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mr_dinky_dot_bomb 81 posts  |  Last Activity: 1 hour 4 minutes ago Member since: Aug 6, 2001
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  • mr_dinky_dot_bomb mr_dinky_dot_bomb 1 hour 4 minutes ago Flag

    "VOD is putting proceeds to work and the market isn't recognizing the value in the acquisitions VOD has made with its retained proceeds nor the new market position...VOD worth no less than $45 as is but worth more if the 4G rollout to 92%"

    Thanks for speaking up.

    How else would the market know it's got it wrong!

    At the present, I'm going with about $35 as the market value for T.

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    VZ Outlook

    by mr_dinky_dot_bomb 21 hours ago
    mr_dinky_dot_bomb mr_dinky_dot_bomb 1 hour 47 minutes ago Flag

    " Adding shares is a no brainer if it does have a temporary Sept meltdown."

    This really is verbose. You could say the same "temporary" statement about anything.

  • mr_dinky_dot_bomb mr_dinky_dot_bomb 1 hour 51 minutes ago Flag

    "Meanwhile Colao has been buying up prime European assets on the cheap during the time of economic malaise."

    The problem is that the "malaise" has broken out again. Looks like a slowdown and a US -EU interest rate disparity should continue to pressure the euro. A lot of euro will flow into the USD securities the Fed intends to purchase less of -- you know what they say about the Queen selling something. The Fed has a lot of securities for sale.

    Tis the exporters to the US and emerging markets who will do well. VOD is of course not one of them.

  • mr_dinky_dot_bomb mr_dinky_dot_bomb 3 hours ago Flag

    When you look at VOD in the last 6 months the share price is down about 10% but VOD holders did get a tad over $1.60 per share from the VZ deal.

    My bet is that VZ does a lot better than VOD in the next year. VOD holders should have kept the VZ, had a party with the 30 pence of cash and then sold VOD.

  • mr_dinky_dot_bomb by mr_dinky_dot_bomb 21 hours ago Flag

    The Yahoo composite guesstimate is revenue up 4.5% to $126b resulting in EPS up from $2.88 in '13 to $3.55 this year -- the $.67 Operating EPS increase would be up 23%.

    The CEO comments about net post-paid adds being up 40% YTD thru 2/3 of Q3 were definitely intended to let investors know that VZ can compete with current competition. VZ has been holding its own with T for the last 20 years.

    The current $2.20/ $49 is a 4.5% yield.

    Glad to see the strength today. I guess the market consensus is that Yellen will stay the course. It will be interesting to see how high yields will go without the FED buying the lions share of Treasury securities.

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    Hello again $49

    by mr_dinky_dot_bomb Sep 11, 2014 2:07 PM
    mr_dinky_dot_bomb mr_dinky_dot_bomb 23 hours ago Flag

    bobcat sayz:

    "Last ride up no vol ... 10K share buy in next fall of 3 doll ...Nov lifts the price , to me it's always nice."

    You were talking about the penultimate ride then? because it's B*A*C*K to $49 bob.

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    Look at Mark Nielsen's purchase of 15,000 shares

    by fstout57 Sep 10, 2014 12:22 PM
    mr_dinky_dot_bomb mr_dinky_dot_bomb Sep 13, 2014 3:08 PM Flag

    " Then it occurred to me that I would find that information on insider trading and sure enough he is an officer in the company and was probably exercising options. Discussing insider purchases or sales is fruitless unless you see the CEO, CFO, COO, directors, president etc. starting to dump millions of shares."

    The comp for the CEO in the form of cash from exercised stock options/grants for insiders on the Yahoo page can be found by clicking on the name listed. If you click on the CEO you will find a history going back to Oct 2012 -- so about two years. If you total all the "acquisitions" it comes to 2,477,824 shares and "dispositions" the total is 1,311,598.

    That's a nice kicker. The way I would feel about her comp if it were my comp -- and that goes only for me -- is that I would feel unjustly enriched. I would also feel good. I follow FTR to keep tabs on FTR just to see how she's doing. I'm very jealous.

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    by stocksfm Aug 26, 2014 8:29 PM
    mr_dinky_dot_bomb mr_dinky_dot_bomb Sep 12, 2014 9:57 AM Flag

    I sold this morning at $91. saw a discussion on CNBC this morning that indicated that Treasury will try to do something about inversions. They will probably not be able to stop COV/MDT but it may be able to scare investors. I'll be looking for weakness to get back in COV.

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    Hello again $49

    by mr_dinky_dot_bomb Sep 11, 2014 2:07 PM
    mr_dinky_dot_bomb mr_dinky_dot_bomb Sep 12, 2014 8:26 AM Flag

    "Last ride up no vol ... 10K share buy in next fall of 3 doll ...Nov lifts the price , to me it's always nice."

    bob -- can you make this kind of call for other stocks? Or just VZ?

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    You betcha'...

    by bluesharp1976 Sep 11, 2014 4:35 PM
    mr_dinky_dot_bomb mr_dinky_dot_bomb Sep 11, 2014 4:53 PM Flag

    Well, it's Alaska and there was alcohol involved.

    I say let em be.

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    GDP growth says stocks are wildly overvalued

    by shortsp500 Sep 11, 2014 1:29 PM
    mr_dinky_dot_bomb mr_dinky_dot_bomb Sep 11, 2014 4:43 PM Flag

    Why does GDP growth indicate stocks are overvalued?

    A p/e of 16 implies about a 6.25% return on corporate net income. Many stocks are showing 10% earnings growth and paying 2%+

    The 10 yr Treasury is around 2.5%.

    Where to invest? A strong dollar will be tuff on multinationals like IBM -- it will pressure revenue. Europe is weak and a lower Euro will make exports do well.

    US domestic focused stocks and European exporters with big USA sales are two groups that should do well.

  • mr_dinky_dot_bomb by mr_dinky_dot_bomb Sep 11, 2014 2:07 PM Flag

    Glad to see you this time,
    The next dollar always merits a glass of wine,
    That's the end of this rhyme.

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    Would not be surprised if Gap up.

    by grngiant2910 Sep 9, 2014 3:34 PM
    mr_dinky_dot_bomb mr_dinky_dot_bomb Sep 9, 2014 3:36 PM Flag

    I got scared out at $100.50.

    Using a credit card is pretty easy.

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    Why such a high ROE?

    by jschmitz47 Sep 8, 2014 4:38 PM
    mr_dinky_dot_bomb mr_dinky_dot_bomb Sep 9, 2014 7:25 AM Flag

    "Now, if you take the 32 billions of yesteryear goodwill from the remaining 22 billions from the book of IBM, you left with a bankrupted company that worth nothing - without any change!."

    You have missed the boat.

    The acid test of value for any asset is the future net cash flows it will produce.

    There are many other going concerns with high levels of intangible assets -- AT&T and Verizon are examples. They also generate big cash flows.

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    Why such a high ROE?

    by jschmitz47 Sep 8, 2014 4:38 PM
    mr_dinky_dot_bomb mr_dinky_dot_bomb Sep 8, 2014 6:48 PM Flag

    "Does anyone know why such a large ROE for IBM?"

    It's the big $137b balance of the Treasury Stock account that is a contra entry in the Equity Section of IBM's Balance Sheet. IBM's stated equity reflects a reduction for the cost of the continual share buybacks.

    So the drastic difference in stated ROE is due to IBM's selection of the Treasury Stock Cost Method for its GAAP accounting selection. IBM's ROIC has been quite good reflected in the increasing Gross Margins, except for hardware.

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    by stocksfm Aug 26, 2014 8:29 PM
    mr_dinky_dot_bomb mr_dinky_dot_bomb Sep 8, 2014 11:47 AM Flag

    COV is up in the face of Schumer's plan. It's going to be a campaign issue. The probability of the Republicans losing the House is low so the probability of either of the two bills now introduced by Levin and now Schumer is also low.

    First I was sorry I didn't sell and buy back and now I'm sorry I didn't buy more. The combined company shares look good pro forma -- quite a medical supply/device powerhouse -- shrinking fixed overhead expenses -- the freedom to deploy MDT's cash in the US without paying reparation tax.

  • mr_dinky_dot_bomb mr_dinky_dot_bomb Sep 7, 2014 7:13 AM Flag

    " No one is buying it. And from the looks of it, no one has bought in the last 2 years!!!!"

    Only in your posts. Your posts are like Obama's speeches -- your words don't square with reality.

    Many well known investors are buying VZ -- Paulson & Buffett come to mind.

    It's sour grapes -- buy some harry and get on the gravy train.

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    by stocksfm Aug 26, 2014 8:29 PM
    mr_dinky_dot_bomb mr_dinky_dot_bomb Sep 4, 2014 10:04 AM Flag

    The shrinking deal discount seems to weight the deal probability higher than the "60%" that was published somehow by an analyst from some firm. The NYT thru the Dealbook column pushed the inversion aspect and helped pump Jack Lew's flip flop saying that Treasury was looking into restrictions after he first said there was nothing that Treasury could do. Now there is a bill in the Senate from Carl Levin. This issue will be a campaign line item along with minimum wage, immigration, Ferguson and ISIL.

    MDT did get Senator Al Franken to say that the deal sounded good for Minnesota -- because of the commitment for capital investment and jobs in Minneapolis over time. Also, big donor to Obama is advising on the deal.

    So it may only be a big deal in speeches.

  • mr_dinky_dot_bomb by mr_dinky_dot_bomb Aug 25, 2014 12:58 PM Flag

    I expect that telematics and other net of everything device connectivity to be earnings drivers for VZ and T. There are going to be new technologies, for example I expect VZ to offer an over-the-top video service based on the OnCue platform.

    The US revenue focused equities like VZ & T is where foreign capital is clearly flowing, examples of which were the two recent bids for some or all of TMUS from Japan & France. The idea of T acquiring VOD in my view is #$%$-backwards, In a strengthening economy all US telecom boats will rise so it's foreign money that wants to convert into dollar #$%$ets -- the USD is going to strengthen when the FED is at the tipping point of sending US rates on a positive trajectory. T is about to diversify with DTV and both T & VZ are selling broadband. I expect VZ to start offering an over-the-top video service based on the OnCue platform.

    So I have an outsize position in VZ -- the General Dwight D. Eisenhower of the financial soldiers defending and preserving my pile.

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    Dividend Should Be Raised in First Week of September

    by kqa920 Aug 22, 2014 10:35 AM
    mr_dinky_dot_bomb mr_dinky_dot_bomb Aug 24, 2014 5:52 PM Flag

    " divs are all about % of cash flow ,
    which should be increasing ... still early for a big bump ... my guess is that VZ wants the
    % of fcf to come down a lot ... at some point , capex will slow greatly and cash will
    build .. giving room for healthier increases"

    VZ already has a relatively low payout ratio - listed in Yahoo Key Stats of 45% compared to T at 54% (for comparison IBM is at a 25% payout rate. The footnote on Yahoo indicates you have to go to Morningstar to check on how they compute it.

    The dividend increase will probably be between $.06 and $.08. VZ does need to pay down debt which favors continuing the 1.5 cent per quarter and not 2 cents per Q -- the other side of the coin is that the VZW addition created a one-time shift up of income by 10% per share and that's a lot more than $.02 per share per year extra.

    VZ may need capex to increase telematics and more home services as the net of everything builds out.

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