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Jones Soda Co. (JSDA) Message Board

netprophecy2 181 posts  |  Last Activity: 1 hour 44 minutes ago Member since: Sep 23, 1999
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    Valuation of JSDA is actually high

    by verafirm Jan 28, 2015 12:46 AM
    netprophecy2 netprophecy2 1 hour 44 minutes ago Flag

    the market maker will throw some shares around to keep a stock printing prices. i did not believe the 27 cents. i do not believe the 35 cents. it is a testament to the management that it has gotten so bad as this. still a soda company in january is not interesting as a play in this market. i think it will recover a bit of price within 30 days, although you dont grow broke underestimating jsda. it is humorous seeing watson stunned that anyone would be critical of this "investment" when it is so obviously succeeding. bashers!! i am hoping distribution improved and they only lose a penny or so on flat to slightly up sales. there has to be some child out there buying benzoate with apple chemicals added for flavor. its sooo kewl. lets go kayak everyone with a jones!!

  • netprophecy2 by netprophecy2 Jan 29, 2015 2:43 PM Flag

    mygn might have enough momentum to take out some resistance at $40 going into earnings. timing is right. chart is set up -- fairly well -- not perfectly. the rise is a little bit slower than ideal, but the markets are down. no great shakes from earnings other than a confirmation that things are back on track. i do not think it can get through $42 without some profound assistance. if it cannot get through $40 you have a potential for a pattern break and a lost quarter. i dont want to hold through that.

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    Congrats on the .27 cent purchase this morning

    by alderson59 Jan 29, 2015 11:38 AM
    netprophecy2 netprophecy2 Jan 29, 2015 2:39 PM Flag

    i am not sure that was real. the price discovery here is no longer reliable at these volumes. the plus 2 cents is also bs i suspect. true penny stock behavior. they are taking the old camper van to the superbowl somewhere.
    has a big green apple jones label on it.

    mmm. INGREDIENTS: CARBONATED WATER, INVERTED CANE SUGAR, CITRIC ACID, NATURAL FLAVORS, SODIUM BENZOATE AND POTASSIUM SORBATE ... delicious benozate and sorbate flavors are the rage in seattle now at all the daycare programs.

    is management really this dumb?

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    Valuation of JSDA is actually high

    by verafirm Jan 28, 2015 12:46 AM
    netprophecy2 netprophecy2 Jan 28, 2015 8:05 PM Flag

    lol. cue is not "all in". stop it. and humorously, no one else in the office seems too inclined to throw a dime in. is there a list of insider buys? is there any single insider buy at market? lets exclude free stock and below market purchases.

    that said, this stock has essentially been discounted to near bankruptcy. it is a going concern and losses have slowed down. it is a distribution play of generic #$%$. if the generic #$%$ can gain some distribution the stock can rise. heck, it can double this year based on improved distribution and some smaller losses. now, if they lose walmart, you close the doors essentially. i bet the margin for walmart is terrible, but they need the order flow. walmart likes crushing little providers like this historically. leave them with a 3% margin or so. its a risk. i think you will see it rise into earnings as a seasonal play. one note. if it falls to the 20s, it may never recover. jones has done a poooooor job of recovering losses. better management is the difference between this and talking rain. carrie apparently figured it out and went "all out. "

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    The Thrill is Gone

    by blueskiesforme1 Jan 22, 2015 2:20 PM
    netprophecy2 netprophecy2 Jan 28, 2015 2:44 PM Flag

    hostile takeover of what? airt has no growth, never has. isig is a joke, i believe. i think biglari regrets the silly moves and is now stuck with losses in two bad companies. nick doesnt seem to have a plan for either company. hence the silence on any new initiative. maybe its about raiding the cash and flow from both companies for personal enrichment. a poison pill in airt was put in place for insiders, not investors. isig could adopt the same. then it trades for cash. maybe the "like machine" will turn it around. lol. i like this brand of butter substitute. how can i share that with other shoppers? really??? i can press this button???? wow. the future is here.

  • netprophecy2 by netprophecy2 Jan 28, 2015 12:40 PM Flag

    they do a conference and two weeks later ca not follow through and put it on the web page.
    i dont understand this from a 20 million dollar company. instead of sales they do investor conferences, but cannot follow through with their own commitments. it just bodes poorly.

  • netprophecy2 by netprophecy2 Jan 28, 2015 1:10 AM Flag

    was in fairway today. reed's section got smaller and it was poorly stocked. not on sale. $3.29 a bottle. more than GT. i think reed had 7 or 8 slots. GT about 40. there were only a few bottles of reed in each slot. awful. so i expect production troubles to surface again.

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    Maintaining Price Target Of $2.30

    by paul462123 Jan 26, 2015 2:40 PM
    netprophecy2 netprophecy2 Jan 26, 2015 7:37 PM Flag

    run rate of 10 million was in anticiaption of the merger. which didnt happen. nice research note. however, cliff meidl - i mean wow. money well spent. everyone knows cliff meidel. damn. how do you even get him on the phone? nice job signing cliff meydel. what would you do without a spokesperson???

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    Lost all patent lawsuits

    by aecooter33 Jan 26, 2015 2:40 PM
    netprophecy2 netprophecy2 Jan 26, 2015 3:35 PM Flag

    the patents are not important. it appears there are other factors that will dictate who succeeds in the testing business. frankly i would not be worried if i were mygn about patents.

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    the brilliance of jones soda

    by netprophecy2 Jan 23, 2015 3:42 PM
    netprophecy2 netprophecy2 Jan 26, 2015 12:02 PM Flag

    dogma, you make another point. reeds built sales with great product. TR with concept of product and great distribution, pricing, merchandising, etc... there are many ways to succeed. no one at jones grasps that. and still i think you can buy it as a seasonal trade, since the market cap is so so low now. notice the lack of insider buying at market? the board and employees do not believe the price is cheap it seems. and they havent for a long time. maybe jen can buy more at 10 cents.

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    the brilliance of jones soda

    by netprophecy2 Jan 23, 2015 3:42 PM
    netprophecy2 netprophecy2 Jan 26, 2015 11:57 AM Flag

    no accounting for taste. but not what i would have done. sugar alcohols are nasty things. however, you make a good point. talking rain is very well run. people like the product and marketing. not me, but who cares? jones soda is run awfully. hence jones sales collapsed while TR exploded. hence TR being much smaller than jones a few years ago. it has something to do with product, but more to do with vision and management. i would love to hear how TR is doing custom labels, clothing and reading programs. plus TR is so uncool despite the hundreds of millions in sales. jones is cool. although at a 52 week low.

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    reed v. lway

    by netprophecy2 Jan 12, 2015 7:29 PM
    netprophecy2 netprophecy2 Jan 23, 2015 3:48 PM Flag

    do you know how hard it is to get national distribution of a product. go into a supermarket. look around. what do you see? like 18 products! it can take 30 or 40 years to accomplish. products launched in 1975 are just now hitting the shelves. try this. ask the manager of the supermarket to see "a soda section". imagine that. a soda section!! maybe someday stores will have sections for soda, but i think it will be our grandchildren that will see it. btw, how did someone get bateria laden milk to a 300 million market cap? obvious answer. people drink kefir! no one drinks soda really.

  • netprophecy2 by netprophecy2 Jan 23, 2015 3:42 PM Flag

    "Let's start with Natural Jones Cherry Soda, which features muted red label color. This clear drink gives off a candy-like scent when opened, reminding me of SweetTarts. Like most Jones Soda product, the flavor itself is on the sweet side, though the cherry isn't overpowering. It's subtle and refreshing. The alternate sweetener combos show up in aftertaste and are hard to miss. Slightly bitter, slightly chemical, leaving an artificial residue that sits on your tongue."

    oh how does it get that sweetness?

    erythritol apparently.

    "It is well-documented that consumption of polyols may result in gas, digestive upset, and diarrhea, and this is especially so with maltitol, mannitol, sorbitol--several more commonly used sugar-substitute polyols. Erythritol is comparatively new and differs greatly in it's general effect on individuals.May 26, 2009
    Exactly What is the New Sweetener Erythritol? - Mercola"

    awesome. great idea. sugar alcohol as a sweetner. love it. see how that sells over time.

  • netprophecy2 netprophecy2 Jan 23, 2015 3:35 PM Flag

    i wouldnt spend a thing. i would make a good product. not bet my company on chemical laden artificial #$%$, in seattle no less. like opening a mcdonalds in portland or a taco bell in napa. somehow cue thinks seattle loves polysorbate with a photo of a kayaker on it. golly, why are we failing? golly? no idear.

    Carbonated Water, Inverted Cane Sugar, Natural And Artificial Flavors, Citric Acid, Sodium Benzoate And Potassium Sorbate (As Preservatives), Red 40. GIVE JONES SODA CO. FUFU BERRY SODA A TRY TODAY!

    dear whole foods buyer, we are a soda company built on selling sodas featuring sodium benzoate and red dye #40. can we be a brand you sell please? we have spent 40 million positioning ourselves as cool. we are willing to sell water too. and we are developing a soda with fewer calories and real sugar. we think that is very 2015. no one has thought of it. it's premium. we only have our bottling subcontractor use the best benzoate. or so they tell us. we dont really make our own premium soda.

  • still have to say i am not a buyer without some evidence they know how to market the product. they really dont have much to say to international distributors when they cannot generate sales which are pr worthy domestically. and that is completely lacking. and that means to me something is wrong and the sales presentation breaks down somewhere. i think one great limitation is the temperature range and short performance span of the product. even in air conditioned buildings it might not work optimally and reliable outdoor use seems to be impossible. there is still a BIG trust issue too. today helped. but they have some big issues to overcome.


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    Follow the Numbers

    by nuttierthansquirrellshiat Jan 22, 2015 12:37 PM
    netprophecy2 netprophecy2 Jan 22, 2015 4:34 PM Flag

    well, i think the rate of loss of sales has slowed. it had to slow. math. i think cue was well supprted by speculators after the buy in as there was a big jump. however, cue bought in below market. kind of a scam on shareholders if you ask me. like a casino playing house at blackjack and you thinking how kind they are being. shareholders subsidized her purchase. if she was the real deal, she buys on the open market. but she isnt. she doesnt believe that much when she can take your money out of your pocket. problem is there is NO product they sell that the market needs or wants. not one. and the line is so so weak, they cannot just sell a product without contests and t-shirts and caps and photos. i was at a whole foods and i spoke to a beverage mgr. i noted the Q brand sodas and tonic. he said they were selling it like hotcakes. huge, eye level shelf space. no one ever made healthier tonic water before. $6 a bottle. i have bought 6 so far. innovation and quality. cue? clueless. flavored water. natural. kids and photography. think about it. a few years ago jones was bigger than reed. now reed is 600% larger. and chris reed is not a rocket scientist.

  • netprophecy2 by netprophecy2 Jan 22, 2015 4:20 PM Flag

    weak price movement on huge volume. the problem with the markets now is that you can not trust the data. so much volume is phony volume. to close up 22 cents on 2 million shares is just odd to me. especially on such a strong up day in the market. it meant there was a ton of stock for sale or shorted again. i dont believe it.

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    i had hoped that nick

    by netprophecy2 Jan 20, 2015 7:31 PM
    netprophecy2 netprophecy2 Jan 22, 2015 2:04 PM Flag

    sorry, only awful for investors. if you work there you get paid, so victory for insiders. shareholders are a nuisance.

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    i had hoped that nick

    by netprophecy2 Jan 20, 2015 7:31 PM
    netprophecy2 netprophecy2 Jan 22, 2015 2:03 PM Flag

    delusional bs. completely delusional. nick didnt do a thing as far as i can tell to help this company. isig is the same. airt has languished for a decade. they had a quarter with a big backlog. where is the marketing and sales push? where is the organic growth or new markets? where are those annoucnements? i have not seen one. so the run up of shares was biglari buying, not anything intrinsic about this awful company.

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