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    Jason Rhode

    by stevensamuels471 8 hours ago

    Looking... You need to not only look at the actual shares that management puns but also the amount of future options that they control.
    For example Jason still owns 126,900 shares after he just sold 50,000 by executing options issued in 2008 that are set to expire in 2017.
    He also still has future options on an additional 190,156 shares.

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    Jason Rhode

    by stevensamuels471 8 hours ago

    Jason's latest sale of options were issued to him in 2008.
    Pre planned sale was scheduled in Nov 2015...for exercise in May 2016.
    What was everyone's guess what those shares would be trading for 6 months in the future at that time???

    Jason still owns 129,600 shares and also controls options on 190,156 shares.

  • Enigma was invented by the German engineer Arthur Scherbius at the end of World War I.[1] Early models were used commercially from the early 1920s, and adopted by military and government services of several countries, most notably #$%$ Germany before and during World War II.[2] Several different Enigma models were produced, but the German military models are the most commonly recognised. However, Japanese and Italian models have been used.

    From 1938 onwards, additional complexity was repeatedly added to the Enigma machines, making decryption more difficult.

  • Looking.... My range is $1.5 B which is 25% higher than fy16 to a high end of $1.74B which is 45% higher than fy16.
    Middle ground of $1.62B which is 35% higher than fy16

  • Looking...they have the potential to do that.....
    Tbd will Apple include Active Noise Canceling headphones in the box with all iPhone 7 models?
    Will their be a split ..i.e. iPhone 7 4.7 inch with standard and iPhone 7 Pro 5.5 inch with ANC

    Apple MFI document:
    Apple will allow two configurations for the headphones. Standard Lightning Headphones are described by Apple as using minimum components when paired with a digital-to-analog converter supported by the Lightning Headphone Module. It also has an Advanced Lightning Headphones specification that allows digital audio processing features like active noise cancellation and uses a digital signal processor and digital/analog converter. Manufacturers building the Standard configuration have to use this Wolfson digital-to-analog converter.

  • Al...German procedural flaws, operator mistakes, failure to systematically introduce changes in encipherment procedure was the weak link that allowed Alan Turning and team to decrypt German military messages in WWII....with their Bombe machine.

  • Motorola recently moved to trademark the Moto Z moniker, which reaffirmed reports that the Lenovo-owned company will swap the naming scheme of its long-standing Moto X line for the last letter of the alphabet. It has also been widely assumed that a Moto Z Style and Moto Z Play will be officially showcased at some point during Lenovo's Tech World 2016 event in San Francisco, which kicks off early next month. Thanks to a leaked press image from the hellomotoHK Google+ page, we can now circle June 9th in the diary.

  • GZ...thanks for clarifying..

    My Enigma machine was not working earlier this

  • GZ.. Just to clarify your post ..are you saying fy17 revenue growth of about 450-525 over fy16 is what your thinking?

  • Likewise, Wells Fargo’s Maynard Um, who has an Outperform rating on the stock, and a $120 to $130 “valuation range,” asks whether this is “the start of better news on iPhone 7 build plans?”

    Um thinks the rumored numbers would suggest a December quarter surprise to the upside for iPhone builds:

    If we assume 15MM are slated for the September quarter, this implies around 57-63MM in the December quarter. And assuming iPhone 7 will conservatively account for 75% of the mix in the quarter, this would imply total units of around 80MM at the mid-point (vs our 82.2MM forecast and above Consensus of 74MM). Given the new iPhone SE and Apple’s strategy to drive lower end demand at the time of new high-end iPhone launch, we believe there could be a greater mix of non-iPhone 7.

    Of course, there’s still the matter of whether shoppers will pass up this year’s model in place of something more substantial next year, though he thinks Apple may be able to avoid that problem:

    Last week, Applied Materials’ commentary suggested that Apple may introduce an OLED display in 2017 (AMAT noted strong orders for OLED display technology with nearly 70% or so coming from the mobile segment vs TVs) and many expect Apple to ship a new iconic iPhone in 2017 for the 10 year anniversary of iPhone. While it is reasonable to assume Apple may introduce an iconic iPhone in 2017, we believe it is not a foregone conclusion that the consumers will skip the iPhone 7 upgrade in 2016. The core of our premise revolves around continued competition for subscribers as two year contract come up for renewal. As our units per carrier analysis shows, there appear to be more subscribers eligible for upgrades in non-S cycles. If carriers continue to aggressively run promotions to mitigate churn or, conversely, get more aggressive to try to attract those users coming off two year contracts, we believe there may be strong incentives for subscribers to upgrade (as there have historically been).

  • Two analysts at Pacific Crest Securities have a new, arguably provocative thesis on Apple (AAPL) : user loyalty matters much more than innovation for driving iPhone 7 sales.

    Pacific Crest's Andy Hargreaves and Evan Wingren wrote in a report on Sunday that trends of current iPhone users matter more than creating market upheaval with its next version of the device due out later this year, an argument that goes against conventional Wall Street wisdom.

    "Sentiment around the iPhone 7 cycle has grown increasingly negative in recent months and the prevailing view now seems to be that a lack of innovation in the device will impair purchases and drive further declines in iPhone unit volume in [fiscal year] 2017," the analysts wrote. "We believe this is wrong."

    Separately, Barrons reported early on Monday that Apple had asked its suppliers to prepare for higher-than-expected production of the iPhone 7 this year, causing shares to rise 1.6% to $96.73 in mid-day trading on Monday.

    The Pacific Crest analysts estimated that more than 100 million people have switched to the company's signature device during the iPhone 6's run, which could result in 30 million additional upgrades compared to when the company released the iPhone 6S, the most current version of the iPhone. Hargreaves and Wingren also expect iPhone sales to new users to decline by less than 10 million units during the iPhone 7 cycle, compared to a much bigger decline of around 30 million units for the 6S cycle.

    "This combination of growing replacement volume and a moderated decline in sales to new users is very likely to drive growth for the iPhone 7 cycle as a whole, regardless of innovation in the device," the report read.

  • May 23, 2016
    Apple Asks Suppliers To Produce 72-78 Million iPhone7s This Year, A 2-Year High

  • iPhone 7 leak is making the rounds today, showing some changes that have not be seen before. An Italian case manufacturer is showing a potential chassis design that features ‘four speakers’ and new layout for the rear camera and flash, including a hole for a larger aperture (via NowhereElse). As pictured, there are two speaker grilles cut into the top of the case and another two grilles on the bottom side.

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    Very Interesting Job Posting

    by gr0operator May 20, 2016 10:42 PM
    mk54321 mk54321 May 21, 2016 10:23 PM Flag

    Create Linux device drivers for """new """ Cirrus devices

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    Very Interesting Job Posting

    by gr0operator May 20, 2016 10:42 PM
    mk54321 mk54321 May 21, 2016 10:00 AM Flag

    Senior Linux Device Driver DeveloperBM-3185
    Software/Firmware Engineering Austin, Texas

    We are developing a wide portfolio of semiconductors targeting the computing world. Increasingly the focus operating system is Linux/Android. This position will develop embedded software for our solutions and assist engineers and leading consumer electronics companies in integrating Cirrus Logic solutions into customer systems. As well as driver development this role will provide opportunities to be involved with architecting new solutions.


    Create Linux device drivers for new Cirrus devices
    Upstream Linux device drivers
    Bring-up first silicon on Linux platforms
    Required Knowledge, Skills and Experience

    Bachelor’s in CS/EE and 10+ years of Linux device driver development
    Experience with a variety of devices and environments
    OS back ports
    Upstreamed drivers into the Linux kernel
    Extensive use of hardware tools for device and board bring up
    High comfort level with using schematics and data-sheets during development
    Solved interesting/difficult debug problems in the embedded world
    Experience working at or closely with semiconductor companies
    Preferred Knowledge, Skills and Experience

    Android phone and tablet development
    Successfully worked with customer design in of semiconductors
    Master’s in CS/EE

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    Just bought

    by gr0operator May 16, 2016 12:00 PM
    mk54321 mk54321 May 18, 2016 3:43 PM Flag

    A good entry point is when Warren Buffet buys

  • Consumers Delaying iPhone Purchases

    Consumers are postponing iPhone purchases ahead of the iPhone 7 launch, Canaccord Genuity analyst Michael Walkley said in a research report Monday.

    “While we anticipate a decreasing replacement rate through September as consumers delay upgrading their iPhones ahead of the anticipated iPhone 7 launch, we do anticipate recovering sales with the iPhone 7,” Walkley said.

    Walkley reiterated his buy rating on Apple stock, with a price target of 130.

  • mk54321 mk54321 May 17, 2016 6:26 PM Flag

    This indicates that while iPhone 7 might not look radically different on the outside, it won't be out of line for a new iPhone to deliver a major jump in features and capabilities due to externally invisible hardware advancements and new software that can take advantage of them and expose them to third party developers.

  • Consider first how little we knew about earlier iPhone releases just from spy photos circulated before their launch. Apple's second generation iPhone 3G debuted a cheaper plastic case than the original model, intended to make it affordable to a much larger audience. But inside that shell was a series of major improvements ranging from its application processor chip to its camera and support for 3G mobility and GPS location services. A spy photo would not have revealed any of that.

    The next year, iPhone 3GS looked virtually identical, but it added a digital compass, a video camera and doubled its processor speed. That enabled it to run a new class of more powerful and sophisticated apps, without any radical reshaping. Once gain, that model wildly outsold its two predecessors.

    Apple's new design for iPhone 4 notoriously leaked when a prototype was discovered left behind at a bar. But despite having some real Apple hardware in their hands, bloggers at Gizmodo didn't even realize that the device would launch a new high resolution Retina Display, and they didn't know anything about its powerful new A4, the first new ARM chip Apple had developed internally with significant silicon optimizations.

    They also didn't know -- just from looking at it -- that the device would launch the all new FaceTime, or that it would include the first gyroscope in a smartphone. iPhone 4 went on to become the biggest smartphone launch of its time.

    The subsequent iPhone 4s built upon these enhancements with even more invisible updates, including those enabling efficient Siri voice recognition (via new mics and sophisticated voice recognition and noise canceling hardware). It also added support for the new iMessages in iOS 5, and a new leap in application processor speed with the A5 chip.

    Apple's next external jump, iPhone 5, introduced a taller screen and the new Lightning connector, neither of which were widely seen as must-have features or examples of revolutionary innovation. Con't

  • Reportedly, two of the first Moto Z handsets will sport 5.5-inch displays, being called Moto Z Style (codenamed Vector Thin) and Moto Z Play (codenamed Vertex) - obviously, these will succeed the Moto X Style and Moto X Play from last year. It seems that the Moto Z Style and Moto Z Play are the two leaked phones that were previously presented as Moto X4 variants. They have fingerprint scanners on the front, and modular back plates - users will be able to swap out modules, including a "premium camera grip with optical zoom lens", a pico projector, and a module featuring stereo speakers. All in all, it looks like these handsets will give the modular LG G5 a run for its money.

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