Electronics and others in the high end of the smartphone market: ‘Apple will gain 5-10 points of high-end market share. After a difficult 2013 when the Samsung Galaxy S3/4 were hot, Apple has recovered momentum with its high-end share over 50% now. Up to 20% of Samsung users are considering switching to Apple, according to the UBS Evidence Lab Survey.'”

    Ray reports, “More surprising, perhaps, is that Milunovich asserts the high end of the market is growing faster than the low end, citing data from Gartner: ‘Gartner unit sales statistics indicate that premium smartphone adoption (roughly over $250) is highest in North America, Western Europe, and especially in Japan, where Apple has maintained dominant share for some time. Basic (low-end) device growth has slowed to single digits with higher-end devices driving overall smartphone growth, which is good for Apple.'”

  • So all those idiots who compare AAPL to MSFT and INTC are plain idiots. AAPL will be judged by the results those who think AAPL was a hidden gem before joining the DOW are plain idiots. AAPL always being held by big funds sometime over held sometime under held like being in the SP or the Nasdaq as the bigeest company in the world prevented AAPL from going up/Those stupid idiots also told us that the low of large numbers will prevent AAPL from going up it was at 520$ pre split. Those same fools told us that AAPL is so big that it cant move the stock and cant grow well AAPL last Q showed a 30% growth .So see all those idiots said so much b****s before on AAPL and AAPL defined the low of gravity and it will continue to do so in the face of those idiots/

  • MSFT and Intc added to the DOW just before the tech bubble. MSFT PE was 60 and Intc 80. So the bubble bursted with them. AAPL on the other hand joining the DOW with a PE of 14 less than the S&P AAPL will be tested on their results. We have seen DOW companies in the last year like MSFT and INTC going 50-100% up so what the deal

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    AAPL was just added funds needs to buy so why down?

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    Don't sell fools

  • 3/27 fools don't sell

  • Despite reportedly refusing to engage in discussions to join Apple's rumored web television initiative, cable provider Comcast may have no choice but to eventually capitulate thanks to regulatory concessions the company agreed to in 2011 as part of its takeover of NBCUniversal.

    Under the final judgement, Comcast must treat online video services as essentially equal to cable companies. Comcast is required to give those services access to the same NBCUniversal content that it sells to cable providers, under the same terms and conditions.

    Additionally, if an online video service strikes a deal with one of NBC's peers --?such as CBS --?Comcast is obligated to license "comparable" content at "economically comparable" rates. For example, if Apple's new service were to carry first-run CBS programming, Comcast must makes its own first-run programming available at roughly the same rates as those negotiated between Apple and CBS.

    There are some restrictions on what can be considered "comparable" programming. Carrying reruns of CBS sitcoms would not grant Apple access to sports content from NBCUniversal, for instance, and Comcast is allowed to force online video services to carry --?and pay for --?its entire channel lineup if they also carry "substantially all" of a peer's channel lineup.

    If Comcast is unable to come to terms with Apple, the iPhone maker can petition the Department of Justice for permission to enter commercial arbitration. While the DOJ says they will generally defer to the Federal Communications Commission's established rules for arbitration in these cases, they do reserve the right "to permit arbitration under this Final Judgment to advance the competitive objectives of this Final Judgment" --?in other words, the DOJ can push Comcast into arbitration if it feels that the company is being unfair in its licensing approach.

    Apple is currently rumored to be in talks with Disney, CBS, 20th Century Fox, Discovery, and Viacom to bring their content to a new streaming service that would bow this fall. Pricing is thought to fall between $20 and $40 per month, and the company is reportedly offering to share viewership data with content owners to entice them to cooperate.

  • China Unicom and China Telecom will begin selling 4G LTE-capable versions of the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 on March 27, the two wireless carriers announced on Wednesday.

    Apple has sold cellular versions of the latest iPads in China since December, but until now the tablets were not being sold through Unicom or Telecom. The pair are China's second- and third-biggest carriers behind China Mobile.

    Like other current-generation iPads sold in the country, the Unicom and Telecom models will support the region's TD-LTE and FDD-LTE 4G standards, as well as various 3G technologies like HSPA+.

    Shoppers wanting to buy one should be able to pick them up from the carriers' retail stores or from Apple.

    By the end of last year, the Air 2 and the Mini 3 were already available in 110 countries. China was included in the first wave of launches on October 17, but at the time received only Wi-Fi models. That's likely attributable to the extra wireless certification steps required by the Chinese government, which have delayed local product rollouts in the past.

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    Go to hell option criminals

  • 0-% added to the value since the announcement. Go to hell WS ceiminals

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    all those analysts are a bunch of worthless amateurs

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    Even 2 bears raise their price to 130$ and we get this b***s

  • Comcast may be forced to put content on Apple TV, NY Post says

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