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  • I feel the company is in position to add revenues and the 6 cent bid is opportunity to do some
    ""SCOOPAGE DUDE"".. I brought my average way down, after being Wrong on my other buys with the timing. Who knew as uncertainty is present. DCA dollar cost averaging can sometime bail you out....

    I added more stock today, and was waiting as I can Go hard at any time.. Novus has kept us in the dark, and needs to improve as they know more.. I guess we all will be Winning one day on NDEV.. BUY !!!!!!!!!
    * This is what can happen.. The float at 14 million, could be stretched at any time. the bid ask could get FAT at any time.. We dont have 100 million as these other hyped 1 cent MMJ growers, distributors do.
    6 cents with 14miliion on the float.. If someone decides there ready to " light the fuse".. Well Illl let you fill in the blank... You will see volume start up, fatter bids, and the public will be late as we have all followed this to all the ups and downs. We will be ready at the low level.. DCA.. it could happen.. Supply and demand..
    Demand with a small Float... You know the rest !!!!! BUY !!!!!

  • If I was novus, I would would hire a Veteran to get a call list and pitch the VETS.
    Put on website, our veternas use the novus medplan a picture or an American Flag, a veteran that served, and
    a guy who could used supplemental income. ..
    In some capacity is my point.- An Impact from the VETs .. Someway , somehow..

  • The chart knows what is going on.. Charts no matter what noise you here will clarify what is really the TRUTH.
    NDEV, needs revenue...........

  • Frank Librozzi, Im losing tons of money dude.. Will you be in business in 6 months ?

  • will be an opportunity down on the ocean floor here. Were will this level off after the MMs leave it alone.
    " you will know in 2 weeks,," IMO this has to turn or stay at a range here.
    The company is at least generating some rev to start 3-31-15 with a full quarter now and building.
    This appears to be an opp to average down shares, and hopefully watch this company grow..

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    " Msolofl " - Stop claiming

    by dougifresh123 May 14, 2015 2:43 PM
    msolofl msolofl May 15, 2015 10:36 AM Flag

    Go to google, type ndev stock and then go down to find otc with franks number and the word white pages on the left. click that one. page loads ... look for financial disclosure. there is the year end 2014 and mach 31 15
    I was never able to speak to frank, and I rode the stock down only to find out there not generating sale yet.
    so I have a 204k loss because I could not get an IR person on the phone..

  • We have revenues of under 20,000 and at least some " paper work" on the company.
    Your " loving market makers" are helping aging with the shareholder value. we went down to .6 and 1/2 cents
    on wednesday. remember if the mms are selling stock for there own account they will ruin the stock price and keep driving down the price looking for your stop orders, and to trigger people thinking its cheap.

    they will keep driving it down to CATER to the NITE organization. NDEV is in control by the MMS.
    The compnay could trade at 1 penny again 1,2,3,4,5 in was 6.5 yesterday. You loved it at 17cents then 12, then 10... when will it stop. The SEC is doing what... NOTHING !!

  • When they don't tell you anything, that's telling something..
    * How much cash does our company have
    * who owns stock in the company
    * what kind of revenues do we have
    * will we need financing
    * why does your IR ( investor relations not want to assist shareholder with questions or concerns
    * Is the current management Qualified to effectively move us forward
    * Will the name change to" not" reflect a public shell or reverse merger expected to occur
    * Does management tell the truth to shareholders
    * why is the President ( silent) Andrea lopez.. El presidente no Speaky...
    * Is the company a GOING CONCERN NOW ????????????????????

  • The MMS implanted fear , unfair trading practices, and the public realizes the stock
    will be taken down more. " This is what MMs do next, suck you in thinking stock leveled off, you buy,
    and down the stock goes. ( This stock will be taken down past the 7.5 cent mark by next week.

    There is a DECREASE in shareholder base now of 1630 holders, its much less now. MMs have ruined the confidence in Novus. The only people trading it.. Sorry CROSS TRADING is the Market makers,
    " we at Novus are building shareholder value... No the MMS screwed that up.. Were all selling the stock.

    No If you need to raise capital, you can dillute the #$%$ out of the stock at the wonderful low price. You cancel 90
    million and the stock is headed to 5 cents. Good job !!

  • They are hurting the public, violating many securities laws, and RICO.
    They have been manipulating the stock all month, and more.
    This is CLEAR.. Do YOUR JOB SEC !!! HEY SEC do your Job !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The company"" needed to get exposure"", revenues, and start the process, change to OTCQB,
    and communicate better to shareholders. Today's announcement is a very good step for shareholders.
    Good !!! (IMO) the market makers have driven down the stock widened a loss for all of us, and I have no other choice but to average down as the development stage gets smacked around like a"" ping pong ball."""

    * MM's ( market makers again) this morning signal back and forth as they manipulate the price.
    40.000 shares again this morning. Signal back and forth. 300 , 333, 100.. I saw and can understand
    that the SEC is there to provide what..????.. -Hot brewed coffee in the Federal building, sit around and have pastry or doughnuts, wear a ID Security and Exchange Stock Enforcement Officer.. I see the stock of Novus medical group ( NDEV) being Manipulated any time they want.. How nice !!!

  • This is the market makers, driving the stock down looking for sell orders on the way down like- Yes... You got it
    """"PAC-MAN"" Isnt that a law.. CLEAR STOCK MANIPULATION...SEC... WHO... What will they do??
    NOTHING !!!!

  • You see the manipulation, there are laws, they keep driving down our stock. its 10 cents now,,

  • Including myself. " we feel the Market makers have driven down the price of Novus development ( ndev),
    rigged bid and ask prices and spreads. yesterday. 4-22-15. .125 bid ask .174 this is clearly stock manipulation and driving down the price. ( this is true ) This hurts shareholders, and violates the SEC laws..

    I sent in a complaint , and will hire a lawyer and go after the MMS and Novus

  • 5 shareholders I speak to have not had anyone contact them back after we had questions and concerns.
    " we do not trust the CEO, and he has had disciplinary actions in the past.
    I have contacted and filed a complaint with the SEC regarding disclosure.. Novus development failed to
    disclose they terminated a material agreement with PR revolution. This is the Law !!
    The stock has gone down , and it appears the chart did not level off.. Its continue to drop.
    * do not buy any more shares, until the SEC returns my complaint .. I will also hire a lawyer and go after the company for Misleading shareholders

  • That would be a range that is cleared out selling and also no buying .. the stock is staying even after the
    steady drop in price. What does that mean.. Accumulation !!!!! The MM's are gearing up as they inventoried some stock, and Novus (IMO) will trade side ways. 5 strongly feel the MM's have A 16.5 cent floor in, and we will see
    this possibly stay steady over 16.5 or start to firm up.. remember CEO- Lebrozzi has 45,000,000 million shares
    that he holds.. They will start to generate revenue soon.. buy when the public is not aware and I feel we will see
    over a dollar this year...

  • The MM will start to inventory shares as they get moved to OTCQB, and the activity will increases and
    shareholder count will go up. they do need to start generating Revenue..IMO i feel strongly that with 14million shares on the float at 21 cent; this will go up to a much higher level.

    BUY and Hold..!!!

  • Can anyone explain the several good news press releases that are out and everyday the stock has sold
    off during the late afternoon. Also the OTCQB never happened .. On all occasion late in the day 3:55pm or later
    volume shoots up at the end of day. Release good news and down. This activity is Fishy!! Is NDEV being manipulated as well as investors?

  • This is very poor by the company toeven try an BS the public with this Miraclay a JOKE

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