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  • The most intelligent thing for mgt to do to restore investor confidence is stock buy back. In fact all they
    have to do is announce it. They're sitting with ton of cash.
    The reason for this post is for benefit of company. I doubt it but it may be possible someone from co
    reads posts. Some co's. actually do that

  • one would think mgt would dive in & buy at these "cheap" prices.
    Whatever would be holding them back?

  • or who's not - institutions. They do due diligence on this doo doo yet stay away
    Last night I reviewed 9/30 10q. Wading thru mgt explanations let alone dissecting them is
    impossible - for me at least.. I gave up. Seems they have extraordinary knack to make deals
    which are pretty complicated. Without further ado I give them the benefit of the doubt they
    are good for co. Translating co. explanations is over my head. although best I can figure is
    cg sold lumps stuff connected to deals & appear to be one time expenses - I think
    This past week some insiders nibbling at stock in the $4.40 range. We may be at bottom here

  • 12/15, 12/17 SOLD 11.5K #$%$ - -get this THIRTY CENTS .30c. leaves 392,651 sh
    Mike Ryan 12/15 sold 4,367 #$%$ - hold on to your hat - unbelievable .27.4 cents
    Brett Lund sold 5,337 at .,2712c. All insiders selling all year
    If they don't have faith in co why would you? Buying stock like shoveling sheet into the ocean

  • hiding in the outhouse back of your double wide?. You should be ashamed. HAHAHAHAHAH

  • Trying to figure out how contracts are structured, etc is privy info. but It really doesn't matter If you
    don't like biz model get out because there's nothing u can do about it. Listener you seem to have
    trouble with nos.The G.P last qtr was $19.5m. Margins have fluctuated but last qtr the WORST yet.
    Less than 20%. We don't know why. But the BEST no.was SIGNIFICANT decline SGA, but as % of
    sales still too high. The MOST important no, is AFFO cash. Was neg.$17m. Add capex $13m & out
    of pocket expense is $30m. At this rate cash burn $120m/yr. I expect reduced capex 2015 It's just a
    guess but it's possible cash burn 2015 will be much much less In any case co has roughly $200m
    free cash a/o 9/30. We won't get guidance from co about their plans until 10k. There's nothing to be
    gained making projections until then. PR's have no bearing on profitability. Fed'l subsidy at this time
    is pure guess. The MOST troubling item is margin reduction as % of sales. May be one time exp.
    but co doesn't make it clear. That is why stock getting crushed. Mgt opaque except for bragging bs.
    Stop knocking your brains out. At least they're not losing customers [i don't think]
    Big unknown hydrogen co's. They'e gotten pretty good finally & pushing for business. I never recomnd
    stock either buy or sell. However it seems to me it's bottoming out What would really get stk moving
    if 1/2 #$%$ mgt do buyback. They've got plenty money. Hope u like thread & GL

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    by muckahoy88 Dec 18, 2014 11:11 AM
    muckahoy88 muckahoy88 Dec 18, 2014 4:23 PM Flag

    listen - look at bal sh again. a/o 9/30 short term debt $15m not $126m
    Cash on hand $265M. Total c/a $424m . c/l $126m. They have plenty cash to
    get thru 2015. My post is not meant to discourage long positions, it's just my
    sentiment no rush to buy. Besides, low gas prices disincentive to buy costly
    NG trucks or cars So for time being co stuck in mud. One more thing, nobody
    know what impact competing fuels like biodiesel & even hydrogen can have

  • muckahoy88 by muckahoy88 Dec 18, 2014 2:03 PM Flag

    co has deal going with Medbox, Symbol MDBX. Last qtr sales $107,429. Look at website &
    you'd think this is some $gazillion co. Anything but. Run by slick article Vincent Mehdizadeh.
    Has 49m sh. .04c/sh. This guy & Winsor have lot in common. Just be careful shaking hands.
    Anyway blurb from AVTC talks about $35 billion cannabis industry. blah blah blah. Seems the 2
    of them have scheme to dispense marijuana thru vending machines. Both of them are genius
    promoters - best in the biz. Announcement caused avtc to go down .03c.
    What to make of this? I'd rather not say. But I think Barnum was right

  • muckahoy88 by muckahoy88 Dec 18, 2014 1:25 PM Flag

    This stock has been an abortion from day 1. The whole thing was a con job from the beginning.
    RS probably 1-10 or 1-20. Until then forget institutional interest. Of course they could do the smart
    thing & sell or merge the whole co Who would want it is something else.

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    by muckahoy88 Dec 16, 2014 5:23 PM
    muckahoy88 muckahoy88 Dec 18, 2014 11:43 AM Flag

    Once again reply biased toward co. They can do no wrong. I never insinuated IRT was
    shorted. That's not what my article is about. I don't know who shorts or who doesn't. Once
    again out of 6 private placements in 2014 I got fouked in 5, including IRT. Obviously they .
    used the money to improve co's. fortune For the last f'n time it's the method of cap. raise I'm
    #$%$' about because it TRAMPLES shareholders rights. you don't agree - so don't.
    As far as IRT deal you conveniently ignore my summation of it. Why? As far as acknowled-
    ging my comment about stk pr declines after secondary's you are mute. As far #$%$'s
    unloading $4m stk near yr high deadly silence. But it's ok, you don't have to comment. But
    blaming IRT price decline on The Street story is nonsense. It certainly did not affect my or
    your assessment of stock, although I agree it might have turned off some buyers

  • muckahoy88 by muckahoy88 Dec 18, 2014 11:11 AM Flag

    $4.84/sh. Take out not so good will it's about $3.84. I don't know how accurate it is but ANALists
    est. 2015 earn, about neg $1/sh. Co has plenty cash through 2015. Co is long way from posit.
    cf. I do not see attraction for owning now, even looking 2 or 3 yrs down the road.
    But the real problem stock has no sponsorship. Without that it's dead in the water.Co. hype
    not having affect. Buyers tired of getting fouked with dismal results.I don't understand why you
    cheerleaders dredge up obtuse meaningless info. Stock getting deservedly punished - period.

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    by muckahoy88 Dec 17, 2014 12:37 PM
    muckahoy88 muckahoy88 Dec 18, 2014 10:43 AM Flag

    I never thought of that but you're probably right. Next question what kind of biz plan
    company have? If any.

  • muckahoy88 by muckahoy88 Dec 17, 2014 12:37 PM Flag

    doo doo. Even at .34c Giordano does't buy. Why?

  • muckahoy88 by muckahoy88 Dec 17, 2014 10:24 AM Flag

    problem is it's extremely constipated. Needs enema

  • muckahoy88 by muckahoy88 Dec 17, 2014 9:32 AM Flag

    learning about $2m contract. Wow! I soiled my undies

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    by muckahoy88 Dec 16, 2014 5:23 PM
    muckahoy88 muckahoy88 Dec 16, 2014 8:14 PM Flag

    gt - what you say is right on. G-d know the size of private placement secondary offerings
    but it must be in the $tens of billions. Just the sheer size of it invites fraud, including payola,
    inside info trading & other assorted corruption. Let's not forget we're dealing with the greatest backstabbers ever. They can't stop. It's in their DNA. But I wonder why this activity is legal.
    at all. My contention is that shareholders own the co. Mgts job is to do what's best for shldrs.
    Bypassing shdrs is just the opposite but most heinous of all is diluting shhldrs position without
    consent. Who gives these antiChrists the right.
    I realize I'm just one voice in the wilderness. It's impossible to fight city hall alone. One thing I
    now do is put stop losses on my stocks. It's a royal pain & requires daily monitoring. I usually
    have positions in 15 - 20 stocks. Most of these "sneaky pete" announcements come out at 6am
    or so. Problem is stock can open 20% down & you don't know where fill will be. Out of the 7 of
    these deals I have been victimized this year only one is up. If I sound kind of virulent about
    this can you blame me? Posting here is sort of an emotional release. But even more disturbing
    is being challenged by domineering control freak I go berserk. So I take a valium

  • with usual obfuscation by df, who after respectfully begged to not respond. Do you know for a fact
    that Nov offering wasn't shorted. It's convenient to imply this was some sudden overnight thing but
    that's impossible .Commish paid to underwriter. What did they do with money? Not saying it's so
    but is it possible some wound up in the hands of Schaeffer or friends. Why did he unload NEAR
    $4mm of stock in Jan. at av price $8.40. I guess HE'S not too interested in divs.
    The IRT deal was $106m 3 5/8% int. only debt FOR 5 YEARS. BAL DUE YR 10. I did a breakdown. .
    Starting yr 6, I & A exceeds rent roll. Need 35%+ rent increase. Just game of nos. You are so in love
    with RAS & IRT if they were women you'd bed them down 5x every single day. And also as usual your opinions "people w/ brains, etc " buy it now for bargain. This is why I requested no reply.
    Are you so thick you can't understand my message? I tend to think it's your love of controversy &
    your argumentative nature It's not about RAS or IRT. IT IS ABOUT HOW CAPITAL RAISES GET
    DONE - PERIOD. I thought I made that clear At least you admit to one thing "offerings are nearly
    always a disaster".Now maybe RAS & IRT ARE bargains, I wouldn't know.. Only time will tell. In the meantime they're [forget divs] AT BEST static to money losers the last 6 mos to a yr. And when were
    biggest price declines? AFTER secondaries! How do I know? My statements. So back off already

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    by muckahoy88 Dec 16, 2014 3:45 PM
    muckahoy88 muckahoy88 Dec 16, 2014 4:19 PM Flag

    I implore mr foulger to not respond, unless he starts own NEW thread. Mr. Foulger dismisses my
    opinion by manipulating facts about how beneficial theses abortions are. Worse, fails to recognize
    the nature of my complaint. The issue is not why capital raise is necessary, rather the discriminatory
    way they take place. The end result is the same. Shareholders get screwed, blued & tatooed. Anybody
    here not down on RAS or IRT from their highs? FORGET THE DIVS. For purpose of my comments
    they have limited bearing. Once again I concentrate on the patently unfair ways these money raises
    are done. I'm almost ashamed to admit it but these schemes have cost me well over $100k. And that's
    just for this year. BTW I don't single out RAS or IRT. Probably the worst of these offenders are bio
    pharmacy co's But there are lots others. I find for the most part these indiscriminate cap. raises wind
    up in the pockets of overpaid execs as salaries. We are all being victimized. Davis please no response

  • muckahoy88 by muckahoy88 Dec 16, 2014 3:45 PM Flag

    I have seldom seen non-public capital raises beneficial to stkhldrs. Whether RAS, IRT or about a
    dozen stocks I have had the misfortune to invest in. The issuers are master manipulator - period
    Some of these PIPE offerings have cost some of the co's. I invested in price declines of as much
    as 50%. The issuers are genuine plicks. No reason at all, & every one of them will deny this, they
    can't offer to stkhldrs. They will also deny this, the cost of capital raises are cheaper, for several
    reasons, the main one is they don't have to cut the price of stock down as much as they do.
    Furthermore, the offerers short the stock b4 announcement AND kickbacks are prevalent AND
    I actually have proof of this. This bs is Wall St at it's worst & should be banned. Last time I heard
    shareholders own public co's, not heavy handed execs. Note the insider selling .3 guesses why


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    latest dumb bs

    by muckahoy88 Dec 16, 2014 11:30 AM
    muckahoy88 muckahoy88 Dec 16, 2014 3:28 PM Flag

    winsor - he can fooke some of the people all the time, all of the people some of the time
    but can't fooke all of the people all of the time

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