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  • Article I Section 8

    Section 8 - The Text
    The Congress shall have Power

    To establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization

    The Law Is With Obama on Immigration
    History may judge the president unwise, but he is on firm ground going back to FDR.

    FDR who locked up American citizens based on nothing more than race and ethnicity by executive order.
    Is the basis of a rational opinion that Obama has the executive authority to overturn Constitutional assignment of duties and powers on immigration to Congress alone?

    Obama is far beyond any concept of either the Letter or Spirit of the law with his immigration disgrace. He is overturning even the will of the people.

    My goodness are there any reasonably rational 'thinkers' in collectivism?

    This is not a spirit of innovation we were warned against. This is the politics of emotional manipulation of the mob. Segmenting Americans into conflicting mobs to gain personal power on the strife.

    Galston knows better. Pride.

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    FGP Swape?

    by hats2wt Nov 25, 2014 12:56 PM
    norrishappy norrishappy Nov 25, 2014 2:04 PM Flag

    FGP is very richly valued. The balance sheet is not as it really should be. But the operating improvements have been very real. A little rich but then all income equities are.

    I do not believe LINE is going away. But I certainly would not assume the distribution at the current rate is secure.

    This said management has just gone through a perfectly timed asset reconfiguration. The Hugoton really is a perfect asset. In a normal American economy.

    We have just witnessed what lower gasoline prices and higher real family incomes can do for economic growth. If we could some how block Obama's lawlessness with regulatory power he does not have the authority to wield, it would be a leap in capital investment. Export of ng and ngls is building. Ships are being reconfigured. EPD and KMP are not in taking for Jones ships for that business its self, although it is a logical extension. Rather the tankers are the entry into product ships.

    LIne is a part of well diversified portfolio. LINE is certainly for excitement. What it is not right now is a must have income holding.

    The convergence of a new mature President combined with export capacity along with a Europe in desperate need of energy security is all to the good. As is the Panama canal expansion.

    Mr. Ellis has a good team. LINE walked right into the ngl over capacity. BUt at this point trading expensive capital intensive shales for Hugoton could not have been better timed.

    It looks pretty bleak. But then Mr. Ellis and the team has always found a way through before. Even though the share prices is lower this is not as bleak as the Hogshooter disappointment, collapse in ngl prices combined with loss of cost discipline with the bry acquisition and a politically aided short attack. Not to mention the possibility of excess swaps and hedges from the first Hugoton acquisition.

    OIl is down because it serves the necessary geopolitical interests of the Sunni OPEC members. They can change their mind based on events.

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    What the ^*&%$&^.

    by dlw2244 Nov 25, 2014 10:15 AM
    norrishappy norrishappy Nov 25, 2014 1:41 PM Flag

    Willie it would be most unfortunate if the really subnormal snarking behaviour makes you feel better.
    But analysis of your behaviour patterns certainly makes the possibility remote.

  • Reply to

    What the ^*&%$&^.

    by dlw2244 Nov 25, 2014 10:15 AM
    norrishappy norrishappy Nov 25, 2014 10:57 AM Flag

    Poor Willie,

    Sunni OPEC is using soft oil power to attack Russia. China is pouring money into the failed Venezuelan state.
    Which of course through totalitarian Cuba is balancing Putinland and totalitarian China.

    This is power oil politics. The Sunni Oils states have been preparing their national budgets and portfolios for this action.

    The opening is perfect for Obama to slam home no nuke program on the Iranians. BUt of course dishonourable Kerry is back to his personal gloring seeking routine just like with the Swift Boats. MOre time with the sanctions lifted enough to maintain internal control.

    Russian sanctions are actually biting hard judging by the dislocation of the rubble or really at this point rumble. The danger is of course what an egomaniac like Putin will do when cornered.

    Really the material nihilist Western Europeans should say thank you every day to the brave Ukraine individuals who will give their lives for individual liberty and democracy. Otherwise the egomaniac would be on to his next vainglorious project.

    Why is it impossible for you to ever discuss a point open for debate? It is a cost of posing driven by the need to prove oneself and intellectual superior within a mythical collective. Simple vanity.

    Pondering Ben Franklin's self improvement regime would be very beneficial for you. The one where he added humility at the end.

    A conflict which can only be resolved by the Servants Heart. What did Ben say about the 'philosophy' of Jesus? What was the cornerstone of his recommendations for public education?

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    Look's like UBS still likes Linn, I think?

    by rjmcbear Nov 24, 2014 11:08 AM
    norrishappy norrishappy Nov 25, 2014 9:24 AM Flag

    Finally can any one logically trust grubering Progressive collectivists demanding massive investment in wealth destroying solar panels and wind mills when natural gas is by science the logical solution? For hundreds of years at least and rationally given onshore ng ice, thousands.

    Are irrational grubers like this concerned about average Americans let alone our hard pressed fellow American in our inner cities? They care, more? Really?

    The same people who impose failing schools on American parents? Parents who will accept what is a part time job to get their children to a functioning school? Across town?

    The church is in a poor position to understand free enterprise. It is however perfect for the mission of education. It is after all the root and foundation of public education.

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    Look's like UBS still likes Linn, I think?

    by rjmcbear Nov 24, 2014 11:08 AM
    norrishappy norrishappy Nov 25, 2014 9:09 AM Flag

    It is important to remember the America of the King family Majestic Civil Rights was full employment with nearly an impossible to believe increase in family incomes. It was logical to believe in these conditions that injecting black Americans into the 'main stream' was all which was necessary.

    What in fact happened was the natural leaders which injected into the main stream. Community economics were completely ignored. In fact, in no small degree the collectivist 'liberation' theologies were hostile to community business people. The street level collectivism failed. But the academic collectivism of eliteness is fed by tax dollars and political power. The beast or the liberation depending on the nature of your God.

    It is well to remember it was Nixon of all people who reached out to the King family. The people were Just but needed some college in leadership. The King family of the Servants Heart pushed Martin Luther forward as he was the best public speaker.

    Something completely different than the Collectivists of MSNBC elevating Sharpie.

    Servants Heart?

    America needs to restore economic opportunity. It is not rocket science. We begin with our natural gas and ending massive special interest feeding frenzies like defective corn ethanol We also need to realize good solid Americans are caught in a trap of unintended consequences and a system of collectivist patronage politics. A system which seeks to harness them for personal power, with only scraps from their table in return.

    Booker T Washington was a whole philosopher. Thinking far beyond black and white. Seeing imperfect people as people. He was never accommodating but rather purposeful.

    Can we now have a discussion using an American philosophers wisdom? We can all witness the cultural and economic failure Collectivist material nihilism wrought on Europe.

    Jon Stewart does seek the Good. But being irrational, even at his vast age, has not realized material nihilism is not philosophy.

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    Look's like UBS still likes Linn, I think?

    by rjmcbear Nov 24, 2014 11:08 AM
    norrishappy norrishappy Nov 25, 2014 8:35 AM Flag

    Progressive material nihilism is secular religion. It a religion with a dogma it does not require 'management'. Although the collectivist academics believe they are the necessary priests or management.

    Well to remember it was the most honourable Americans who spoke truth as they know it. A great risk not only to themselves but also their families. After the sensationalizing media and godless collectivists pack up their circus, they and their families will remain in an economically devastated community. A community with even deeper emotional wounds.

    Our inner cities are most hard pressed. But the failure of our systems is systemic.

    America began with a blind leap of Faith that the common people can be virtuous. As Montesquieu reasoned Republican democracy can only be sustained by the spring of individual virtue.

    What we are missing is appointing leaders of virtue. With a mature understanding that no individual is perfect.
    That our Constitution is a wonder for an imperfect people who strive for virtue. IMperfect people walking towards the shining city which can not be reached in this life time.

    There is also needs to be a logical conclusion that no productive discussion is possible with Progressive Material Nihilists. They gruber with vainglorious bragacicio. As Mahred never fails to demonstrate in his pit of filth which breeds human despair.

    The Progressive collectivist academics do understand the springs they are pulling. Most of the Collectivists politicos do not understand the game. Believing this is a game of spoils they can control. Which clearly they do not.
    We need to empower all Americans to economic security. Which is incompatible with material nihilist equality.
    Achieving a condition of personal Liberty is nearly impossible when caught in true material need or close insecurity.
    All enlightened policy begins with striving toward full employment. Which sets the conditions of productivity gains moving into labor income in about a decade.

  • norrishappy by norrishappy Nov 24, 2014 2:20 PM Flag

    A Costco you get the Costco American Express Card.

    3% back on gasoline. 2% at restaurant and travel. 1% on everything else.

    BUt of course getting rid of the completely defective and therefore insane Progressive corn ethanol would be even better for average Americans.

  • norrishappy norrishappy Nov 24, 2014 2:15 PM Flag

    Nothing new here.

    Hedge funds attack the stock while going long the bonds.
    Often you will witness Wall Street Progressives convince a naive management team to float a convertible.

    Of course nothing better than to have Progressive politicos unleash a broadside at the critical moment.

    As the Obama SEC did to LINE.

    What is sure is that the coal plant inventory is dangerously low. Bring the soundness of the whole electrical grid into question. If it is again stressed by the weather.

    The number of coal plant closures has already take the grid to a dangerous level of generating source undiversidication. Being topped off by the disruption of mining operations and the train relationships.

    Sadly no matter what, government mandates insure the corn ethanol insanity goes first.

    Of course no one can be certain of the American natural gas production. As the supply setting the marginal supply comes from manipulated oil markets.

  • norrishappy norrishappy Nov 24, 2014 1:32 PM Flag

    Why completely defective corn ethanol Opie,

    You will never exceed market returns by living in the progressive immediate material nihilistic world.

    You need to think further ahead. Individuals are not constrained by the immediate material nihilistic world of the quarterly report like analysts. Ordinary investors have no ability to rig the system as Progressive Wall Street hedge funds do. Ron^3 does imagine dissembling for his 'book' improves his returns but I mean really. Talk about puffing yourself up to explosion.

    BUt we can with a little thought look at developing trends. Like training oil. It turns out the greater efficiency of supply chain intermodal train systems was great enough to offset high margin coal business. Then we piled domestic oil on top literally overwhelming system capacity. It seems owners and the unions have also found a productive relationship.

    The true economic value of LINE is very easy to understand. We know what the free market world prices are for natural gas and ngls. We know LINE has low cost and low decline natural gas assets very close to the Gulf coast nexus. Trains will only run on time if associates solve problems at the work level.

    Had Obama and the Progressives with their hard hearted myth no stepped on natural gas export like XL pipe line? How about scaring off NGL processing capital investment which literally is a no brainer. Except for the irrational and therefore destructive power the Progressive wield.

    SOmething interesting is happening with the discount on POE. It is narrowing.

    LINE has crown jewel assets. The question due to the over levered balance sheet is can they make it all the way through this irrational Obama Progressive time in this configuration. Which is why the analysts are now building in 20% rates of return into the discounts for the risk.

    So it is easy. Replace Progressives with moral rational people and the risk adjusted rate of return drops down to normal. What then would happen to line?

  • The Progressive collectivists have engineered a most unstable situation. Obama defacto siding with Saudi Arabia against our energy entrepreneurs.

    This is what all the infrastructure blocking and dragging is about. Dishonourable Tyson Slucum goes on about photovoltaic cells, wind turbines and 'advanced' batteries which have nothing to do with surface fuel needs.
    Hybrid cars would be a complete dead end except for developing the systems for fuel cells.

    In fact, we could be well along to empowering Americans to fuel our cars with 40% clear direct use of natural gas. At an 80% discount to even American produced oil.

    This is what poor Jon Stewart just can not bring himself to understand. They are not disappointing Jon Stewart. Jon is simply as naive and inexperienced as his libertine audience. Cave echo systems do that by enabling statist existence. Over vest periods of time.

    Gee way is American natural gas selling for less than the cost of production? Why is the money to be made on export?

    Yea primarily the legions of Progressive grubers. Of which dishonoured Tyson Slocum is a bad actor.

  • norrishappy norrishappy Nov 24, 2014 11:49 AM Flag

    Interesting completely defective corn ethanol OPie.

    America has all the cleanest of all energy sources natural gas. Thousands of years including onshore methane hydrates which are 'mined. by displacing methane with co2 in the lattice structure.

    Toyota introduces what amounts to the model T of fuel cell transportation.

    Today in WSJ they have a energy section with Tyson Slocum doing the Progressive Collectivist grubering.

    That 'American' oil should be shipped off to China. When in fact the Canadians are wonderful enough human being to allow of the geopolitical strength of exporting their oil For mature adults thinking ahead it is the most rational solution.

    What remains of European democracy as their rule of law fails under the weight of self absorbed collectivism, should be given no alternative to Putin or Iran shutting off the gas.

    The sad thing is dishonourable Tyson Slocum certainly does understand the economic and environmental disaster of corn ethanol. But this irrational corruption destabilizes oil energy markets. The resulting human suffering and instability is simply the price humanity must pay for implementing his vision of the future.

  • norrishappy norrishappy Nov 24, 2014 10:13 AM Flag

    Now now OPie of the wicked corn ethanol Progressive special interest.

    The subject is energy policy which of course is the Trojan the Progressive collectivists use to screw Americans over.

    The Despotic engines of fear are the irrational Global Warming delusion played as end of the world rather than a science based challenge to be addressed.

    The other is superficial race class warfare. The reality is inner city black Americans are wholly sacrificed to uncontrolled immigration.

    This is why the Tea Party local buyin was so exciting. Tea Party as the inheritor of the Liberty Republicans mantel are the natural ally of inner city citizens. Of course our traditional Black Colleges were built with the Servants Heart to spread useful knowledge to the community. Of course in the American Founding tradition, useful knowledge was understood to be economically empowering knowledge and skills.

    The feelings of powerlessness and despair Progressives have spread across America to every demographic is nothing new to our inner city. How strange or perhaps not it is the Progressive collectivists claim it was currents beyond their control did the economic and social damage. Then turn around and claim they can fix it all.

    Republicans Democracy can only be maintained by the common virtue of average citizens. Which is actually most important at the most local level. So of course the hardest pressed communities pay the highest prices as they are made powerless over time.

    The rich and vibrant economy of CHicago Bronze town disappeared in all most a flash. Like it never existed.
    How can this be? Clowns like Gates played their part for personal power and privilege. Setting off the ugly farce of a good honest policeman reduced to Progressive NO theater.

  • norrishappy norrishappy Nov 24, 2014 9:11 AM Flag

    Public release of changes are delayed until all the paying clients are told. If things are really dire they then just drop coverage.

    If Obama was a mature man, a caring man or a working man the natural gas export facilities would be up and running now. the best managed thriving and the lessor perhaps struggling. A big tide can lift all boats and this is a surge.

    It is of course true of ethane as well. Big projects are nearing completion but a fraction of what free market economics would drive.

    Instead we have the politically connected LNG partnership moving forward. But Landrieu who threw the politically connected bone will not be there.

    Does a common sense investor need an analysts to tell them oil plunging from over $100 to $70 and perhaps on to $60 changes the line valuation? Really?

    The really sad thing is this purposeful disruption of the tremendous American economic potential is achieved by superficial identity race connards. No room for an honest Christian like Cesar Chavez. Overpowered by the chamber of commerce working short term deals with the collectivist Progressives.

    Gee surprise. Rural Americans who are most often hispanic have unemployment as high or even higher than our inner cities. Losing their homes as their wells run dry from truly insane water mismanagement.

    The natural state of California is a beaver empire. 'Strangely' the salmon had no problem with it.

  • Nice website of all the requested and active ngl export facilities.

    Of course as the Obama lawlessness on the XL proves, approval is not really approval. The fact that business jumps the hoops really only demonstrates just how disrupted American energy industry is.

  • Reply to

    LINE should go UP from here.

    by oicu812122000 Nov 20, 2014 10:10 AM
    norrishappy norrishappy Nov 23, 2014 9:12 AM Flag

    "That's actually comical"

    Actually the always risible board clown again demonstrate a profound ignorance of the most basic.

    Just because you will not take the time to understand rational valuation does not change how our equity market functions.

    Miller-Modigliani Theorem

    Of course there is the small matter of the OLB proclaiming deep in the money calls cheap at $30+. While a rational voice bought puts as the future is not certain. Also recommended LINe within a portfolio. A diversified portfolio.

    Now after all these years no OLB trooper has improved their understanding. Just pretend the deep covered call episode never occurred Statements that the OLB was in proven delusion and therefore unable to understand risk, also struct form the Progressive myth telling.

    Of course the low oil prices which have hurt line have benefitted WMT and TGT. Strange thing the ability to understand risk requires personal humility. So it is not something Progressive assuming to reshape the world to a higher level, can ever understand.

    But of course people who hold to the sound core tenets of the Judeo-Christian first principals are reminded of the need for humility every day. A necessary preparation for any who will effectively serve the 'public interest'.

    But of course the OLB and Mahered play the every man part based on every man being ignorant. Which is an interesting intersection with holding up daffy dawkens and his personal god delusion. When their ignorance could have been alleviated by picking up any objective critique of the nonsense. Even certified academic critique. Summed up by childish, petty driving an angry hubris.

    Just as Mahered thought it funny for a man with more education and staff to disrupt the Church services of truck drivers. In the old days we would have understood Mahred getting popped once for would be bully behaviour.

    But then Progressive have at their core a very petty nasty god. Vain petty god quick to unjust tantrum

  • Reply to

    LINE should go UP from here.

    by oicu812122000 Nov 20, 2014 10:10 AM
    norrishappy norrishappy Nov 22, 2014 7:37 PM Flag

    Now now rrb louche, you are not even making it to meretricious. Management provided guidance that the effective oil hedge rate could be 70% to 80% rather than the reported 60% to 70%, Which means existing oil hedges on shales 'moved over' to California production. UNless of course you have more OLB magic to share.

    Of course the shift from shale oil to the Hugoton will change the mix of ngls. Granted these conditions were extant or known when the deals were made.

    Again, LIne probably could make the distribution in 2015 based on the hedges and increase in natural gas production. In no small measure due to the hedges for ngls you went on and on about being dirty.

    What you are still struggling with is understanding the equity markets and management plan forward. Not backwards. As the OLB and Progressive roll.

  • Reply to

    LINE should go UP from here.

    by oicu812122000 Nov 20, 2014 10:10 AM
    norrishappy norrishappy Nov 22, 2014 12:39 PM Flag

    rrb defective no one including you understands what you are attempting to express now.

    Maybe you can understands this.

    Pricing on oil and natural gas has closed the door to making up ground on volume increases. The drop in ngl prices is total. Ethane and propane. Plus heavier on oil prices.

    OPtions are limited by market conditions. Things will change when Obama is not stepping on the American economy with his class race struggle rather than empowerment religion.

    America can and should do better than our average 3% economic growth. The levels of labor participation and capital investment remain extremely depressed. Times will change with the Morning in America.

  • ANother awesome essay from Peggy contained in WSJ

    The future acknowledgment of greatness only follows actual greatness. History takes the long view but in the end relies on facts.

    “But history will be written by liberals.” Fair enough, and they will judge the president the more harshly because he failed to do anything that lasts. ObamaCare will be corrected and torn down piece by piece. The immigration order will be changed, slowed or undone by the courts, Congress or through executive actions down the road. Keystone will pass and a veto overridden.

    And the president has failed liberals through unpopularity, which is another word for incompetence.

    Peggy is fully aware of facets and shades of meaning. But the term Liberal is loaded with two meaning.

    There is the traditional version of American Liberalism where equipping a person with forty acres and a mule values economic self sufficiency and therefore the secular world tools empowering individual liberty.

    SOmething completely different than the race class war 'necessary' to achieve collectivist utopia of social perfection by the enlightened despotism of the 'academic'. This tired old version of collectivism was popular with H.G. Wells. Nothing more than an attempt to escape the real world failure and brutality of the Russian experience.

    It is of course something useful tools like Juan Williams; who has the intellectual and moral capacity to know better, and Pelosi, reid, Socialist Caucus who may have had the mental capacity at one time but certainly do not now.

    Preparing to meet the future and preparing a fertile economy for the next generations is the American tradition of liberalism.

    The babbler on O'Cavuto weekends from the SF collective is so limited. But I guess there is a part which needs to be played by the format. But I guess it is most ethical to put him on in his lower order state.

  • Reply to

    LINE should go UP from here.

    by oicu812122000 Nov 20, 2014 10:10 AM
    norrishappy norrishappy Nov 22, 2014 9:56 AM Flag

    Actually rrb you need to listen again about the oil hedges in relationship to the strategy now that the asset transition is completed by market forces. Management really did pull it off perfectly given what happened to oil prices.

    Yes, as I said while you were not listening in your tantrum, LINE could likely hold the distribution in FY15. But the gain in ng volume is needed to plug the hole in the ng swap price decline in FY16.

    It is fascinating that your myth is changing as you type moment to moment.

    It gives me no joy to conclude a distribution cut is likely as part of the 'restructuring'. But the market unlike tantrum raging neophytes such as yourself looks through to cash flows. If perception of risk is reduced the market price often goes up on distribution reductions.

    As I said maybe management has some rationalization tricks up their sleeves. EOR oil production unlike shales remain operating cash flow positive. Those two Hugoton processing plants offer huge upside. But profitability is tied to ethane and propane economics.

    Anything is possible with oil pricing. In fact the Sunni oil states might to shed a tear if Progressive Venezuela plunges into chaos. After all the Progressive ruling elite sides with the Russian, Iran, Shia and Chinese nexus.

    Now try to focus. You are running around like a Progressive.

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