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  • PWE management will either get things done or it will go right to the toilet. They have properties to sell and should expect a deal for a sale before earnings. In addition if overall improvement for 2 Q is not made then this management team did not do what everyone thought they were capable of doing. By not hedging to begin with, they put the company in a very bad risk position of getting insolvent and going into recievorship. That is why I question management. Better to be safe with less then go to zero. The saving grace is that they own a lot of property that should be good enough to fetch a decent price and they need to reduce costs and increase efficiences so that they can make money on low price Oil. Will see but starting to doubt more as each day passes.

  • As we close in on 2qtr earnings the moment of truth will be when they have there 2 qtr earnings reported. No more #$%$ or games but hard facts and performance from Evans is expected. Yes he has done all the right things except make money for the company so he is a successful failure up until now. With Lindberg, maybe an additional sale of non core before earnings, explanation as to the renewal of the shelf offering and what they intend to do with it, profits on better OIl prices then 1st qtr, cutting expenses, what the pipline with husky will do to decrease in transportation costs and efficencies that they have been workng on should bring forth a great earnings report and not a so so one. How much time does Evans need. I didn't see him take a pay cut or loss on bonus options for doing a sub par job. If he cannot cut it the BOD must cut him loose or his vision can bring
    down the whole company which he has almost accomlished. Terrible leadership or I mean no leadership. It's by example not firing the guy next to you.

  • mustangsny by mustangsny Jul 19, 2015 6:42 PM Flag

    As we approach 2 qtr earnings PGH with higher Oil Prices, Lower Spread on Heavy WCP ( Lindberg), Hedged positions, added production do to Lindberg field which was not included in 1st qtr report, installation of pipeline
    to Husky for Lindberg Oil which will save on transportation costs, hedged gas, virtually lower Cap Ex and better efficiencies and the continuation of cutting expenses plus the potential sale of 600 million before year end should make this stock pop. They should bet big time and there is no reason why they shoudn't have
    a very good quarter. PGH gets paid in Cad dollars so at a exchange rate of approx., 1.20-1.26 this should
    help. Also lowering debt.There is no reason that Evans would screw this up as his job could be at stake for not doing what he said he would do and the shareholders would want his head. I can remember when PTEN
    was a 2.00 stock in early 2000 then went up I think into the 60's and split. This company has the ability to
    gain in a market like this where Oil stays in the 50's right now. It is an opportunity and should be looked at as such. If they fail to produce a solid quarter then we have the wrong management team and should be replaced
    at once.

  • PWE management need to start feeding some positive news out there so people can restore some kind of confidence in this company. They also need to move fast as the M&A is going to be hot and heavy. Roberts
    a supposedly experienced manager knows that w/o good news and a decent earnings (2nd qtr) this stock
    will keep sinking. He needs to change the perception of what people believe is a lost cause. They have all
    these assets and they need to report a substantial sale of assets to reduce debt as they approach earnings.
    We will see.

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    by jdm1234567892002 Jul 20, 2015 12:02 PM
    mustangsny mustangsny Jul 20, 2015 12:16 PM Flag

    They just raised 1.5 billion on Friday for cap ex which does not go on there balance sheet as a liability and an additional 287 million on a sale wbich they will lower debt. Doe this sound like they are going BK. Use your head.

  • It's time for a change seriously. She is just not doing it. Always a so so report. They need a strong CEO.
    The street looks at IBM as a stock that only goes up with buy backs. This CEO is not what IBM needs. Seven quarters of retracting growth. Since she has been there. What is there to say except they need a change at the top.

  • Need a earnings date from PGH. Also any kind of news from our esteemed CEO would surely be welcomed.
    This has turned into a Penny Stock and the BOD should realistically think about selling the company. It's obvious that Wall Street lends no creditability to Evans as to how he has handled this company and his vision for it. I know Oil prices are down and Oil stocks have been hammered but this is beyond belief. I do not believe that he has the confidence of the market nor will he get it even with blow out earnings. Sometimes you need to make changes to instill confidence.
    Have been in this for a while and with everything Evans says the company has going for it has not turned
    any ones head. This company's price is like there was no hedging, LIndberg, etc. He has failed to get the message across to Wall Street. The company needs a much stronger CEO at this point to get us
    back to a level of respectability.

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    Time For A Change Seriously

    by mustangsny Jul 20, 2015 5:06 PM
    mustangsny mustangsny Jul 20, 2015 5:32 PM Flag

    Agree, but the BOD need to turn her lose ASAP. She is not strong enough for this company and never will be.

  • Roberts needs to sell this company or come with a miracle which I don't won't happen. With low Oil & Gas prices they sell at and the fact that he wasn't bright enough to cut risk I see this company heading for a bad
    ending. I just don't know what the BOD is thinking letting the company go down the drain the way it is. Plain and simple, they were not prepared for a down energy market like this and thought they were smarter. They now have a situation where they have put the company at risk for surviving. By hedging it was better to have
    less then zero. Where was the common sense they are suppose to have. They need to sell this company before they cannot. I have no faith in Roberts pulling this rabbit out of the hat.

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    Why is PWE up 10% today?

    by heavy_air86 Jul 21, 2015 3:13 PM
    mustangsny mustangsny Jul 21, 2015 3:28 PM Flag

    Maybe an announcement coming up after close.

  • Earnings are going to be much better then Q1, Lindberg will be included in Q2 numbers. Hedges for 2016 near 80% which is a good point to be at. Cap Ex very little, FFO will be good and profits from Hedes will be good. Better Net Back and maybe a surprise with the announcement of a non core sale to lower debt.. Iran will not come into play until late 2016 if at all. Demand is increasing and the move down and larger spread between Brent and WTI has grown but will recede. Heavy Oil discount to WTI has shrunk. Canadian dollars in which PGH is paid in has grown which is better and loans due maybe have increased due to a small currency exchange rate. When you put all this together the numbers will probably be better then when OIl was much higher. Companies like PGH know what is at stake even though I do think Evans is very weak with wall
    street. But all in all we will finally have answers when they report on 8/6. My hope is by then WTI will somewhat rebound into the low fifties and guidance will be bad going forward. If there is a time to buy it is now as if this quarter is bad or so so the stock will be dead for a long time. If the numbers are strong with a strong report it will move this stock toward a respectable price meaning north of 4. PGH needs a catalyst
    to get this stocking moving again and good numbers and confidence can do the trick. If Evans is going to
    show leadership he needs very very good numbers to show his vision paid off in these hard times for the Oil industry. There is no better time as now if this company is for real.

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    PGH.. risk/reward

    by caseyboy416 Jul 26, 2015 1:15 PM
    mustangsny mustangsny Jul 26, 2015 5:46 PM Flag

    There cc is coming up on 8/6. You know that they did better then Q1. Dont look at the price of the stock as the whole sector is a disaster. We all know in advance that the numbers will be good unless they did something very stupid which I believe they did not. Too much drama and panic. Look at it this way : they are in much better shape then most and they know what they have to do at this stage of the game. They will survive whether you believe it or not and you will look back one day as a great opportunity. I remeber PTEN in 2000 which as a 2.00 stock and went up to around 65 and split. All you need is a little good news and it will come. PGH is a small company compared to others in this sector who got caught with there pants down and have a lot more trouble then PGH.
    PGH is set eith financing thru 2019 and all the other things that they have. WOuld be nice to hear that they went into a deal to sell some non core assets with this cc. Someting better then you think wilo come out of this. If your so nervous then just sell and take your losses, thats all.

  • mustangsny mustangsny Jul 27, 2015 3:28 PM Flag

    should be much better then Q1. This is a defining moment for Evans.

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    So Barron's isn't done yet

    by jeddiemack Aug 1, 2015 12:32 PM
    mustangsny mustangsny Aug 1, 2015 9:28 PM Flag

    What stupid statement. First of all if you listened to the CC. The CFO stated that the reduced Div got up to 23% and noticed or cared in relation to the price of the stock. What a dumb ass statement that was. People invested there money to get a return vis a vie a dividend. That was LINE always professed. Now they cut completely they say for survival. I realize the energy industry is bad and prices are low but when you look at
    what they are doing it could be right or it could be very negative to the shareholders. They need to finance their
    bank debt based on a re-evaluation and are they thing the line credit is going to be reduced. Also buying back debt at a discount is good thing but you have to ask yourself are they running the business for themselves or for the unit holders. If they came out with a game plan like here is what we need to do regarding stopping
    the dividend because we want to use it for buying debt back and then start to resume the div again. I think
    most people would be for it as long as the dividend is a TEMPORARY situation but that was not said. Remember these are the same guys who expanded too fast and took on too much debt to begin with. They juggle the numbers and confuse. I think there is more to this of which they are not talking about like their
    bank line is going to be reduced and the Berry deal turned out to be a mistake with Oil prices and the money
    that they will need to fund that sub. I think there is a lot more but they need to give themselves breathing
    room to t ry to come up with a plan. You will see going forward where Oil is , new bank line, Berrg drag on cash, sale of assets, acquisition using third party partners. Can they do it. Maybe but would like to hear
    a more specific plan. Also management should do one positive thing by taking a 30% reduction in salary
    and no new stock options until the company gets back on it's ft. After all they work for the unit holders and they have to be reminded of that.

  • Investors should take to the phone tomorrow if earnings do not come in where mgt has touted. Investers need to pro-active and ask why management has NOT taken a substantial pay cut in sympathy with the beating this company is taking. Tghe numbers should be good unless they did something off the game plan but inspite they should be taking a pay cut and no options for this year and next.

  • I had contacted IR and they told me PGH is going to report on August 6th. No mention anywhere if this is going to happen. Anyone know anything about this??

  • mustangsny mustangsny Aug 5, 2015 10:49 PM Flag

    Agree. They need to instill confidence and give people a comfort level. They need to re-affirm again that they will keep the dividend going and hopefully they can announce some sale of non core assets, Evans is
    far from a Wall Street favorite and even though he has executed to a certain level when you look back they
    really haven't done much even when Oil was high. Thus company has been slowly spiraling down for the last couple of years and not what it used to be. I know times are bad for the Oil patch but I truly believe the BOD should replace him if he falters again as this company needs to lower it debt by a billion to firm up there balance sheet. Better yet it would be nice for them to sell this company to a maybe a Suncor or someone
    like that as I feel the shareholders would be better protected then the way we are going. If this turns out to
    be a very good quarter no body is going to know about it. The IR didn't send out press releases regarding the
    2 qtr earnings. Even Bloomberg does not have any info on that. This management is not very agressive and
    my hope is that we see some good numbers and not so so with excuses. I just do not have confidence in this

  • All of sudden the presentation info has been removed from website. What in the heck is going on. Maybe they think that more then the usual two or three people will get on the conference call to let them know how bad they have done.

  • mustangsny mustangsny Aug 6, 2015 12:31 PM Flag

    Good. this shows you how they poorly they communicate something as important as this. The problem is that they have not given out the phone number so people can call on the cc.

  • mustangsny mustangsny Aug 6, 2015 1:25 PM Flag

    Based on what???

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