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  • Now that ELTP is on the radar expect a few upgrades expect a few upgrades, and here is WHY (IMHO):
    1. New products on line new revenue will reduce, recouping costs at a greater pace.

    2. At $0.16 current PE is 15.0 while S&P 500 is at 17.5.
    a. This translates to $0.19 short-term target.

    3. S&P’s revised 12 month Profit Margin is now +43.8% S&P 500’s is +7.09%
    a. This translates to $0.90 near term price target (IMHO by next quarter)

    4. ELTP’s peers:
    a. BPTH with no PE, no Profit Margin closed at $0.77
    b. OCRX with no PE, no Profit Margin closed at $8.71
    c. ORMP with no PE, no Profit Margin closed at $6.53
    d. TSPT with no PE, -125.2% Profit Margin closed at $3.74
    5. Where do you think ELTP’s price will close EOM or after next quarter’s results.

    As the numbers show I’m betting we'll see over $0.77 soon - plus $8.71 is out there too (that’s wish full thinking). I’m adding to dips.
    Good luck longs

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • “Fabricated crisis creates fantastic opportunities.”

    Read the latest 10-K SEC filing period. One can’t believe anything on THIS BOARD anymore, pumpers now heavy bashers, bashers were pumpers.
    Additionally form last night SCHEDULE 13D filing filed last night reads in part:
    “Item 1. Security and Issuer
    This Schedule 13D relates to common stock with a par value $0.001, of Universal Bioenergy Inc., (the “Issuer”). The principal executive offices of the Issuer are located at 19800 MacArthur Blvd., Suite 300, Irvine, California 92612.
    Item 2. Identity and Background
    (a) The name of the person filing this Statement is Global Energy Group LLC
    (b) The business address of 2 Sheen Road, Richmond, TW9 1AE, United Kingdom Global Energy Group’s United States address is: 101 Marietta Street, Suite 3100, Atlanta, GA 30303
    (c) Global Energy Group’s controlling entity is Rainco Management LLC, and the control person for Rainco Management LLC is Nicole C Singletary.
    (d) Global Energy Group LLC, Rainco Management LLC and Nicole C. Singletary, during the last five years, have not been convicted in a criminal proceeding (excluding traffic violations or similar misdemeanors).
    (e) Global Energy Group LLC, Rainco Management LLC and Nicole C. Singletary, during the last five years, have not been a party to a civil proceeding of a judicial or administrative body of competent jurisdiction and as a result of such proceeding was or is subject to a judgment, decree or final order enjoining future violations of, or prohibiting or mandating activities subject to, federal or state securities laws or finding any violation with respect to such laws.
    (f) Global Energy Group is a Limited Liability Company. Rainco Management is a Limited Liability Company. Nicole C. Singletary is a United States Citizen.”

    You can’t believe anything on THIS BOARD, pumpers now heavy bashers and bashers have gone overboard (there are always bashers if there is value).

    I am long, between .0008 and .0010 now.

    Sentiment: Hold

  • 1/2/2014 ELTP opened at .12
    1/15.2014 closed at .27 up 125% and 7 straight up days the much need pause and correction 18% this AM was a welcome sign to me, as others have stated of a healthy correction.

    IMO the uptrend could resume tomorrow if not later today.

    The trend is your friend. Today’s correction just gave a few of us an opportunity to add more.

    Happy investing, now even longer and stronger!

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • Based on latest Income Statement and Balance Sheet there is vale, certainly at these prices.
    What currently hurts UBRG is the huge outstanding shares. IMHO after the reverse split and out of the fractional penny share price, the Revenue growth compared to Net Loss reduction should spark some interest with new buyers.

    The numbers between 2012 and 2013 look impressive:
    a. Revenues increased by 5.04% or $2.9M
    b. Net Losses decreased by 86% or $3.5M

    In the next 6 months, IMHO, there is a realistic possibility of a profit. There seems to have been a lot of careful and calculated trashing going on since yesterday, and pumpers really didn’t help before reporting. But now that the everything is exposed, I like the potential of a turnaround her.

    Long again, with about 65% more than over 30 days ago (able to use losses).
    Good Luck, have a great weekend.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • Now over .23
    Ans some fools want you to sell it now?
    The trend is your friend, anyone saying otherwise is just jealous that they missed the boat again.

    Wonder where the PPS will be by earnings report?
    Have a great week
    Long and strong!

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • For the three months ended 30 June 2013, Just a reminder of last quarters review:
    a. Revenues increased last quarter 25% to $722K.
    b. Net income totaled $922K vs. loss of $10.5M.
    c. Revenues reflect Manufacturing Fees increase of 43% to $543K,
    d. Royalties increase of 35% to $173K.
    e. Net Income reflects Change in fair value of warrant derivati increase from $5.1M (expense) to $2.9M (income),
    f. Change in fair value of preferred share decrease of 81% to $901K (expense).

    Plus current pipeline of additional generic drug candidates under active development, including, without limitation, ELI-154, a once-a-day oxycodone product and ELI-216, an abuse resistant oxycodone product which utilizes the ELTP’s propriety formulation for abuse resistant products utilizing the pharmacological approach (Elite’s Abuse Resistant Technology intrinsic value seems to picking up tremendous stream).

    With all the turnaround indicators in place no wonder fresh venture capital (available the beginning of 2014) has not recognized a “diamond in the rough” in ELRP now able to be picked up pennies on the dollar. Volume and price started on the first trading day of this year.

    If history is any indicator, and it usually is, the evidence based on volume and trend, shows the beginnings of a spectacular quarter.

    Gonna be a Happy New Year, Long and strong.

    Sentiment: Buy

  • November 2013 UBRG had 3.0B shares outstanding, now 2.68B a 320M share buyback, that’s good. Also Insiders held less than .5% now 1.60% that great.
    A potential battle of a buy out here, at least a quite buyout is going on.

    Holding here to see what the next quarter will show.

    Sentiment: Hold

  • ... from company’s web site by by Thomas Russell, ESQ. dated 1/31/2014
    Someone is buying with 1.426M shared trading yesterday.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • Reply to

    Yep, this board is being manipulated.

    by no_blinders Oct 24, 2013 1:16 PM
    no_blinders no_blinders Oct 25, 2013 8:46 AM Flag

    I think I’ve proven my point, thanks for those participating and you too Newmen_72 Reasonable people understand facts from fabricated insinuations by deviation tactics. I Hub keeps deleting his messages because these misleading comments.

    All I said was: “Read the latest 10-K SEC filing period. One can’t believe anything on THIS BOARD anymore, pumpers now heavy bashers, bashers were pumpers.”

    I read the same negative chatter December 2012 about BBY; “gonna go bankrupt” and “BBY is a scam”. Started my bus on 12/14/12, HUGE volume day, all under $12.00 was in the red foe a week or so but hung on. BBY closed yesterday at $42.71, different company different set of circumstances but the same negative chatter, but up 260%

    March same negative chatter with FLPC, ”Toxic Debt”, “Promoter Convicted of Stock Fraud”, all not relevant to FLPC but the SEC filing at that time showed promise. I started buying was .004, FLPC closed yesterday at .031, now looking at up 675% (Oh what do I do?)

    Some take longer. I’m in the red at yesterday’s close in CPOW waiting for the blackout period to expire.

    The point is they all were way over sold, IMHO, with abusive negative charter as is being demonstrated with UBRG may be one of those. There is no Fraud, rely on the actual SEC filings, talk to your broker, you should take everything with a grain of salt what you read in these Public Chat rooms.

    I’m long holding with newly placed open orders to finish my buying allotment. I don't like mangement but do see an upside to this. UBRG's web site is up and running and NDR Energy has too much to lose IMHO.
    Good Luck and have a safe weekend.

    Sentiment: Buy

  • no_blinders no_blinders Jan 16, 2014 11:43 AM Flag

    Good to see new speculators here. I agree with your reasoning.
    I like with your speculative portfolio holdings, always good to diversify, I'm holding a few more in mine.
    As you probably know by now there are a few long term bashers on this board who can't seem to get over their losses. I have them on ignore.

    Good Luck with your holdings.
    Long and strong.

    Sentiment: Buy

  • no_blinders by no_blinders Mar 18, 2014 9:32 AM Flag

    With ELTP’s By-Law restatement out this morning looks lake management is concerned about losing control of its company to a third party. Looks like the dilution gravy train may get stop.
    Long for some time and deleted about the future but also been concerned about share dilution; selling shares to make payments and collection 10% on the backs of its shareholders. I see it robbing Peter to pay Paul.
    Maybe additional views of other Board of Directors members might not be such a bad idea for the rest of us shareholders.

    Been Long and Strong and looking for better answers for better rewards.
    I am HOLD

    Sentiment: Hold

  • Reply to

    UBRG delisted after 9/15?

    by maytag104 Oct 7, 2013 12:25 PM
    no_blinders no_blinders Oct 7, 2013 2:49 PM Flag

    Brandy .... You did you mean 10/15 ... right?

  • no_blinders no_blinders Nov 26, 2013 10:47 AM Flag

    Time for more insiders to add since last cashless sell exercising;

    a. 403.4M shares outstanding
    b. 11.35% or 45.7M shares are held by insiders.
    c. Now .60% or up to 2.4M shares listed as held by institutions per latest Reuters (went from .30% up to .60% since Junes reporting)

    Since triggering new monthly milestone payments since 11/15/13 (management will keep it “confidential” till next quarterly) under the License, Manufacturing and Supply Agreement, these payments should go directly to the bottom line, might even trigger a buyback or special dividend soon or Management may risk a shareholder’s revolt or losing control to the likes of a Carl Icahn (there is no information Mr. Icahn has a stake in ELTP).
    1. Since institutions have doubled their holdings since June (since last Reuters reporting-Yahoo is one report behind).
    2. IMHO it will only take 50M shares to take control of management and
    3. 323M shares, or about $48M at today’s prices. To take full control

    Happy Thanksgiving! Good to be long 

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • "NORTHVALE, N.J., Oct. 8, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Elite Pharmaceuticals, Inc. ("Elite" or the "Company") (OTCBB:ELTP) announced today the signing of a Manufacturing and License Agreement ("Agreement") with Epic Pharma, LLC ("Epic"). Pursuant to the Agreement, Epic will have the right to manufacture, market and sell in the United States and Puerto Rico twelve generic products owned by Elite. Of the twelve products, Epic will have the exclusive right to market six products and the non-exclusive right to market six additional products. Epic is also responsible for all regulatory and pharmacovigilance matters related to the products and for all costs related to the site transfer for all products. Pursuant to the Agreement, Elite will receive a license fee and milestone payments. The license fee will be computed as a percentage of the gross profit, as defined in the Agreement, and earned by Epic as a result of sales of the products. The license fee is payable monthly for the term of the Agreement. The first milestone payment is due on or before November 15, 2013. Subsequent milestone payments are due upon the filing of each product's supplement with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration ("FDA") and the FDA approval of site transfer for each product as specifically itemized in the agreement. The term of the License Agreement is 5 years and may be extended for an additional 5 years upon mutual agreement.

    "We are delighted that Elite elected to further develop our partnership by awarding this licensing agreement to Epic for these recently acquired products. This is a natural extension of our ongoing collaboration with Elite and allows Elite to leverage Epic's ability to manufacture on a large scale," said Jeenarine Narine, President and COO of Epic.

    Nasrat Hakim, President and CEO of Elite, stated, "Epic continues to be a valuable partner to us. Epic is able to provide signific

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • Good to be long!

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • Agree new management may soon take over ... after all the BS is flushed out.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • All these “Experts” here are trying to tell us how to trade ELTP. How ignorant is that!
    For some time now I’ve been trading about half my position while holding and building my core ELTP holdings recoup my original investments several times over now.
    Good Luck longs have a great week!

    Sentiment: Buy

  • Reply to

    I'm in

    by pat_snowboard1984 Mar 21, 2014 2:53 PM
    no_blinders no_blinders Mar 25, 2014 1:58 PM Flag

    Stay the course Pat, looks like you’ve done your research and know your due diligence.

    As you can see a few long-term losers still can’t accept their past losses faulting others for their misfortunes. I’ve lost capital on CPOW, and also on other positions. But stayed with my convictions took my losses realizing past timing may not have been the best.

    I too am long CPOW and more than made up past losses.

    Stay focused and Good Luck!

    Sentiment: Buy

  • Per Accesswire 9/3/14 in part:
    "The reduction by 70% of our authorized shares is just the beginning of our capital restructuring that will make our stock more appealing to investors and acquisition targets. We are beginning by reducing our authorized shares and explaining our share structure to demonstrate our commitment to creating real value in Clean Power Concepts. The next planned step is to retire a large portion of restricted, outstanding shares to treasury and to bring more value to all our shareholders." Mr. Shenher continued, "We are all very excited about the future of Clean Power Concepts. This is only the first announcement of positive change and more will follow."
    We now have another piece of the puzzle. Shorts (hedge funds) were expecting bankruptcy, but now will be “required” to cover by year-end. major changes on Schedule D for long-term losses starting for Tax year 2015.

    IMO “SHORT COVERING” by year-end makes CPOW a more attractive speculative position to hold and add to. From this point the potential of huge upside is much greater than the downside.

    Good Luck Longs!

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • no_blinders by no_blinders Oct 7, 2013 2:44 PM Flag

    Just an empty shell of a company with a bunch of kids pumping this thing. Been trading long and short, no volume not good. Have better places to trade.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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