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    No Respect for Apple or

    by ottoman8255 Nov 13, 2015 1:36 PM
    neo_trinity1020 neo_trinity1020 Nov 13, 2015 1:43 PM Flag

    couldn't agree with you more....they are down on low volume today...this is a buying opportunity and a what happens in a year when it becomes apparent to the markets that US companies will be able to repatriate money from overseas without paying 35% to the government. can you imagine what apple would do with 200 billion...buybacks, dividend increases, etc....the mere speculation of that occurring will drive apple way higher. Their P/E at this level is ridiculous....this is the best value of any company on the market right now.

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    This sickens me

    by laman250 Nov 10, 2015 12:50 PM
    neo_trinity1020 neo_trinity1020 Nov 10, 2015 12:54 PM Flag

    apple just gave guidance 2 weeks ago at their earnings call....if they did in fact cut their orders, that decision would have been baked into their guidance already. The simple fact is that the analysts need to create volume for the brokerage houses....this is how they make money....if people just buy a stock and then never sell it, the brokerage firms make nothing so they need to create volatility...its all a scam....why is apple's P/E where it is right now? Ridiculously low considering their market domination and cash position. Right now, nobody is pushing the stock so its stuck....I hope they sell like 10 million ipad pro's this quarter and shut everybody up

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    Post-earnings rally?

    by mslans Oct 28, 2015 12:58 PM
    neo_trinity1020 neo_trinity1020 Oct 28, 2015 4:25 PM Flag

    the price is a little lofty going into the announcement. unless they killed it, probably gonna be a sell the news event. not sure what announcement would push the stock higher. The P/E is pretty high considering a large part of their revenue is in jeopardy for next year...(last intel payment coming and then that is it)

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    Isn't all the negative news digested

    by dc3141592653 Oct 27, 2015 3:52 PM
    neo_trinity1020 neo_trinity1020 Oct 27, 2015 4:02 PM Flag

    there is so much negativity its anybody really expecting a good report. I believe one articles title was apples best days are behind it. People are basically saying its game over for them. Are they confused...maybe they think apple is blackberry. I think Apple Pay and Apple music are not getting enough credit. I had to use my new chip card at the supermarket. it sucked...had to wait like 7 seconds for the transaction to complete instead of swipping...people will not put up with that when they can just use their phone. 6.5 million paying subscribers to apple many will they have in a year....20 million....that's 200 million per month folks...add a couple more billion onto the books. IBM is buying like 2000 macs a week...this is all new revenue....iwatch, ipad pro and apple tv all new revenue generators for next quarter....even if they are a few million iphones light, those will make up for it. the rich people need a new toy to show off to their friends...I think there is more upside than downside at this level.....Should UPS which barely grows the top line at all have a much higher P/E than Apple??? Come on...

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  • neo_trinity1020 neo_trinity1020 Oct 26, 2015 3:57 PM Flag

    Its just really bad how controlled and corrupt the markets have become....I mean there has always been shady sh^T going on but its gotten to a level where the SEC can't possibly have proper oversight. Carl Icahn must be out of his mind watching this stock sit at this level when he knows it should be twice this price. By the end of 2016, apple will have approximately 250 million on its books in cash...enough to buy back more than a third of the company. Return on equity with just the buyback and dividend is over 10 percent. isn't that worth something

  • Seems to me like the doom and gloom for apple is at idiotic proportions relative to the health of their business models. Are investors really gonna sell if they only guide for 73 million phones instead of 76 when they will have plenty of other products to make up for that revenue? There is more to apple than the iphone...if they can't beat the record breaking most money a company ever made in a quarter results from last year, that doesn't exactly mean the company is in trouble. people need to look at the whole picture...there are like 400 million older versions of the iphone that have yet to upgrade to the 6 series and add to that all the people who have been stuck with android only because they wanted a bigger screen and are now migrating over, that is a huge amount of built in revenue for several years. I mean its not like their valuation is the size of a real growth company like UPS who's P/E is twice as much. Go do the math for me on that one. How does the market value a non-growth company like that with unions, strikes, etc at an X P/E and then apple which is one of the most innovative companies in the world at the P/E of a utility company. Regardless of what apple reports, I don't think the stock drops much because apple is buying back a ton of their own shares. They should have no problem beating expectations.

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  • Does anybody else find it odd that the stock is up over 20% in the last 3 weeks on basically no real news and in spite of the fact that the ITC ruled against them? Either a takeover bid is coming or they signed a big deal with somebody that has yet to be announced but has been leaked to only special people. For this much volume to be pushing the stock up, something has to be behind the investments...the markets are not recovering nearly as fast. I'll take the move up but some clarity on why would be nice for a change.

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  • apple is trading at a significant discount to the S&P so the market has already priced in the worst case scenario. Here is what I'm not getting. with the cash generation basically built in for another 2 years while people with smaller older iphones upgrade, apple should have about 250 million or so on its balance sheet by this time next year. so that is getting to be close to half of their market cap. with the buyback increasing every year, the shares really have very limited downside from here. All the news reports about iphone sales are pure speculation based on faulty data. most models have 2 week wait times so they are selling as fast as they can make them and that is going to be the case right through the end of this year. if they sell 80 million phones at an average profit of 450 bucks, that is close to 40 billion in profit from just that. How many ipad pro's will the rich people be lining up to buy and lets not forget about the apple watch which has a built in market share as the iphone share increases. I think if apple goes any lower, its a great value and risk/reward opportunity

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