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msolofl 15 posts  |  Last Activity: 14 hours ago Member since: Aug 18, 2011
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  • company is dead, management brain dead, stock well its DEAD

  • Go get some sales

  • 24 months and there is nothing that shows any level of " excitement or growth", why dont you tell us how we have nothing.. Tell us the FOLLOW UP of anything the company has done, direction , sales forecast..
    What about sales from the agreements signed or distributorship..

    All you do is hide, and hide, and hide.. Why dont you just hand the reigns to someone that tells the truth to shareholders. We dont have a shareholder letter, Its an Idiots letter.. You think we stupid.
    ITs You..

  • there seasoned with fraud, lies, stories, fabrications, misleading, and the SEC allows small companies the ability to
    do this.. This executive / loser should be dis-allowed to run a public company and deemed reckless to investor communities..Every single employee, or company " out sourced' TEMP EMPLOYEE HAS NO COMMENT !!
    Why? They all lie...We are a " full hiding company"...( COWARDS) in one word,,

  • We are projecting that the level of truth could start and reach record levels, we at Novus are committed to bringing the best possible stories, lies, and fabrication we can dream up. We will be eager to report again NO sales , but will always get you excited with levels of lying that will exceed other CEO.s. We deliver nothing, but can act like we are about to..Thats called BS... Just look at the Scoreboard.. ( nothing)... Its amazing with our news releases, nothing ever happens. Shareholder value is also nothing, but were seasoned wall street executives..

  • No follow up on anything..seasoned wall street people would have sales.. All the products, no company feed back,
    Penny stock fraud at its best.. We just signed an agreement with this company and as the CEO this translates into nothing... Loser CEO, he even LIES to himself..

  • 395.00 2 day course , but send the money in advance and you'll get a 20% discount..

    We are going to teach you how to lie, cheat, steal, fabricate, and keep a straight face. we are seasoned wall street
    executives.. We build shareholder value.. We also show you how to make , mislead, and an fail to deliver on anything you say..( You will become a liar like NDEV - Novus develops liars..

  • Just look at the scoreboard.!!!!. Wins vs losses No projections on sales, product sales, nothing.
    Isnt that responsible...

  • criminal activity in the shares of Novus developement. They did not tell the truth .. you hurt investors as the SEC does nothing..

  • the building, liars do that .. they have a story, they have a group that team up and manipulate a stock, and keep hurting people as they do what. you got it. Profit from there Lies.. They cant work as honest people thats why they go after honest people.. There LOSERS.. They need to rip others off..They are the weak ones.

    My retirement money is all gone , that was a result of the Liars that ripped me off. I can NO LONGER ENJOY what I worked for. Franks and all his loser buddies that profited with blood money my blood of 32 years at my job.
    There is nothing left when i wake up in the morning.. The house will have to be sold now also..
    Burn in hell Frank and Andrea .. My retirement money is all gone because you lied about the condition of the company an expansion as I held on. The MONEY you got will be cursed and bad luck will seek you out.
    You hurt people and spent the money because your a Drunk, partyong , Liar, NARCISSIST.. yOU HAVE NO CONSCIENCE... DO you hear me, the Karma willl catch up to you... All my retirement money of 32 years is gone. Isnt that funny.. You ruined my life..

  • go to and light up financial statements. 11k in revenue is lower than anything they projected. The click through rate, .... What now..?

    2 cents , 1,8 , 1.6 1.4

  • NDEV- also know as the company that does not tell the truth, misleads shareholders and the public on everything, will host a Lie -a-thon.. Top liars in the world will show you the best way to manipulate your own shareholders, ruin chances of further investment, lack of capital raised because nobody trust you,
    ******Forward looking statements away to legal ruin someone.. Novus has no sales, and keeps expanding..

  • Why would NDEV do something like this, and not include any revenue guidance. This guy is Brain dead, and Brandquest was not a medical company. There no seasoned wall street people or Medical professionals.
    There Liars... They have no Revenue, this is Humorous... This guy should have been benched for a quality quarterback.
    I dont want to be 0-16 or 1-15 season.. Bench the Idiot now !!!

  • SEC, this is clearly taking too long.. This company violated SECURITIES Laws and Mislead public..
    Frank give me my 207.000 , I would like all of it back.. Andrea you guys owe me the money. You lied...

    Misled public as to the actual validity of any expansion or increase in sales.. You lied,, plain an simple..You LIED.
    Go write me a check... I would like all my retirement money back.. You LIE to people , you are not a responsible executive you are Reckless...You owe me the money

  • With all the expansion, 16k in ( probably phantom revenue ) , and now Sept 1 no Q2....
    " we have expanded again!!! we have expanded again , we have expanded again. we have expanded again..
    Im less depressed now my $207.000 ( nest egg) was worth 1100.00 now Im back to 1287.00.. Let me say month over month " NDEV logic That would be an increases of over 7%..We anticipate you 207.00 will be wortha at least 1633.00 soon... a life time of savings worth less because a guy named Frank Labrozzi kept Mislead the public.. This was all lies.. Now lie in your bed and have the public watch as your LIEs unravel.

    Misled- we expanded again, stock down, we expanded again, stock down, we are all liars at novus..
    Hi Andrea, thanks you and your Pal at the control ran all my income and retirement into dust..
    I am now 60 years and cannot ever retire now.. THANKS !!! ( You like money, Greed do ya,,,,???

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