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    Earnings a bit later than expected

    by hard_luck_investor Jul 22, 2014 4:22 PM
    mngtscrwdup mngtscrwdup 11 hours ago Flag

    the big question is whether soda candy crush will be a mega hit. is candy crush like call of duty with endless iterations? or is it like guitar hero, a hit and then gone? that is the billion dollar question.

  • i will be waiting for that end of day plunge - feed me some cheap shares please!

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    Short interest is out on nasdaq site

    by dlamich 12 hours ago
    mngtscrwdup mngtscrwdup 12 hours ago Flag

    they should have taken their win the day after the earnings release, when 30 million shares traded and they could have taken those shares at a decent price. but now, with volume back down to nil, how do they cover those shares? you have to have volume trading to cover that many shares, or otherwise, you drive the price through the roof.

  • that still leaves 26 million who are stuck. only strategy for shorts was to use the descending resistance line to drive shares down and hope to shake out the weak hands. but it there are buyers at the support of 37.5, that strategy is about over. so let's say they shake out another 2 million shares - that leaves 24 million shares that need to be covered and chip and institutions own almost all of those shares. i hope the shorts take it down again. i am ready to buy more, but far too disciplined to buy after a 5% day. oh, well, i either make money, or make alot more money. the shorts have their choice. make my day punks.

  • mngtscrwdup mngtscrwdup 12 hours ago Flag

    that is funny! you are broke in 2 years if you bet against the big A

  • it is really amazing that people dont revolt against facebook, but it is the only game in town. the unique network effect of facebook prevents users from leaving due to this blatant abuse of theusers.

  • because i dont use it. but i think that the company has one interesting thing about it - the network effect. unlike almost any other online business, facebook has no competition because the value of facebook is that it is the social platform where everybody is. this does not apply to products like smartphones, where you can connect to any manufacturers smartphone or a company like amazon, which has no great network effect. got to say that i'm looking for smaller companies with network effects that can grow quickly and where there will be no competitor. i do think that a company like apple should integrate social features directly into the iphone interface, and try to disrupt the social media space.

  • i am actually disappointed by the rise today. i was hoping the stock would form a long-term base at 37.50 and just stay there for a while. give me an opportunity to buy more shares over the next month, ahead of next earnings call. lulu could be a double from the base price at 37.50, but if it gets bought out. the deal would be priced much lower than double from here. i wont buy any more shares on these pops, though. too risky for me.

  • mngtscrwdup mngtscrwdup 16 hours ago Flag

    i agree that investing is about the future. i don't know enough about Facebook to know if it is a good investment, but i do know it has a sky-high p/e ratio. apple has a p/e ratio lower than utilities! for example goldman is projecting earnings of 7.70 for FY 2015 with a price target of 107. that is a p/e of 11 after you take out the cash. apple is moving into a period with a lot of potential upside catalysts - iPhone 6, phamplet iPhone. watch, iwallet and apple tv and IBM deal. that is a lot of upside potential for a very low p/e. investing is all about seeing the transition points where growth rates change. apple's growth rate looks ready to change to the upside.

  • mngtscrwdup mngtscrwdup 17 hours ago Flag

    so if you really made any money on z you want to lose it all here? crazy. i would not buy these rumor pops, but i am looking to buy more at 37.50ish support. you would be insane to think it could fall to 18. the stock would be a huge take-over target at any price below 35. heck, it is a take-over target at the current price.

  • on options expiration thuggery. come on options thieves, push it down and give me another good entry point.

  • there is a nice summary of analyst opinions on apple on Forbes. reading it is very enlightening. these analysts are really wacko when it comes to valuation on apple. the analyst at cowen raised his FY2015 estimate to $7.70 per share, yet just raised his price target to 106, so a p/e of 11 after net cash is taken out. really? 11? goldman sachs has a similar $7.70 earnings and $107 price target. really? why dont you analysts give other tech companies a similar p/e ratio? and by the way, most of these analyst projections assume the iwatch will generate minimal profit contribution, they dont even factor in apple TV or what an iWallet could do. but they do factor in declines in ipad sales, assuming apple has no strategy to turn that around.

    all that does is set up a great price appreciation story for apple over the next year. my price target is $175 in a year from now. and that is just a multiple of 17 times FY earnings of $9 a share, after cash is removed.

  • mngtscrwdup by mngtscrwdup 20 hours ago Flag

    im not a logitech investor right now, but i wish i had been today. my concern with zagg is that long term, they are competing against a superior company in many areas. logitech will move even further into the mobile phone accessory business and dominate that business, just like they do with their current lines. short term maybe zagg has a few quarters of improving profits, but long term how do you compete when your main product line (shields) is becoming obsolete and you have a well-managed, bigger competitor? zagg needs some real creative new product to ignite sales.

  • will end green today and continue to move up.

  • that descending resistance line is still overhead. i care more about this stock holding support at 37.5 than i do about these take rumors. maybe true, maybe not. but support at 37.5 could work through the downtrend line within 2-3 weeks and set a base for the company to stay public and complete the turnaround.

  • nice pop. management continues to do a great job of managing profitability. but sales only grew 1%. i wont buy in here because there is only so much profit gain left if sales dont increase. i will keep an eye on this one

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    IPAD problem explained...

    by thebenchwarmer00 Jul 23, 2014 4:33 PM
    mngtscrwdup mngtscrwdup Jul 23, 2014 6:32 PM Flag

    apple needs to find some new features or configurations that create more of an upgrade cycle. we have 2 iPads at home - one is the new iPad air. but we got the iPad air with points from Fedex shipping, otherwise, the older iPad was just fine. apple needs to replace my computers with iPads and Macs, that is the bigger opportunity for them.

  • that last report was only so-so. this pop up is about investors wanting to own iphone ahead of the iphone 6 launch. which is why this pop will continue. more investors want to own apple, few want to sell it. within a week we test mid 99's. but moving past 100 will be more difficult.

  • my guess is that the big money that bought lulu at this support level after earnings will just keep buying it at this price. if lulu can just hold this level for the next couple weeks, it will work through the downward resistance line. that is when the short game will finally be over. but it might take until next earnings call for a big move up, but if this floor holds, the short sellers are trapped and will eventually cover at higher prices. that all might be moot once chip gets moving on this. i think chip/goldman need to establish this solid floor at 37 and keep it there so that investors feel like a price of $45-50 a share will satisfy them. not sure whether institutions will want to accept the deal at a price under $50, particularly if they are long-term holders. i'm probably going to double-down before the next earnings call. my best-case scenario is that there is no buy-out and they announce same store sales have rebounded to flat in the current quarter and are heading positive. that is all needed to turn the stock very green.

  • mngtscrwdup mngtscrwdup Jul 23, 2014 3:09 PM Flag

    agreed. apple has a big opportunity to leverage the enterprise, but they need to have productivity solutions for business - specifically, they need to get the right ipad and mac machine configurations, along with improving their version of word and excel. and making sure files can be handled seamlessly between the two. i've got a mac mini, but prefer the office suite of tools.

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