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    Gold and Silver prices continue to go up.

    by kgrffn11 Apr 29, 2016 1:09 AM
    newpikachu newpikachu 13 hours ago Flag

    wonderin why you got a thumbs down for posting this information.

    would the down thumber care to state his objection?

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    what in the world?

    by newpikachu 14 hours ago
    newpikachu newpikachu 14 hours ago Flag

    So basically the company is shipwrecked? But for some reason isn't communicating this clearly and directly to the public?

  • Can someone please tell me what in the world is going on with this stock.

    Gold miners are having a boom seldom seen before, and all of them are up at least 100%. Even the most worthless penny junk is going wild, with some penny names up 400% right now.

    Meanwhile RBYCF just sits here day after day without moving. So what is going on? Why is this stock still trading if no one trades it?

    What about all the shareholders who are in with cost bases over $1?

    It seems RBY is being treated as if bankrupt and has been left for dead. But why is there no bankruptcy filing? No notice from the company?

    Someone please explain!!

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    I Expect No Revenue in This Earnings Report

    by gains222 Apr 21, 2016 10:31 AM
    newpikachu newpikachu Apr 21, 2016 3:11 PM Flag

    He's a good liar though. They all are. They have to be. It's their job.

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  • newpikachu by newpikachu Apr 21, 2016 11:37 AM Flag

    Now that Honolulu trader has lost his patience and left the building we can rapidly double in price

    Fortune favors the patient investor


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    Don't miss this train !

    by lester12483 Apr 21, 2016 10:53 AM
    newpikachu newpikachu Apr 21, 2016 10:59 AM Flag

    You ain't seen nothing yet.

    Phase 1 warm up

    Massive short squeeze to follow

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    I Expect No Revenue in This Earnings Report

    by gains222 Apr 21, 2016 10:31 AM
    newpikachu newpikachu Apr 21, 2016 10:57 AM Flag

    But all you can

    While you still can

    Shorts = suckerz

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  • newpikachu by newpikachu Apr 21, 2016 10:54 AM Flag

    There are a few good signs hidden within the Comstock Mining financial statements that may have had an influence on Van Den Berg's decision to add 965,690 shares of the company. Revenues have increased at an average rate of 22% annually over the previous 10 years and the company's profits have increased to $6.20 million in December 2015. This is a good sign because the company is now profiting from its business.

    The company produced approximately 22,925 gold equivalent ounces in 2014, the company’s second full year in production, and 18,455 gold equivalent ounces in 2015. This increases the company's overall chances of producing more gold and silver, which could lead to increased revenues and profits that could raise the stock price of the company.

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  • newpikachu by newpikachu Apr 19, 2016 7:07 PM Flag

    Is this still correct, SNTA has around 80 million cash? So the company is being assigned a total value of about half its cash?

  • newpikachu by newpikachu Apr 8, 2016 5:05 PM Flag

    absolutely nothing but spam on these boards.

    NO ONE is talking about VALE. No one wants to own it. Everyone has forgotten it.

    Even a 10% up day can't get a conversation started on this msg board. Heck, only one person even noticed it!

    This is the time when you buy share's like there's no tomorrow.

  • newpikachu newpikachu Apr 8, 2016 5:00 PM Flag

    personal example: recently I was waiting for $2.00 to add to my IAG position. It never came. I think it came pretty close, like $2.02 or something. but my order didn't get filled because I was too stubborn. I should just have bought more when it was around $2.10 or $2.15 without nitpicking. As you see today IAG is trading at $2.52 right now. That's why you don't want to mess around when gold is rebounding. You will only get very short windows of opportunity to add to your positions and they will rarely go as low as you wish. The rebounds will be fast and furious, and the prices will go up much higher than you image or expect in very short time frames. Gold stocks become very hard to catch during a recovery. That's why ideally you want to be positioned at the time of maximum pessimism, not buying once the rebound begins. People who positioned into miners in December, at the time when absolutely NO ONE wanted to own them, and it looked like they were all headed for bk -- those were the bravest buyers in the market, and they are now the luckiest souls alive!

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  • newpikachu newpikachu Apr 8, 2016 4:51 PM Flag

    that would be fantastic if you really got in those prices. I would be congratulating you as loudly as I could. as it is, I don't think you'll even get a chance to buy at 3.20. either buy now or be left behind. This goes for AUY, and all gold stocks right now. when gold starts to move you just don't wait for a discount. sure dips will come along the way, but you don't know when, and they won't last long. suppose the next dip comes when AUY hits 4, and the dip is only to 3.70. and there you are, feeling like a complete sucker, still waiting for 2.20. it's not worth missing gold when the rebound starts and a new boom cycle begins. just bite the bullet.

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    shorts runnin scared

    by newpikachu Apr 8, 2016 12:45 PM
    newpikachu newpikachu Apr 8, 2016 4:47 PM Flag

    I can name no end of gold and precious metal stocks are down 80% since 2012. Is it all management? Maybe. Terrible management abounds. Mining companies are notoriously badly managed. But these tends to get exaggerated in a bear market, with people trying to justify price collapse by pointing fingers. But I think it is mainly irrational fearful sentiment that drove the sector as a whole down so far--this led to irrational selling, which created or a huge opportunity for those of us who saw it and accumulated. glty.

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  • you'll be on the streets soon if you don't cover

  • newpikachu by newpikachu Apr 8, 2016 12:48 PM Flag

    this is the level to buy at. load up all you can by close today.
    otherwise you will be left out in the cold when this starts popping 20% a day.
    look at how BRIZF has been trading since it visited .38 .... LODE will follow suit

  • newpikachu by newpikachu Apr 8, 2016 12:45 PM Flag

    looks like the shorts who have been trash talkin about management on this msg board for months with no repercussions are finally running scared and covering en masse.
    you had your hour of glory boys. time to admit the tide has changed and throw in the towel.

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  • newpikachu by newpikachu Apr 6, 2016 3:39 PM Flag

    so the news says the acquisition was completed. highway robbery. to think that a $1 offer was accepted and a $1.10 offer turned away. truly sickening.

    what happens to those of us who have not sold our shares? we are going to end up with shares of VTKLF? Or will we just receive cash in our accounts $1 for each share?

  • newpikachu newpikachu Apr 6, 2016 3:34 PM Flag

    this is the first time I've ever seen good advice offered on these forums. this is exactly right, and the best advice you'll ever get. when people say the market is rigged they aren't kidding. you don't make money picking individual stocks. if you do, you will lose it all picking others. eventually you always end up back at zero, if you insist on trying to play this game. you either need inside information, which is illegal, or you need to stay away from individual companies. that's why Vanguard came into existence. but the thrill of the chase and hope of becoming a millionaire keeps people picking stocks, and losing every cent they have as a result.

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    New proposal 1.10 rejected

    by garoseme Mar 27, 2016 8:13 PM
    newpikachu newpikachu Mar 28, 2016 2:00 PM Flag

    also, market seems to agree this is a move that will benefit shareholders, or it wouldn't be trading over the vtech offer price today

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