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mince38 2023 posts  |  Last Activity: Oct 2, 2014 12:04 AM Member since: Aug 5, 2001
  • I told you guys 15 reasons over several posts why in the end the tape, or the price chart always tells the true story. We all even thought it was cheap at its $22 top. Why is no one mortgaging their house and taking out loans now, then? What does your "gut" tell you. Read my past posts, I even gave stop and back in numbers. Ive been a swing trader for many years.

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    Thinking Outside the Outerwall

    by dvds_are_dead Aug 15, 2014 11:04 PM
    mince38 mince38 Sep 24, 2014 12:41 AM Flag

    But who can compete with them as far as pricing, , impulse shopping, and all the walmarts and supermarkets they have their vending machines in? Location, location, location. The numbers and their domination in this arena have to merge. And my opinion is this will skyrocket. The numbers dont make sense. It would be like buying microsoft 5 yrs after they came out and had the majority of the market share and still growing. Who can oust these guys. Besides...when I leave my supermarket or walmart...Im hungry. Whats the first thing a person wants to do when he is hungry? Eat and.........yep, watch the tube! And those late fees I pile up thinking I will return it the next day...whew!

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    Shorts Covering

    by beijing_investor Sep 23, 2014 3:43 PM
    mince38 mince38 Sep 24, 2014 12:33 AM Flag

    Everyone said the shorts were covering when this was 21. Most of the high volume days were up days to boot. Charts dont lie. The daily chart is under the 8 and maybe the 20 sma by now. Swing traders never buy long term in a downward trend. Dont give me what this was last year. This thing is going backwards while the market roars upwards. What happens when the market corrects? Wth....maybe this thing will blow our minds and take off if the market corrects 15-20%. And we are so due for a correction we are almost in "this has never happened in history" territory for the overall market.

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  • mince38 mince38 Sep 24, 2014 12:28 AM Flag

    ronson....Form your mouth to God's ears as my dear departed grandmother would say. I hope she goes to 100 in the next 12-18 months. But....price doesnt lie and neither do charts and this thing has been bleeding red for weeks. We shall see.......

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  • mince38 mince38 Sep 13, 2014 7:26 PM Flag

    I want you to be right. But the charts are showing that theres more selling pressure than buying pressure. Even with its small capitalization, it should be over 25 by now. Someone have the book keeper call me. -)

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  • mince38 mince38 Sep 13, 2014 7:21 PM Flag

    Often reverse mergers are a big sign of weakness. Lookup last 10 reverse mergers and tell us how they are doing. But overall they are bleeding red. When this thing went under its 8 sma on the daily, that was the time to get out. This stock trends very well for swing traders. I wouldnt buy till its back over 17 for a nibble 18 for anything serious. And 22 for a 2nd add on.

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  • ...we all know 'the story' behind this stock. Now of course Warren Buffett and George Soros and even Donald Trump and other REAL savvy investors whoa rent reporters or press release writers...........ohhhhh Im sure their people just6 dont know about this stock yet, or cant find out, We are smarter than their whole staff. Throw in another 2 or 300 "pro's" who would gobble this up at this price in 2 minutes if this was real. So...we have 2 scenarios............

    1- Either we did stumble onto that once a year opportunity that miraculously is still under the radar.


    2-if something sounds too good to be true, it is.

    It must be one or the other, am I right? At least I am willing to say "Anything is possible." I would love to read true stories in ayear from now of brave men who mortgaged their house at 6% to buy this stock which surely must appreciate way more than that IF THIS IS REAL. But.....did we all forget Enron all too quickly and how they fooled the 'smartest guys in the room"....of which we are not. We just arent close enough to the company. So is it behind door number 1, or door #2????

    Please....I want to kick myself when this is at 25 in one-two weeks with assive black candles on the chart. Thats the way this is going to rise. Its going to go up so fast the average guy wont have time to buy in. Agreed? Then again the small retailers are so stubborn if this declines it will be very very death by 1000 cuts. We will all jump in if this goes down to 7 and then jumps quickly back to 9 again,wont we? Thats the way I would do it . But if this is legit it will suddenly go up so fast on so little news your head will spin. Right?

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  • No one is focusing on directly competing with it as they think its for ghetto and white trash kids. Partly they are right. But if Twitter can capture the "Robb report market and the sachs fifth ave crowd to make it fashionable to twitter, if they could get stores to hold 5 min sales all thruout the day at bloomies and Macys and women are looking at it all day as they wander around the mall, then we have something. But right now we have school girls with pimples and no cash to spend on twitter making up all the numbers. And some bangers annd rappers and hookie players as well. They better get more sophisticated users as this is like being Google in the beginning. If they stay the way they are someone any minute is going to trash this co. Can anyone say microsoft, apple or google. I cant believe apple wont want their own version soon anyway. You better believe its coming faster than a silk glove up a dead fishes........... I say twtr is at $5 in 2 yrs or 105$

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  • mince38 mince38 Sep 11, 2014 2:46 AM Flag

    Not enough. I say every correctional officer too, especially them, so guys who get raped in showers dont have to be ashamed. Its all on camera. And nobody in prison should have any rights to privacy from cameras. Too much at stake.

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  • mince38 mince38 Sep 10, 2014 11:33 PM Flag

    And as usual, the individual retail guys like us pay for it! What reason would this thing have droped over 1.50 per share since the deal. In my opinion, dilution always puts a drag on the stock...forever. If we get bought out at 52.50 a share in the future, the real price would be 53 without this dilution. But thats ok ,unless they wind up whoring the co away and keep diluting. If we see another huge deal like this for 5 times the size after we get back to our yearly high of about 21, we will be sucking wind and carrying dead weight for 12-24 months just to get the institutions out of their stock. Remember the dealmakers and institutions motto: Always be a seller, never a buyer.." I know, I was a stockbroker and thats the golden carrot our bosses gave us...."there will always be winners who buy stock. But the real money is always been and always will be in SELLING stock! Nobody ever made money by buying. Lets hope we are sellers with happy faces in about 2-3 years. We dont want any buyouts just yet! -)

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    ALIBABA will drive KNDI up past 30+

    by beijing_investor Sep 10, 2014 9:54 PM
    mince38 mince38 Sep 10, 2014 11:26 PM Flag

    He's right. I just looked on their site. Not only is Kandi cars listed but they have choices of suppliers to buy from. Sort of like amazon. Now, what the next person should do is do some research on alibaba and see what other similar cars a person can buy. They were talking buying, not leasing. Even better! I wrote in asking for a price for both as thi s supplier will only sell 3 vehicles min. Wow! Now the question is, does Ford, toyota and honda also sell on there making us moot? Next researcher ,please. This is ther first sign that this co. reallly exists beyond hot air and press releases. Im a believer!!!!!!!!!!! But....will honda and toyota get into the game? And will they buy this co. out which would make us all sick if they offered like $25 a share now. I want at least $60 per share. I havent built a big position yet.

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  • mince38 mince38 Sep 5, 2014 10:46 PM Flag

    Gary, good point. My first question is...what exactly is the range before recharging? Secondly....these are chinese, not spoiled westerners like us1 This market is strictly for those who cant afford to buy a car. They will be thrilled to rent or lease a vehicle and they arent too lazy to have to recharge every day if need be. Besides, TWO OTHER HUGE FACTORS: No doubt battery life extension is first priority of the co., and secondly they will surely start mfg larger and snazzier cars if the demand for it is there. One market I can see them doing...................LIMO'S FOR AIRPORT ARRIVALS. And you rent the driver too! They will figure that out real soon. Plus expansion into other asian countries and maybe Dubai will be staggering in the future. And the truth is, lots of american parents would get a funky looking car like that for their kids graduation ,lets say for a year rental or lease if they couldnt afford to buy them a car as a college grad or birthday gift. THE MARKET IN USA will be huge! i JUTS HOPE the books arent being cooked.

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  • mince38 mince38 Sep 5, 2014 10:27 PM Flag

    good, you make an excellent point. How many of us Americans if we were college students or working moms living in China that cant afford a car till AFTER they graduate or after kids get iolder.....but can afford to lease or rent one of these cars NOW! Also, what is the range the car can go that the other person was complaining? Im thinking, even if it can only take a person to work and back for 2 days before needing a recharge, thats not an inconvenience to the chinese who rely on public tran, only us westerners who are spoiled.

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  • mince38 mince38 Sep 5, 2014 10:20 PM Flag

    Ed, You sound like you know what time it is, if you get my drift. Can you tell me, why......if this company has back orders that would take 3-5 years to fill juts at their present capacity, why are they at this ridiculously low price? Ed, #2....The huge contract they got with Boeing, also tells us in probability, that Boeing must have shopped every contractor in the country if not maybe even the world for the best price as their order was so big that they must have bargained AA down to the lowest possible prices, so this means that Boeing in all likelihood can make the parts at the cheapest prices of anyone. Dont forget that BHP is the biggest mining co. in the world. They could have went to them. But didnt! So..why isnt AA not being hit from China and also Dubai for huge orders as well, much more than they are getting now? #3-Why is CENX which was a peanut in market cap 2 yrs ago compared to them, and seems to be their main competitor, why is their share price skyrocketing at triple the pace of AA? (At least they were over the last year) I used to follow CENX, I used to day trade the stock, now I am going to have to do more research into it. Maybe AA should have bought them out when they were just $8 a share. What do you say Ed, and anyone else who actually did research.

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  • .....and it should be worrying you that Time Magazine, the Economist, you know.....the real objective financial pubs , why arent they writing about this company. All the news that comes out looks to me like it was written by a cheap hack writer. Always the company itself. Rarely outside sources. Im long this but my stop isnt far away. I wont re-enter till it breaks 20 again if stopped out. I'd say this is a a stock that you are better off buying in as it rises each 3 or 4 dollars rather than averaging down. If this is another Enron youll get killed. So.......are we the smartest guys in the room? Or the shmucks!? Funny, my technical program was short at around 19 and the target is 16.37. I pray its wrong. This thing should be at $50 in less than a month if this isnt a scam. Especially with October being the 3rd best buying month historically. If we are lower than this by end of october, light a match to it. There is too much good news for it to be at this price. Dont fool yourselves and say the institutions cant buy it. I am sure they have waivers and exceptions to get in if they want this thing bad enough. Where is Soros and Jim Rogers.?I WANT THEM WRITING ABOUT THIS CO!!!!!!!

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  • mince38 mince38 Aug 27, 2014 11:39 PM Flag

    Good news or not, seems this stock is solid, big future....but.. best .for those who have tens of thousands to invest and 2-3 yrs to wait. If Internet stocks dont quiet down soon there wont be any money for these "boring" but solid stocks

  • Dont you all think we better break $20 soon so when a market retraction comes we have some room? And whats stopping us from being in the black? I'm going to get sick if I have to hold this thing for 6 months of a market retracement while the company starts filling more and more orders. Remember , in 70% of stocks or more follow the overall trend. Lets hope the big pockets juts took summer off and wil start loading up after labor day. Prediction: If this puppy doesnt start grinding up every week starting in October when the bull market season officially starts, bad news. Has anyone done the stats on how this stock performs compared to reg. market in summer time over last 20 yrs. I see this is like dead money ,especially when other mining stocks are dead and its summer. I am in at $15.20. I was hoping to increase my position by now. This was a big mistake. I should have bought the Internet social networks like FB, lnkd,twtr or even Amazon which i think are going to not fall apart like in 2001.

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    China going to the moon, perhaps again and again

    by maplegrove35 Aug 23, 2014 12:06 PM
    mince38 mince38 Aug 23, 2014 4:16 PM Flag

    Maple, those who havent reached your consciousness yet will laugh at what you wrote. Yet it is the way of the future as even militant groups in the middle east will have to be stunned at how much productivity and prosperity is the cause of "co-operation." You are dead on!!! Whether we see it in our life time is another story. Perhaps. For all we know heaven could be right here on earth all along. And that aint new age gobbly #$%$, its the planet we live on. Right! -)

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  • mince38 mince38 Aug 23, 2014 4:12 PM Flag

    Also......can someone corroborate this for me: It seems that Ruger is almost always right "behind" smith and wesson....producing an almost identical quality handgun, but for much less money. It is always Ruger chasing Smith, never the other way around. Am I correct?

    #2-Wouldnt it be a money making idea if Ruger got into the ammo game and did it like AOL did the internet. Aol gave away the disks to download their free software at every supermarket and drugstore counter in america and they were the "branded" champs of aol connection until cable companies yanked the rug out from under them. But they got branded by giving it away for free over every other competitor. So if Ruger gave away a nice looking box of bullets, say with a sexy blue dot on the back (remember "blue magic' from american gangster? lol) and gave abox of ammo away with the purchase of every gun and then sold the ammo for maybe $1 a box profit so every caliber ammo buyer would start to use them, especially the middle class bullets like Winchester and Federal,etc. They could be the aol of bullets. And God forbid the range you bought them from gave you a free day at the range for every 5 boxes you bought, they'd have an avalanche. I hope someone from the co. is reading this , because my background is sales and I have several other ideas they could institute to get right in the ammo game. People arent as picky about ammo if its good quality as they are about their gun.

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  • mince38 mince38 Aug 21, 2014 4:56 PM Flag

    you mean the 2008 housing debacle wihich didnt make the govt make any arrests, and in fact made many nobody mortgage clerks wealthy overnight, as well as forcing banks to take trillions in loans they dont need....THOSE...people are going to put an end to it all? -) I really think the next 12-24 months are going to be another game changer where we ask one thing: who is going to ber first mover? apple netflix,google,at&t, facebook and anything richard branson is involved with, who is going to be telling us what we!? Thats what it really turned to in buying. We let 5 or 6 co's decide what we need, they no longer ask us what WE need. Great. But if I can rent a movie on netflix, leave my comments on both amazons and netflixs boards and maybe even have 2 types of boards 25 and over with no vile language and then we have the trailer park group and the hood rats spouting obscenities at each other. I just want to work for the first company that gives Al Sharpton his own major tv station so he can debate as unintelligently as possibly with the president and other world leaders and he can somehow get himself in a nice big fat mess which by miracle ,should have happened 30 yrs ago. What esle do tnhey want to give us. Movies in our toothbrushes? we can send texts while washing our faces? whats next? I have an about actually inventing something that lets readers, nerds, book lovers and philosophers to go to a brick and morter place in each city like a starbucks to have discussions ,coffee and good entertainment. iot would be a modern day think tank....all for a 5 buck admission. And it could be done virtually too. CHAT ROOMS HAVE BEEN A BIG DISAPPOINTMEN T for the web, hasnt it,. Just like a big party you have to wait in line to get in at?.......... well,,..........we should have chat rooms for different grtoups that people have to wait in line to get in at. and while they wait, they can.......

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