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  • mr_dinky_dot_bomb mr_dinky_dot_bomb 1 hour 18 minutes ago Flag

    "It seems with multiples contracting almost daily in this space, perhaps paying 6.2x TTM EBITDA for both Connecticut from T and the upcoming assets from VZ was too rich of a price."

    You bet on VZ -- that was a do-or-die deal for FTR -- the divvy would be zero by now.

    The key is how fast the lines run off. In FTR's case, the first 18 months after the VZ d purchase saw huge customer and line losses. It's the same thing that happens to mortgage servicing rights -- the loans pay off and the buyer loses that cash flow. As with all wasting assets, you can stem the customer losses by selling new services in FTR's case or in the case of mortgage servicing rights you an refi the loans. FTR has been unable to keep customers. The FIOS customers FTR is picking up next year may be different. Buy FTR already has so much debt built up fro assets that don't perform it may be a lost cause. FTR went from $2.12b of Revenue in 2009 to $4.77b Revenue for 2014 but was only able to bring about $9 mil more to the Net Income line on over $2,6b of new revenue. The thinnest margin maybe in history -- you do the math and divide $9 mil by $2.6b. It's a joke. A legal con. The Wall Street guys want the fees.

  • mr_dinky_dot_bomb mr_dinky_dot_bomb 2 hours 49 minutes ago Flag

    dude -- your posts are about you.

    Post about the stock.

    Nobody besides your mother cares about your hopes and dreams.

    Instead of posting next time call her.

  • Good going. I'll bet she can talk your arm off in English or Spanish.

    Something needs to be done to turn the ship around -- 2009 saw $2.12b of revenue, Total Net Income of $123 mil which came out to $.39 EPS -- clock ahead to 2014 which saw Revenue of $4.77b, Total Net Income of $132 mil which came out to $.13 EPS. It was all the shares issued to VZ holders that diluted the LT stockholders. Maggie and the executive staff collected millions for this performance. It's a scheme folks -- FTR is a payroll machine that has unjustly enriched the clique who run it.

    FTR makes a great case study of the transfer of wealth from shareholders to management.

    Besides a few, it amazes me that nobody asks how the pension and retirement gaps will get filled. My absolute honest belief is that shareholders will be diluted further to pay for the retirement plans thru dividend cuts.

  • mr_dinky_dot_bomb mr_dinky_dot_bomb Jul 27, 2015 11:38 AM Flag

    smalls posted he was taking 10 days off.

    I'm pretty sure that lasted a few minutes but I haven't seen that ID lately.

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    Something you don't see at FTR

    by sage2123 Jul 25, 2015 11:28 PM
    mr_dinky_dot_bomb mr_dinky_dot_bomb Jul 27, 2015 11:34 AM Flag

    FTR's revenue runoff is a key. Even with the new broadband adds revenue has continued to clock backwards so since more new sales hasn't kept the net runoff down below 4% it's clear that underlying gross lost revenue has picked up and not slowed down -- FTR can sell new customers but it can't retain old customer accounts it purchased. Its Goodwill asset is bloated and will probably get written down at YE.

  • Hard to believe it's back there. While the market is weak, no question that VZ has lost market position.

    Looking back 2010 - 2014 the signals were that compared to T that VZ was the one to own. At this point its shifted to T.

    I'm long both T & VZ -- both big for me and both mostly acquired the summer of 2010 when yields were up to 7%, but I sold 1/2 of my T in the last year. I'm not selling VZ because it's a bond equivalent for me and I spend the dividends. In fact if it gets very rough and VZ sinks more I may add. The growth in wireless in the next few years in the key investment theme. It's hard to imagine that VZ will not get a share of wireless/broadband however the market and technology unfold.

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    Maggie on TV

    by mr_dinky_dot_bomb Jul 24, 2015 8:46 AM
    mr_dinky_dot_bomb mr_dinky_dot_bomb Jul 24, 2015 12:27 PM Flag

    "Does not want to do a stock buy back but FTR is under priced DUH"

    he can't buy over a certain very small amount of the stock as may be required by employee plans.

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    Amazing how many people buy the spin

    by cooki_moonster Jul 23, 2015 7:04 PM
    mr_dinky_dot_bomb mr_dinky_dot_bomb Jul 24, 2015 9:40 AM Flag

    It depends on who is doing the spin.

    "Not one of you can refute what the facts are. All you can do is quote me back without understanding that I am a trader so I short and go long constantly."

    Nobody cares.

    You're an anonymous troll with a bad case of postiarrhea.

    Post about the stock, not you.

  • mr_dinky_dot_bomb by mr_dinky_dot_bomb Jul 24, 2015 8:46 AM Flag

    She made some good points good guest host on Squawk Box.

    She looks very prosperous.

  • mr_dinky_dot_bomb mr_dinky_dot_bomb Jul 24, 2015 8:24 AM Flag

    "VOD up 4.4% today. Foot in mouth again Clown."

    You're right about VOD, wish I owned it.

    But it's Klown with a K.

    Where is smalls?

    You and treedork are here but he's not.

    Do I have to go to the VOD board to absorb his wisdom?

  • mr_dinky_dot_bomb mr_dinky_dot_bomb Jul 23, 2015 8:06 PM Flag

    ". I'm out cooki. Have fun with these klowns for the next ten days"

    Good decision.

    What about your nige & treewad ID's?

    Stop them too and I'll give you a brownie point.

  • mr_dinky_dot_bomb mr_dinky_dot_bomb Jul 23, 2015 6:08 PM Flag

    smalls your language is scary -- you're chasing him over deleted topics?

    I read this:

    "Your foolish klown show revealing the lack of finance knowledge leaves good reason to delete the evidence."

    And I thought of Bogy's " Lt Cmdr. Queeg in the the Caine Mutiny.

    I'd take a break. It looks like T's results have you worked up bud.

    I'd have a brew and chill out.

    Take a week off.

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    by treword77 Jul 23, 2015 4:10 PM
    mr_dinky_dot_bomb mr_dinky_dot_bomb Jul 23, 2015 4:24 PM Flag

    Are you looking in the mirror?

    Can you see smalls & nige?

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    by warmwithslightbreeze Jul 23, 2015 4:04 PM
    mr_dinky_dot_bomb mr_dinky_dot_bomb Jul 23, 2015 4:08 PM Flag

    Are you referring to smalls & nige?

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    AT&T’s Churn Is Expected to Inch upward in 2Q15

    by jr777755 Jul 23, 2015 12:42 PM
    mr_dinky_dot_bomb mr_dinky_dot_bomb Jul 23, 2015 1:37 PM Flag

    The hundreds of channels and broadcasts are not going to be available on an individual basis to end consumers -- for the same reason the NFL only wants to negotiate with DTV -- the content providers are going to sell to buyers who can make large commitments. You think consumers will be able to shop in a supermarket and check individual boxes and buy 1,2....x number of channels. And then the only way T, VZ, Comcast, TWC, all other cabel co's as well as all other telecoms just get paid for broadband connections. In your world the content providers make all the profit now made by the aforementioned universe of pipe owners. Or, possibly you think that the content providers pass through the former hundreds of billions of profit that used to go to the aggregators -- well, except for the NFL -- that it gets passed thru to consumers.

    Please smalls which is it? All former Telco & cable profits go to whom in the future? Spell it out please.

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    FTR could pick up WIN for a song

    by sage2123 Jul 23, 2015 12:25 PM
    mr_dinky_dot_bomb mr_dinky_dot_bomb Jul 23, 2015 12:42 PM Flag

    Interesting sage. Do you think Maggie should make a move now or wait until the VZ lines are on board?

    Do you think FTR would be able to borrow more money to buy WIN for cash?

    Or would FTR be using its stock as currency?

  • mr_dinky_dot_bomb mr_dinky_dot_bomb Jul 23, 2015 11:55 AM Flag

    Yo smalls you have been making threats here about all of T's competitors. Like all but content creators, T and all others will have to license and purchase channels and broadcasts like YouTube from content providers to sell and rebroadcast over the net to consumers. So all of your imagined hoards of competitors will have to bid against T and all others to do deals with providers like Opera Winfrey and all others.

    It sounds like you think some small middle-man re-packager will be able to acquire the rights to broadcast ABC,NBC,ESPN,CNBC, NFL, MLB and all the rest and go OTT and compete with T/DTV.

    What the hell are you trying to say???

    Are you trying to say that content providers will no longer be able to control distribution???

  • So the T/DTV TV packages can be purchased by anyone with a broadband connection.

    Here's a post from a recent SA article:

    Anthony Lawton

    "Comments (3)
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    it is going to be the cord cutter and dtv has a complete streaming system in the background. as a former employee who just left dtv 2 months ago, we were all told about it last year.
    22 Jul, 02:22 PMReply"

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    Update -- Ftr Rated in the McDonalds Index

    by now2000p Jul 20, 2015 5:44 PM
    mr_dinky_dot_bomb mr_dinky_dot_bomb Jul 23, 2015 8:28 AM Flag

    "Out of 5 stocks that I invest in, only MNKD wins the day. Hurray for me."

    Interesting, is your biggest loser CAT?

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    OH MY he says since he has nothing to add- --tia

    by aka_elrod Jul 22, 2015 12:49 PM
    mr_dinky_dot_bomb mr_dinky_dot_bomb Jul 23, 2015 6:24 AM Flag

    smalls sayz:

    "Yes, DTV can but they won't be able to use data caps then. DTV can do so but then so will Sony, Google, Netflix, DISH etc, etc. and every cable company across the U.S......will be able to offer over T's pipe if there are no data caps in place."

    You don't get it smalls -- or you refuse to see it because of your bias -- DTV can send signals via satellite or broadband. DTV can send signals over T's broadband, VZ's broadband, Comcast broadband, TWC broadband, CTL broadband, FTR broadband and your broadband-- unless you are still on AOL dial-up.

    So "Sony" et. al. of your above list as well as the others can broadcast TV signals to consumers if SONY et. al. continues to purchase content to broadcast. T"s content packages as well as DTV packages will be for sale in the marketplace. Right now T will have the Sunday Ticket which, as you may know, is a big seller. This sounds good for T because it will be the 900 lb gorilla in the marketplace.

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