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moronpolitics 942 posts  |  Last Activity: Aug 26, 2013 4:21 PM Member since: Jul 27, 2007
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  • moronpolitics by moronpolitics Aug 26, 2013 4:21 PM Flag

    just do like my holdings did over at IDRA and jump 300 percent in about 5 or 6 weeks?? At these prices we are just talking about heading north of 2 bucks or thereabouts. Then I could dump half and recover most of what I paid. Is that too much to ask? eh?

  • moronpolitics by moronpolitics Apr 5, 2013 1:08 PM Flag

    It may not do any good, but I have contacted the SEC and Mr. McCartney's company asking for assistance. The contact at the New York Bank refuses to give me any information, apparently because I don't have the actual stock certificates and therefore I don't show up as an owner of units. Well, who the heck gets their stock certs? That's why Cede and Co. shows as holder of 65 percent of the company. That is just a clearing house holding a couple of three TRILLION dollars of stock certificates. So.... I had no choice. Any trust will decay over time, but that is NOT NOT NOT what is happening here. The "new method" of calculating what EMI owes MIlls seems to be "hey, lets pay them 1/3 of what we used to and what can they do about it? Then, they sell their interest to Citibank, which is an endless maze of finger pointing and I'll transfer you to somebody else. We should still be getting about THREE TIMES WHAT IS BEING PAID. We are being cheated, stolen from, lied to and generally F***ed. I don't like it at all and don't accept it.

  • moronpolitics by moronpolitics Mar 21, 2013 12:37 PM Flag

    NOTICE MY LOGIN??? That is also my email on Y! OK? PLEASE, if you own units then contact me. I have been in this for 5 years. You CAN'T be happy with what is going on and I propose to not just sit and let it happen. please send me an Email. Thanks. Remember, people with power have been known to kill someone's yahoo idea with just a phone call. contact me BEFORE that happens. This stock should be paying TWICE what it is, someone is getting ripped off. Contact me. NOW.

    Sentiment: Hold

  • moronpolitics by moronpolitics Mar 13, 2013 11:22 PM Flag

    I have owned shares/units in this trust since 2005 or 2006 I believe, but I only have records handy for 2008. forward. Some I know have been here longer. Speak up, please. Give or take a few pennies this "trust" ---- what a name, eh? -- paid 3.46 per unit/share in 2009, It paid 3.21 per unit in 2010, It paid 3.33 in 2011, Remember folks these were NOT boom years for the economy and I don't believe that the particular Music we are licensee's or whathaveyou of was THAT much more popular than now, OK?? ALL OF A SUDDEN, in 2012 the units only earn 2.00 and a tiny fraction of a cent. A couple of MILLS actually which in NOT a pun and NOT funny.... OK? Now, All we get told, and the SEC etc get told is that there is a "new" way of calculating what EMI has to pay us.. NO SPECIFICS, NO DETAILS, No ****. Now, I am NOT going to let ANOTHER bunch of scheming no goods STEAL from me. I got ripped off be some foreign companies and had trouble getting any action, but I THINK we have an SEC here and Black President and what is the point of being a guest at the Whitehouse if you can't get any action on something like this???? The Lincoln bedroom is cool, but it's the guy in the OVAL OFFICE that needs to pick up a phone and say why are you ripping off the folk. EH. SOMEBODY with more clout than me must getting ripped off for a lot more $$$$$ than me. SPEAK UP, PEOPLE. My handle here is my email also. Doesn't anybody but me think this STINKS???? Just saying, "there's a new way of calculating what we owe you. We pay you about Half or a third of what we should." DOESN'T cut it. Yes, the song list is old and gradually the fund will pay less and less, but there in nothing gradual about this. I am not accusing ANYBODY. I don't think WE -- the trust -- is guilty. I suspect is the people paying us/them. I don't want to accuse THEM either. YET. I DO know I, you, us, WE deserve an explanation.

  • moronpolitics moronpolitics Nov 28, 2012 3:15 PM Flag

    Another point to consider. If King Barack has his way ALL dividends, Royalties, Capital Gains etc will be taxed as ordinary income with a new MINIMUM tax rate for Capital Gains of 29 percent. Therefore any security already in that position has had their price DISCOUNTED as a result. Other stocks bought in the past with expectations of now or low tax liability will be CRUSHED by these tax changes or simply STOP giving dividends which will ALSO hurt the price. Remember, you CANNOT OUTWAIT King Barrack because it he does not simply SEIZE power ( not likely -- someone will put one in his grey matter should he try ) and he does not succeed in getting the Constitution Changed he can just run MICHELLE for President. She will get MORE votes than he did because he will get higher percentages of the "we think with our Vaginas" voters AKA women. By the time he runs her he will have a clear majority of AT LEAST 5 4 on the court and they will allow him to run as her Vice President should he wsh. Contrary to popular belief the 22nd amendment (TWO TERMS and 22 amendment, easy to remember if you want to discuss this with others) does NOT prevent him from becoming President again. Like many or even MOST of our laws the people writing it were IDIOTS and failed to word it correctly to accomplish what they intended. As a result it says that no one having served two terms or one and the a majority of a second term can be ELECTED to a third term ( with the usual "does not apply to current office holders clause). He can BECOME President for a third term should he be Vice President and the President dies or RESIGNS. As a result the 12th amendment saying that no one who "cannot serve as President may not be elected Vice President" is also ineffective since -- as I just showed -- he CAN "SERVE" as President, being supposedly a natural born citizen ( do NOT start that crap about what "natural born" meant... it did not does not mean anything of the kind) and above the age limit he CAN "SERVE" just can't be "ELECTED" to the office. So... whether Michelle serves as his proxy or quits and lets him serve again and again we are Unlikely to be rid of him unless he drops dead or we get really lucky and Air Force One gets hit by a meteorite or somesuch. The last election should have taught you two things. A majority of people in the USA now WANT a socialist government supported by massive taxes on the wealthy and on corporations. TWO. The Republican party is INCAPABLE of LEARNING ( there's a word for that -- :STUPIDITY ) the art of Politics. Otherwise they would stop looking like they love the ultrarich, IMMEDIATELY let Obama raise the top tax rate ( which will NOT increase the amount that the Ultrarich PAY silly rabbit. Why do you think they ALL support him???). check my blog, my name, my email all the same.

  • moronpolitics moronpolitics Nov 27, 2012 2:05 PM Flag

    The problem we face as ( the c word ) is that the other side, the Obamists, care only about getting political credit for perceived moves such as "soaking the rich" and "protecting the little people". Anyone who THINKS about it clearly sees that the ultra rich and movie starts making 10-25 million d per picture almost ALL support him. Do they want to have their money taken away?? OF COURSE NOT. Buffet, for example, NEVER sells anything and so wouldn't care if the capit9al gain rate was 99 percent. Same with Gates. Both are passing their combined 120 BILLION or so into a tax free foundation. Gates' wealth is almost completely in MSFT stock holdings he acquired for under a dollar. He will NEVER pay a capital gain nor will Buffet. They have actually found a way to "take it with them." The GOP should put in bill that says capital gains that have NEVER BEEN TAXED cannot, repeat CANNOT be passed into such an entity upon the death of the holder without paying, at that point, the capital gain must be collected. Just Bush and Buffet will pay 18 Billion with that little change and --since we LOVE the little people, too-- just exempt anyone's estate that is less than 100 million. OK? Obama??? OK???

    Sentiment: Buy

  • moronpolitics moronpolitics Nov 8, 2012 12:11 PM Flag

    don't think I am "off topic". Under a socialist government, politics runs everything. The only purpose of a company is to provide jobs. Anyone holding stock or providing capital is considered a tyrant. It is called "the tyranny of capital" -- only LABOR has any rights to the production of a company. Of course, GOVERNMENT ends up taking many times what any management and/or investor class ever DREAMED of taking and TRULY provides NOTHING. First, read Marx to understand what our President and President to be Michelle believes. Then see what Lenin and Castro and Mao actually delivered to the countries they ruled. Finally, either join together with each and every man and woman who WORKS for a living and wishes to rise by his/her own labor or we will all be enslaved by our "betters". I will not continue this string so don't bother flaming me. I am easy to find elsewhere,. My name.

    This company should be a great growth opportunity. SHOULD BE. The more foreign work the better. France and Germany and China have lower taxes on business. Isn't that pathetic?

    Sentiment: Hold

  • moronpolitics moronpolitics Nov 8, 2012 10:56 AM Flag

    The country just reelected an idiot/socialist. Unfortunately, the Republican party AND CONSERVATIVE AMERICANS OF ALL COLORS continued thinking they could succeed without the almost 20 percent of US that are African American. If the country is going to grow THAT HAS TO STOP. Even BLACK conservatives ( a word I would like to eliminate, but which will serve for now) verbally write off thiss sector of the population as a bunch of lazy welfare seeking bums who can never be stopped from voting for the Democrat party. I say BULL. However, if we continue to ignore them politically, not even running ads on "their" radio and tv stations and candidate never interviewing on same --- If WE, US of the CAPITALIST persuasion don't engage them in debate and/or conversation (same root as CONVERSION you will note) then forget the entire economy. As one of the Democratic Stalwarts in Congress until "Barack needs to take over ALL yo' companies, take em and run them just like GM. It''s called Sociallism. Get used to it." Either GET BUSY TALKING, Walking ( as in move..... where?..) or sit squaking through 12 years of BHO and then President Michelle AND DON'T THINK SHE WON'T RUN AND WIN PEOPLE.

    Do you like your "whites only" tea party meetings THAT much? When the MAJORITY or Blacks and the MAJORITY of Mexican Americans (:Hispanic is a meaningless grouping, seriously) AGREE WITH "us" on almost every issue???????? and BTW, just kiss NG goodbye as a fuel.

  • moronpolitics by moronpolitics Oct 3, 2012 1:21 PM Flag

    The human heart is a tesseract. It is only possible to view four of the cubes in a tesseract in any three space. How many groups of fours cubes from the same tesseract can possibly exist in any one three space?

  • moronpolitics by moronpolitics Sep 12, 2012 12:41 AM Flag

    well, for crying out loud, I can FINALLY post a message. Am I the only one that hasn't been able to post for a couple of days?? Oh well, that's the past, right?

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    Communists are mad

    by larrymountainmankiwizero Aug 11, 2012 10:23 AM
    moronpolitics moronpolitics Aug 11, 2012 10:48 AM Flag

    you are out of your mind. Republicans LOST the election today. There is no point in even voting. We have the most incompetent President in 100 years, the economic recovery which should have been completed and business ROARING by now... and we are going to lose by more than 10 points, probably 57/43 or close to that. It's hard to believe anybody ANYBODY could screw this up this badly but remember.........MCCAIN BEAT THIS IDIOT -- and BEAT HIM BADLY. I had to stop Ryan's BS just now.... yes, oh he who is almost through his SECOND TWO YEAR TERM in the HOUSE. Yes, he who won ONE of Wisconsin's TWENTY house districts... that means if he won his race 60/40 that he pulled down THREE PERCENT of the voters in his state... yes THREE percent and now with 3 1/2 years in congress behind him he is Pontificating his great political wisdom... "Do we want to solve this problems?? What do people think? We should (wets his finger in mouth and holds it up) check the polls and follow what THEY SAY? Oh wise man who polled 3 percent of his state for his 3 years in congress. He looks like pinnochio coming off a 3 day drunk.... YES STUPID that's EXACTLY what you should do. Because the only thing that matters is DID YOU WIN?????? That's how Nixon won, Bush won, Clinton won... Did Clinton run on "ending welfare as we have always known it"??? HELL NO, After you WIN you can do what you Can... Christ Romney picked the one guy who is certain to COST us votes, The democrats don't understand economics, the constitution, many things, but WE DON'T UNDERSTAND POLITICS!

  • moronpolitics moronpolitics Aug 8, 2012 7:27 PM Flag

    company records make it absolutely plain. he left in 1999. Whether he got delayed compensation is ok to fool idiots, but most people on THIS board know full well that executives are often paid for a decade or more AFTER THEY LEAVE. You can point to a football player getting deferred monies a decade after he topped playing and blame him for a game being lost and some profoundly stupid people will believe you. same thing.

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    The songs we get paid for (part 2 of 2)

    by grossmismanager Apr 14, 2012 4:13 PM
    moronpolitics moronpolitics Aug 7, 2012 8:30 PM Flag

    Point being that we all need to pray for a hundred more movies like "that's entertainment" and "The Al Jolson Story" next year.... all of them sucking in 1.5 Billion at the Box Office and selling 100 million DVDs... oh YEAH!

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    By The Way, Rob Portman Will Be Romney's VP

    by PhilSimms Jul 24, 2012 12:38 PM
    moronpolitics moronpolitics Jul 30, 2012 11:44 AM Flag

    This is the exact speech he is going to give. "I looked at many fine outstanding candidates. I looked at a Black Woman and an Hispanic Man, but decided to use this excuse. I need someone with executive experience who could become President at a moment's notice if <insert laugh line> it becomes necessary. Therefore...I picked a white male!!! OF COURSE!! I mean Blacks and Mexicans --oops, Cubans can't really BE President.

  • WHY doesn't Romney speak up and say this?? US Steel, the airlines and DOZENS of other companies have gone through bankruptcy AS SPECIFIED IN THE CONSTITUTION. The did NOT disappear. They don't cease to exist. In most cases as would have been the case with GM NO JOBS WERE LOST. The people who used to supply them still do business with them AS WOULD HAVE BEEN THE CASE WITH GM. The only thing about the unconstitutional bankruptcy done in the oval officd is that is was a giant payoff TO THE UNION. NOT the workers, not the people who SHOULD have received the new stock issued for GM -- the bond holders, but the UNION. Most of you employees reading this...did YOU get GM stock? Of course not. Don't let the union kid you that somehow YOU got half of the did not. YOU are NOT the union. Your UNION got HALF THE COMPANY STOCK, the GOVERNMENT took the other half. Did they give stock to THE PEOPLE? the CITIZENS?? no.

  • moronpolitics by moronpolitics Jul 6, 2012 6:52 PM Flag

    Have you ever seen someone injured in a wreck or on the battlefield yelling HELP HELP SOMEBODY GET ME INSURANCE!!

    In bad movies when an actor in a play has a heart attack or gets shot does some kneel beside him and yell "Is there an INSURANCE AGENT in the House?????"

    Well??????? Obamacare is a con job and a multi billion dollar payoff to the insurance industry which already has 10 times the assets of the banking industry. THAT'S CRAP. Think. Call you Senators and Congresman. Poor people need free of very cheap HEALTH CARE. Everybody needs HEALTHCARE that they can afford. The insurance companies have been conning us all for decades. Go to Doctor. Bill says $275. You pay a 30 dollar copay and most THINK the insurance company picks up the rest. Reality?? They pay 20 to 30 dollars. TOPS.

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    we have a gurantee approval this time.

    by mameen76 Jul 6, 2012 11:02 AM
    moronpolitics moronpolitics Jul 6, 2012 11:36 AM Flag

    well it WOULD be typical. I sold all my stock except a thousand shares so.... time to climb. right?

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    Can someone tell me why Obama hates America

    by zaqhodb64 Jul 27, 2011 3:48 PM
    moronpolitics moronpolitics Jul 5, 2012 10:48 PM Flag

    First about the transcript. Its a dirty little secret about Ivy League educations. Read Thomas Sowell's book on the subject. HE went to Harvard when they only let SMART poor black kids in. Later they wanted "authentic black kids" There's a very unpleasant word for them. Problem: Most of them could barely read, how to make them pass? Simple. "Black Studies" "Woman Studies" etc etc. If you SAW his transcripts you would find out that 80 to 90 percent of his classes had words like "Race" and "Gender" and "Black" in them. Race and the constitution, Black Industrial theory, etc etc etc. Also, Thomas Sowell will ADMIT something that even when HE went to Harvard.... he graduated with a degree in Economics and was a dyed in the wool MARXIST. "it's the only economics they teach there" It wasn't till he reached Chicago and studied under the father of conservative economics that he learned.... it all be B*ll S**t. It's a "complete" theory. so what? The bible is "internally consistent", too. That doesn't mean the world was made in six days. Sorry.

  • moronpolitics by moronpolitics Jul 5, 2012 4:44 PM Flag

    don't get my wrong. I 've been into LNDC for a couple of 3 years and I love the products, but why exactly should I believe that the STOCK is going to keep going up? anybody?

  • moronpolitics moronpolitics Jul 5, 2012 1:25 PM Flag

    Any stock selling for 50 cents has a delisting issue. They may not have been given a deadline letter as of yet, but you cannot stay on a major exchange forever with a 50 cent price. They will eventually have to get the price up even if they have to reverse split. THAT isn't the primary problem stockholders should worry about. DO THEY HAVE ANYTHING OF VALUE TO SELL?? WILL THEY EVER HAVE ANYTHING OF VALUE TO SELL?? "That do be the question" quoth Black Hamlet.

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