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mooseonaplane 151 posts  |  Last Activity: Jul 31, 2015 3:44 PM Member since: Oct 16, 2009
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    DO I SEE 90

    by chart2001 May 4, 2015 9:37 AM
    mooseonaplane mooseonaplane Jul 31, 2015 3:44 PM Flag

    Come on, step forward, where are you?!

  • Will they be forced to make public apology for bonehead call? Will analysts be fired, tarred and feathered?

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    $90 by Monday

    by heatwinagain Jul 29, 2015 10:57 AM
    mooseonaplane mooseonaplane Jul 31, 2015 2:45 PM Flag

    Just curious heatwinagain, are you revising your price target for Monday? Please keep us in informed.

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    Investing the Finater way

    by traderjb07 Jul 31, 2015 2:00 PM
    mooseonaplane mooseonaplane Jul 31, 2015 2:09 PM Flag

    The more research you do on Finster the more it will reveal what a complete idiot this special needs punk is. You have no idea the depths of his buffoonery traderjb07. It is best just to laugh at this lying clown. That is what this message board has done the past couple years.

  • mooseonaplane by mooseonaplane Jul 31, 2015 2:03 PM Flag

    Over the years the BTU message board has had the unfortunate burden of enduring the endless buffoonery of a special needs punk named Finster. The fool lambasting anyone who dared speak unkindly of BTU or had the sense to cut their losses.

    With Peabody trading in the high teens Finster adopted the bonehead trademark post "Who Sold At (Fill in the blank), followed by a girlish laugh. For example Sept 17, 2014 Finster wrote "Who sold at $13.80 yesterday? Ahahahaaha". Finster goes on to say "Hilarious how idiots continue to panic and abandon a stock that has zero chance of BK and nowhere to go but up. I guess I shouldn't laugh, it is idiots like that who allow smart people like me to buy on the cheap".

    As BTU continued it's devastating plunge Finster defiantly carried on with the "Who Sold" posts... $12, $10, $8, $5, $3, until finally when BTU broke $2 even the Finster felt compelled to hide in shame, forced to take on new identities to spew his nonsense & punk name calling.

    I fully understand many of Finster's problems are out of his control, that he was simply dealt a bad hand at birth, that he is too dense to comprehend his severe shortcomings, hence the reason for his moronic outbursts. I get that. But there is no excuse for his incessant lying, such as falsely claiming to be a CPA, only to be turned into a laughingstock when he made some truly bonehead statements, grade school mistakes, in defense of BTU's book value.

    Now that BTU is up a few cents but down over 95% since Finster began pumping, the delusional punk has reappeared, claiming to be filthy rich, soon to retire, defiantly stating he has lost nothing on BTU, zero, nil, nada. I am sure if pressed Finster will state paper losses don't count and in real life, away from the message board, is a pizza delivery boy living with his mother. The only fact we know for certain, Finster is a pathological liar.

  • $72 is where I see XOM settling in the next month.

  • Don't tell me Blankfein and crew just pulled another pump and dump!

  • mooseonaplane mooseonaplane Jul 27, 2015 7:33 PM Flag

    Coal might not be going away but highly leveraged BTU is.

  • mooseonaplane mooseonaplane Jul 27, 2015 7:32 PM Flag

    Relying on Seeking Alpha for credible information is tantamount to women seeking advice from Bill Cosby to what wine they should drink.

  • Does this guy have no shame? Why isn't Greek hiding deep in a cave with a bag over his head opposed to pumping Sprint non-stop? It is on thing to be wrong but to the degree and consistency of Greekmonster is truly monumental.

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    My broker just called...........

    by finster989 Jun 29, 2015 11:44 AM
    mooseonaplane mooseonaplane Jul 27, 2015 2:32 PM Flag

    Locked and loaded! Anymore calls from your broker you would like to share Finster? How about a margin call?

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    Loading up the truck, average in at $6.90

    by finster989 May 20, 2015 4:17 PM
    mooseonaplane mooseonaplane Jul 27, 2015 2:30 PM Flag

    Anyone know of Finster's whereabouts?

  • The collapse of China will bring Apple shareholders to their knees in the very near future. I see $70 a share in the next 6 months.

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    has anyone on this board.....

    by charlierobbob Jul 26, 2015 1:41 AM
    mooseonaplane mooseonaplane Jul 27, 2015 12:06 PM Flag

    The depression brought a lot of pain, unemployment, bread lines et cetera but I don't recall citizens locking their children and pets away? Nor from what I read was it a bloody affair where the population felt the need to load their weapons. You seem to be rather confused.

  • Up until this point Central Bankers globally have gotten away with murdering the free market, the price discovery mechanism via their unprecedented money printing, QEs, extend & pretend, backstopping all toxic debt, et cetera but the recent events in China must be very worrying for Yellen, the boys on Wall Street, the criminal money center banks.

    I find it more than humorous and highly hypocritical pundits are being critical of China's govt intervention to halt their recent stock market slide, stating equities are no longer a market but a govt program. China's policies to a large degree are no different than what Japan, Europe, the United States have been employing for years now. There is no free market anywhere on the globe! The question has always been how long can this Ponzi scheme last, what will finally be the catalyst that sends this house of cards falling? I think we finally have the answer in the unraveling in China, the commodity collapse worldwide.

    Why did China's stocks plunge nearly 9% last night? How can that be with the govt promising it will prop up the market? In the past these type of proclamations led to huge stock gains, more celebrations. Maybe this time the market is finally stating it has had enough and if this is true what are the implications globally? Is the Central Banker's medicine no longer working, has it been over prescribed? Have debt levels finally reached the breaking point?

    We have already seen what Fed zero rate policy has done to the commodity sector, the severe misallocation of capital, creating devastating overcapacity and now the collapse. Commodity reliant economies Russia, Brazil, Australia, Canada, Chile, Argentina, getting hammered. What other entities will suffer the same fate in the near future? Junk debt? The emerging markets? How about stocks globally? And if we do see the dominoes fall how acute the pain with this much debt globally?

  • Keep a close eye on Junk Debt ETFs, a good one to monitor is symbol JNK, a very good barometer when this global Ponzi scheme orchestrated by Yellen & company, the criminal money center banks, collapses. Thus far junk debt, even though down quite a bit the past few months, it has yet to fall off a cliff, which I suspect it will in the coming months. Over 20% of the junk debt market composed of commodity related companies.

    A rising greenback will push commodity driven economies such as Brazil, Russia, Australia, Canada et cetera into deep recessions in the near future. The unraveling of China, which is a certainty, will add significantly to the downward pressure. Eventually this coming debacle will be reflected in the debt market which will lead global equities severely lower.

    I foresee entire debt laden countries defaulting before this fiasco is over. Take the appropriate action and short the major stock indexes. The fun has yet to begin, just wait until all these hyped bank stocks take a hit. JPMorgan, Wells Fargo, Bank of America could fall 30 to 40% in the next 12 months.

  • mooseonaplane mooseonaplane Jul 24, 2015 12:16 PM Flag

    Commodities, commodity driven economies, the emerging markets and their multi trillion greenback debt holdings, U.S. multinationals, cannot afford a stronger dollar, yet Yellen will have to throw fuel on the fire with a rate hike due to employment figures, spiking the dollar even higher. A real Catch 22 for the boys and girls over at the Fed. Remember, history has proven, the majority of emerging market calamities all began with a spiking greenback, this time it will occur with record levels of debt. Ask yourself how might I profit from this very troubling situation? Short the major indexes.

  • mooseonaplane mooseonaplane Jul 24, 2015 12:03 PM Flag

    Of the unfortunate BTU cheerleading trilogy known as Finster, Rail and History, I find History to be the most intransigent when it comes to maintaining fixed falsed beliefs even when confronted with the facts. I can excuse Finster somewhat for his bonehead antics, he is just a punk kid doing what punk kids do on message boards. Rail receives a free pass due to medical issues, but History is worthy of all criticism for his endless, misinformed, misguided, inane commentary concerning the direction and merits of BTU.

    It is one thing to be wrong but to the degree History has been on this subject the past 36 months is truly monumental. My take is History was stopped out or sold the majority of his BTU position quite some time ago, and is simply a fixed resident of this hell hole for social or political reasons. No one could possibly be so casual, cavalier, shameless if they had truly ridden this PIG down from previous lofty levels holding any type of credible position.

    As far as BTU presently, I don't see much of a point shorting a stock trading at these levels, the easy money was made many months ago, for the reasons I stated at that time, all of which came true. BTU probably does possess some type of temporary floor due to their present debt cycle obligations but this only temporary and eventually BTU files for some form of bankruptcy.

    I fully understand your resentment History, I would be quite angry with myself if I was you also, but try to move on, and try not to be so myopic. My advice lately has not been about BTU but very troubling macro issues that one can profit from, which will could very well offset BTU losses.

  • You know T's earnings have already been leaked to the likes of Goldman Sachs and they are trading on that information.

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