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  • It's been at least as long as the hold for gold mantra, but at least that type of optimism makes since to find on a stock's message board since one would assume that the only participants on this board would be those with a vested interest in the stock. Additionally, for a good bit of time those of us that have been long for some time all know that many efforts were made by those with the company as well as other players to give the appearance of there being the possibility of an eminent positive development.

  • Blockbuster's return to the mainstream and resurrection into it's modern form is not imminent, nor is it tied to any one event being accomplished, rather it's future is tied to the long term evolution and transition of the consumers ' to the much championed by the studios world of video consumption taking place through the DECE and it's Ultraviolet platform, something that is slowly developing and gaining traction much more slowly than expected, but will without a doubt eventually become the standard go to means for consumers and this is the time in which Blockbuster will return to deliver the last piece of the puzzle, the unifying brand name recognized globally that is needed to finalize the movement to the Ultraviolet platform by the masses who have been gradually transitioning and becoming familiar with UV and to some extent the many benefits which it provides and advantages it offers over the currently used by a vast majority of pay-tv VOD.
    Blockbuster will join the DECE effort and become aligned with the UV platform when it is has progressed to the point where all that remains as a hindrance is a truly recognized and understood branding with the distinct logo which eliminate any type of confusion and perceived complexity associated with UV.

  • Dish bought Blockbuster in 2011, yet it still exists as a separate entity which even continues to trade. How can it be legal to trade shares which are portions of ownership in a company that has already been purchased? What could possibly justify the continued existence of stock shares that trade as well as the continued existence of an entity which was already purchased in it's entirety back in 2011?
    How is it that this is going on while so many other companies like the mentioned Circuit City and Borders and also Hollywood Video ceased to have any stock shares in their names and of course no longer trade upon the liquidation (sale) of their entity, of these companies in whatever way it happened whatever means by which the components that made them up were sold.
    What makes Blockbuster so unique that it is still trading years after being sold and maintained it's own independent existence after being purchased?

  • mplecas7 mplecas7 Jan 30, 2015 11:02 PM Flag

    Good question, include Hollywood videos in there too. I've been curious as to that same odd scenario as all those companies resolved their bankruptcy proceedings and shares no longer traded well under 4 or 5 years from filling. Or companies which were purchased from bankruptcy like the satellite companies which Dish bought for spectrum, just like they bought all of Blockbuster through auction, yet the other companies did not continue to exist separately eand trade for another 3=4 years and counting.
    Why is it that years after Blockbuster was purchased their shares still trade, yet the other companies mentioned ceased to exist in any real way or trade shares of their non existent companies, yet the dud that is worthless Blockbuster was purchased through a BK auction and somehow still exist independently, makes no sense whatsoever.
    If I buy a clearance item that's the last one at Walmart and no more to come Walmart does not continue to offer the item for sale since they don't have it, I have it. The item no longer exists in their store so they surely do not offer it for sale without having the physical item to deliver to any customer that may wish to buy it. So how can anyone buy shares which are pieces of ownership in a company that was already bought by Dish and Dish is not selling it.

  • Can't wait for my tax return so I'll have a little cash to invest in both NADL and SDRL. NADL looking like the real steal as at current prices will be paying a 60% dividend on shares bought now, as they will surely reinstate the dividend once the time is right. I see NADL's dividend to be safer and of the highest priority to remain at the levels it was at as soon as it's prudent to do so, seeing as how the dividend provides SDRL with a great source of cash with their ownership of 70% of total shares.
    No way that SDRL doesn't insure this companies success, not to mention the fact that NADL has a very refined and elite hand picked fleet of rigs that are considered to be the top of the line when it comes to harsh and extreme conditions which they are able to drill in.
    Regarding Rohnert, it's interesting that when this company went public it was well received and seen as a solid offshore drilling play with a highly refined, modern harsh conditions rig fleet, all this was prior to any info regarding a possible deal with Rohnert, that was a bonus and now the insiders are using this delay to further manipulate the PPS as they push the notion that the deal will never happen as well as the idea that this deal was all that NADL was based on, without Rohnert NADL is worthless. Funny how quickly people buy into these tactics and play right into the insiders hands fulfilling the others panic aspect of Buffet's investment summary, the other aspect is what the big bank insiders are doing and what we should be doing which is to buy.

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    Goldman Sachs NADL shares

    by glb1943 Jan 30, 2015 12:58 AM
    mplecas7 mplecas7 Jan 30, 2015 10:27 PM Flag

    Not surprising, Goldman especially as well as all the insiders that have rigged this casino for years consistently invest opposite their advice to the general public as well as their analyst reporting.
    Like Buffet clears it up buy when others panic, reason being that the crooked insiders create that panic and manipulation to both profit by being short and hugely profit buying long.
    This stock is a steal, at these price levels the dividend once reinstated would be over 50%, then there's the issue of the PPS moving back above IPO levels, providing a mega multi=bagger.
    The Rohnert deal was only announced post IPO so not even originally baked in, yet now We're supposed to freak out that it's supposedly never going to happen, even without it NADL is strong and strongly supported by SDRL as their massive share ownership provides massive incentive to see success and return of dividend.
    On top of all that the Nosneft deals will eventually taken place as regardless of oil prices Russia as well as everyone else must eventually pursue offshore drilling and NADL is top of the line with their capabilities, not to mention the long term plan in play with Rosneft moving into a partial ownership position and so forth.

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    Energy sector is oversold.

    by sdrlwillrunup Jan 30, 2015 5:53 PM
    mplecas7 mplecas7 Jan 30, 2015 10:00 PM Flag

    Can't wait to receive my tax return of about $5K, at least if my wife is ok with splitting it so that I can get in on these ridiculously cheap SDRL and NADL shares while they're still around this price. It won't be much longer before the PPS steadily increases, but at these prices shares of SDRL bought under $11 would deliver between 36-40% dividend returns once reinstated, the PPS increase being a bonus as I plan to hold these shares indefinitely.

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