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nielsboar 260 posts  |  Last Activity: Apr 22, 2004 2:45 PM Member since: Jun 18, 2003
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  • nielsboar by nielsboar Apr 22, 2004 2:45 PM Flag

    Good bye to the regulars and hope you find financial independence and self esteem training Malays, Indians and Chinese between 9 AM to 7 PM.

    Different strokes for different folks. Ka-Ching! Got to chat with my broker....

  • nielsboar by nielsboar Apr 22, 2004 2:36 PM Flag

    Start to lighten up in the final 45 minutes and close out anything with higher than 2% gain. Friday is not a friendly day with terrorists running loose.


  • DOW +1.6%
    NAS +1.94%
    S&P +1.57%
    Small +1.67%
    Mid +1.56%
    qqq +2.67%
    A +2.13%

    How's my lucky streak going? Fine and dandy, thank you very much.

  • nielsboar by nielsboar Apr 22, 2004 12:04 PM Flag

    Day's summary
    by: nielsboar (38/M/Cedar Rapids, Iowa) 04/21/04 04:12 pm
    Msg: 44618 of 44627

    The bulls appear to run the market with Greenspan's talk on "no immediate inflation fear".

    DOW: +0.03%
    NAS: +0.86%
    SPX: +0.53%
    RUT: +1.29%
    MID: +0.92%
    A: +1.04%
    QQQ: +0.95%

    Expect tomorrow will be another up day, with rotation to big caps. Friday is a get out of town day.

  • nielsboar by nielsboar Apr 21, 2004 10:04 PM Flag

    Weekly Jobeless claim will be interesting but unlikely to move the market. The big news are MSFT, AMZ, Scientific Atlanta and MERK EAs.

    Hold on to your heads.

    Plan to lighten up my equity positions during the day. Friday is likely a bad one, selling on ANY news.

  • Gold prices end at five-month low
    Silver sinks 11%; metals index at eight-month nadir

    By Myra P. Saefong,
    Last Update: 4:45 PM ET April 21, 2004

    SAN FRANCISCO (CBS.MW) -- Gold futures fell almost $7 an ounce Wednesday to close at their lowest level in five months as traders continued to mull the prospects for further strength in the U.S. dollar and an interest rate hike.
    Gold ends at lowest level in 5 months; silver sinks 11%
    Metals prices end lower; indexes at six-month lows
    Gold reclaims $400; modest gains for mining stocks
    More news for FCX

    Most other metals futures ended sharply lower, as well, led by a more than 11 percent drop in silver. Weakness in the metals market pulled a key index for the mining sector to its lowest level in eight months.

    June gold fell by $6.90 to close at $391.40 an ounce on the New York Mercantile Exchange. That's the contract's lowest closing level since Nov. 11, 2003. On an intraday basis, however, the session's low of $390.30 is the lowest since March 3.

    The U.S. dollar fell back from five-month euro peaks, but remained at five-week yen highs Wednesday after Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan cast some doubt on the chances for a summertime U.S. rate hike. See Currencies Report and full Greenspan story.

    "Currency fluctuation, particularly in the euro/dollar have dominated [the day's] trade activities but once again, Mr. Greenspan's failure to put a date on a possible increase in U.S. interest rates has sent the dollar reeling," James Moore, an analyst at in London, said in a note to clients.

    Greenspan's comments Tuesday at the Senate Banking Committee on regulatory matters are the "rally killer in the metals," said Charles Nedoss, an analyst at Peak Trading Group. That day, the Fed chief declared that the threat of deflation was over....

  • nielsboar by nielsboar Apr 21, 2004 4:12 PM Flag

    The bulls appear to run the market with Greenspan's talk on "no immediate inflation fear".

    DOW: +0.03%
    NAS: +0.86%
    SPX: +0.53%
    RUT: +1.29%
    MID: +0.92%
    A: +1.04%
    QQQ: +0.95%

    Expect tomorrow will be another up day, with rotation to big caps. Friday is a get out of town day.

  • nielsboar by nielsboar Apr 21, 2004 4:08 PM Flag

    Here is another day of strange trades at the end of the day:

    Between 15:59 and 16:00, it gapped down from 29.10 (>15K shares) from to 29.04 (77.5K shares).

    Then at 16:04, a block of 46.1K went through at $29.171. These damn specialists ought to be taken out to the wood shed and hung.

    BTW, heavy volume of 4.02 million shares on an up tick. Good sign.

  • A has fallen some but still holding more than 1% gain (29.06 rtq).

    Dow down 0.24%
    NAS/S&P/QQQ/MidCap/SmallCap all Green

    Big boys coming back to lunch and Greenspan should be finishing his lecture soon. Look for a strong finish in mho.

  • Reply to

    Last trade at 18:29

    by sprinting_turtle Apr 20, 2004 8:46 PM
    nielsboar nielsboar Apr 20, 2004 8:47 PM Flag

    Thank you!

  • What do you guys think of this:

    15:59 ~14K at 28.75
    16.01 36.9K at 28.74
    16.02 8.8K at 28.74
    16.24 75K at 29.581 <<<<Big institution buy>>
    16.35 300 28.74
    16.35 69.5K at 29.5433 <<Buy institution buy>>>
    16.44 69.5K at 29.5357 <<<<<Big block again >>
    17:00 1.1K at 29.581
    17:47 600 at 28.7544 (small size last trade)

  • on strong handset sales.

    May be the wireless group will finally get a pop tomorrow.

    Remember: buy low sell high.

  • sea of red now...

  • nielsboar by nielsboar Apr 20, 2004 12:00 PM Flag

    Lu down, sbc up, gm up, HPQ down, emc up, nok down...

    ALl you have to do is pick the right ones to buy, hold or sell.

  • nielsboar by nielsboar Apr 19, 2004 4:13 PM Flag

    As in recent Mondays, today is a good day:

    DOW: -0.14 (dragged down by McDonald, HP & HON)
    NAS: up a respectable 1.23%
    S&P: +1.0%
    A: +0.9%
    QQQ: +1.27%

    Good luck to both longs and shorts. mho is that the market will continue to advance small gains. Take advantage if your dare.

  • nielsboar by nielsboar Apr 19, 2004 3:05 PM Flag

    Once again, this Monday is good for traders like the past 4 Mondays.

    QQQ, NAS, Mid-Cap, Small-Cap are all more than 0.5% higher. DOW and S&P are nearly even.

  • Big news is that DOW actually GAINED 29 points!!!!!

    Another big news is that NAS LOST 56 points or about 2.75%!!!

    S&P came out even with -6 points.

    Big A joined NAS and tumbled $1.69 or ~5%!!!

    Apparently good earnings supported the DOW while earning disappoints ruled Tech stocks. Fear of inflation, rate hike and Iraq instability neutralized lower new jobeless claims and higher retail sales.

  • nielsboar by nielsboar Apr 16, 2004 2:22 PM Flag

    Agilent's Strong Fundamentals
    04.16.04, 2:14 PM ET

    J.P. Morgan upgraded Agilent Technologies (nyse: A - news - people ) to an "overweight" from a "neutral" rating. The research house said the upgrade reflects "our view that the company's fundamentals remain strong and are improving in the context of global economic cyclical recovery." According to J.P. Morgan's analysis, Agilent is poised to benefit from a manufacturing industry recovery because it participates in diverse end markets. "We also believe the firm's semiconductor business, [which represents] 28.5% of total revenue, is buoyed by a focus on attractive secular growth opportunities in wireless, digital imaging and home printing; and should not therefore trade down in synch with the semi industry," the research firm said. J.P. Morgan praised Agilent for being "vigilant" in pursuing operating efficiencies and said it believes the company could achieve operating margins of 13% over the next 18 months. Citing its own sum-of-the-parts analysis, J.P. Morgan said it believes the share is undervalued.

  • nielsboar by nielsboar Apr 16, 2004 2:12 PM Flag

    Top ten holdings of MPEGX quote for today:

    GTK 60.06 1:49PM ET 1.89 (+3.25%) 866,600
    RCL 45.08 1:49PM ET 0.83 (+1.88%) 729,900
    NTLI 58.95 1:55PM ET 2.69 (+4.78%) 649,885
    UVN 34.93 1:50PM ET 0.40 (+1.16%) 400,000
    VAR 87.21 1:49PM ET 0.49 (+0.57%) 259,400
    HAR 82.78 1:49PM ET 0.78 (+0.95%) 103,700
    SRCL 49.50 1:54PM ET 0.21 (+0.43%) 73,514
    SII 55.44 1:50PM ET 0.89 (+1.63%) 1,154,900
    DLTR 29.73 1:53PM ET 0.47 (+1.61%) 689,889
    WYNN 35.79 1:54PM ET 0.44 (+1.24%) 161,797

  • nielsboar by nielsboar Apr 16, 2004 12:26 PM Flag

    DOW up 0.433%
    NAS even Steven
    S&P up 0.54%
    qqq up 0.10%
    A up 1.10%
    Mid & Small caps all up about 0.5%

    Hope you are making some money.

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