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mplecas7 19 posts  |  Last Activity: Dec 22, 2014 8:49 PM Member since: May 7, 2010
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  • mplecas7 mplecas7 Dec 22, 2014 8:49 PM Flag

    Why is it then that despite all of the best efforts from the studios and technology companies Ultraviolet remains virtually unknown to the general public years into the effort as does every VOD storefront besides a small awareness of Vudu thanks tonWalmart's efforts, yet throw out an article in a major publication with the Blockbuster name in the title and everyone has an opinion, probably mire bad feedback than good but everyone has something to say, all other OTT VOD services return no response.

  • mplecas7 mplecas7 Dec 19, 2014 9:08 PM Flag

    Exactly right, Blockbuster would have no place in that battle since they don't and never have operated within that market of home video, rather have always focused on the rental/sale of the latest titles, which by the way I never implied that they would have anytype of exclusive deals.
    Also what big names are there out there that already lead that market because I've still yet to meet anyone that uses or even recognizes the nameo of any.

  • mplecas7 mplecas7 Dec 19, 2014 12:15 AM Flag

    You r right Amazon is Netflix's Pepsi, good analogy yet what's Blockbuster's? If at Blockbuster's lowest point in terms of comsumer sentiment as virtually all disliked the brand as they cheered it's steady demiss leading up to the BK filling, yet despite this not only 2 of the top 10 cable providers but even the leading telecom provider releasing their exclusive device which was to be their iphone competitor in the Droid X used their first prime time commercial promoting their latest and greatest device to focus soley on the first of it's kind VOD phone service branded Blockbuster on demand.
    U see it wasn't BB's technolgy or anything they brought to the deal with Verizon or suddenlink or MediaCom as all already had the VOD service or capability, they simply liscened the brand even at it'sworst point. Now u don't think that's gonna happen aagain with their goodwill much restored?

  • mplecas7 mplecas7 Dec 18, 2014 11:58 PM Flag

    Again the press pumped Netflix b.s. Let me enlighten u as u must not use Netflix or anytype of VOD like Vudu, Netflix with their 50 million subs does not operate in the same market as Blockbuster, rather they compete within the HBO world which provides a great service but is totally different from providing access to rent or buy a film just released to home video.
    How long are people going to continue with the rediculous assertions that BB and Netflix are direct competitors, does that mean back in BB's heyday they were killing HBO and Showtime because it seemed that they both did fine as they served different markets.

  • The bottom line is that Blockbuster will return to their industry which the dominated with such unrivaled force that their name and logo became sinonomous with new release home video nights. This type and level of brand power is very rare and very valuable, especially in the situation that the home video market is currently in which does not nor never did have a Pepsi to go against Coke, a Burger King to McDonald's, no Blockbuster was a was horse racer that more similiar to Kleenex developed into basically a brand that holds more relevance to their market than an official name like tissue to Kleenex.
    As we currently stand studios are as determined as ever to go full force digital and will do so, looks like RedBox is playing for them now too. Despite this agenda and the Ultraviolet push that is now several years running and still holding very low consumer awareness as to anything about UV as virtually nobody I've meet has heard or known anything about it, same is true for all VOD storefronts as the more expensive and less appealing and less value and convienence and beneficial capabilities of digital delivery's appealing aspects of the pay-tv's pay per view services continue to dominate the digital market.
    So why would Blockbuster be in any hurry to jump in there, no they'll play it just like they did the first time around. They'll play it like Apple, letting the UV platform and concept take hold and people to begin truly understanding and appreciating VOD, then they'll bust in on the marke, a market ready for a recognizable face.

  • mplecas7 mplecas7 Dec 10, 2014 3:20 PM Flag

    A vision that was ideally alligned with the future of the oil market and executed so ideally as the buildup of their greatly advanced fleet took place both as others sat by watching as well as during times of unpreccedently low interest rates, thus very managable debt despite the levels especially after initiating the dividend suspension which will provide an extra $2 billion to clean up the balance sheets, which along with the massive share buybacks to come will create an ideal invironment for huge share price upside on the recovery in the oil market, a recovery that will see SDRL's fleet dominance remain unchallenged much longer than was expected to be the case due to the current market invironment as no other competitors will be developing a competitive fleet anytime soon.

  • I've really liked SDRL for months now, wishing that I had the extra money to get in back around $30, yet I will not have any funds for investing until income tax returns, something I believed would eliminate any chances for me to get in on one of the best long term investments I've seen. Well what do you know, a few months later and closer to my ability to buy some shares and the price has steadily declined now at levels which I would've never dreamed possible, and all I'm seeing and reading is designed to push even harder and further down, no telling how much lower the pps will be when I can buy in a couple more months.
    What a blessing in disquise it has been that I've been forced to wait as I would've already invested all I could long before these levels. I'm just thrilled to day after day see an even greater bargain for both SDRL and NADL, both of which are extremely well managed and ideally positioned for the future of oil as the vast majority of oil to delivered through newly discovered or newly accessable due to the advanments in extracting capabilities will be coming from areas in which SDRL and NADL are ideally positioned as the go to source for extraction services, and the current situation which has these shares at such levels along with the rest of the idustry even further cements SDRL and NADL's dominate position in that market, the market which will be in high demand in the long term as harsh condition offshore invironments will be the primary source of oil reserves as we head on to 2030 and beyound.
    I say that these two companies are actually benefiting longer term from current events is based on the inability of their competitors to make any progress on catching up with SDRL and position themselves as true competitors, for SDRL has strategically executed an awesome plan of action which has produced a company that is totally dominant in their capabilities and rig fleet quality and divesity allowing them to handle any job, having a far greater vision.

  • mplecas7 mplecas7 Dec 10, 2014 2:52 PM Flag

    I have to agree with several posts further down this thread, like one said it's obsurd to believe JF knows nothing more than the rest of us. To some extent on the other hand there is some truth to that statement, as his purchases have shown and just as mine would've also had I had the funds to invest these shares looked very appealing under $30 and that's where I would've started accumulating, so yes in a sense he knows about as much as some of us here which is that SDRL is an outstanding company operating and having executed the navigation of their industry extremely well which has placed them clearly at the top of the offshore drilling market and positioned them as hands down the go to source for offshore drilling needs, particularly those of the highest caliber which are exactly the area of the market in which the future of new oil reserves lie, logically also delivering the greatest paycheck.
    Fredrickson knows, as many of us do, that SDRL is extremely well positioned to ride this slowdown out and be the first to began rebounding out of it, no he doesn't seem to know much better than anyone else as to how low these shares will go but is well aware of the insane bargain that is currently available through the purchase of these shares and a pretty irresistable investment to sit by and watch as they get cheaper and cheaper.
    Regarding some posts mentioning SDRL being bought out, well the closest thing to that we'll see is massive share buy backs already approved as well as Fredrickson continuing to build up his holdings from his current nearly 25%.

  • Clearly both shares are being pressured by various interests of insiders, being manipulated both directly and from there the level of panic builds to such a frenzy that the true state of each company's health and long-term prospects become irrelevant and non considerations as the panic created takes over and drives movement rather than rational assessment.

  • mplecas7 mplecas7 Nov 19, 2014 3:40 PM Flag

    to invest in junk mortgage backed securities so that there would profit from the sales commission while creating a larger market to invest their own money in which was an investment that was betting against that very investment they were pushing, thus also profiting hugely when these investments began defaulting. They realized that they were investing so heavily in basically a bet that these securities would default, insuring these investment vehicles against default and doing so with AIG thus upon default AIG would be on the hook to pay Goldman multiple milllions of dollars, since Goldman knew clearly that this would happen and that they would be owed such a significant sum by AIG that it could put AIG into default which then led Goldman to invest in or betting on AIG defaulting so that they could profit from the AIG collapse as well.
    Having said all of that, I like to look at the market a little differently, I look like you said at what the market seems to be telling us, but take that as o.k.. this is what the majors are telling us, or what they want us to believe which is very valuable intel. We will never be insiders, nor will we ever be able to beat them, but if we are able to decipher their agendas then we will be able to join them. These is what Warren Buffet's Golden Rule to investing is all about, Buffet gave the world a free ticket to investing the way that the market manipulators are investing, which is of course the opposite of the way they want everyone else to invest, for without controlling and guiding the basic investor opposite them there wouldn't be any money available for them.
    So yes, I would tend to agree with you regarding what the market is likely telling us, which if it were accurate would have a negative impact on NADL, but there has been nothing whatsoever that has been produced or theorized or anything at all that gives support to any reason for which these shares and this company will not prosper greatly long term which is what I am

  • mplecas7 mplecas7 Nov 19, 2014 3:18 PM Flag

    I personally think that this may well be the message coming from the market, albeit a highly manipulated market dominated by the very few major players/insiders such as the same major players who created the financial mess which is well explained in a documentary called Inside Job, narrated by Matt Damon and a film that if you haven't seen deffinantly should.
    It explained how clearly firms such as Goldman Sachs were aware of the screwing over of their own clients was taking place as well as to the complete B.S. that ratings from ratings agency's Moody's, Standard and Poor's and one other major one were, as they earn their incomes through being paid by companies to conduct and produce a rating for all types of things, in this case being the quality of these different mortgage backed securities which all received investment grade ratings despite consisting of at least 80% subprime loans which are the riskiest. They were also delivering AA and AAA ratings to firms like Lehman and AIG up to just days prior to their collapse, when brought to congressional hearing these firms all used the same defense, stating that their ratings were merely opinions and not recommendations as to what to invest in.
    Analyst's reviews were so rigged that one email between traders working for the big dogs suggested that it was just simple common knowledge that these "expert reviews" were a joke, complete b.s., which they clearly were for the major firms were investing opposite such analysts' reports.
    The most blatant example of how these firms operate was from Goldman Sachs in which enter office emails made statements such as,"man that ____ is total #$%$," meanwhile these traders were receiving emails stating that that same investment was of top priority, meaning that it was top priority to push it upon clients as a great investment when at the exact same time Goldman Sachs was investing for themselves in CDO's against that investment, in other words they were strongly pushing clients

  • mplecas7 mplecas7 Nov 19, 2014 2:54 PM Flag

    precisely, these issues affecting the stock are mostly mental problems, as is generally the case with all manipulated stock prices. The big dogs/insiders operate using tactics which produce the desired mental state upon the non insider investing community which leads to massively undervalued stocks at one end and massively overvalued on the other.
    It all can be broken down to Warren Buffet's freely provided investing golden rule which gave away the true secret to success to all for free, yet human nature often makes it difficult for most to follow this rule, " be greedy when others are fearful and fearful when others are greedy."
    When the masses are in a panic along with the essentially employed by the insiders article writers and analysts then things are not what they are made to seem to be. Look beyond the panic inducing hype and on to the realities of the company and what they have to offer as well as their numbers such as balance sheet and so on.
    Buffet made it so clear, for fearfulness or panic is an induced state of mind, an irrational state of mind that lets hype override concrete information, a tell tale sign of a set-up, for if a company was truly in a bad position long term with a strong likelihood of going into bankruptcy there would be very different emotional feelings. There would not be fear and panic but rather an organized and clearly explainable rational for the dismal long-term prospects for that company's future.

  • The country's economy is dominated by their oil reserves and their overall oil production, thus the joint government and privately owned Rosneft is key and vital to the ability of Russia to continue operating as a country as well as for Putin to have any cards to hold out of the deck. Putin will play chicken as far as it can take him, but ultimately a deal will be made allowing for the drilling in Russia's Artic offshore region, obviously he is playing his hand out as there is still significant time before this deal must be settled and proceed as scheduled. Looks to me as if Putin is playing much they manner in which Dish founder Charlie Ergen plays things, which often delivers favorable results to him and his company, but it's nothing more than that, in the end whether Putin gets off with minimal concessions or has to agree and comply fully remains to be seen, but at this time there is no incentive on the part of Russia to rush into negotiating for resolutions to issues which are far from actually impacting the country, why wouldn't they have done what they did in postponing the finalizing of the NADL contracts?
    On the SDRL/NADL side the same is essentially true, there is no immediate dire need to have the Rosneft/NADL plans finalized when the actual services which will be provided through NADL will not begin until into the spring, so why the urgency to finalize a deal which will then sit on the back burners for several months.
    Both companies, and more importantly both countries involved in this deal recognize it's great significance to their well being, and as SDRL/NADL are not bound by EU sanctions as well as the EU being inconvenienced by the area of sanctions which effects their accessing oil from Russia their is a clear mutual desire between both Russia and the major members of the EU to reach some type of agreemets which would allow for the resuming of oil shipments to the EU members affected, thus the ball is in Putin's hands, able to make this happen.

  • mplecas7 mplecas7 Nov 14, 2014 12:39 AM Flag

    You're right on track, shorts are pressing as are the big players, the insiders who insure that there is always some area, some sector of the market that is shrouded in fear and made out to be seen as bad investments at any given time, as this is the only way for the insiders to make huge amounts of money.
    They are constantly at work manipulating the market for massive gains both on the short side as well as the enormous gains from buying near the lows before they turn tables and assist in the inevitable recovery.

  • Realistically, I won't have any real money to invest until income tax returns, looking at around $6k of which I'll be lucky to get my wife to allocate $2k to invest. I've really liked SDRL for almost a year now and have really liked NADL since the IPO.
    I plan on continuing to watch both, I'll likely split between the two, but the way things are looking to me at this point I'm starting to feel that NADL would be the best move, especially if it continues to move down which is very likely since the Nosneft situation is on hold until May and the oil prices look to be far from reaching any type of stability.
    The way I see it is that regardless of what oil does and regardless of Russian political factors or even Russia for that matter, both SDRL and NADL offer the best offshore drilling services and capabilities available and no matter what's going on it's only a matter of time before the oil companies step back up with the drilling for oil in newly discovered locations which are predominantly in offshore areas in which SDRL & NADL are best suited for the job. The insiders had already begun their push downward on stocks such as these basjng it on an exploration pause for the next year to 2, the price drop was just a great help as was the Russian situation particularly for NADL, which is why it has become the greatest bargain with in my opinion the best chance of retaining their high dividend payments since about 3/4 of those dividend payments go straight to parent SDRL.

  • Toy's R us movies, any of them, nobody knows anything about Ultraviolet or even heard of it in this form, nor have nearly anyone even heard of any VOD storefronts name with the possible exceptions of Vida due to Walmart in store ads, but know one really knows what these things are or due and darn sure don't use them.
    Instead the strongly growing VOD market is massively dominated through pay TV VOD , even at a higher rental price and greatly lacking in portability and real convenience, yet still in is used over 80%pf the time simply because it's simple, it's not confusing or giving the feeling of complication that comes with services offered through brands which have names that hold no meaning or significance to you.

  • mplecas7 mplecas7 Nov 1, 2014 6:16 AM Flag

    Reality defiantly does not suggest, that for one it was a gamble at all to buy all physical BB assets for $220 million since that was a low ball liquidation estimate. Basic common sense also does not show many things to make any sense on the surface such as Icahn getting back involved with his chunk of secured notes, puts promotes a deal with the other holders that would consist of liquidating all physical assets while maintaining the on demand operations.

  • mplecas7 mplecas7 Oct 30, 2014 1:32 PM Flag

    with the clear and obvious death march into banckruptcy for the corporation in full, as revenues steadily and strongly continued declining as losses increased placing them unable to meet rediculously even designed and sold debt obligations, such that were not only an affordable amount of debt to issue in the same vein as someone who is not able to get qualified for a home purchase based on varies numbers meant to provide a pretty accurate picture as to what was an affordable amount of debt load for them to be capable of maintaining.
    The initial offering of secured notes was a total set-up, not only did they seek and succeed in obtaining far exceesive capital, but to ensure a default in short order the bonds and the terms related to them and their repayment were designed in a manner in which the direction or guiding ultimate goal or result was rapid default by BB. These notes, unlike many others such as the 2012's, required not only quarterly interest payments but also a 3.33% payment towards the principle.on top of the very high interest rate of I believe 11%, amounting to like almost $70 million a quarter which BB had no source of enough income to possibly pay. Blockbuster was able to handle the payments for like 2 or 3 quarters, just long enough to cast dought on the blatant scam the issuing was., and the only reason why BB was able to handle the first couple of payments was thanks to the issuance of bonds which would raise a couple hundred million dollars beyound their actual needs, money which remained as excess free cash flow and used up simply to make their loan payments to buy a few months time, long enough for the insider teams to utilize their parent banks' analysts and all other tricks to get these notes downgraded rapidly as BB rapidly approached BK and upon which information most of those taken advantage of in the initial note offering

  • I have never believed that Dish truley owned any Blockbuster IP which held any type of potetial value. There are a few reasons that I've become more and more convienced of this. First, most glaring reason right from the start was the limited use of the Blockbuster name and logo related it's potential uses in branding.
    It was very clear that DIsh was very limited in any use of the Brand, restricted to what appeared to be more of the liscensing of the BB name for the Blockbuster @Home branded offering, the one and only such use by Dish of what had been for the past few years up to the BK filling, the only aspect of that company that never lost it's appeal to major players in the home movie market.
    In fact, the appeal and demand for the ability to brand one's service or offering under an official Blockbuster branding appeared to steadily gain greated appeal and demand, even as during the same time period the stores were being hammered by the massively expanding, no overhead expense Redbox machine system as well as continued downward force through Netflix. The stores were losing massive amounts of money, steadily closing location and following any BB related article showed easily 9 of every 10 comments to show consumer resentment and general dislike towards Blockbuster yet despite all of this, and topping off a recent pre-bk string was the use of the BB name, once again for use in the VOD market as shortly before 2 of the top ten cable providers covers certain regions negotiated the ability to label their VOD/Pay per view offerings as Blockbuster on Demand while maintaning the exact same offering that was already in place stating that they felt their customers were underusing the service due to it feeling confusing and hard to understand, something which felt could be greatly alliviated through use of such a force in the home video market that simply the sight of the Name and/or Logo cleared it all. So, after a few other similiar situations and coindiding

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