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  • Marcelo's plan B?

    Wed, 07 Jan 2015 12:00:00 EST

    Sprint Closes on $2.1 Billion of Financing with Three New Vendor Financing Agreements and Existing Loan Expansion

    OVERLAND PARK, Kan. (BUSINESS WIRE), January 07, 2015 - Sprint Corporation (NYSE: S) announced today that it has signed three new vendor financing facilities totaling $1.8 billion to purchase 2.5 GHz network equipment and related services from key suppliers. Sprint also amended and expanded by $300 million its credit relationship with Export Development Canada (EDC) as well as amended the terms of its existing secured equipment credit facility.

    “These deals provide Sprint with greater flexibility and liquidity options as we focus on growing the business and investing in our network,” said Joe Euteneuer, Sprint’s Chief Financial Officer.

    The three new vendor financing agreements are:
    •A secured facility for up to $800 million from Nokia Networks maturing in June 2021. It is backed by credit insurance provided by Finnvera plc, the export credit agency of Finland.
    •A secured facility for up to $750 million from Samsung maturing in Dec. 2022. It is backed by credit insurance provided by the Korea Trade Insurance Corporation (Ksure), the export credit agency of Korea.
    •A secured facility for up to $250 million from ALU maturing in Dec. 2021. It is backed by credit insurance provided by Delcredere | Ducroire (D/D), the export credit agency of Belgium.

    Each of these three new facilities is guaranteed by both Sprint Corporation and Sprint Communications, Inc., and the respective equipment purchases will serve as collateral. Interest will be variable, consisting of 6-month LIBOR plus a spread, depending on the particular facility.

  • mr_whigglee mr_whigglee 12 hours ago Flag

    SoftBank's 34% stake in Alibaba must have some value ....will Mr Son consider that when Sprint's next stage funding decisions are made?

  • mr_whigglee mr_whigglee 12 hours ago Flag

    Marcelo's transformative momentum, Con't.

    Sprint hints at upcoming network densification strategy using 2.5 GHz spectrum
    May 5, 2015 | By Sue Marek
    Sprint (NYSE: S) CEO Marcelo Claure said that the company is finalizing plans for a massive densification of its network using the company's 2.5 GHz spectrum. Called the "Sprint Next Generation Network," the plan calls for a balance of small cells and macrocells and promises an improvement to both network speed and capacity.

    Speaking on the company's first-quarter earnings call with investors, Claure said that the company has issued a request for proposal from the industry's vendor community and is currently evaluating those proposals. Although he declined to reveal exactly how many small cells and macrocells Sprint is planning to add to its network, he said that the long-term plan will dramatically increase coverage and capacity and over time will include the deployment of Voice over LTE technology. He also said that the new Next Generation Network plan will produce potential cost savings compared to the company's prior Network Vision network modernization plan.

  • mr_whigglee mr_whigglee 12 hours ago Flag

    Sprint continues to innovate ....under Marcelo's leadership....

    @sprintbullagitateshaters. #cankissmyarse

  • mr_whigglee mr_whigglee 12 hours ago Flag

    DTV and Dish are competitors.... AT&T is buying DTV with the FCC alleged approval days away... How will Dish respond ? How will SoftBank and Sprint respond? is Comcast a reasonable venture for Mr Son to evaluate ?

  • The assumption is SoftBank and Mr Son have signed off on the next gen densification build and a capex budget must have been created from the business case presented by Claure and his team. It's certain, that Mr. son isn't going to just handoff billions of dollars to sprint. So,what are the lending options from Softbank to Sprint? Can Softbank make an offer to buy another 10% of Sprint? What the feds approve of a Japanese company owning 90% of American telecom? Or will Softbank go to the bond market? Or would a secondary offering be a option? With Sprint currently trading in the mid four dollar range, added dilution isn't going to fair well with Mr. market

  • mr_whigglee mr_whigglee Jul 3, 2015 6:32 PM Flag

    Wouldn't it be funny if Dan hesse reappeared as the new CEO of lightsquared.

  • Gotta hand it to LS, they stay in the fight ...

    LightSquared hires advisers to help overcome GPS industry concerns
    June 30, 2015 | By Phil Goldstein
    LightSquared has hired a wireless consultancy and other advisers and is angling to work with the GPS industry to resolve any concerns GPS device makers have over interference with LightSquared's spectrum, according to an FCC filing.

    On June 24, LightSquared CEO Doug Smith and former FCC Chairman Reed Hundt, who has been representing LightSquared since at least December 2014, met with Philip Verveer, counselor to FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler.

    Smith noted at the meeting that smartphones already have an engineering solution to ensure that "they can offer GPS and wireless broadband in the presence of the LightSquared signal" and also noted that "encouraging private investment in the 1500-1700 MHz band for wireless broadband furthers the goals of this Administration and Chairman Wheeler since that investment will make wireless broadband more affordable, will create new jobs, and will help make America the world leader in not just 4G but also 5G."

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    Claure calls out Legere with an expletive

    by greekmonster101 Jul 2, 2015 4:40 PM
    mr_whigglee mr_whigglee Jul 3, 2015 3:52 PM Flag

    Marcelo's got a handle on it, no problem with critics, but how serious could 'pickle slapper' really be....

    @marceloclaure: @PickleSlapper I try not to block people unless they start insulting. No problem with critics.

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    Claure calls out Legere with an expletive

    by greekmonster101 Jul 2, 2015 4:40 PM
    mr_whigglee mr_whigglee Jul 3, 2015 3:19 PM Flag

    Claure said publicly what many exec's feel privately about Legere..... Legere has officially been put on notice by Claure now .....' Your bullsheet won't stand up'...I'm watching your every move now....

    @sprintbullagitateshaters #kissmyas. s

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    Claure calls out Legere with an expletive

    by greekmonster101 Jul 2, 2015 4:40 PM
    mr_whigglee mr_whigglee Jul 3, 2015 1:51 PM Flag

    So Dr Phil, you agree then that Legere is the Howard Stern of Telecom. And Telecom per se, is a fairly conservative sector ...

    Watch the Language

    The ever-quotable and Tweetable CEO of T-Mobile, John Legere, was in town recently to meet with several policymakers at the FCC and up on Capitol Hill regarding the upcoming incentive auction for broadcasters’ spectrum. Politico reported that Legere said, “It #$%$ me off that those [rhymes with “bricks” -- we're a family blog, after all] are going to do whatever they can to push us out,” referring to AT&T and Verizon and his impression that the two companies are somehow attempting to block T-Mobile from participating in the auction.

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    Claure calls out Legere with an expletive

    by greekmonster101 Jul 2, 2015 4:40 PM
    mr_whigglee mr_whigglee Jul 3, 2015 12:51 PM Flag

    @sprintbullagitateshaters. #cankissmyas. s

    @marceloclaure: @JohnLegere mad? Never. Just calling it like I see it. I have too many great things happening to be mad. Great family and @sprint.Happy 4th

  • Buckingham Research? Folks are coming outta da' woodwork....

    BY Amilia Stone
    USA Broker Ratings 7-2-15
    Sprint Corp using SYMBOL code NYSE:S had its stock rating noted as ‘Coverage Initiated’ with the recommendation being set at ‘NEUTRAL’ today by analysts at Buckingham Research. Sprint Corp are listed in the Public Utilities sector within NYSE. Buckingham Research have set a target price of 5 USD on its stock. This would imply the analyst believes there is a potential upside of 10.4% from today’s opening price of 4.53 USD. Sprint Corp NYSE:S has a 50 day moving average of 4.83 USD and a 200 Day Moving Average share price is recorded at 5.01 USD. The 1 year high for the stock price is 8.68 USD while the 52 week low is 3.79 USD.

  • The Bolivian bandit, drunk ? Wow!

    Sprint’s CEO Claure Swears at Competitor – and the Carrier May Have the Cheapest Mobile Phone Among the Big Four

    NEW YORK (TheStreet) --When Sprint's (S) CEO Marcelo Claure swore at T-Mobile USA's (TMUS) CEO John Legere on Twitter last night, complaining about its competitor's #$%$" payment schemes, it could only mean two things: Claure tried an alternative method to remind investors of a new pricing plan announced two days ago that could drive Sprint's value proposition ahead of the other big four carriers, or Claure was typing on the Internet while drunk.

    @JohnLegere I am so tired of your Uncarrier #$%$ when you are worse than the other two carriers together. Your cheap misleading lease

    — MarceloClaure (@marceloclaure) July 2, 2015
    .@marceloclaure you mad bro?

    — John Legere (@JohnLegere) July 2, 2015
    Whatever Claure's reasons for swearing publicly to a fellow CEO, Sprint revealed a new payment plan on Monday that could give it the pricing edge over rivals T-Mobile, AT&T (T) and Verizon (VZ), said Michael Gikas, senior editor of Electronic Content Development at Consumer Reports. "The All-in payment plan is the cause of this. I've crunched the numbers, and Sprint comes out ahead."

    The marketplace among wireless carriers has become one with little differentiation, according to Gikas. As mobile phones improve, the devices become "generic" with no dramatic differences between them. Batteries last longer, screens are larger and all the carriers service all types of phones. Consumers for the most part lack a reason to change phones and move to another carrier.

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    Claure calls out Legere with an expletive

    by greekmonster101 Jul 2, 2015 4:40 PM
    mr_whigglee mr_whigglee Jul 2, 2015 8:40 PM Flag

    @sprintbullagitateshaters. #cankissmyarse

    @rpalberts: @JohnLegere @TMobile TMobile is the worst cell service out there. They're employees lie like hell!!!

  • @sprintbullagitateshaters. @marceloclaure. @sprintisinnovating

    Telecom Stock Roundup: AT&T - DIRECTV Deal Nears Close, Time Warner Cable Suffers Net Neutrality Blow- Analyst Blog
    Though most telecom stocks lost value over the last week, the sector witnessed a number of important events. Notable among the many developments is a recent Reuter report which stated that U.S. telecom behemoth, AT&T Inc. T is on the verge of attaining the U.S. regulatory approval for its proposed $48.5 billion takeover of DIRECTV DTV. In the meantime, AT&T has decided to invest $3 billion to expand high-speed mobile Internet network in Mexico.

    In a separate development, Time Warner Cable Inc. TWC has been dealt a blow as it is the first company facing charges of violating the new set of net neutrality rules adopted by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). On the other hand, Sprint Corp. S is leaving no stone unturned to intensify the wireless pricing war. The company recently introduced an unlimited text, talk and data plan for $80 in place of its current $70 scheme.

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    Claure calls out Legere with an expletive

    by greekmonster101 Jul 2, 2015 4:40 PM
    mr_whigglee mr_whigglee Jul 2, 2015 6:36 PM Flag

    @sprintbullagitateshaters. #cankissmyarse

    @rpalberts: @JohnLegere @TMobile TMobile is the worst cell service out there. They're employees lie like hell!!!

  • mr_whigglee mr_whigglee Jul 2, 2015 5:26 PM Flag

    Let's assume this deal goes through.... How or will Sprint react? How or will Dish react? Next week should be interesting ...

    The answer lies in the seismic shift in the way Americans are getting their entertainment and information: they are turning to high-speed broadband, while also cutting back or even eliminating pay TV services. While traditional pay TV – cable and satellite – is still a colossus, it’s one that is rapid and permanent decline as millions, especially young people, turn to internet-based options instead.

    In this context, the antitrust implications of the proposed mergers are very different. In the case of Comcast’s failed bid, the company sought to grab more than half of the country’s booming broadband market, which would not only have increased its monopoly footprint in various cities, but would have given it unprecedented clout over internet content providers. No wonder regulators were skittish.

  • Sprint continues to innovate ....under Marcelo's leadership....

    Mark Hando, Sprint

    Signage for the outside of the new, co-branded stores won't be finished until the end of… more

    So far so good on the Sprint at RadioShack stores— the official name for the co-branded stores — as the wireless carrier (NYSE: S) plans to roll out all 1,400-plus stores by the end of next week.

    Matt Gunter, Sprint Corp.'s vice president for channel operations, gave a rundown of what consumers can expect when the stores are opened. There are 12 in the Kansas City metro area, eight on the Missouri side and four in Kansas.

    The signage for the outside of the stores will arrive later this summer or fall. It wasn't until paperwork was signed earlier this week that it was clear whether the RadioShack name was going to be retained, or whether it would be auctioned off separately, Gunter said. He said Sprint is very pleased that the brand is sticking.
    These stores will have one to two Sprint employees — in addition to a few RadioShack employees — at any given point. It's not the same size and scale of Sprint's corporate stores, Gunter said, but customers will still be able to go in and receive the same customer services that they look for at corporate stores, like upgrading phones. Gunter said Sprint hired more than 3,500 employees for the stores, most of which are store associates, but also field management associates and a few new faces at corporate.

  • mr_whigglee mr_whigglee Jul 2, 2015 2:04 PM Flag

    Is Sprint innovating ?

    In terms of the Dixon partnership, over the next few months Sprint will work closely with Dixons Carphone's Connected World Services (CWS) division on a pilot program to build and operate about 20 new Sprint stores in select U.S. markets. Mellott declined to say which markets would get the news stores.

    These Sprint stores will operate similarly to the third-party retailers who operate Sprint-branded stores across the U.S. Sprint will own and staff the stores while CWS will manage them. CWS will also apply its expertise and best practices across all of Sprint's sales channels. Dixons Carphone formerly had a joint venture with Best Buy, and the company helped launch Best Buy Mobile. Best Buy exited the joint venture in 2013.

    If the pilot stores prove to be successful, Sprint and Dixons Carphone will launch their own joint venture to open and operate "a substantial number" of new Sprint-branded stores across the U.S. The two companies will equally fund the startup costs of the joint venture and each will initially have a 50 percent ownership interest. Mellott declined to say how quickly this might happen.

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