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nazrite 10 posts  |  Last Activity: Sep 30, 2014 10:00 AM Member since: Sep 16, 2010
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  • Seems every crash is preceded by crazy up down action like this.
    Seems smart to buy some downside protection for next few months. Protection only I mean.

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    AMZN can easily swing into profitability

    by bogdanmiltchev Sep 26, 2014 11:50 AM
    nazrite nazrite Sep 29, 2014 4:22 PM Flag

    You are not reasonable. There is no company that can easily swing to any sustained profitability that does not.
    That thought is idiotic. Who purposely dilutes their own shareholders when they could make money hand over fist? On the other hand, who keeps telling their shareholders that a new paradigm has emerged that allows greater gain from not being profitable?
    Better question is how long can you find enough suckers to substantiate it to the idiots?
    Even better question: What happens when you run idiot short?
    You better answer these questions soon because AMZN's idiot supply is running thin- even with drones, spaceships and artificial intelligence on the horizon.
    Can't you see that they chase anything to keep suckers engaged? They are now another nflx with their own original content. Hilarious. They are flailing and failing. It will be obvious soon enough. Jeff Bezos is no genius, except for being an incredible con man.
    I guess it was genius to even recognize that there was a group of folks who would believe this craziness.

  • This will soon be spread like a virus to all 50 states. Competitive advantage will shift toward the stores where I can touch and feel the merchandise. Amazon will still have a lower cost basis, just not enough to make me use them more. Look out for this growing trend inside tight state budgets.

  • Here we go again. We're gonna use drones. We're gonna get into the space race. We're gonna create robots to have sex with you that is much better than or wife's.
    Flailing and failing. Flailing and failing.
    It's way past long enough. When are we gonna make money that doesn't come from shareholders?
    Answer: Never, but we are gonna build a tower and cast down the almighty. We just need your investment to do it! If you think we need to actually make a profit, you are stupid. You don't get it. We can con these suckers forever with "low price wins".
    Enter Alibaba.
    Game over.
    LMAO. YOU WAIT ON ROCKET SHIPS and wonder why it all went wrong.

    It won't? Why, because Ohio will pay $1 bill for a warehouse? When that finishes Alibaba will be selling manufacturer direct. It's very hard to get a discount on that. The PE HERE IS STILL 500!!!
    This seems to simple. It is.

  • nazrite nazrite Sep 11, 2014 12:27 PM Flag

    They can't get there. If they ever show any real profit, some level of expectations will be set. That means that all these forays into drones, spaceships, robots etc.. will not be developed on investor cash. Immediately then they become every other online retailer.
    It would mean that they'd actually have to make money instead of dreams of the future. You should know that with a PE of 500+, that's not what this company is about. They sale dreams here. The market has bought quite a few. The slow wake up is occurring now.
    AMZN predicted a loss of $400-$800 million for the qtr. This was a great move to entrap leftover suckers. They may come in and lose only $375 million, and the suckers will say "wow, blowout earnings + they gave their phone away for 99 cents to build ecosystem, what a company!"


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    by rocketman2001ab Sep 11, 2014 6:45 AM
    nazrite nazrite Sep 11, 2014 10:28 AM Flag

    Funny Wilkes

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    excellent buy !

    by spraetty Sep 10, 2014 5:54 PM
    nazrite nazrite Sep 10, 2014 6:07 PM Flag

    They won't. They probably lost money shipping the bars to you.But don't thank them. Thank the stupidity of their owners(shareholders). The only way a company can continually do that is by liquidating equity for other things whether it is storage space, research, whatever. Lucky for you these same fools are good at convincing greater fools that they understand something super brilliant-it's cause they're so smart. You see they understand that companies can lose or break even on their bottom line perpetually, and that means they actually make money- woo hoo! People who don't know this just don't get it.
    Now that's brilliant- and the whole business model is set to continually replicate it.
    Here's the thing. They not only need your retail business for .50 kind bars, we also need your purchase of shares to keep this math working!!! You think the kind bars were a steal, the stock PE is only 500 !! In our brilliant new math, what a steal !
    Load up.

  • There has been no significant bounce back. This thing looks scary. Sooner or later they are going to make a profit, but when they do, does their revenue fall through the floor from folks leaving the platform? I think they are stuck in a perpetual giveaway that they can't stop now.
    The barbarians are at the gate.
    Drones, spaceships, satellites etc is all subterfuge to keep blind fools from realizing that $1 trillion in revenue with $ .05 net is booboo. Horrible. Fools wait on potential forever. I see the market wising up to the Bezos scam. Gotcha.

  • Its even worse to think that they had a chance to warn and didn't. Now they'll get it all right by years end. This is going to be interesting but I must get out before next quarter or next news warning. By then Needham and everyone else stuck will have bailed without risking a freefall, while holding little old me there for support. Not cool Wall Street.

  • the dreaded death cross. Action in after hours showed that big enough buyers were there to prop it up. Maybe this can be avoided. Looks extremely dangerous though. Cross would occur somewhere around $60-61. a closing cross would probably cause further technical selling.

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