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  • Excerpted from the 4/22/15 shareholder meeting bulletin -

    percentage of ownership based on 16,137,898 shares outstanding as of 4/15/15:

    Seth Lederman - 621,183 shares or 3.80% of the company
    Officers and directors own 1,544,612 shares or 9.21% of the stock ...
    Deerfield Special Situations fund, Broadfin Capital and Technology Partners hold an aggregate 3,700,886 shares or 22.73% of the issued shares ...

    Dr Lederman also holds a series of stock option grants struck at various prices ...Ex- 30,135 option shares@ $30 per share expiring 5/9/22 , 41,250 option shares @ $10.20 expiring 2/12/23, 71,000 option shares @ $15.88 expiring 2/11/24, 100,000 option shares @ 9.87 expiring 6/17/24 and another 100,000 option shares @$6.88 expiring 10/29/24 ...

    Dr Lederman earned an aggregate $2,853,578 from TNXP in 2014 ...( whew ...that's high )

    Ok ..I like the fact that the "insiders" and officers of the company are knee deep in TNXP shares demonstrates commitment and belief in the company and concept of business going forward ...The large amount of out-of-the-money option contracts that extend thru 2024 also reflect that the corporate officers and insiders are taking some of their compensation in $30 stock options, $15.88 stock options and $9.87 stock options ...which are essentially worthless unless and until the market price of TNXP passes thru the option strike price ...and then they begin to take on a value that can be cashed in. ( taxes and paying for the options themselves suck up a lot of the cash, for example, a $30 stock option needs to be market trading significantly ABOVE $30 for it to have serious value ...)

    This are all BULLISH indicators for TNXP ...and might even explain the comparatively low volume in the public float ...( a large percentage of shares are being held by insiders and investment venture capital firms who are looking for a huge return, far from day trading or short term trading TNXP )

    Hope this proves helpful

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • I have a close friend who has been a long term diabetic and has been using the insulin pump and monitor ...This friend has been following Afrezza and doing her homework to include contacting Sam Finta, and others. She visited with her PCP and ENDO , who are both well respected and conservative in her community.
    Initially, there was not much information and both physicians expressed their reluctance to jump on something so new and unknown. ( here in Texas, medical malpractice lawyer commercials seem to run about every 10-12 minutes on the TV , weather we need them or not )
    That has ALL changed over the last 3-5 weeks as both physicians have been contacted by Sanofi reps and her Endo knew exactly how to refer her for the lung test ...and what to do when the results came back ( 1-2 days )
    Here is a portion of her e-mail to me this afternoon ....
    After getting two calls today from my doctor's office that I had passed the lung test and that they would send a prescription to my pharmacy for the Afrezza and then a call to tell me after I received the Afrezza to make an appointment to come to the office for training (they are in training now, I will be the first patient), I called my pharmacy and they said they can't get it. Their wholesalers don't carry it. I called Walgreens (which I hate to do) and they said that they could have it in the next day. I need to check with my insurance company first and see what this is going to cost. Anyway, looks like I'm good-to-go!

    Summary - Her Endo and his office staff are themselves IN TRAINING , Walgreens reports a one day delay in filling Afrezza prescriptions , her Endo provided her a discount card for a FREE initial prescription and a $30 refill until the promotional period ends.
    It appears that Sanofi DOES in fact have a significant marketing development program in process ...and are actively TRAINING groups of ENDOS and PCPs.
    This says a lot of good things to me ...hope you find it helpful.

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