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moosefromoz 4 posts  |  Last Activity: Jan 21, 2015 5:44 PM Member since: Jul 16, 2004
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    Generation IV reactors will soon be here.

    by moosefromoz Jan 20, 2015 10:57 PM
    moosefromoz moosefromoz Jan 21, 2015 5:44 PM Flag

    That is no problem for LIS technology, but I believe they can just separate out the U235 leaving everything else behind, you can't do this with centrifuge technology.

  • Google this "report to Congress: Advanced Reactor Licensing August 2012" now look at the figure Figure 5.1, called Potential Future Reactor Licensing on or around page 61, you will notice in that PDF figure 5.1 that generation III LWR's stop being licensed around in around 10 years according to the NRC predictions, they also predict that generation IV reactors (Liquid Metal Reactors) like PRISM will start being licensed around 2018-19.
    GEH has a plan for PRISM reactors that will have an Advanced Recycling Center located on exactly the same site as the PRISM which it itself is co located with an existing LWR and uses all of the existing used nuclear fuel at that site. in that ARC they intend to separate out Plutonium and also the remaining Uranium which is called RepU, to be able to use this RepU they will either have to re enrich the recovered uranium (U235() to a higher degree or separate or only the U235 away from the other actinides, some of which counter the effects of the U235 they are basically a nuclear poison to it. if GEH can do this and I believe they can? then I would suggest that LEU will be in a very precarious position because centrifuge technology cannot do this Isotope Separation effectively, because if this technology of the ARC which is an electro chemical process to separate the Plutonium from the Uranium and they either use laser enrichment or laser Separation (LIS) the latter which I believe is the proffered method, then there will be all the Lightly Enriched Uranium available from the used nuclear fuel to supply the whole of the US for a very long time, same goes for the rest of the world, there will not be any need for the supply of natural Uranium or for the enrichment of that Uranium to LEU, GEH will get this LEU for next to nothing, so I can't see Centrus being a competitor somehow?

    I say this as a heads up, I genuinely feel sorry for you people here hanging on in hope.
    google this S-PRISM Fuel Cycle Study For Session 3: Future Deploym

  • moosefromoz moosefromoz Jan 19, 2015 6:54 PM Flag

    Another arm chair expert, someone who knows next to nothing about the company.
    Of course phase one ,two and three are important, but one of the earlier drugs from exactly the same tree that Novogen first developed was quite successful in phase one and two, but failed in phase three simply because the management back then in their wisdom decided to change the delivery method to oral at the last hurdle (really bad idea) it was called Phenoxodiol.

    The drugs Novogen now have are 1000 times stronger than those older drugs, this is why Yale's Dr Gil Mor, didn't cut and run when the phase three failed back then, they have followed the drugs Novogen has for a very long time now and actually own 15% of one of the drugs, CanTX they are bringing to trials, Yale will get 2% royalty from that collaboration, Yale also stated that they have NEVER seen aside from the drug that Novogen has, a drug by any other drug company, capable of killing both cancer and also stem cell cancers, aside from what Novogen has, but there are also other collaborations they have, one with Weil Cornell Medical School for the development of a drug to treat Glioblastoma for the treatment of Brain Cancer, they also have another collaboration with Genea Biocells to develop Stem cell therapy in a new and novel development to help with the growth of brain stem cells, as well as developing other drugs to treat Degenerative diseases like Parkinson's disease Altzimers and a number of other degenerative illnesses.

    So in your esteemed opinion, are all of those collaborations with highly respected organizations just a waste of time?

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    New DOE Loan Program

    by b1g_brothr Oct 5, 2014 6:56 AM
    moosefromoz moosefromoz Oct 7, 2014 11:46 PM Flag

    "Certainly looks targeted for the ACP!"

    I very much doubt it?
    Points 5,6 and 7 would more than likely stop LEU from applying.
    I believe GLE are the frontrunners.

    see here-:
    "Advanced nuclear facilities for the "front-end" of the nuclear fuel cycle include:
    a) Uranium Conversion. Projects that economically convert U3O8 powder into a gaseous form of uranium hexafluoride with reduced greenhouse gas emissions;
    b) Uranium Enrichment. Projects or facilities that transform natural uranium or uranium tails to a higher isotopic content of U235 including by (1) gas centrifuge or (2) laser isotope separation; and"

    "C. Summary of Application Evaluation Process
    DOE will review each Part I submission to determine whether or not such submission is responsive to the requirements of this Solicitation. DOE’s Part I evaluation will place particular importance on verifying that an Application meets the Project eligibility requirements set forth in II.A, specifically that the Project:
    1. Qualifies as an Advanced Nuclear Energy Facility in the technology areas described herein;
    2. Avoids, reduces, or sequesters anthropogenic emission of greenhouse gases;
    3. Employs New or Significantly Improved Technology as compared to Commercial Technology in service in the United States;
    4. Is located in the United States;

    5. Provides a reasonable prospect of repayment of the principal and interest on the Guaranteed Obligation and other Project debt;
    6. Has sufficient funds to carry out the Project; and
    7. Is not benefiting from certain other federal assistance as more fully described in II.A."

    "This Solicitation is designed to provide loan guarantees under Title XVII to support those projects that have the most promising advanced nuclear energy facility technologies. DOE will look favorably on Eligible Projects that will have a catalytic effect on the commercial deployment of future Advanced Nuclear Energy Projects that replicate or extend the innovative feature of the Eligible Project

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