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  • naga00 naga00 Mar 7, 2015 5:12 PM Flag

    airbag if you are negative on oas why do you play in the sandbox?
    OAS and all the rest of the junior and larger oil companies had this planned all along that they would
    collapse oil prices and halt drilling, completions, hiring, making us more dependent on the #$%$ from OPEC.
    You liberals are all the same- you hate America and everything about it! Surely a mental disorder!

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  • another derailment of tanker cars carrying oil! The FED ( save us from ourselves) will only demand stricter and stronger tanker cars that can withstand accidents- so very bullish for gbx that builds tanker cars.
    I also would not be surprised if someone like Warren B to make a bid for the company or someone else.
    Very surprised that the stock has collapsed almost 6 dollars in 6 days.

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  • very informative and positive hype for rocket shot product coming soon and 400 million year end number which they say include a couple of acquisitions during the year, which will surely make the brokerage community that is behind this deal licking their chops for fees. Major carrier deal in the wings and coming
    soon with ramping out of new products. They have a billionaire, products, brokerage firms waiting in the wings, acquisitions for add-on growth and a well know mobile tech company.
    Smells like a winner

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  • management has the guts and will have the glory.
    when you consider that there are some 560 million shares outstanding or so and I believe that the value
    of their oil is some 980 million - so we have a market cap of 220 million or so and if we cut the assets
    by 50% because of the price of crude- we assume that sec will lower asset value to some 500 million
    so we can say that could be bought out at 2x the current price. regardless management is A+ they will
    surprise the herd- building a new position easy win during the next 12 months most likely
    late spring oil will firm
    today dead cat bounce
    and short covering
    watch the inventory numbers on wed next week

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  • margin increasing from 25-30+%
    up to 500 million in rev
    Verizon largest customer
    new customer to be announced
    aggressive management now in place

  • capex reduced- well production exit rate very good - cash flow funds capex - good --problem
    their 35% margins takes into account $60 oil and $3.75 Natgas-- Mr SN oil now @ $48 and gas $2.85
    this means Houston we have a problem with the numbers

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