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  • mrbigge2001 mrbigge2001 Dec 19, 2014 4:18 PM Flag

    Who in the hell knows or cares about Pacific Crest. What do they do make Tooth Paste???????????Support levels for VISA at: $252/$248/$243/ $235/ $228/ $218.......................................

  • All the BIG MONEY is going into oil. Betting oil will go up. Hate to be a party pooper but, Visa has a Very high EPS & has risen from $98.00 to $265.00 in 2 months. Visa has lowered its Earnings from $2.54 to $2.49 this past week for the next earnings 1/4 with no press release. I don't think everyone will be running to the Airport for a ticket with VISA to Cuba. Great we can buy Cuban cigars now, but I could already get them . You might want to consider this "CHRISTMAS RALLY" just that.The S&P has VISA as a HOLD. This Market is 'VERY VOLATILE' & VISA is a highly VOLATILE STOCK. The DOW has gone down from 18,000 to 17,000 in a week & now this XMAS RALLY. Call me a 'CONTRARIAN' but when everyone is yelling "BUY" it may be time to take some money off the table.75% think VISA will go down next week.We shall see...............? VISA & ALI BABA have held the market up.MY home is surrounded by 3 MALLS & I have been here 25 years & have never seen the traffic so slow this time of year. SONY has just lost 44 MILLION because they have canceled the NORTH KOREAN MOVIE they had planned for a XMAS release because North Korea hacked into their computers where they keep their movie archives. Russia has been testing our borders with their BEAR BOMBERS that carry Nuclear Weapons. Not to mention another Boing 777 disappearing after take off from Malayasia and not one piece every being found.Three U.S.A. TOP NUCLEAR EXPERTS WERE ON BOARD. Shooting down another PASSENGER PLANE in UKRAINE and killing everyone on board . Two Middle Eastern men with PHONY PASSPORTS BOARDED THE FIRST PLANE IN MALAYSIA with one way tickets bought at the last minute by another man.DO you think the SANCTIONS AGAINST IRAN & RUSSIA ARE WORKING.????????? Where do you think they will strike next ?????? U.S.A. MAYBE ?????????

  • This will effect all of Europe and the USA & VISA.. The Feds meet today and tomorrow. We have not seen the last of this problem. Taliban kill 128 and wound many more children in school in Pakistan. New York on ALERT ! Looking for soft targets. BEWARE !!!!

  • The DOW is riding Visa like a wave. The problem is the wave must end. The last two Mays the buyers did not go away. Rick Santorini said the other day the bets are off for November. We will get a pull back. Stocks with PE's of 30-50 are candidates for a crash. Those are the ones to watch like a hawk. Time will tell. Today we have no reason to Rally . The republicans won . So what we still have an 18 TRILLION DOLLAR DEBT.

  • It is a good article. It is FREE. Now do you have the guts to SHORT? We Are 18 TRILLION IN DEBT !!!!! Think about it. We were in the BLACK when Clinton left the white house. From positive to 18 TRILLION IN DEBT ! Read all of Michael's reasons to SHORT NOW.... If it doesn't make sense to you maybe you should be in CASH. Millionaires were made by shorting the 1929 CRASH. The other thing is - JUST ONE LARGE TERRORIST ATTACK AND there goes all your money. It has been so QUIET it is EERIE . The threat has been made to the U.S.A. Even the CIA is posting warnings about the U.S. STOCK MARKET. We have never even been close to this much debt. I don't think we will be as censored as when the Democrats held the House. I think we are very vulnerable right now. It will take a while to build up our military to where it was before. They are already talking about it on the news. Almost 80% of the people polled said "THEY ARE WORRIED ABOUT A TERRORIST ATTACK FROM ISIS AS THEIR #1 WORRY. #2 THE ECONOMY.....Remember "HE WHO LAUGHS LAST, LAUGHS THE LOUDEST...... After you read the 'MARKET WATCH' article by Michael Sincere please let me know what you think. What better way to get rid of 18 TRILLION DOLLARS IN DEBT??? When we were in debt to the Japanese we sold them all our REAL ESTATE and then pulled the carpet out from under them. They were selling HOTEL ROOMS as CONDO's. After it was over, HOTEL'S TRIED TO BUY THEM BACK... Many of the Rooms (CONDO"S) are still privately owned in Hawaii at all the Major Hotels. You could have bought them for pennies on the dollar during the real Estate bust a few years ago. Donald Trump bought up a beautiful piece of land across from the Haleikalani Hotel, One of the finest Hotels in Waikiki.

  • until Wednesday after Elections. Warren Buffet The CIA and all the oldies on WALL ST. say "WE MUST have a PULL- BACK" . All the POLLS said last month when we started this crazy rally- $28.00 for Visa in two days that the most important thing to the public was the ECONOMY ! WALLA !!!! We have a HUGE RALLY... Brought to you by the DEMOCRATS. I think this ELECTION is getting more & more DIRTY ! There is no end to what they can & will do in? Heaven help us if there are any 'RECOUNTS'. That means this Election could last until next year. They say November !! . Do you know what that would do to the market ? Even without the RECOUNT Warren Buffett and the CIA and others say we are in for a 50-60% PULL- BACK !! What are we headed for ??? I hear the sound of TRILLIONS of dollars that we don't have going away. I heard many of the new jobs that are being added are out of the U.S.A. - Apples new plant is opening next year is in INDIA .10,000 new jobs. Now why could we not offer APPLE a tax break to stay hear in the U.S.A. ? Keep those jobs here at home in the U.S.A. !!!! 10,000 new 'STARBUCKS ' opening in CHINA and on & on it goes. Well those are the facts and the news. Take it as you please. Good Luck.

  • There are so many other Companies like Google that have tried this PAY SYSTEM and FAILED , WHY should APPLE PAY WORK?????????

  • To come out with a Card from China where it says Visa or Master Card the new Chinese card will say CHINA CARD as Russia is no longer accepting Visa & Master. Everyone knows we have SANCTIONS against Russia which is why Putin keeps threatening The U.S.A. & NATO AIR SPACE with his BOMBERS. Now today they say China is easing on our card use in China??? Also The W.H.O. World Health Organization said as of yesterday there will be 1,600.000 cases of EBOLA by January? Today when we can't bring patients from the EBOLA infected areas they say EBOLA is going away . I keep hearing some of the old guys like myself saying we will test the BOTTOM AGAIN? The younger guys say BUY on the DIPS & SELL on the Peaks? I ask you? Where is this MARKET GOING? Can anyone tell me? How is all this going to Effect the Market. Honestly..........

  • Visa is not the only card you can put on your i 6 Phone. It di not work before ,why should it work now. It just keeps APPLE in the NEWS ! AMERICAN EXPRESS missed earnings on the 16th .Why do you think VISA will Beat or even Meet the Street on their earnings. On the 29th. It will come tumbling DOWN when earnings are released. Did VISA think by moving the earnings release date up until the 29th that Apple pay would help their earnings? I don't think so. So buy now pay later on the 29th. You don't have long to get out before it starts downward .

  • You have to have the apps, You can only use one card at a time in your i phone 6, you take a picture of your credit card with your i phone 6 and they scan it at one of the 200,000 stores that take it in the USA. What a great idea . I wonder how many geniuses it took to think up this idea? It will definitely increase Earnings-NOT ! Makes me want to buy as much VISA stock as I can LONG ! I'm sure tomorrow the stock will go through the roof. NOT ! Laugh all you want about EBOLA . In Dallas this weekend they are worried about the Football game at the stadium. Oh, and lets send some more National Guard over to Africa. That's why they call them 'NATIONAL GUARD". Oh, the girl at South Western college in San Diego did fly with the nurse who has EBOLA on the same plane. She and people she came in contact with are under Quarantine ! Wait until these National Guard start coming back to USA with EBOLA . CNN had a special on tonight and they said the incubation period may be longer than 21 days ! 30 COUNTRIES have stopped flights coming from the 'HOT' Zones in Africa.They also had a case of EBOLA in NIGERIA Today. If you don't think this EBOLA is going to Effect the Stock Market - THINK AGAIN !!!! They said at the Congressional oversight sub-committe Hearing Today on EBOLA We need to stop all Commercial Airlines from coming to the USA from the 'HOT ZONE'. That won't work as you can fly to a dozen Countries and then come to the USA. Soon it will be in SOUTH AMERICA and MEXICO. You have not seen anything yet !!! No one wants to use the Hospital in Texas where More than a hundred people came in contact with Ebola patients and Medical Personal. Soon it will be in Washington D.C. & New York and YOUR TOWN.Tonight they said it is AIR BORNE if you are close enough to someone with Ebola. I have been a Stock Broker for over 20 years and am now retired . You decide to do in the Market. VISA has been a great trading stock.When it's not I'll move on to some others.

  • A new case of EBOLA has been discovered in San Diego California. In CHULA VISTA . KUSI NEWS JUST REPORTED !!!! 10:58 AM pacific Time.

  • This a World wide Epidemic. With no cure. The people that have lived have terrible side effects. It is AIR BORNE if someone coughs on food or in close contact. The Feds just said this is a World wide Epedemic.


  • WE are over due for a 10% CORRECTION ....!!!!!!!!!

  • VISA WAS UP TO $209.57 EARLIER TODAY. We have had a 20% correction already. Stocks may start up at the end of trading today or else it will be Monday.

  • You must not have watched the interview with Carl Icahn yesterday....................

  • If you Can buy Visa tomorrow at $207-$208 Buy it and hold it until the first Quarter earnings Of $254.00 or more . You should make between $20-$50 dollars on that trade per share.That's 25% In a few months. 'Bitcoin' is HISTORY! The Cartels and Child Porno and every other illegal activity is being paid for with 'BITCOIN'. It is not traceable.The price of 'BITCOIN' is falling and The bureaucracy will take down 'BITCOIN' so fast you will not know it or see it. 'BITCOIN' is a good stock to short now but, it's better to stay away from it completely. It is bad news . Maybe Bankruptcy in the forecast .BUY VISA now while it is down !! "You can never catch a falling Knife", any stock right on the Top or Bottom but this is as close to a bottom as you can get. It may drop a few dollars after 3rd. Quarter earnings but, not to worry. Be patient. For FIRST QUARTER EARNINGS in Feb. 2015 and take the dividend in the fourth Quarter of 2014 and HUGE EARNINGS in the First Quarter 2015. Then it's no where but up.!!!!!! For the next three quarters of 2015. VISA HAS CASH ! = 2-4 banger!!!!!!! THE VISA AFICIOANATO..... From one who knows. CIAO.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • When it goes up like yesterday BUY LONG in the morning . When you see it falling like today SHORT VISA. Visa is a great day trading stock.These chances don't come along very often. I can tell you after 25 years of trading. That's unless you want to just sit there and make a few percent on your money and if you are not day trading as i am .Oh ! I payed my dues paying all those commissions to brokers when I first started out but, then you say what the heck am I doing when I could be selling and buying myself for $9.99 a trade or less.......... My brokers were making more money than me !!! Breaking the law an calling me at 4:30 am Monday through Friday. Live & Learn..... Visa has had it's price target lowered but, what does it matter unless you are sleeping.
    God luck to all of my day trading friends. There is no reason you cant make a WHOLE lot of money each year. And what you lose you can Write off $3,000 a year on your taxes as a loss on sch.D & carry it over to the next year. It's one of the few things you can still write off. I hope you don't have to do that though !!!! Be one of those guys on Wall st. making a million or more dollars a year. I don't play the puts & call Options but, more power to you if you are successful at it. I just don't like to gamble anymore. I hope you all make lots of money #$%$

  • AFRICAN ECONOMY HITS BOTTOM !! BILLIONS OF DOLLARS LOST! ISIS TAKES KOBANI on Turkish Border!!! Turks will not fight !!! USA IS ON ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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