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  • nokiasofty nokiasofty 7 hours ago Flag

    At one time Nokia had a deal with Facebook for HERE. I do own Facebook and have not kept up with it. I think I will check to see if that deal is still going. They also had a deal with Oracle and Microsoft expanded their deal recently. IP is pure profit. NO FURTHER EXPENSES. That means that if Nokia should be able to significantly have surprises in Cost of Business vs Profit from operations. Can't get a better deal than an IP deal with Microsoft.

  • nokiasofty nokiasofty 7 hours ago Flag

    Microsoft bought the Source Code to Here Maps. They do have to continue to pay Nokia for Intellectual Property but they own the actual code and can change and alter it anyway they want by Microsoft Developers and Independent Developers.
    In other Words Microsoft has the exact same code as Nokia does and can use, let their clients use, developers use & any use they come up with in the future. They still have to pay Intellectual Property which is essentially the same as Rent Money.

    Nokia was smart and that required numerous negotiations rather than a desperate fire sale. Mr. Ballmer then CEO of Microsoft called a top operations guy at Microsoft after the Nokia Chairman refused to sell Here outright. Within 5 minutes of that call from New York where Mr. Ballmer previous smashed a glass coffee table and broke it the deal was made. Nokia refused numerous negations and held out to make essentially a Software + IP deal. Nokia offered to sell the Source Code with ongoing IP payments. IP means Intellectual Property. That is how developers protect non tangible property and it does not have to be recognized at any specific time. Nokia can even go back and claim further IP.

    They only need a few of the big names to buy Here and they could be set for life.

    Everyone knows Apple desperately needs HERE. No one can figure out why they bought beats before Here Source code. Microsoft is powering the search and Integration of the Nokia with the Microsoft Cloud.

    No one has figured out that Nokia will get more money from Apple indirectly because if Apple is using the Microsoft cloud to power Search with Bing, Nokia Here is integrated in that. Essentially Nokia get's paid by Apple just through Microsoft. Still could be a deal done for offline mapping directly with Apple.

    The Microsoft Cloud is growing extremely fast. That means Nokia gets more IP monies In My Opinion.

  • I kind of mentioned that the Microsoft Devices deal did not include the IP. Every Microsoft hater and their brother on this board said I was wrong. Since no one else has mentioned it today, Nokia FINALLY confirmed that their earnings where strong due in part to Microsoft's Intellectual Property payments.

    The better Microsoft does, the better it is for Nokia.

    This was all in public documents that where available on the Internet the day the sale went down. That is how I found out about. No one else read the documents they submit to the SEC I guess. However, Nokia did wait until now to "Reveal it" so maybe it actually worked out better. This also means that the analyst do not even read the DOCUMENTS being sent to SEC. I definitely read this on that day.

    If Nokia could make the Apple deal go through (I still BELEIVE Apple will buy the SOURCE CODE ONLY to HERE), they would get more IP money based on Apples performance.

    Just my Opinions.

  • Microsoft is making money. Amazon is a mystery to me. Sort of like a P Scheme. If you are spending more than you make, someday that becomes a problem to investors. Microsoft has solid amazing growth in the hottest segment of anyone's reading this lifetime. It is highly unlikely that their will be a disruptor bigger than cloud and cloud services in most people lives. Microsoft is innovating, capturing and dominating in the hottest segment there is. They are making more money than they spend. Anyone that can read a balance sheet and can act rational and understand that Nokia Device Services purchase HAD to have an impact. Otherwise, they would have had blow out numbers. The Cloud growth, Bing moving forward and all the other things like Office 365 are doing very well.

    When they get a thinner, lighter, sleeker phone with a pen that can wake-open & write the phone sales will increase. Apple is not the same company. Everything they have changed since Steve Job's has done horribly. Compare I phone sales & IPAD to several years ago. The new phone does not guarantee anything as is perfectly clear in their dwindling sales figures.

    Microsoft will have to innovate on the Nokia Lumia lineup to disrupt. The good thing is they figured it out and are working on it. Just like the Surface Pro 3 blows both Mac Air and IPAD away it is possible to do the exact same thing with phones. Mac Air does not have a touch screen. That is almost unbelievable. That means that Mac users are not underachievers in the real world. That cannot be sustained. Apple is 3-5 years behind everyone in every single phase of IT.

  • People do not want to type if they can write naturally on a screen. The problem until now is no one had an easy solution. All I have to do is click the top of the pen and it wakes my Surface Pro 3 up, Launches One Note and I start writing in 3 seconds from pen click. It will not work where a user has to boot open a program and then write in a note program.
    It also syncs through the cloud to all consumer devices and a corporate environment instantly. The notes are SEARCHABLE.

    What happens when consumers want to write Facebook message rather than typing. Either Facebook integrates this feature or someone else becomes the next Facebook. Not everyone want to type. It would be hard to find anyone that would rather type on a cell phone than write like a pen.

    If this is introduced to the phones either in Windows 9 or sooner it is a disruptor. I cannot do it on my 8.1 Lumia today that is all I will say.

    All they have to do is get the pen and camera integrated in a lighter weight sleeker phone and it is on with the IPHONE.
    The Windows 9 one operating system will save business big money. The kind of money that is impossible to ignore.

  • nokiasofty nokiasofty Jul 23, 2014 8:53 AM Flag

    The addition of Windows 9 with increased Cloud sync is a major money saver to both consumers & businesses. The addition of a Surface Pro 3 pen that allows wake up sleep Open One Note to Cloud Sync will not only disrupt the phone but also Social Media.

  • nokiasofty nokiasofty Jul 23, 2014 8:37 AM Flag

    Mr. Clcellve,
    Yahoo keeps deleting my answer to you.
    Devices grew 40% disrupting the IPAD and the phones contributed 1.9 billion
    Windows OEM & OEM Pro
    Office 365 to consumers was good.
    Bing Search and advertising both did well. Bing Search could jump to 30-50% market share within 12 months now that they have Apple as the biggest customer in the world of search.

    The Surface Pro 3 Pen being added to the phones and having the framework changed to auto load One Note and cloud sync notes in a Searchable Note Program that is shared to all devices or shared in corporations is a disruptor on both the Consumer and Enterprise level.

    They did fairly well with Consumers just not great like you say.

  • nokiasofty nokiasofty Jul 23, 2014 8:24 AM Flag

    Hey Mr.Planet "aka Nokia's finest",
    I honestly cannot BELEIVE Apple bought beats before Here.
    Obviously Apple is making deals with IBM has a deal with Microsoft to power their own Apple devices .........................

    The only thing I can think of is Nokia will not Sell. They would not sell to Microsoft, they only wanted to sell the code. Apple may have indirectly gone around the need to immediately by Here because they are still using it through Microsoft in Search.
    That is not the same as using it in a pure form. It appears that there are only two possibilities:
    Nokia does not want to sell Here (hold forever and continue to be dominant and they will be with it). Might be the smart thing to do.
    Apple cannot use it because their developers are not up to integrating the code into The Apple OS. I know that sound unbelievable but the lack of progress in the last 5 years at Apple is almost on the Unbelievable level. It does not even logically add up. I was sure they would buy Here because it makes Sense.
    Since the "Beats" was done ahead of that your guess is as good as mine if Nokia refused to sell to them. It has to be Nokia refusing to sell or Apple developer/engineers cannot make it work or are too lazy.

  • Simply wipe the Chinese jobbers ink off and send them to a printer to have the Apple logo printed. Genius. Cooke tells all the Engineers to head out back for a barbeque and to work on their tans.

  • Cortana will be on tablets and XBOX. Developers can write one app and it is in people living rooms, phone, tablets and PC's. It takes months to a year to do that for Apple. Takes a few days to do it for all Windows devices.

    The ease of sharing, capturing, organizing all your projects seamlessly is irresistible.

    Ask yourself do you want to take an Apple Ipad out of the case and wait for it to boot hope it does not lock up and then find some gimmick note app and hunt and peck on the screen keyboard your note? Maybe click the Surface 2 Pen it opens One Note (even in Sleep Mode) you write on the screen feels exactly like a ball point pen. It is then saved in a searchable app. Called One Note and is immediately shared in the cloud to all your devices or business.

    APPLE IS DONE. Seriously who in their right mind cannot see that from the example above?

  • There is no close second solution to an integrated cloud solution for a small business to a Government to an end user. The Nokia Acquisition makes sense because the company that will win is the open that has the easiest most integrated cloud. People forget Microsoft has it's own Data Centers.
    Anyone that thinks it is over or Microsoft looks toppy should retire. This is the 1993 in relation to the Internet hey day up to 2013. There is another 10 years of solid growth before people like the dummies that say the PC cycle is caught up find out.
    It will be who has the phone that can take a picture and have it integrated into the cloud and all devices in the business or click the pen and write on a Surface Pro 3 or soon to be on a Lumia phone or Surface Phone.

    Little things you say. No one is going to pull a laptop up, plug it in boot and then open a program to take a note. I just click one button on the Pen and it wakes the computer up (it has connected standby = Instant On - No Boot) opens One Note and I am writing before you can open the lid on a non touch screen Mac Air.

    Microsoft is INNOVATING. No one else is. Microsoft is a Strong Buy in my opinion and Apple and Google are shorts.

  • nokiasofty nokiasofty Jul 22, 2014 6:28 PM Flag

    Mr. Nacelle also mentioned building the phones based on 1 click in One lens and a photo goes directly into ONE Note and it is searchable. I used it several times today and the resolution is incredible. The integration with One Drive Cloud and one click features.
    There is nothing comparable to my Surface PRO 3 WHERE I can click the pen when it is asleep and it wakes the tablet up opens One Note and I can write on the screen like a piece of paper. When that comes to the phone it is a game changer. It is all about convenience and there is nothing on the market that you just click the top of the pen and it opens an organizer like One Note and you can write in a way NO OTHER device allows. You can also click two time on the pen and it captures the open screen into One Note.

    That will be the driver going forward. Innovation like the Pen opening One Note and the ability to write an Invoice, notes, receipt and the instant cloud integration to a work base or your home or other machines. It is an Apple disruptor.

  • nokiasofty nokiasofty Jul 22, 2014 6:02 PM Flag

    The difference in the Surface Pro 3 is it is light & sleek. If they can pull that off in a phone it will make the bulkier phones look like the heavy old laptops. The feather weight Surface Phone is likely to be a flag ship phone. If they can make a watch that is sleek and lightweight not like anything out so far it will be a novelty. Watches for any company including Apple is a hopium stretch. They are like something out of the 80's so far. Apple better have more than that or they are in trouble.

  • He said the phones will see innovation like the Surface Pro 3 Pen and writing on the screen. Only question now is :
    On the Surface Phone or Nokia Lumia's. It would probably do better to spread it around and add it to all Lumia's. Maybe it is not possible though.

  • nokiasofty nokiasofty Jul 22, 2014 5:55 PM Flag

    Surface Pro 3 Sales where not in this earnings qtr and the sales are better than any previous Surface. There is not comparison to the current Surface Pro 3 to earlier versions. It is a major difference. If IPAD sales fell on the previous interruption Surfaces, next qtr will be ugly. Definite IPAD drop, 100% definite.
    Bing Has 19% a search. When it hits 25%-45% Google gets cut in half.

    Microsoft is killing it in the cloud and is disrupting Apple & Google.

  • Are they out back catching a tan? Cook is putting Sun Tan Lotion and letting some Chinese Jobber make the next large screen phone. BIG deal, every other phone manufacturer in the world has had one for YEARS!!!!!!

    How is that Innovation. QTR over QTR decline in IPAD. TIMBER!!!!!. Surface Pro 3 just came out. Next qtr will be a bloodbath.

    Just buy a few million Chinese prototype phones from some China Man and change the logo & call it an IPAD and the suckers buy.

  • There are 100 Chinese large phones. What is the difference? Jobs is gone they need Dr. Drew to make a pair of lousy headphones and they need someone to do this, that and the other thing. Are they outside sunning themselves all day? Did Cook say pass the Sun Tan lotion and find some Chinaman to build us a larger phones so these Sucker investors will be happy?

  • nokiasofty nokiasofty Jul 22, 2014 4:51 PM Flag

    Watches are not going to save you if your flagship product is in free fall. How many people want a paperweight on the arm. That is analyst Hopium that are trying to spin it.

    Microsoft is the cause of slowing IPAD sales. Surface Pro 3 is the best device in the world without a close second. Next qtr will be a bloodbath for APPL in my opinion.

  • Surface comes out and Apple suddenly is selling less IPADS. The Surface Pro 3 is a million times better than the previous Surface. Next qtr Apples IPAD sales will be HORRIBLE. BELOW UNBELEIVABLE. Shocking.

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    Analyst 101 basics

    by nokiasofty Jul 22, 2014 4:26 PM
    nokiasofty nokiasofty Jul 22, 2014 4:39 PM Flag

    Analyst knew about Nokia and there are two ways you can gauge EPS.. What company does an acquisition and match numbers based on estimates prior to the acquisition? Analyst are doing a little manipulation. Microsoft is strong.

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