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naga00 5 posts  |  Last Activity: Aug 10, 2015 7:43 PM Member since: Mar 21, 1998
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  • naga00 naga00 Aug 10, 2015 2:04 PM Flag

    the analysts are bought and paid for - really? the stock has gone down 4 in a few months and the short position is so-so . tomorrow will be shorter's paradise?
    Where does this all come from?
    Investing is perception and we are dealing with the weakest months of the year.
    The whole market is correcting. We have China, Greece, Iran, deflation in commodities and possible fed hike. Why do you think this stock should buck the trend?
    Lot of your stuff is just blah blah blah.
    If you do not like the stock why are you here?

  • mifi in the communication business and the conference was terrible because of poor communication links.
    Otherwise - this deal looks like it has bottomed. blackrock is a good sign. Barron's Newspaper even mentions that mifi is going to a conference. ( Out of the blue with 100's of companies- why mention this?)
    Reason management has connections. They seem very aware of the severely depressed share price and they believe that the market will wake up ! Once this merger is complete and the number involve the 2 merger candidates we should get some traction! The whole market is depressed and of course this is the summer bummer times and usually August and Sept are worst but I think we have already seen much of the
    damage. I don't believe the fed will raise rates in Sept. if anything there is deflation not inflation and the economy in the US and the world are cooling , why slow down the economy more and strengthen the dollar even more- surely this is hurtful and is the Fed that stupid. I think they will wait to see Greece and if the
    china market can find a bottom. I think China will lower rates again very soon to increase economic growth.
    How do you raise rates when 100 million out of work, 50 million on food stamps and commodities are making
    new lows.
    We need a no vote on Iran which in turn would strengthen Oil and maybe the Saudi's will lower production in Dec-- they are really hurting the world economic situation. We deal with the Saudi's which are economic
    terrorists and the jihadist's that kill people. The Middle East is basically a total Cancer. They want us to
    addicted to their heroin - take our money and buy weapons that kill people

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    MIFI peaked apr 27th...

    by hairyape59 May 30, 2015 7:51 AM
    naga00 naga00 May 31, 2015 2:39 PM Flag

    the reality has been that all of prior management did nothing that the street thought was worthy of buying shares until this new management arrived last August 2014, regardless the stock is up 100% from the 52 week low. This time of year is always weak for stocks in general. This missing of a
    conference was something , but in reality it means nothing in the long term. The
    Slim guy is old management and it was time for him to go. Falcone maybe wanted him out and this is the outcome. I like this companies attitude- M&A, new products, investing and buying shares, management taking part pay in share with performance demands, strong connection with Wall St and
    off 40% from recent highs.
    Hairape- we get it so leave! You sold so why are you here? Are you like a stock angle?
    I think we go higher and more M&A will happen this year and I believe that rev and earnings growth
    will prevail.

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