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norrishappy 618 posts  |  Last Activity: 2 hours 12 minutes ago Member since: Apr 24, 2002
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    Perhaps the personas mean well

    by norrishappy 15 hours ago
    norrishappy norrishappy 2 hours 12 minutes ago Flag

    Why Starve human beings and #$%$ American economic growth for Stag Monster's defective corn ethanol corruption, Opie

    As always Ron^3 has the Liberty to remain a delude. Sticks and stones but words can never hurt me.
    Ron^3 playing with calls in it's state certainly can hurt itself. Most especially in a retirement account.

    I guess for the OLB it remains a Progressive enemy of my enemy play.

    Interesting concept in Pride and Prejudice.

  • I believe the options on LINE will likely be a winner. At the same time market is assuming a necessary return for risk of at least - close to - 15%. With two thirds of that return coming from the distribution. Which is looking more and more secure on the successful Bank of Shale strategy.

    But it is not nice to encourage poor Ron^3 in his imagined delusions of understanding call option valuations.
    This is something far beyond a hobby like playing $2 blackjack.

    The premiums would seem small on LINE to a person who does not understand the basics. Unlike most companies LINE pays out nearly all cash flow as a distribution or put another way returns. This is implicit in the option price whether a person cares to have the understanding or not.

    Such a person is the regular food source of Wall Street Progressives Hedgies.

    Ron^3 really does not have the most basic clue and is using his retirement money. Encourage him with good intentions is most likely not the input he needs.

    The weaknesses in the BlackS valuation method are the disregard for the valuation of the stock and longer duration times. (There is also extreme out of the money but that is another subject). If an investor is really convinced of the future price, the risk and returns are lower with at or out of the money calls.

    Socializing is nice. BUt providing encouragement to a person who does not understand and refuses to understand is in truth not very social.

    Further, deferred tax accounts are best suited to compounding rather than wild capital appreciation speculation. If things go less than well with LINE there would be no way to take a capital loss.

    If you do not understand my points you certainly do not understand well enough to be encouraging poor Ron^3.

    Option markets are not paved with gold nuggets to simply pick up. They are efficient in their way.

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    LINE Options

    by ronharv 21 hours ago
    norrishappy norrishappy 16 hours ago Flag

    Mendacious! ;)

    One SVNP Cavuto awarded

  • Fairly noting balance sheet leverage exceeds a healthy level and 'earnings' predictability is now not existent and will have to be re-established.

    Still their model predicts annual returns of 15% to 24%. Really driven primarily by reduced risk via more consistent operations. Which is being implemented before our eyes.

    The thing about line with the five year horizon on hedging natural gas? Any reason and logic applied to national energy policy will be reflected in the futures market. That improvement will be locked into the LINE valuation.

    Natural gas export and hopefully something like normal economic growth would change the demand equation. EPD is expanding their ethane export capacity another 50%. EPD is clearly not a government operation turning on before schedule and under budget.

    As far as all ngls, free markets treat massive inefficiency like a mechanical nature treats a vacuum. This sad condition forcing export of ngls requires a massive uncertainly load from Obama's passive aggressive lead from behind foolishness.

    But I do not believe any return of mature rationality to American government policy and regulation is included in the Value LINE model. That is the real call option here.

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    LINE Options

    by ronharv 21 hours ago
    norrishappy norrishappy 20 hours ago Flag

    See damage the American economy for completely defective and therefore destructive corn ethanol corruption, Opie,

    Ron^3 is wanton ignorant about the nature of call options.

    This because it simply will not go and read even the most basic explanation of how the BlackS pricing model works.

    I am not a fan of writing covered calls on partnerships with the huge tax tail. Granted there is not a great deal of options action on LNCO.

    But if one did wish to buy calls, would it be wiser to take advantage of the discount or inefficiency on LNCO when buying options?

    Then there is the matter of Jan 2016 calls verses Jan 2017 calls. Interesting thing to believe Jan 2017 calls maybe available and to have claimed to bought them. ;)

    An interesting problem. Can a self proclaimed irrational like Jon Chaka Stewart discern other people are not rational from a irrational state? The answer clearly is no. Heavy handicap.

  • norrishappy norrishappy 21 hours ago Flag

    As much as Mad Who likes and appreciates brave Jason Riley's work, he is a primitive on American immigration.

    America is a propositional civilization. Coming across the border for work and rather weakly supposed economic benefit is very primitive thinking. It is not enough.

    So while the dust spec gang will hope for the epiphany written in clear simple language in our Founding Documents to strike him. For now poor Mr o'Riley must be assigned to the O'Harvard group of inadequate metaphysical contemplation.

    Free markets like natural selection are the best source of achieving efficiency. However like Dodo birds, Progressives and other natural monopolies, it often reflects arrested development or even regression.

    Like pygmy elephants. How is that logical?

  • As Majestic Civil Rights was subsumed by Collectivist Material Nihilism or post modern Progress-ism, Rev. Ml King began a poverty movement. The corner stone remained American Reformation Christian self evident truth that all individuals have talents. Talents which can not be wasted by enlightened people.

    The first plank was government policies which strove for full employment.
    The next was a wage which eliminated material want as respect for honest work.
    There was also a misguided belief that our government can create low cost housing. But to be fair the failure of subsidized housing was yet to be proven by experience.

    Not surprisingly Hayek and Honourable Sowell support the first plank. The first plank itself materially eliminates the second. IF immigration policy is Justly administered.

    It is juvenile that Tavis and his buddy are off at seminary to use legalism to support their material nihilistic beliefs. A Christian seeks wisdom which is something very different.

    Chicago originally did not allow TVs in project housing. Not surprisingly the projects actually worked as a community without TVs. It was a transition space to the condition of true personal Liberty of self economic sovereignty.

    The fact that once 'material nihilistic' rights displaced the objective of self sovereignty or Liberty, the projects failed terribly. Regardless of pigment the economic puzzle of human nature and the commons remains.

    Majestic Civil Rights was making great strides post WW2. The objective of Double Victory was becoming our reality. Then for black Americans who did not escape the collectivist controlled big city governments, arrested development and actually a regression. A separate culture of the inner city with no true connection to ethnicity and church.

    If we still believe in Liberty then we must seek to empower all people. Create a society where individual talents can be developed to the benefit of all Americans and the world. There is natural dignity.

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    Hate-charged Politics

    by ronharv Sep 15, 2014 2:40 PM
    norrishappy norrishappy 22 hours ago Flag

    Now now destroy the American middle class living standard for Stag Monsters evil corn ethanol insanity, Opie.

    First prejudge. Ron^3 was weighed on his public actions and out right confessions. Of course Ron^3 is therefore short on any measure of American Founding philosophy.

    Revered Martin Luther King admonished America for not following our Founding Philosophy and prejudging the character of his children based on the superficial. Rather he made a Righteous moral claim and the Source of our founding philosophy and American Reformation Christianity.

    As an person seeking to be worthy of our Framers definition of Patriot and Christian, I and Blessed by the condition of personal Liberty. I am therefore bound by Faith, logic and duty to defend Individual Liberty.

    Look Ron^3 clearly has the Liberty to make a public disgrace of itself. This I do defend.

    But I would serve Ron^3 poorly to simply humor it in this choice of low base primitive existence. He does have the potential, the potential reserved only for human beings, to be far more than it has chosen to be.

    Liberty or self sovereignty is clear rational judgement. So on what basis do you suppose the right to take my judgement? Has Ron^3 not freely chosen his public display and comment? Is Ron^3 some how impeded in its very sad displays of vainglorious hubris? No. Ron^3 is at it s Liberty.

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    Hate-charged Politics

    by ronharv Sep 15, 2014 2:40 PM
    norrishappy norrishappy Sep 16, 2014 1:06 PM Flag

    Does Liberty or self sovereignty exist if it is 'informed' by delusion or deception?

    If Liberty does not exist is there truly a individual freedom of choice?

    No. There is no true freedom of choice if our perception is not a reflection or close to truth.

    Now Ron^3 is a hubris driven delude. This condition causes it to freely admit it seeks to steal fellow Americans Liberty for selfish interest and vainglorious public display. What is civilized and therefore American in this self admitted condition? It has a right to be as it is. But this is something very different than the character to be a contributor to civilized discussion.

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    Hate-charged Politics

    by ronharv Sep 15, 2014 2:40 PM
    norrishappy norrishappy Sep 16, 2014 12:57 PM Flag

    Starve human beings, steal from working Americans and thereby damage the economic growth of America for Stag monster's insane and evil at this scale corn ethanol mandate corruption, Opie.

    Freedom of Speech means statement and response. Every one has the right to destroy their character in public. Which should not be confused with another Americans right but more importantly duty to respond.

    Ron^3 has stated for the public record that the only reason to post on investment boards is to advance self interest and establish a perception of being more correct rather than pursue truth. Which by logic and therefore American tradition is a self disqualification to the judgement of respect. If a person will not respect themselves there is nothing which can be done for them.

    Nor is self respect vainglorious pride which is simply a condition of wanton hubris. Hubris which serves more poorly than abject ignorance.

    The world is 'not as' primitive progressives like Obama and Jon 'Chaka' Stewart supposed. When the world's Judeo-Christian based system of government is set a drift from our moral principals, the fruit is bad. Human nature is indeed constant and imperfect as our Constitution is designed to both mitigate and harness.
    A declared understanding by our Framers and Founders that a Republic such as our requires the twin props of 'men' in Just therefore logic based sound religion.

    The reason Obama can not admit less than perfect 'judgement' is the dogma of the material nihilist Progressive primitive religion. He is self appointed to lead America into fundamental transformation by purposefully stealing the informed consent of the people.

    Now the arch-type O'cromag claims this reality can be overcome by the ends or 'good intentions' to assign the title American Patriot. Of course, only a 'modern' Harvard man could be so conditioned.

    In Washington's Farewell Address, American can only seek to change our Constitution with the fully aware consent of us. Liberty.

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    Hate-charged Politics

    by ronharv Sep 15, 2014 2:40 PM
    norrishappy norrishappy Sep 16, 2014 11:12 AM Flag

    Poor Ron^3

    The American Constitution is founded on securing the Blessing of Liberty ourselves and our Posterity.

    Posterity capitalized and ourselves lower case.

    To live in Liberty or self sovereignty requires a condition of rationality. For s Just society with a government instituted by people to secure God's grant of Individual Liberty requires honesty.

    To attempt rational deception is to attempt theft of another American's Liberty. Of course those who seek to dissemble rationalize all sort of reason Freedom of Speech is 'morally' limited by an absurd definition of 'genteel' civility.

    Poor Ron^3 is by history of the board a would be bully. A stilted blathering would be bully.

    Yet, it would clear the decks in the name of Progressive civility to 'share' what the Western reduction method of logic has proven to be delusion. On the very nature of markets and call options in peculiar.

    Freedom of Speech is so critical to the health of reason and therefore our Republic that we have given special protections to the Well of our Senate. The nasty Harry Reid abuses the sacred trust and therefore protection we have assigned to the Well in a condition of absurd mockery.

    Our dishonorable as it is generally Progressive = collectivist press mouths the absurdities spewed by truly villainous Harry Reid.

    When the true story is Harry Reid abused our Senate Well protections to launch political slander. A abuse of our Senate and insult to our intelligence. But the real theft is the Liberty of the low information voters of the Progressive core.

    Whatever an individual may think or feel about conservative talk radio, it is clearly insignificant compared to the wanton abuse of our Senate process and extraordinary protections we allow.

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    winter will be here soon

    by thegreatone561 Sep 15, 2014 10:21 AM
    norrishappy norrishappy Sep 15, 2014 10:18 PM Flag

    The sharply backward future market and the fullness of the 1 to 3 year hedge book was the reason.

    Hedging is central to the business model. The fact that commodity markets are signalling recession like the bond market is not a good thing.

  • Road to Serfdom Hayek
    He further argues that the abandonment of individualism and classical liberalism inevitably leads to a loss of freedom, the creation of an oppressive society, the tyranny of a dictator, and the serfdom of the individual.

    Of course any reasoning person witnessing the wide ranging abuse of power to the Obama regime is experience first hand the various facets of damage it does.

    Obama promised every American family would save $2,500 a year in medical cost. Knowing it was a lie.
    So we are stuck with a law with zero moral authority on this bald faced deception. But there are far more examples. A knowing deception is a theft of individual liberty and it did indeed happen.

    Fortunately our courts will still working so a company could successful sue the EPA. For making it all up. But the Obama regime has appointed many collectivist judges who do not believe in the logical and therefore necessary tenants of Individualism and therefore true classic Liberalism. For the greater good of government power, yes they believe an injustice can be done against a company or an individual.

    Talk Radio is the danger. If you are an OLB delude. Self as god has never worked out well, for any one.

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    Hate-charged Politics

    by ronharv Sep 15, 2014 2:40 PM
    norrishappy norrishappy Sep 15, 2014 10:00 PM Flag

    Those who lack the self-discipline to stick to the appropriate topic should seek out other venues for their choleric attacks.

    The Obama EPA attempting to falsify well pollution data to establish control and suppress fracturing operations is not appropriate to the board. If you are Ron^3. Who still has never admitted the wild corruption for solar panels in Spain had nothing to do with 24% unemployment. ;)

    Talk radio! What the heck?

    Any rational investor would be concerned about the wild corruption and abuse of power by the Obama administration. Especially if you are invested in American energy like LINE.

    Maybe some more before Greek logical direct observation on the nature of selling covered calls.

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    line bbep

    by colonelflashmanvc Sep 11, 2014 9:47 AM
    norrishappy norrishappy Sep 15, 2014 5:19 PM Flag

    Obama is simply the worst ever.

    American produced natural gas goes begging. The cleanest of all energy source.

    If not for the abundance of American energy and the price stability it has provided. This would be a very deep oil shock recession with the Fed out of bullets.

    Think of it. Energy independence is an easy reality delayed by Obama and the environmentalists worshippers of their humanity hating earth goddess.

    America has been exceptionally lucky in this simply being horrible. If Obama's corrupt EPA had been successful in corrupting fracturing well results and blocked our energy development?

    Oil $200? Yes, easily.

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    Willie of the Corn still like SDRL 20% higher

    by norrishappy Sep 15, 2014 3:00 PM
    norrishappy norrishappy Sep 15, 2014 5:14 PM Flag

    Why there was a post claiming you still loved it just weeks ago Willie of the Corny.

    I just love collectivist history. His Story which means anything you want it to be so as to get back to material nihilism.

    I must admit it is especially distressful to me when American reverends indulge themselves in such irrational behaviour as a basis for discussion. It is of course a nasty trick of Progressive material nihilism and they should know far better.

  • Reply to

    Hate-charged Politics

    by ronharv Sep 15, 2014 2:40 PM
    norrishappy norrishappy Sep 15, 2014 5:10 PM Flag

    Why starve human beings, burden Americans with falling living standards, greatly increase air and water pollution and ware our cars for Stag Monsters corn ethanol corruption, Opie.

    Being irrational about the nature of investments and markets is not on topic. Rather it is simply the flagrant and petty emotionalism of the Progressive religion of nihilism. Of which Jon Chaka Stewart is a high secular priest.

    Which is no occupy line board persona has change their determined behaviour and therefore increased their understanding.

  • Willie it is now cheaper. So you like it more?

    Actually I like the offshore drillers on valuation right now. But of course Obama America is not a stable rational place so neither is the world.

    Seadrill Ltd. (SDRL) suffered its longest losing streak in Oslo trading as the rig company controlled by billionaire John Fredriksen risks seeing its bet on Russia unwind on deepening sanctions from the U.S. and Europe.

    Fredriksen is a talent. But he is also known as the Wolf for sticking his investors if his fortunes turn. Also those Russian Putin connections are no small deal. Understandably the russians need to pay a premium for oil services. Not a good time to try and re-contract those units.

    Obama retirement and not electing Hillary could do wonders for American economic growth. Therefore energy demand and offshore drillers.

    Is Willie of the corn man enough to explain it's position now? Baited breath in New South Africa.

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    Hate-charged Politics

    by ronharv Sep 15, 2014 2:40 PM
    norrishappy norrishappy Sep 15, 2014 2:48 PM Flag

    Yes Ron^3 is a very angry sort. Rude to expose tall tails and believe civilized conversation is more than dissembling for self interest and childish vanity.

    But it is also why American has Freedom of Speech and not freedom of expression.

    Otherwise Ron^3 claims it emotions are hurt and it would do more than simply hide and snipe.


    The number of rigs drilling in the U.S. is basically flat, but production is rising. The federal Energy Information Administration calls this "drilling productivity" and says it is showing no sign of slowing.

    Lynn Westfall, the EIA's director of energy markets and financial analysis, points out that the rig count in South Texas' Eagle Ford Shale "has not changed since 2012, but the production per new well has doubled."

    A pair of graphs which really tell the story. The question really is if the American economy will be allowed normal economic growth let alone normal recovery growth for such record low levels of utilization.

    The Obama waste and destruction of American ethane is so great, putting the ethane to highest free market purpose completely changes the demand supply models.

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