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  • Rubicon anticipates the release of an updated mineral resource estimate and enhanced geological model in January 2016 and the completion of the PPIP in the second quarter of 2016.

    SO why dont you shut the hell up until they release some news. Nope you cannot control your ignorant mouths. Like a drunken #$%$ in the parking lot shooting her mouth off.....

    You cannot control it. You dont know what is going on but insist that you do.

    RBY controls 100 square miles of ground and has a working mine. There is gold there and perhaps allot more than has been proven as of yet. I am going to take great joy in reminding all of you of your premature and errant comments in a few months from now.

    Good news could very well come this month as their new estimates and models are going to be made public.

    Get ready to eat some crow...............................

  • msprings38 msprings38 Dec 8, 2015 1:51 PM Flag

    One more thing, all the money that Vringo has laid out for injunctions will be returned to the company soon as well. Not sure just how much that totals but it is at least several million dollars I believe. So that will also help to pad their wallet.....
    Beyond this, one would also have to consider how this will influence others who are also infringing those patents. Huawai comes to mind for me. They might be inclined to ink a deal instead of spending many millions and thousands of hours dealing with a lawsuit that they know they are probably going to lose. It makes sense to me that Vringo is now in a much better place when trying to enforce the patents involved in the ZTE actions. Others will look long and hard at what it cost ZTE to try to defend against those actions. It could be a great deterrent for Vringo to use and a way to avoid litigation costs in the future.

  • msprings38 msprings38 Dec 8, 2015 1:42 PM Flag

    Guys let's be rational about this.
    We have ZTE over a barrel, several actually all over the world. So it is in their best interest to make this all go away.
    For Vringo to settle they need and incentive to do so. i.e. money.
    Ongoing license fees will be how this works.
    Vringo would not settle at this point without good cause and that would be lots of money. Not just 21 million dollars. That would not even cover their costs to date likely. Vringo needs to see something for their efforts and costs. They are not stupid people. they knew they were going to have a long fight on their hands with ZTE from the beginning.
    To think that they would have settled this for only 21 million is purely
    ignorance. To suggest Perlman and others would screw themselves over
    like that is truly stupid. They stand to lose far more than the average investor. They also stand to gain far more with a favorable settlement.
    After spending so much time and money they will not screw us and themselves over like that. It just is not going to happen.
    Vringo will make hundreds of millions from this over time. Otherwise there would be no agreement at all and we would still be in court.
    The reverse split removed the danger of being delisted and that upped the anti for ZTE. They would have had to continue to spend many more millions to continue in courts all over the world for years. And then they would have had to pay allot of money out in the end. They were losing badly all over and everyone knows this to be the case.
    So they decided to cut their losses and pay off for their transgressions.
    Not a bad decision for them given the circumstances.
    We will see some great numbers when this comes to light!!!!
    Also something to think about is this..... with the share count now only being 10 percent of what it was. The per share value of any settlement will be 10x what it would have been.
    THis also removes the need to issue more stock and cause further dillution to PPS as well.

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