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  • Waiting to be utilized...... John, listen in on 8-4-15....Marcelo heard you....

    "When you massively densify any network, the result that you get when you have so much spectrum is spectacular," Claure said. He described it as a longer-term strategy for Sprint, but said the carrier has started in some places where its network is now better than AT&T Inc. (NYSE: T)'s LTE network.

    Claure didn't delve into a budget for Next-Generation Network or how it's different from Network Vision, Spark or any previous network improvement plan from the carrier, but he did say that SoftBank Corp. CEO Masayoshi Son is fully on board with this densification plan. (See SoftBank Man Joins Sprint as Technical COO and Sprint Sparks to Reduce Churn, Save Unlimited.)

    Sprint is also eager to participate in the 600MHz auction, which he called a "once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to acquire low-band spectrum," but Claure said that Sprint has to make sure the rules are fair to smaller carriers.

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    Gm, how would you think mr market will respond if Sprint is a recipient of this funding? Remember $2 dolla moffett on CNBC a few weeks ago ? His comments about Sprints dire funding position started the sell off of shares that continue thru today ..

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    by enjoytodave Jul 29, 2015 2:03 AM
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    Really knows little on this...assumes multiple IDs while pretending to know .....

    spectrum un-educated.....after reading your posts of late, I believe you really don't know much about sprints guess and speculate....

  • Will sprint surprise....?
    Sprint Corporation S is set to report its first-quarter fiscal 2015 financial numbers before the opening bell on Aug 4.

    Last quarter, the company posted a 50% negative earnings surprise. Let’s see how Sprint is positioned prior to the fiscal first-quarter’s announcement.

    Why a Likely Positive Surprise?

    Our proven model shows that Sprint is likely to beat earnings because it has the perfect combination of two key ingredients.

    Zacks ESP: Earnings ESP for Sprint stands at +25.0%. This is because the Most Accurate estimate is pegged at a loss of 6 cents while the Zacks Consensus Estimate stands at a loss of 8 cents. A favorable Zacks ESP serves as a meaningful and leading indicator of a likely positive earnings surprise.

    Zacks Rank: Sprint currently carries a Zacks Rank #3 (Hold). Note that stocks with Zacks Rank #1, #2 or #3 have a significantly higher chance of beating earnings. Conversely, the Sell-rated stocks (Zacks Rank #4 or 5) should never be considered going into an earnings announcement.

    The combination of Sprint’s Zacks Rank #3 and +25.0% ESP makes us reasonably confident of an earnings beat.

    What is Driving the Better-than-Expected Earnings?

    We expect Sprint to report better-than-expected earnings backed by the company’s relentless focus on reviving its customer base after a prolonged period of high customer churn. In order to check churn and gain customers from other industry players, Sprint is introducing new plans with higher data provision.

    Also, toward this objective, Sprint has extended its existing Slash Your Payment in Half promotional policy to its prepaid wireless subsidiary – Boost Mobile. Further, Boost Mobile has decided to reduce the phone bills of T-Mobile’s MetroPCS and AT&T’s Cricket customers by 50%, if they switch to its service. Such a promotional strategy will likely help the company add customers and boost revenues.

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    Think out of the box for once.. It has nothing to do with sprint SELLING 2.5....

  • Like a sharp stick in the eye ...

    Study Confirms: Cellphone Radiation Can Cause Cancer
    ADMIN JULY 31, 2015 0
    The scientists were right — your cell phone can give you cancer.

    There have long been whispers of a cancer connection from your cell — and a new study backs up the claims.

    “These data are a clear sign of the real risks this kind of radiation poses for human health,” study author Igor Yakymenko said.

    Yakymenko’s meta-study — basically a study of hundreds of other studies — reveals many findings of previous researchers into how radiofrequency from your phone can damage DNA.

    That damage can add up over time and cause a variety of health problems, like cancer, headaches, fatigue and even skin problems.

    For example, using your phone for just 20 minutes a day for five years increased the risk of one type of brain tumor threefold, and using the phone an hour a day for four years upped the risk of some tumors three to five times, Yakymenko said.

    But even though the risk of brain and related cancers is low — in 2012, there were 6.4 cases per 100,000 U.S. adults — Yakymenko says we should be on alert because ailments can take up to 30 years to develop.

    “(Our) data were obtained on adults who used cell phones mostly up to 10 years as adults,” he said. “The situation can dramatically differ for children who use cells phone in childhood, when their biology much more sensitive to hazardous factors, and will use it over the life.”

    To minimize your risk, use your phone less and go hands-free to keep the frequency away from your head, Yakymenko said.

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    So fraudster... New ID days away from earnings..... And a cloned alias.... Nothing original about you... But thanks for the basing disguise as a community service..

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    so fraudster, your making a public service announcement for the good of the community, all in the disguise of bashing ? wow...

    numnuts writes;
    You're right, it isn't my money. But if I can discourage good people from making a huge mistake

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    herr fife....why would the analysts bring it up at all if it wasn't a viable option....and.all Verizon would have to say is 'we have no need or nor any market for 2.5 closed.......

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    new ID days before!

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    more on tmus earnings.....

    T-Mobile said total decommissioning costs for CDMA network shutdowns were $34 million in the second quarter of 2015, compared to $128 million in total decommissioning costs in the first quarter. Typically, there is a lag of approximately three to six months between network shutdown and the recognition of decommissioning costs and realization of synergies. The company expects to incur additional network decommissioning costs of $350 to $450 million, with substantially all the costs to be recognized through the rest of 2015.

    Churn: Branded postpaid phone churn was 1.32 percent in the second quarter, down from 1.48 percent in the year-ago period and up slightly from 1.30 percent in the first quarter.

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    July 21
    Verizon (NYSE: VZ)
    Verizon Wireless edged out T-Mobile US in terms of postpaid subscriber additions in the second quarter, but relied far more heavily on adding tablet customers to do so. Despite losing feature phone and prepaid customers in the period, Verizon said it remains happy with its mix of customers.

  • why even bring it up.....
    July 29, 2015 | By Phil Goldstein

    Verizon (NYSE: VZ) considers Sprint's (NYSE: S) 2.5 GHz airwaves something that could fit into its spectrum portfolio, but has not made any moves to look into buying that spectrum, according to a report from J.P. Morgan analyst Philip Cusick.

    In a research note following a meeting yesterday with Verizon Communications CEO Lowell McAdam, Cusick wrote that "Sprint's 2.5 GHz spectrum is an option, but no discussions have taken place." Sprint controls around 120 MHz of 2.5 GHz on average in 90 of the top 100 markets and is using that spectrum for additional LTE network capacity, including via carrier aggregation.

    A Verizon spokeswoman did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

    In February, former Verizon CTO Tony Melone said on a call with financial analysts that regarding 2.5 GHz spectrum, "provided the spectrum is a fairly common industry band and we have significant enough spectrum where we can deploy it fairly ubiquitous, it's certainly a spectrum that we would consider,"

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    Kudo's to Tmus and John Legere.....

    by mr_whigglee Jul 30, 2015 10:00 AM
    mr_whigglee mr_whigglee 19 hours ago Flag

    a day after earnings and mr market is still swooning......

    T-Mobile US, Inc. (TMUS) -NYSE  Watchlist

    41.01 Up 2.15(5.53%) 10:38AM EDT - NYSE Real Time Price

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    new id...just days before!

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  • mr_whigglee mr_whigglee Jul 30, 2015 9:52 PM Flag

    Some numbers from the AT&T and Verizon earnings.

    Of AT&T’s 2.1 million additions, 1.4 million were Internet-of-things connections, mainly supplying the links to automakers GM, Audi and Tesla’s telematics systems. Meanwhile Ma Bell actually lost 410,000 postpaid phone subscribers in the quarter (many of whom likely wound up at T-Mobile). Verizon grew its postpaid phone ranks by 321,000, but most of its success throughout the quarter came from connecting tablets, not phones.

  • mr_whigglee mr_whigglee Jul 30, 2015 9:49 PM Flag

    T-Mobile breakdown of subs.

    While 2.1 million net subscriber additions is certainly impressive, not all mobile subscriptions are created equally, though. If you break down T-Mobile’s numbers we see a 886,000 wholesale connections from virtual carriers like Ultra Mobile and Google’s Project Fi that buy network capacity from T-Mobile at much lower rates than a retail customer would pay. Of its 1.86 million retail net additions, 178,000 were MetroPCS prepaid subscribers as well as 248,000 tablet and data modem connections, two categories that trend toward the lower end of the spending spectrum.

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    Sprint (S) technical analysis and general outlook

    by teamrep Jul 3, 2015 8:50 AM
    mr_whigglee mr_whigglee Jul 30, 2015 9:45 PM Flag

    Here's how the professionals are looking at it

    2 Trades for Sprint Stock
    Call Spread: With little room for potential losses outside of expectations, and plenty of room to run higher should second-quarter growth come in better than expected, a contrarian play on Sprint stock looks rather appealing. Those looking to take a risk and bet against the grain might want to consider a monthly Aug $3.50/$4 bull call spread. At last check, this spread was offered at 11 cents, or $11 per pair of contracts. Breakeven lies at $3.61, while a maximum profit of 39 cents, or $39 per pair of contracts, is possible if Sprint stock closes at or above $4 when August options expire.

    Put Sell: If you’re not confident in taking a contrarian stance, but don’t like the returns on a put spread, then a weekly Aug 7 series $3 put sell may be what you are looking for. At last check, the Aug 7 $3 put was bid at 8 cents, or $8 per contract.

    The upside to this put sell strategy is that you keep the premium as long as Sprint stock closes above $3 when August options expire at the end of next week. The downside is that should S trade below $3 ahead of expiration, you could be assigned 100 shares for each sold put at a cost of $3 per share.

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    How will sprint deal with the Internet of things?
    Still, T-Mobile’s weaknesses stood out right alongside its strengths. While those Internet-of-things and tablet connections may not bring in the same revenue as smartphone plans, they’re also big growth areas, which Verizon and AT&T are taking full advantage of while T-Mobile scraps it out for phone subscribers. On tablets, in particular, T-Mobile has failed to make any sizable dent in the market, and it actually shed Internet-of-things connections in Q2.

  • It's apparent from this media report that Sprint has learned a few lessons from the last national rip and replace project.. Sprint sure does have a lot of 2.5 spectrum to use!
    "Within our footprint, what we'll do is make sure that we deliver a consistent and reliable experience," he said. "As we look at densification, it's not simply about building for capacity." Sprint can achieve that with its 2.5 GHz spectrum on its own, he said. The goal is to make sure data speeds and performance are increased throughout the network, he added.

    Sprint is looking at traditional network equipment vendors, Bye said, as well as "what we consider disruptive players" that bring a "new thinking about how to architect networks." Bye said Sprint will be "measured and pragmatic" in how it chooses its vendors going forward.

    The Network Vision plan, which used gear from Alcatel-Lucent (NYSE: ALU), Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC) and Samsung, "created a disruption to the customer experience. I can assure that going forward that memory stays with us, and as we do this evolution of our network and densification of the network, we will be pragmatic [and] deliberate."

    Sprint plans to spend $5 billion on capital expenditures in 2015 and Claure said that much of that will go toward the company's improvements to its 2.5 GHz TD-LTE network. He added that the company also has $1.4 billion available from vendor financing for its 2.5 GHz network gear to use toward the improvements.

    Claure also touted the company's improvements to its 800 MHz LTE network, noting that the 800 MHz LTE network will be complete by year-end where rebanding is complete. He also noted that with the expansion of its 800 MHz and 2.5 GHz LTE networks, Sprint's LTE coverage now covers 280 million POPs.

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