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    by gr0operator 17 hours ago
    mk54321 mk54321 2 hours 39 minutes ago Flag

    Wolfson will be part of it ... Bigger part is next year with next generation chips at 55 nm

  • Very small position in cRUS at the moment ... Waiting for their next generation 55 nm audio chips in 2015

    Had a large position in 2012 when it ran from low teens to mid 40's
    GTAT is my major interest at this point

  • This leads me to reason two. Apple’s game is not necessarily to get Samsung people to switch to Apple (although they’d be delighted if they did), but to hold onto their base. Give Apple enthusiasts more incentives to remain Apple enthusiasts, and they’ll be fine. Make their phones stronger and lighter. Give them a screen that’s bigger, but still fits nicely in hand. Shore up the battery life. Keep coming up with apps that make their phones even more indispensable. Not revolutionary. But evolutionary enough to keep the base justifiably satisfied with their decision to be Apple advocates.

    Reason three from a brander’s perspective? Among the things that Apple has that no other brand in the category has been able to touch is badge value. Much like the old American Express AXP +1.1% positioning when first launched, there are those who feel strongly that you “can’t leave home without it.” The Apple iPhone is a lifestyle choice that projects a style and character beyond its functionality. Those who carry it belong to a community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for the brand that goes beyond the rational. Apple has had a cool factor from day one. The momentum on the cool front is still in Apple’s favor.

    So, yes. I think the Apple iPhone 6 will live up to the positive rumors, the hype, and the buzz. I believe that a few very smart and simple feature updates, a keen understanding of what will keep its loyal base loyal, and its status as a badge brand are reasons enough to enable this iconic brand to preserve its place at the top of the leaderboard. I feel pretty good about what I’ll be reading in the trades on September 10.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • The rumor mills are at it. The Internet trolls are coming out from under their cyber-bridges. The social media sites are abuzz with opinion, positive and not. September 9 is fast approaching. That’s the date, as rumor has it, that the Apple iPhone 6 will be released. Everyone wants to know whether this next generation Apple AAPL +1.38% iPhone will prove that Apple still has what it takes to be the standard bearer in the category.

    I vote yes. It’s a preemptive vote, but I have my reasons. I’ve always been an Apple guy, but my reasons for voting that this iPhone will be a winner are based more on my instincts as a branding professional

    Of course, you don’t have to be a branding professional to understand that smartphones have become mission critical to everyone’s lives. They’re no longer nice-to-have conveniences, a way to tell someone you’re stuck in traffic and will be late for dinner. Rather, they’re life lines. We shop with them. Pay bills with them. Document our kid’s first day of school with them. Check into airline flights with them. Jog to music with them. Find out alternate routes around traffic jams with them. There are no excuses or empty rationalizations required for wanting the best smartphone money can buy.

    So, my reason one is as follows. Even though the iPhone 6 may be among the most expensive on the market, rumor has it (strongly supported rumor) that it will be made from materials that are scratch-resistant and far more rugged and durable than any other smartphone on the market. More than this, even though it will be more rugged and durable, it will also be lighter in weight than iPhones past. Plus, in addition to the standard 4.7 inch model, speculation has it that Apple will offer a model with a 5.5 inch screen. Much like Apple’s last new release with the iPhone 5, the iPhone 6 won’t be a total reinvention. But, like the iPhone 5, it will offer a few, very simple, very smart features meant to make life easier. People like very simple, very smart things that make life easier. And, I believe they’ll be willing to make the investment, especially the Apple loyalists.

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    by gr0operator 17 hours ago

    Al..once CRUS demonstrated a more diverse revenue stream beyond Apple the volume will return and price rise.

  • Try a different set of data...
    Screen is 5 by 3 not 5 by 4
    Thickness more likely 0.65 mm
    Gives a weight of 20.8 grams
    Over 5000 screens per furnace per month
    Over 2250 furnaces

    End result ...yes they have the capacity

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    New article on Merlin released today

    by mk54321 11 hours ago

    Wallstreetforensics free site

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  • GTAT Merlin: The Formation of a Giant in 2015 and Beyond
    Posted by: Matt Margolis August 19, 2014

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  • Although the market potential of high-quality epitaxial graphene on SiC is limited by the dimensions and high costs of SiC wafers, it may be successfully applied to produce some high-end electronic applications. The nanoplatelets produced by different methods, such as liquid phase epitaxy or reduction of graphene oxide can be used to produce conductive inks for printed electronics and additive materials for energy storage devices, such as Li-ion batteries and supercapacitors".

    If GT can produce SiC wafers at a cost significantly below the current market price they are also equally ahead of the competition to provide graphene, a byproduct of SiC, to Tesla for their $5B lithium-ion Giga Factory battery build out.

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  • Staffing at Mesa AZ ....only a few open postings left to fill.

    Your search for Mesa returned 7 matching record(s).
    [ Conduct another search ]
    Tracking Code Job Title Location Date Posted
    151-981 Process Engineering Tech Mesa, Arizona, United States 8/13/2014
    150-981 Production Control Specialist Mesa, Arizona, United States 8/6/2014
    147-981 Director of Production Planning Mesa, Arizona, United States 7/25/2014
    146-981 Sr. Manager of Cost, Sapphire Products Division Mesa, Arizona, United States 7/23/2014
    144-981 Process Engineer Mesa, Arizona, United States 7/18/2014
    141-981 Quality Engineer Mesa, Arizona, United States 7/14/2014
    135-981 Network Engineer - Cisco Mesa, Arizona, United States 7/1/2014

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    Cost of sapphire

    by mk54321 16 hours ago

    Full article on Phonearena site

    Sapphire vs Corning’s Gorilla Glass: what is sapphire and is it really tougher?
    Posted: 19 Aug 2014, 07:46, by Victor H.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • Cost of sapphire vs cost of glass, and future use

    One big obstacle that companies like Apple have to overcome with sapphire is its multiple times higher price than glass. Sure, we’ve been talking about all the flaws of Corning’s Gorilla Glass, but it ends up costing around $3 apiece. Sapphire, in comparison, used to cost around $25 apiece, and only recent developments have allowed dropping its price to below $10 levels, according to estimations by industry sources.

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  • mk54321 mk54321 Aug 19, 2014 1:01 AM Flag

    IOS 8 Beta 6 coming soon.....

  • Apple on Monday issued its sixth beta releases of OS X Yosemite and Xcode 6 to developers for testing ahead of their scheduled launches this fall, though no new beta of iOS 8 was released.

    Beta 6 is believed to be Apple's final beta update for iOS 8 before the release of iOS 8 Gold Master (GM), which will likely be offered following the Cupertino-based tech giant's Sept. 9 event, where they are expected to unveil the iPhone 6. It is possible Apple could also use the stage to debut the iWatch or its iPad refreshes.

    GM is the final version of iOS updates made available before the public gets its hands on the new mobile OS.

  • International Business Times Aug 18th

    Sapphire Screen Cover

    Odds: high

    The end of cracked and scratched iPhone screens could be near if Apple releases an iPhone 6 and 6L with a sapphire screen. With more iPhone users desiring a sapphire screen cover over better battery life, it could also be Apple’s killer iPhone feature.

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  • mk54321 mk54321 Aug 18, 2014 10:23 PM Flag

    5+ bagger.

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  • mk54321 mk54321 Aug 18, 2014 8:36 PM Flag

    It's a 5 year interest free loan..payback starts in 2015

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  • Apple has apparently placed a massive amount of orders for its next-generation iPhone, prompting RBC Capital Markets to notify investors on Monday that they see great upside potential for the anticipated "iPhone 6" over the coming quarters.
    While analyst Amit Daryanani currently forecasts sales of 56 million iPhones in the December quarter, he said in a note to investors, obtained by AppleInsider, that a more bullish scenario sees the company possibly shipping more than 70 million units in a three-month span.
    According to Daryanani, supply chain data suggests Apple is asking its suppliers to produce as many as 80 million "iPhone 6" units before the end of the year in two form factors of 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches. In comparison, last year Apple had its supply chain ramp up for 60 million units.

    Now Daryanani says it's possible that Apple could sell 10 million "iPhone 6" units on the device's launch weekend, reaching 15 million total units before the end of the September quarter. Apple is expected to unveil its next iPhone on Sept. 9, and if the company follows its traditional launch schedule, the handset would become available on Friday., Sept. 19.

    That sales momentum would carry into the December quarter, where Daryanani sees upside potential for around 60 million iPhone units. That would place Apple at sales of 75 million "iPhone 6" units before the end of 2014.

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    GTAT discussed tonight on FastMoney

    by mk54321 Aug 18, 2014 5:26 PM
    mk54321 mk54321 Aug 18, 2014 5:46 PM Flag

    Yes he post on twitter on GTAT ...he is invested in this stock

    @cvpayne: The other guys talking up $GTAT you can buy tomorrow or you could be ahead 30%+ already...I'm heading to studio- watch the show Retweet

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  • God things ..survey says people want sapphire scratch resistant and crack resistant screens

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