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  • No leadership, no positive news, and I listened to the so called company update they had 2 weeks ago and it was terrible. Since then, look what has happened to the stock. They better start coming out with some positive results within 30 days, as I see this going to a penny because of 0 confidence and honestly, there may be nothing here but a bunch of guys that have lied to the public

  • mike21265 by mike21265 Apr 10, 2014 1:29 PM Flag

    The reverse split has everyone running for the exits, and when or if there is a split, the stock will really plunge. If these trials are doing so well, team up with a bigger player. This is why I am now very skeptical of any success. I had a friend who still works for a biotech company and he even told me that 99% of what they try all fail and this is a large company. ACTC LOOKED VERY PROMISING, IF IT SINKS MUCH MORE, IN MY OPINION, IT SHOULD SINK TO 0 AND NOT SUCKER ANYMORE PEOPLE INTO BUYING WHAT MAY HAVE BEEN A FRAUD

  • mike21265 mike21265 Apr 9, 2014 8:24 PM Flag

    Correct and I own the stock. I have considered selling, but will hold on. A reverse split is the beginning of the end. The stock will then be shorted to next to nothing. If they really have something productive or positive, then team up with a bigger player and a reverse split will not be needed. This is where I have become VERY SKEPTICAL IF THERE IS ANYTHING AT ALL OR A SMALL BIOTECH COMPANY TAKING PEOPLE'S MONEY SEEMS MORE LOGICAL. This could be a huge scam, and if it isn't, lets hear some results after all this time

  • But the company rarely speaks, has little good news to speak of, doesn't talk about that they believe that trials so far are very successful, and the killer is a reverse stock split. Just get rid of the notion of a reverse split and the stock will rise several cents. That is the biggest problem, and anyone thinking of purchasing this stock would wait for a split, the stock to then sink 50 percent, then consider... GET RID OF THE STOCK SPLIT IDEA... If money runs out, go bankrupt, but don't do a split and have 1000's buy the stock and sink also with the ship..

  • A reverse split scares EVERYONE. You can only reverse a stock if the company is at least a dollar and has some incredible great news. Other than that, a reverse will hold up for a very short time, with the stock then plummeting

  • They are happy with the ongoing trials but do not want to release information on a conference call and may possibly in the near future. Soon to be hopefully starting phase 2. Pluses - trials seem to be going well. Minus- low on cash, will fundraise, and a possible Nasdaq uplisting will be informed to the public before this move is made. If the stock still hovers around 8 to 9 cents, at least it gives us all time to bail, then come back in when the stock get shorted down under 15 cents... The reverse split is the scary thing, and they need to try to convince some rich investors before they consider a reverse split.

  • mike21265 mike21265 Apr 2, 2014 12:31 PM Flag

    A reverse split will not take place on an 8 cent, 10 cent or 50 cent stock. It makes no sense, and if this were to take place, everyone who owns it would bail. A 1 for 10 split on a 1 dollar stock is possible, but not a stock that cant get past 10 cents. And a split at 1 dollar would have to take place when it holds near 1 dollar, not if it shoots up there for 3 days and drops. Very foolish move if anyone thinks of splitting an 8 cent stock. Has it ever even been done before???

  • mike21265 by mike21265 Mar 19, 2014 11:40 AM Flag

    Outside of retailers and restaurants, Al would be a 3rd world country if not for the federal government. Low taxes lures business to some states, but good luck finding semi educated workers. What good is paying low taxes when most of your workers have iq's that don't top 100.

  • Whether positive or not, we were supposed to get news in January. What is the hold up... I was expecting information last week. I have read any day now for 2 weeks????

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    Don't Miss ACTC Boat......

    by nagarajyothi Jan 28, 2014 10:25 AM
    mike21265 mike21265 Jan 28, 2014 10:39 AM Flag

    I had MA at 50 dollars and the so called pros were screaming its a sell and not worth more than 40 dollars. It went to over 800, then split. I will never listen to these so called experts ever again... I am out about 800k for listening to people who have masters degrees in finance. And then when housing crashed, as one who did loans the correct way for over 12 years, nearly NONE of them had an idea of why it even happened, and they get paid millions of dollars some of them, to throw out views they have no idea about

  • When real news comes out, and if its very positive, the move could be 3 or 4 hundred percent. Then more people will become aware, it may make the evening news and we could possibly see a move above 1 dollar. A reverse split wont be needed.

  • mike21265 by mike21265 Jan 22, 2014 1:20 PM Flag

    5.1 million, cash is what ACTC has. If this is correct, they have very little finances left and better report VERY positive news quickly.

  • mike21265 by mike21265 Dec 26, 2013 12:26 PM Flag

    By next year I see 10 and depending on this improving economy, it may be dramatically higher. We saw what it did a few years back, I am not saying 125 dollars in a short time, but not one of us can predict. I am a holder for the long run and if DRYS starts posting positive numbers, 10 dollars will be passed very fast

  • I know AMD has been lower, but its price is still rock bottom. Its a steal at these levels. If it is under 5 by March, I will be shocked. I listened to these BOZO pros years ago and sold MasterCard at 50 when they were screaming its true vaue is no higher than 40........ NEVER AGAIN WILL I EVEN PAY ATTENTION AND LEARNED THEIR GAME

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    Thanks Forbes!

    by madeit50 Nov 30, 2013 2:15 PM
    mike21265 mike21265 Nov 30, 2013 9:26 PM Flag

    I own several stocks and I am very confident AMD will be much higher very soon. This is not a stock worth shorting

  • I thought ACTC was going to make announcements on progress in October. The calendar says Nov 1. Lets hear some serious answers. Is there progress or not. And I for one have no idea how a stock split was approved In most cases, not all, they are a terrible disaster for the shareholder that put trust in the company and its staff. Lets hear--------EDUCATED INPUT, NOT STUPIDITY

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    What were the results of the voting?

    by brett.atherton Oct 23, 2013 9:34 AM
    mike21265 mike21265 Oct 23, 2013 11:56 AM Flag

    Who counts the votes. I voted against reverse split, and I cant see why anyone would. Most times it does not work, unless they do a reverse split and are holding great news, But if there was great news, they cold announce it w/o a split and let the chips fall where they do. It makes no sense. Look at AIG OR CITI. It will take a lifetime or longer for them to go back to original price after their huge reverse splits. The only way this works is a r/s to 2 dollars, great news and stock shoots up to 100. NOT HAPPENNING

  • Is not out of the question next year sometime if Dryships starts turning a profit and BDI continues to rise. If the old chart is correct, this stock can make massive moves very fast. 2 to 4 is nothing, its 4 to 15 in 6 months we could possibly see.

  • Type that in and it is correct as they stated 45 cents. Coverage was initiated as of today. They could be aware of some future very positive news. that's a large jump from where it is currently, so maybe they do have some inside news.

  • And for those who think its a good idea, just look at the stock performance. TERRIBLE IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!! CEO's have every college degree hanging on the wall, but they don't give out degrees in common sense and street smarts...

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