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misterfastidious 153 posts  |  Last Activity: Jun 26, 2014 10:40 AM Member since: Mar 28, 2011
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  • misterfastidious misterfastidious Jun 26, 2014 10:40 AM Flag

    "I like to read his creative comments".......micmack50........I am recordguy2000./misterfastidious: I believe it is my creative comments you like............I just beat up the doosh bag with the 36 aliases for destroying this character misterfastidious just portrays that im be cile.

  • I didnt....I keep fooling you ELON investors (I am not one of you)......I always use to write headlines that on both the CAMD and ELON boards.....It was my hope that the investors would think I was on trips instead of getting beaten up by rguy2000 for being a doosh bag......I mean lets face it, I barely have missed a day of polluting message boards in 11 years.............You see rguy2000 beat me up on the CAMD board and I was so upset I actually followed him here.............You must think I am a one huge doosh bag?
    Here is my Tuesday schedule
    10am: use alias #30 of 36 total imadloser. I needed the aliases because of my rguy2000 beating
    1030am: use alias sandiegodude and act like im be cile about Lois Lerner and the IRS. Also discuss what #1 FOX news says
    11am: post as mrbeeks and tell ELON investors I am having a lunch at Mangroves on the beach where they make fried grouper which is to die for. tell them I am with my peeps, and look like real more on
    1130 call shrink and ask questions regarding my rguy2000 butt pounding on your ELON board where I am not invested
    12pm use aliases recordguy1999, cliveasdavis, stopfinacial, eshlong, savetheozonelayer, and trehuggerforelon................I actually had to creat 36 aliases due to the power of my rgyuy2000 spanking

    To be continued

  • misterfastidious by misterfastidious Jun 23, 2014 2:13 PM Flag

    I think my and my peeps are going to have lunch on the beach. Yesterday we were spearfishing for grouper and I caught some. So today I think I will fry some right on the beach. My buds and I love doing that......When I am not spending the rest of my day polluting your ELON board (where I have no short investment) that is what I like to do...................I am all about being very smart and having a lot of fun with my colleagues. I am sure you all know that

  • misterfastidious misterfastidious Jun 23, 2014 2:09 PM Flag

    Rick Perry says that being g*ay is a disease you can choose not to indulge............I cant understand the whole broo ha ha in the first place. Perry is making absolute sense to me. Thats why I believe in him whole heartdly..............Sometimes I just sit back and try to picture what America would be like if had been elected President. Even the libs would see how smart he is. And I am smart too even without FOX news teaching me things.

  • misterfastidious by misterfastidious Jun 23, 2014 1:51 PM Flag

    12pm: use my alias recordguy1999 and prove to the world that I am not a buffoon in world politics because of what FOX news teaches me
    130pm: use alias mistermadufus on ELON board where I have no investment because rguy200 has figured out a wonderful way to torment me for 11 years and I am upset
    1:45 use alias savetheozonlayer on your board. I use this alias even though I am out on the beach snorkelling at the moment. I have to use my aliases due to my rguy2000 butt pounding

    To be continued

  • Why is he changing his mind?........Even though the whole world thinks he is an im becile I thought he was right. I would proudly call myself a disciple of Rick Perry. He gets it and so do I.

  • misterfastidious by misterfastidious Jun 23, 2014 10:01 AM Flag

    Good morning ELON investors (not myself). I just spent another fabulous weekend at the beach and was doing the most fun things in the world. But now that fantasy......errrrr weekend is over and my reality begins. That of course as you know by now is my rguy2000 butt pounding. You see I followed him to this board from the CAMD board but never realized he was gonna teach me a lesson about myself on this board as well. So let my spanking begin as I have much to say today

    10am use my alias caseydickenson on your ELON board as I am consumed by rguy2000 and have lost my mind
    1030: use my alias love2snifas on your ELON board where I have no position
    11am Call my shrink and demand extra session regarding my rguy2000 butt pounding and how he forces me to read all the doosh bag things I have said over the years.
    1130 use alias mrbeeks and say TIMBERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
    12pm use aliases treehuggerforelon, recordguy1999, savehteozonelayer, stopfinacial, caseydickenson and jimmik on your ELON board while I make up a fairy tale of how I think I am paddle boarding into the Gulf

    To be continued

  • misterfastidious by misterfastidious Jun 19, 2014 11:33 AM Flag

    930am Use my alias mrbeeks on your ELON board (where I am not invested) to create illusion I was actually with a woman instead of my real reality getting a good "B" slap on your ELON board
    10am Call my shrink and ask for special session regading my rguy2000 butt pounding
    1030 use my alias eshlong2012 on your ELON board. I needed this alias so I could annoy actual ELON investors who may rely upon this board. I need to annoy them because rguy2000 saw what a little butt wip I was back on the CAMD board 11 years ago and I cant get his beating out of my system
    11am: Use alias sandiegodude and say Odufus and Killary. Make sure I say something that showcases what an imb ecile I am.
    12pm use aliases recordguy1999, caseydickenson, treehuggerforelon and cliveasdavis to waste more of my time on a message board I am not invested in

    To be continued

  • im not....I fooled you ELON guys yet again....hahaha....When I was on the CAMD board I use to post as mrbeeks and write that kind of stuff.......You see I wanted the CAMD posters to think I was at a seminar that I got a personal invitation to.................that way they would think I was a somebody who was learning Dollar Cost Averaging instead of a dil doe that uses 36 aliases on message boards he has no investment in.....................So lets pretend I am the seminar...ok?

  • About 4 months ago when I was polluting your message board I yet once again came up with words of wisdom.................I said "If people work hard they should earn what they keep"........................thats pretty funny right?.....My whole day "working hard" is getting a rguy2000 butt pounding on your message board where I need to use my 36 aliases......................I want money for that.....hahahaha.............I want to get paid for working much should I make for my efforts ruining your message board?.....hahaha

  • misterfastidious by misterfastidious Jun 18, 2014 12:53 PM Flag

    Hi ELON investors (not myself neither short or long) how are you? I'm on the beach today. Im spending alot of time there. I spend all my extra minutes on the beach in Billabong shorts when I am not getting a good old fashioned rguy2000 "B" slapping.....You see he beat me up on the CAMD board and I couldnt get it out of my system so I followed him to the ELON board not realizing I would get beat up all over again. You see I am the kind of fella that thinks he is always two steps ahead of everything and winds up being two steps behind....anyway after this post I will return to the beach so the babes can wonder what the dufus has in his shorts......hehehehe

    11am Use alias liberleloninvestor on the ELON board where I am not invested because rguy2000 beats me up
    1230 Use alias mrbeeks08 on your ELON board and tell ELON investors I am at the beach because I made alot of money on losers like WTI by using Dollar Cost Averaging
    1pm use alias sandoegodude and once again showcase what an utter more on I am on politics and people in general
    2pm use aliases jimmik, alex857, stopfinacial, caseydickenson, savetheozonelayer, treehuggerforelon, feelig_clippner_ northtard 2012, sam barnes, recordguy1999 and cliveasdavis. You see I made up 36 aliases on your ELON board because rguy2000 has spanked me but good and I still dont know what to do about it.
    To be continued

  • misterfastidious by misterfastidious Jun 17, 2014 1:16 PM Flag

    I just came back from paddle boarding into the beautiful blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico. What a wonderful experience. i was wearing my billabong shorts and believe me they are a chick magnet......Here is the rest of my day plans on your ELON board where I have no investment

    1130am use alias recorduy1999 and say he bought STP, HOKU, DSTI and XMSR. Also say he watches the lib Gaychel Madike
    12pm: use alias cliveasdavis on your ELON board because rguy2000 beat me up on the CAMD board and I am still stunned
    12:15 use alias liberaleloninvestor and say I bought ELON because of Mitsubishi
    1230 Post as sandigodude and showcase myself as a completly uniformed buffoon who just doesnt get it
    1pm post as mrbeeks and tell ELON investors I made $87,000 on WTI because I am the Dollar Cost Averaging expert who fills people portfolio with glee

    To be continued

  • As expected WTI is crashing from the $18.75 price I paid down to $15.30. Now sure that may appear like a $17,000 loser on my 5000 shares but you need to realize I used DCA. That means Dollar Cost Averaging. A trader such as myself likes to use a myriad of various technologies that are at our disposals. Myself and my colleagues do this so we can maximize our returns and also turbo charge our portfolios......So in essence I have not lost $17,500 as it may appear. But because of DCA I made $84,000. I just bought the shares lower. I guess I should have posted those trades for credibility but I think you know my track record. GO WTI

  • misterfastidious by misterfastidious Jun 17, 2014 9:56 AM Flag

    I just came back from rollerblading on the boardwalk with my billabong shorts on. All the babes wanted to know what I had "under" the shorts. hehehe...............Anyway here is my day again I guess

    9:30 use aliase #32 of 36 eshlong2012 on your ELON board where I have zero investment. I came to this board solely because I followed rguy2000 here from the CAMD board because he use to kick my a /z /s pretty good over there. Now he gets to do it on the ELON board. I was a real boob to come here 'eh?
    10am: Post usual politcal gibberish as sandiegodude. Make sure ELON posters realize the only information that infiltrates my little brain is from FOX new the #1 news channel
    1030 Use aliases cliveasdavis, trehuggerforelon, savtheozonlayer, caseydickenson, stopfinacial, alex857, jimmik, mistermadufus and northtard on your ELON board. I need to do this because rguy2000 has punished me but good and I am still upset

    To be continued

  • misterfastidious by misterfastidious Jun 16, 2014 1:30 PM Flag

    12pm: use alias #27 of 36 eshlonh2012. I use this alias to annoy real ELON investors. rguy2000 beat me up on the CAMD board so I figured I would come to the ELON board for more and also annoy ELON investors since I was here
    1230 post as caseydickensonjr I was desperate to go on a trip to Khao Lak but could not because rguy2000 was beating me up over here and I was forced to stay. I couldnt have gone anyway since my "picks" are all in the toilet.
    1pm Post as sandiegodude and report latest intelligent thing said by Rick Perry and also try to get to the bottom of Bengazi. I hear FOX news is keeping this important story alive

    To be continued

  • misterfastidious by misterfastidious Jun 16, 2014 10:25 AM Flag

    Hi ELON investors of which I am not one of you. I just spent a glorious weekend at the beach and didnt even think about my rguy2000 butt pounding. But now that fantasy is over and once again reality takes hold. Here is what I have planned today.

    10am: Post as camd_40_1 on ELON board. I had to create this alias on the CAMD board because rguy2000 saw i was a little butt wipe and he decided to have fun at my expense
    1030: Use alias #14 of 36 feeling_clipnner. That was also from the CAMD board I needed that alias also due to my rguy2000 spanking
    11am: Post as sandiegodude about something else, also amusing the brain dead Rick Perry might have said
    12pm: Post using alias mrbeeks and create illusion I want people to think of me at the beach instead of what we all now know is my real reality ny rguy2000 butt paddling

    To be continued

  • misterfastidious by misterfastidious Jun 12, 2014 2:59 PM Flag

    1pm: use alias #25 of my 36 northtard2010.....I made up this alias because recordguy2000 has a certain way of teaching me a lesson that drives me out of mind. This is why I waste my entire day on your ELON board where I am not invested. It has left me with severe emotional scars and my shrink is getting impatient with me.
    130pm use alias sandigodude on your ELON board where I have zero stock investment. It gives me a chance to create what it might be to watch a total id iot express viewpoints
    2pm Use my alias #32 or my 36 mistermadufus and post "My Thursday schedule"....I needed to create this alias because recordguy2000 portrayl of me has made me lose my mind. I so wanted to keep the fact that I was a total doosh bag idi iot a secret and he had to ruin that plan for me
    3pm: use aliase mrbeeks on your ELON board. Tell ELON investors that I am putting on billabong shorts and babes want to know what I have under the shorts. Make sure I come off like a real a /z / ho*le

    To be continued

  • misterfastidious misterfastidious Jun 12, 2014 2:23 PM Flag

    mickmack50 my man....thank you.........glad youre enjoying my portrayl of the numb nuts with 36 aliases

  • Say ELON investors would any of you like some brand new hot stock tips from a little jac /k a /z /s like me?................Oh thats right I couldnt give them to you anyway because you never played your cards right with a little dufus like me. Aw shucks. You should have played your cards right. Than you would have the winners too..........................Oh wait a minute I have no hot stock tips. I spend my whole day on your ELON board with my 36 aliases getting a spanking. I have no time to talk to wealthy asians, international contacts, domestic colleagues or domestic connections I made at invitation only seminars.............................ok ELON time for me and my peeps to eat at the beach. Its Lobster rolls and cold ones today at Mangroves. Boy am I a lucky guy.

  • misterfastidious misterfastidious Jun 12, 2014 12:07 PM Flag

    Phil: My baby pictures are not much different than my photos today. I look like a real dufus in all my pictures. Wouldnt you have figure that? Picture a real dork big and small

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