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  • Ken Darby, Vicon chairman and CEO, told SDM that both companies will maintain their existing branding and product lines for the time being, and both companies will continue to sell into and service their existing channels and customers. There will be no difference in sales, service and support compared with prior to the merger, but the move will allow both companies to offer fully integrated solutions for product lines they were previously missing. Vicon’s presence outside of the U.S. also will help IQinVision gain traction in the worldwide marketplace.

    “We had been talking to [IQinVision] for quite a while,” Darby told SDM. “The marriage is really a good one for both of us as we wanted to truly complete our offerings to have a full line of products and they wanted to offer complete, integrated solutions. It’s a perfect match for us and them. We didn’t have a true offering in the fixed position HD megapixel area as most of our line was coming from third party sources and we felt that was a real gap in our offering.”

    “It’s a very exciting transaction that unites two names very well respected in the verticals they are in and this gives them even better scale to compete in today’s marketplace,” said Michael McManus, managing director at Imperial Capital, which advised IQinVision on the transaction. TM Capital Corp. acted as financial advisor to Vicon for the transaction.

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  • While the State of Missouri ponders Senator McCaskill’s comments, the State of Michigan responded with a purchase order of $1.1 million for Digital Ally’s state-of-the-art visual technologies, with $900,000 remaining for additional purchases of campany’s equipment from the $2.0 million one-year contract recently awarded them. And that’s on top of $4.5 million worth of shipments Digital Ally has already fulfilled with the State of Michigan under the original three-year contract.

    “[I]n addition to the [Michigan] State Police, [the one-year extended contract] allows any state, municipal or county agency to purchase Digital Ally’s products without requiring competitive bid,” stated Digital Ally in the Aug. 28 news release.

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  • Check just this little lie by Sonya:

    Sonya: TASR battery life is 12 hours. DGLY battery life is 4.5 hours.


    DGLY Web Site Spec for FirstVu HD:
    User-Replaceable, Rechargeable Battery Can Last a Full Shift (up to 2.5 days in Instant-Record Standby, 4.5 hrs. continuous recording)

    TASR Web Site Spec for Axon:
    Rechargeable lithium-Ion battery.
    2500 mAH capacity.2/3
    More than 12 hours of battery life under normal operation.


    So, why do you lie Sonya?
    4.5 hours is for CONTINUOUS recording, but 2.5 DAY, i.e. 60 hours in normal operation.
    Axon has just 12 hours of unspecified operation.

    Clearly, DGLY on this point has a better camera. Actually, DGLY has much better camera overall, if I have time
    I'll go point by point, debunking your rubbish article.
    Shame on you!!!

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  • mitchpit11 6 hours ago Flag

    DGLY did actually get a $1M increase from Michigan, few weeks ago. So that will for sure enter into Q3 and might even turn Q3 into positive quarter.

    Short sellers got crowded on this stock, over 50% of market cap is now short. Thus, they are in grave danger should another $1M deal be announced.

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  • The leaking of hundreds of private and intimate photographs of Hollywood celebrities cast new doubt on the security of popular online storage sites Monday as investigators probed for explanations of the high-profile breach.

    Privacy experts joined Hollywood publicists in denouncing the leaks, which flooded Web sites over the weekend with nude images of more than a half-dozen A-list actresses and performers, including Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence, star of “The Hunger Games” and “Silver Linings Playbook.”

    The breach — regarded as one of the most wide-ranging involving celebrities — has spurred concerns about the security of photographs, videos and documents that millions of Americans store in popular Internet “cloud” accounts. Lawrence’s photographs allegedly were obtained from a personal iCloud account, a service operated by Apple and often used to automatically store photos taken by a user’s mobile phone.

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    IQinVision Finacials Look Quite Decent

    by mitchpit11 Sep 19, 2014 6:37 PM mitchpit11 17 hours ago Flag

    Yes! And shareholders equity of combined companies is much much higher.

    Let's take a look:

    Vicon's shareholder equity is $24.38M as of 6/30/14. Add to that number (not quite precise, but close)
    IQinVision shareholders equity of $29.73M as of 3/30/14 as we got a total shareholders equity,
    i.e. liquidation value of the company at $54.11M!!!

    If we multiply today's market cap of $14.82M based on 4.5M shares by 2, i.e. new 9M shares of combined company, we got $29.64M.

    So, shareholders equity is $54.11M, but market cup $29.64!!!!

    This looks miss-priced by $25M!

    What does it mean? Well, first to give a better idea to readers, suppose you have a house worth
    $541,100 if you sell it at liquidation and people think it is really worth $296,400!!!

    Obviously, there is huge disconnect.
    It would appear that market thinks combined VII is not going to be successful.

    But I think what is really happening is a sheer dumping, shorting of this stock based on technical,
    with momentum that might push it to $2.1, to hit all time high, before it retraces.
    But to me, at this point, that value would for sure look like a huge bargain....I am buyer.

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  • mitchpit11 Sep 19, 2014 8:08 PM Flag

    No, what I am asking is order for DGLY cameras from a larger sized US city, say Atlanta, for example.
    You think fundamentals would matter that much once such news hits the wire?
    Your assumption is none of this might happen. You might be taking a huge risk with such elastic stock as DGLY.

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  • mitchpit11 Sep 19, 2014 7:35 PM Flag

    Where did you read it, it was posted on company web today!?

    Doesn't matter really, but what is important DGLY started selling camera systems, and apparently
    police chief is delighted by how well though out, efficient and police friendly the whole system for body and in car cameras is.

    DGLY cameras are far superior to Taser.' the news...

    Great news for DGLY, I am sure there will be more orders, another 1299 possibilities!!!
    And you promise me, you will short DGLY! Right!? I beg you, do it...

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  • mitchpit11 Sep 19, 2014 7:22 PM Flag

    DGLY just announced first order in TN. I posted news about it.
    DGLY cameras seem to be far superior than Taser's cheap #$%$.

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  • mitchpit11 Sep 19, 2014 6:52 PM Flag

    The FirstVu HD features a user-replaceable, rechargeable battery that can last up to 2.5 days while powered on.

    It also offers a longer “pre-event recording” time, which allows the camera to save up to 60 seconds of video footage before the officer presses the record button. This is especially important when events require any use of force, because it allows the officer to focus on his or her safety first while still being able to go back and capture crucial recorded documentation of the incident once there is no longer any danger to the officer, the suspect or the public.

    Oliver Springs Police Chief, Kenneth Morgan, tells us that the “system is working so good that we are in process of buying the car cameras to match.” Although body-worn video systems can go everywhere the officer does, recording events from the officer’s perspective, in-car video systems provide a more neutral view that includes the actions of both the officers and civilians and does not miss anything when officers turn away or after a suspect is placed in the back seat of the patrol car. The dash cam’s fixed view also shows movement more clearly, which is particularly valuable during sobriety tests.

    Digital Ally CEO, Stan Ross, says, “Recording with both in-car and body-worn video systems provides the most complete perspective and insight into an incident.”

    Along with the dash cams, Oliver Springs is also equipping its vehicles with VuLink, which is the only system that enables body cameras to start recording automatically and allows the department’s in-car video systems to be automatically or manually activated simultaneously with the body cameras. For example, when a vehicle’s emergency lights are turned on, the body camera will automatic

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  • The next time you see Oliver Springs Police officers, make sure to smile, because they may be wearing a small camera on their uniform. The Oliver Springs Police Department purchased “body-worn video systems” called FirstVu HDs from Kansas City-based manufacturer Digital Ally, Inc. The systems include a small but tough 1-inch camera and 2.5” x 4” DVR that can be worn in a variety of locations.

    Body cameras have garnered a great deal of attention lately because of several high profile officer-involved shootings in cities across the US. Although the general public has largely responded positively to the cameras because they provide an unbiased view of potentially controversial incidents, law enforcement agencies benefit even more from their use.

    Stanton Ross, CEO of Digital Ally, tells us that “everyone behaves better when they’re being recorded. This benefits the relationship between the police department and the community, improves officer safety and has even been shown to drastically reduce the frequency of use-of-force incidents.”

    A majority of cases also go uncontested, and complaints against officers are dropped, as soon as it becomes known that the incident was recorded on video. This saves the department money and lets the officers spend more time patrolling the community instead of in court.

    Oliver Springs selected Digital Ally‘s body cams because they offer some distinct benefits not available from other camera manufacturers. The FirstVu HD features a wider field of view, lower light recording capability, and archived video recordings are higher in quality. The body cams also prevent unauthorized access to, or tampering with, the recordings, and access to the video evidence is logged.

    Many other body cameras on the market are made overseas and use batteries that cannot be removed, requiring the entire body cam to be sent back to the manufacturer to be replaced when the batteries die, which takes it out of circulation for department use. The FirstVu HD fe

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  • by mitchpit11 Sep 19, 2014 6:37 PM Flag

    Source: Prospectus About the Merger

    Six Months Ended March 2014

    Revenue: $22.951M
    Gross Profit: $8.895M
    Operating Loss: -$3.940M
    Net Income (Loss): -$3.446M

    Working Capital: $19.775M
    Total Assets: $39.679M
    Total Shareholders Equity: $29.729M

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    Some Thoughts After Talking with DGLY

    by mitchpit11 Sep 19, 2014 5:01 PM mitchpit11 Sep 19, 2014 6:00 PM Flag

    Yes, by all means. Short it all.

    If it goes to single digit, I'll by a ton...

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  • mitchpit11 Sep 19, 2014 5:54 PM Flag

    Made mistake, PFE actually lost $70 millions, so point 2 should read:

    2. They bought back Oxecta for $1M after PFE just wanted to get rid of anything ACUR.
    PFE lost $70M dealing with these crooks, with nothing to show, so who can blaim them.

  • It is that time of the year when Bob and Pete are having strategic thoughts about the direction, not ACUR, but their bank accounts.

    Last year, they gave obscene bonuses to themselves, even though ACUR was nowhere near anything positive. But, there was this though in investors mind: "Hmmm...this is kinda perverse, but hey, at least they will do some deals, and I can finally see my loses recuperated here..."

    So this year is no exception, except hole for investors is much deeper.

    You can quote me on this, but I can guarantee you: NO PARTNERSHIP WILL BE ANNOUNCED UNTIL these two crooks declare bonuses for 2014. Same game...driving ACUR to the ground.

    But let's see what they accomplished in 2014:

    1. Nexafed, selling $30K/quarter, Pete is waiting for "allergy season" to see the number go to perhaps $35K!?
    Stubbornly refusing to sell Nexafed to whoever have interest(!?). Nexafed is drug for BIG PHARMA, not
    small crook infested ACUR.

    2. They bought back Oxecta for $1M after PFE just wanted to get rid of anything ACUR.
    PFE lost $70K dealing with these crooks, with nothing to show, so who can blaim them.

    3. 301 Study: not only results were horrible, i.e. doesn't do anything, but FDA doesn't see any point in pursuing such drug. Now Bob is going into dispute and argument with FDA.
    Truly embarrassing, for people who can experience shame, that is...not Bob and Pete...

    As it stands now, Bob is already $400/hour CEO....we will see in months or so, whether that number will go least his dog in not barking during CC from his NJ mansion, so that is

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    Hardly investor friendly....

    by culleraa Sep 19, 2014 2:56 PM mitchpit11 Sep 19, 2014 5:09 PM Flag

    Thanks for info. ISNS was actually included in their list, but is the only company that doesn't have analyst following. Maybe they want to get one!? Then the analyst will basically advertise ISNS.
    In any case this is great news.

    Here is about list from Craig Hallum:

    The Alpha Select List is an actively managed "Micro-Cap" research venture that highlights companies under $250 million market cap. While our team of analysts is constantly searching for great ideas within their areas of expertise – software, technology, healthcare and consumer – sometimes they discover special situation micro-cap opportunities that defy traditional sector descriptions. Because few analysts focus on these between-the-lines business models, we find the opportunity for meaningful investment appreciation is greatly enhanced. Our criteria include an attractive business model, above average growth prospects, unappreciated value, and strong management teams.

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  • by mitchpit11 Sep 19, 2014 5:01 PM Flag

    Yesterday called DGLY, asked for IR, they said all people were at the meeting and that I should try today.
    That I did, and was connected to a senior person, not sure of his name.
    My questions were naturally dealing with public information on their news posts.
    I asked whether they actually sent 1,300 cameras to PD departments. Yes! Some are sent to small PDs of
    10 people, some to larger city PD's
    How long does evaluation process lasts: typically they test it in the field for 30-60 days, then it got recommended goes to approval, then doesn't look like anything immediate...well, at least in most of cases...
    The person was very cordial and obviously very busy...still was taking my call...
    I'll be patient here...we might see more drop in pps possibly in news vacuum, but any moment the stock could
    explode on the upside...and yes, cameras on police are the future...


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  • ...all ready for Restructuring Plan to be announced...

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  • by mitchpit11 Sep 18, 2014 8:12 PM Flag

    So, finally it is here. Nasdaq gave 180 days grace period. This is very generous, and ACUR should be able (if they are able, that is) to take advantage and finally move things, i.e. partner with somebody.

    This gave me another thought: why doesn't SEC for example mandates that all companies on the market be
    profitable, after say 4 quarters of loses. If the company is not profitable, it shouldn't waste public investors money, and perhaps go back to private equity. Just imagine how much money that would save in case of
    Acura, which since its existence burned some $350M+ and has only Nexafed (which is not selling) to show for.
    But, that is ideological question, the same one as why the Fed doesn't give money directly to people (read today something about that).

  • mitchpit11 Sep 18, 2014 4:42 PM Flag

    Yeaaaaaah....neither red nor green ...spell of 13 downs days is

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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