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  • muckahoy88 muckahoy88 Oct 3, 2015 11:07 PM Flag

    Lines 4-6 hit the nail on the head. However far from all inclusive. Too bad the nail got bent on his
    hard head. HATES losing. MUST be right. Has to get in final word .& is extremely rude Goes viral
    when challenged. Psychologists have names for this. Archie Bunker would probably just come up
    with meathead. Curses me & calls me names for objecting to dilution. His remark "Everybody's
    doing it, you are stupid, you should buy index funds."
    I try to explain I've been around the block a few times & object to co's risk strategy. and ROC payout
    which he says is actually earned. However there is NO REIT requirement for it to be paid, it reduces
    reserves AND shareholder equity. That money could have been used for corp. purposes instead
    of making dilutive 2014-5 money raise When I point out co giving money away than turns around
    & raises capital seems illogical. He goes ballistic, not calmly but NASTY & ABUSIVE .
    In fact the only reason ROC made was to get stock price up. It's a little trick companies do, Return
    shareholders money & call it a dividend. In fact IRS does not regard it as a dividend at all
    Funny thing it worked for awhile until shhldrs saw the horror show of losses & shhldrs exited & hft's
    & shorts blasted stock.Our "boy" said it was not out of pocket losses & fools didn't understand it.
    The net effect however was to weaken bal sh by $3.7BIL retained earning losses in 3 yrs . Through
    all this genius rolled out statistic galore & impressed us with how HE was making money & wrote
    100 30 sentence treatises which added up to one thing. Fancy verbage to promote stock
    sme just informed us getting $9k div this1/4 which means he has 50ksh. no wonder he pumps
    Eth is a little better.These dudes have a lot invested & defend position like the zaps on iwo jima
    I iggified the 3 awhile ago . mb more pleasant place. sometimes i tune in to read bs

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    by muckahoy88 Oct 2, 2015 2:30 PM
    muckahoy88 muckahoy88 Oct 2, 2015 3:24 PM Flag

    bless my britches bless my soul, got response from mb a - whole. You must be slipping. Forgot
    strong buy reco. The broker was on 86st in Bay Ridge. They loved me. I left them to join Peace Corp
    Foulger who could ever understand you? You're like J Edgar Hoover, who was told by double agent
    Popov "nobody can teach you anything". You're so obsessed with numbers you're blindsided. So much
    so you choose to attack me. Does the truth hurt that bad? You seem to be out of control emotionally.
    I've never encountered such powerful hate except one guy at Mensa club.. You say I lost whatever I had.
    You've never had anything to lose. Please excuse me for now. I'm in the midst of blasting out some
    $4.86 RAS. ooh goody goody just got 5.12. One thing I'd luv to know, how much u down on ras big boy?.

  • muckahoy88 by muckahoy88 Oct 2, 2015 2:30 PM Flag

    I was stockbroker. I leaned many things. One was stock goes no place without sponsorship. Not all
    of course but most. Another is stock market, and individual stock s have an ebb & flow like the tide. The
    trick is to catch it right. Another was psychology of the stock market, especially individual stocks. These elements can be just as important as virtues, or lack of them as bv, eps or any other. The big thing in
    those precomputer days was the ticker tape. A good trader didn't have to be a floor trader, reading the
    ticker action was all you needed. I liked the business & did well. But than I moved on. There was one
    other important lesson I learned. Stay away from stocks with a stigma. At best they'd struggle to make
    comeback. There are many styles of trading & buy to keep. My specialties were looking for beat up
    stocks that might come back and stocks showing resilience in down markets. Some guys liked new
    issues. Personally I hated them. I used to think there was some kind of magic to having 6th sense.
    But maybe it's the most important thing. Point I'm getting at is jerking nos.around is only part of the
    picture. Naturally one needs good sense of timing & observation as well
    For a bunch of 3rd rate ANALysts like on this mb to tell me my mistakes is almost comical. What I
    forgot about stocks you RC's will never know. Obviously I have resentment for those who think getting
    nos. right is everything. And to make character assassination on impersonal mb is just plain dumb. So
    I try not to read too much into them & avoid giving guesses, interpretations, etc unless I get pushed too
    far. Hope I didn't put you all to sleep. So there's my story & I'm stuck with it

  • Have in common huge development costs with unknown acceptance. At this stage in TIVO's life I
    think they have finally hit on a breakthrough. Co now has ability to satisfy cord cutters AND cable co
    users. This latest '"gadget is truly extraordinary, maybe even revolutionary. Now if they could only
    cut down R&D they'd show some "real" profits Don't forget instys have 85%. Must have reason.
    If I.'m at all right 7m shorts could have "ball" strangulation. They deserve it

  • muckahoy88 by muckahoy88 Sep 30, 2015 5:07 PM Flag

    shows aristar capital mgt llc has 68million. Plus everybody else 40m?

  • muckahoy88 muckahoy88 Sep 30, 2015 12:53 PM Flag

    especially you

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    Only in the screwed up world of ztho

    by ishmaeldelivery Aug 21, 2015 4:55 PM
    muckahoy88 muckahoy88 Sep 29, 2015 11:35 AM Flag

    The sick dude is on RAD mb. Doing what he always does. Pimping it

  • muckahoy88 by muckahoy88 Sep 28, 2015 9:31 AM Flag

    I did my best. Doesn't work. RC's win. Now GFY. and i don't mean Good for You

  • muckahoy88 by muckahoy88 Sep 20, 2015 8:06 PM Flag

    Vaultlogic acquisition price include approximately $24m Goodwill.Co. borrowed roughly $30m & raised
    roughly another $30m in stock sale [i believe $5/sh] + warrants to pay for acq. & working capital. Co.
    assets are Goodwill $58m , "intangibles" $31m.& prop $2.2m Against this is approx $42m debt, much of
    which is convertible into common at $2/sh. Co has announced planning to do $10m capital raise
    Co operations 2nd q produced $14.5 loss minus noncash items debt disc. & other $10m approx. The
    actual out of pocket loss appears to be approx $5.2m Whether or not that can be improved on is yet to be
    seen. Meantime only $5.7m cash a/o.6/30 is not enough and $15m 1 yr debt means at the very least major
    dilution.Furthermore institutional holders have 12% stk of which Vanguard has 2.7%

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