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  • norrishappy norrishappy 14 hours ago Flag

    Brave Americans of Faith and medical training going to help. So I would not block but rather pray well for them.

    Clearly corrupt governments can not control the now epidemic.

    This secual material nihilist Progressive Correct religion has gone on long enough.

  • CNN) -- A patient being treated at a Dallas, Texas, hospital is the first person diagnosed with Ebola in the United States, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced Tuesday.

    Several other Americans were diagnosed in West Africa and then brought to the United States for treatment.

    The person who first tested positive for Ebola in the United States is a patient at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas, hospital spokesman Stephen O'Brien said Tuesday.

    The adult patient developed symptoms days after returning to Texas from West Africa, and was admitted into isolation on Sunday, according to the Texas Department of State Health Services.

  • But that was a very sweeping observation on the nature of EV to EBITDA. Fair point but over expansive.

    Interesting thing about assets swaps. It does not change book values in the accounting. Clearly given the prime mature assets management is trading for shales, the book value is not a great model of real of economic value.

    Then not addressing the extensive hedge book relative to the risk from falling oil and natural gas prices.

    So they were good until the author got carried away with the units may not hold at current levels for very long.

    When in fact the trades are increasing DCF and therefore improving the EV to EBITDA now.

    Still better than the general quality of Barrons.

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    by rrb1981 Sep 28, 2014 8:28 AM
    norrishappy norrishappy 15 hours ago Flag

    Wow what are the odds of 12 green thumbs out of now where?

    One O'Cavuto

    Jon did do an excellent interview last night on the Free Syrian Prez. But it seems his servers are stuck. I have not been able to bring up the extended interview.

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    by rrb1981 Sep 28, 2014 8:28 AM
    norrishappy norrishappy 15 hours ago Flag

    Poor Ron^3

  • Obama/Progressive delivered the drug besotted to occupy and degenerate American public spaces. For massed emotional tantrum

    In Hong Kong it is purposeful and rational. The freedom for self determination.

  • Obama does not take sides.

    I know Willie of the Corn believe the Totalian Progressive Chinese elite is not just concerned but most concerned about delusional 'Climate Change'.

    American natural gas into the American economy. Insane corn ethanol mandates ended.

    Progressive material nihilists never admit a mistake. So the only correction is to take them out of power they do not have the integrity to wield.

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    The Oceans Ate Global Warming?

    by norrishappy Sep 29, 2014 9:25 AM
    norrishappy norrishappy Sep 29, 2014 1:30 PM Flag

    The majority of Americans are far more traditional and pragmatic than the tiny sliver which national elections now turn on.

    Logical people should note Nobel Fool Chu killed hydrogen fuel cells and direct natural gas engines for batteries. His little personal delusion that these could be charge by wind and solar.

    Never mind that if there is any efficiency gain in the whole life cycle of the car, it is best case completely immaterial.

    Mean while Toyota and Honda being sustainable franchise businesses and proud Japanese citizens continued on. Clearly market winning technology in the American market. BUt also if the Japanese pull of methane ice mining from the sea, a clean solution for Japan too.

    Problem for the Jon Chaka Stewart Progressives is they need an emergency. They need logic and reason in government policy to be suspended. They also have a huge advantage over traditional Individualists are politics is their religion. Inculcated by our failing public schools. Sustained by a clearly dishonourable media press shaping public opinion rather than informing opinion.

    With American natural gas we can lower co2 by amounts all this base load solar panels and winds simply can not. As Germany have proven and continues to prove.

    Oh yea. Eliminating corn ethanol would dramatically lower co2 and currently dangerous and immediately damaging air, ground and water pollution. Guess the algae blooms poisoning the Great Lakes and dangerous contaminating drinking water to major American cities is Global Warming?

    But do not be mean to Jon Chaka Stewart. He was born irrational and overcame his challenge to become rich, famous, influential and loved for his misguided good intentions. At his best there really are Shakespearean dimensions to his work.

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    The Oceans Ate Global Warming?

    by norrishappy Sep 29, 2014 9:25 AM
    norrishappy norrishappy Sep 29, 2014 12:47 PM Flag

    Now Willie why not try some logical argument rather than all this material nihilist dogma you exist in.

    Whether the earth is warming by a significant amount is not settled
    Whether or not claimed rather than established warming is real does not establish 'peoplehood' is the or a determinate variable.
    Warming is more likely to be beneficial
    All the variables which must foo into a working model can not be processed by existing technology. Even if all the variables were known. Which they are not.

    But the important logical element is it is reasonable to be careful as the science is not settled. So we should engage in activities which actually address co2 without disrupting our economy by crashing living standards.

    All Obama has done and demand by lawlessness to do will make no difference. China, India and Russia have very real primarily pollution problems which are many orders of magnitude more damaging than co2. Also, none of these countries even has the ability to effectively regulate emissions due to rampant corruption.

    In Europe the Socialist in Spain crashed the economy on solar power. 25% unemployment. In Germany the 'renewables' policy were implemented with dogmatic primitive religion fervor. The result is a destabilized electrical grid and sky rocketing prices. Despite German electricity costing several hundred percent more than America. To try and mitigate the economic damage and stabilize the grid the Germans have been forced to use more coal and so after all this delusional and negative mass group emotions? Higher co2.

    The answer for America is natural gas, muke hydro and large super efficient base load coal.

    Look your primitive religion free of the concepts of science is your right to believe.

    BUt by using natural gas America has already reduced co2 12% - from a greater base. Natural gas and not the trillions wasted on crony capitalist alternatives.

    In case you missed it. China, India and Russia did not show at Obama GW services.

  • norrishappy norrishappy Sep 29, 2014 11:15 AM Flag

    It is interesting that our failing school system omits Coolidge. Unless of course it is to create the false impression he was a racists. For passing immigration legislation favoring areas with higher levels of general education. Easier assimilation.

    This Coolidge conception, that a surfeit of earthly laws reflects earthly arrogance, differed mightily from the theory advanced by progressives, who believed in law almost as a religion itself.

    One of the most revealing speeches Coolidge made was to Jewish leaders and community philanthropists in 1924. He applauded them for taking care of one another, a good role for any church-related community. “I want you to know that I feel you are making good citizens, that you are strengthening the Government, that you are demonstrating the supremacy of the spiritual life and helping establish the Kingdom of God on earth.”

    Why yes, the EPA being provided court colour to regulate co2. It was not even imagined when the Clean Air Act of ghost of Congress generations past, approved it. Never mind that all the LAWS the radical EPA is passing will not have the slightest impact on the man models of climate change. Nor will those regulations advance economically viable generation technology which China, India or Russia will implement.

    There is sadly nothing new in the American struggle with Progressive Collectivism. What is new this time is the control and so no surprise, decline of public education.

    The saddest right now for me, Ministers who happen to be Black dismissing the rich American History as His-Story without seeking truth. One of the greatest thefts of Individual Liberty in human history. Seeking and discerning Good Fruit is not optional in the American Reformation understanding.

    Gates is a boob rather than honoured elder. 'Whites' can be sympathetic but no more. Which fully demonstrates his intellectual bankruptcy brought on by moral failure. The Wisdom Frame work is not optional for productive purpose.

  • norrishappy norrishappy Sep 29, 2014 10:48 AM Flag

    "Coolidge spoke in favor of the civil rights of African Americans and Catholics,[122] saying in his first State of the Union address that the rights of the former were "just as sacred as those of any other citizen" under the U.S. Constitution and that it was a "public and a private duty to protect those rights."[123] He appointed no known members of the #$%$ to office; indeed, the Klan lost most of its influence during his term.[124] His administration commissioned studies to improve programs for Native Americans.

    In 1924, Coolidge responded to a letter that claimed the United States was a "white man's country":

    ...I was amazed to receive such a letter. During the war 500,000 colored men and boys were called up under the draft, not one of whom sought to evade it. [As president, I am] one who feels a responsibility for living up to the traditions and maintaining the principles of the Republican Party. Our Constitution guarantees equal rights to all our citizens, without discrimination on account of race or color. I have taken my oath to support that Constitution. It is the source of your rights and my rights. I propose to regard it, and administer it, as the source of the rights of all the people, whatever their belief or race. A colored man is precisely as much entitled to submit his candidacy in a party primary, as is any other citizen. The decision must be made by the constituents to whom he offers himself, and by nobody else."

    It is a historical truth that the Liberty Republicans served the Social Gospel movement by honouring the Wisdom Framework. Child labour laws and eight hour work weeks did not come from Progressive collectivists but rather the church.

    Coolidge repeatedly called for laws to prohibit lynching, calling it a "hideous crime".[123] However, most Congressional attempts to pass this legislation were filibustered by Southern Democrats.[127] Coolidge appointed some African Americans to federal office; he retained Harding's choice of Walter L. Cohen of New Orleans, Louisiana, as the comptroller of customs and offered Cohen the post of minister to Liberia, which the businessman declined.

  • norrishappy norrishappy Sep 29, 2014 10:19 AM Flag

    Then came the economic disaster of Progressive Hoover followed by the never ending depression of Progressive FDR.

    Which was only truly ended by the planning and ability of American industry to return to consumer products after the War.

  • norrishappy norrishappy Sep 29, 2014 10:18 AM Flag

    Coolidge restored public confidence in the White House after the scandals of his predecessor's administration, and left office with considerable popularity.[1] As a Coolidge biographer put it, "He embodied the spirit and hopes of the middle class, could interpret their longings and express their opinions. That he did represent the genius of the average is the most convincing proof of his strength."[2] Some later criticized Coolidge as part of a general disapproval of laissez-faire government.[3] His reputation underwent a renaissance during the Ronald Reagan administration, but the ultimate assessment of his presidency is still divided between those who approve of his reduction of the size of government programs and those who believe the federal government should be more involved in regulating and controlling the economy.[4]

    There really is not rational debate.

    During Coolidge's presidency the United States experienced the period of rapid economic growth known as the "Roaring Twenties". He left the administration's industrial policy in the hands of his activist Secretary of Commerce, Herbert Hoover, who energetically used government auspices to promote business efficiency and develop airlines and radio.[102] With the exception of favoring increased tariffs, Coolidge disdained regulation, and demonstrated this by appointing commissioners to the Federal Trade Commission and the Interstate Commerce Commission who did little to restrict the activities of businesses under their jurisdiction.[103] The regulatory state under Coolidge was, as one biographer described it, "thin to the point of invisibility."[104]

    Coolidge's economic policy has often been misquoted as "generally speaking, the business of the American people is business" (full quotation at right). Some have criticized Coolidge as an adherent of the laissez-faire ideology, which they claim led to the Great Depression.[105] On the other hand, historian Robert Sobel offers some context based on Coolidge's sense of federalism: "As Governor of Massachusetts, Coolidge supported wages and hours legislation, opposed child labor, imposed economic controls during World War I, favored safety measures in factories, and even worker representation on corporate boards. Did he support these measures while president? No, because in the 1920s, such matters were considered the responsibilities of state and local governments."[d][106]

  • norrishappy norrishappy Sep 29, 2014 10:13 AM Flag

    Ah delude posting for posting pollution.

    When TR was elected something did indeed have to be done to break up trusts and monopolies. Nothing fair, transparent, competitive or efficient about creating monopolies.

    The divergent views of the two men over the powers of the executive is well articulated in their respective memoirs. In summary, Roosevelt for his part believed 'the President has not just a right but a duty to do anything demanded by the needs of the nation, unless such action is forbidden by the Constitution or federal law." Taft's general opinion on the other hand was that "the President can exercise no power which cannot fairly be traced to some specific grant of power in the Constitution or act of Congress."[47]

    Plus Points : He was widely respected and greatly loved by all. He oversaw America's rehabilitation after World War 1 and to enable people to rebuild their lives cut taxes. He created government agencies like 'Veterans Affairs' and 'Bureau of the Budget' which are in operation even today. This is ample proof of his foresightedness. He spoke out strongly against racism and the plight of blacks when it was highly unpopular to do so. He chose brilliant people like Charles Hughes (Secretary of State), Andrew Mellon (Secretary of Treasury) Herbert Hoover (for Secretary of State) to be part of his cabinet. In matters relating to foreign affairs, he signed peace treaties that followed as a result of the 'Treaty of Versailes'. He played a key role in paving the way for 'world naval disarmament at the Washington Naval Conference of 1921-22. In addition, he ratified a treaty to indemnify Columbia for its loss of Panama and created the Naval Petroleum Reserve 4 ( presently known as National Petroleum Reserve - Alaska).

  • The Oceans Ate Global Warming?
    By Jonathon Moseley
    In Alice in Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll, Alice says she cannot believe impossible things. The Queen of Hearts is surprised: “When I was younger, I always did it for half an hour a day. Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”
    Therefore, suppose we compare two events:
    Global warming advocates argue that the oceans are absorbing the extra heat that their computer models predicted, which has mysteriously vanished. The missing heat over the last 18 years has been going into the oceans.
    Yet, the Arctic Sea Ice Cap around the North Pole has grown by 43% since 2012. As confirmed by satellites from orbit, the Arctic ice pack has grown by 1.715 million square kilometers in the last two years, as reported in England’s Daily Mail. That is the size of the truly massive state of Alaska.
    So, might we ask a question? Yes, you with your hand up.
    If the Earth hasn’t warmed for the last 18 years because the predicted heat is going into the oceans, then why is there 43% more ice in the last two years? If you add heat to water containing ice, doesn’t the ice normally melt? Does it normally freeze over, creating more ice?

    Note that ice in the Arctic is free-floating. There are no landmasses in the Arctic, around the North Pole (except the Northern tips of Canada, Russia, and Alaska). The massive continent of Antartica surrounds the South Pole. But in the North, the ice is soaking in ocean water.

    The Economist confidently waffles that “The mystery of the pause in global warming may have been solved,” in “Davy Jones’s heat locker”. The oceans “may be” absorbing the warming."

    But the antarctic is shattering all records for ice growth too.

    So all BELIEVE the Progressive high priests of science. The oceans are warmer. Really. Making 2014 the warmest ever. The really deluded part is America is reducing c02 more than any one even promised with natural gas! What is the problem again?

  • norrishappy norrishappy Sep 29, 2014 8:36 AM Flag

    The Progressive condition.
    They always screw it up so blame others. Then there is the general anger issue and inferiority complex which draws whining like trailer trash.

    Hard to believe but they really do believe they are the elite to bring on Social Justice. Really.

    Amusing except this delusion is in control of 2/3 of our government.
    But maybe enough Americans are paying attention now and we will make a change in November. :)

  • norrishappy norrishappy Sep 28, 2014 4:45 PM Flag

    The Home Energy Station
    Honda has operated an experimental Home Energy Station in Torrance, California, since 2003. The Home Energy Station, which generates hydrogen from natural gas, is designed to provide heat and electricity for the home through fuel cell cogeneration and to supply fuel for a hydrogen-powered fuel cell electric vehicle.
    Honda has worked in cooperation with technology partner Plug Power, Inc., to reduce size and increase convenience in each subsequent generation of the Home Energy Station. In 2007 Honda developed the still experimental Home Energy Station IV—which is even more efficient and better suited for home use than previous versions. CO2 emissions for a household using the Home Energy Station are 30% lower than those for an average household using a gasoline-engine car and commercial electricity and heat.

    Gee I wonder which technology physics favours. Toyota extending energy technology to blur the line between surface fuel and home. Or silly storage devices called batteries which are heavy and expensive?

    Plus natural gas does not have the significant loss of energy in conversion and transmission. Before for we get to loss or leakage in all battery systems.

    BUt it is not to late. Just as American snuck up and took HD back, I am sure we can recover the future here as well. When Obama retires and if we do not do something delusional like elect corrupt Hillary.

  • norrishappy norrishappy Sep 28, 2014 4:33 PM Flag

    One advantage of FCVs is that they can travel farther and restore range faster than most current EVs. Refueling is simple: Once a nozzle with a snap collar is securely mated and locked to your car, the transfer of hydrogen begins with a brief hissing sound, followed by a 3- to 5- minute fill-up. However, it takes considerably longer for a filling station to restore the pressure required to service the next vehicle, so current setups can only refuel six or so cars per hour.

    A real problem. But something I am sure engineers can quickly resolve via the profit motive.

  • "It depends on where you look. The only tailpipe emission from an FCV is water, but the process of creating hydrogen fuel—just like that of formulating gasoline or generating current for an electric vehicle—has an environmental impact. More than 90 percent of hydrogen today is created using a natural-gas-reforming process involving steam and methane, which reduces CO2 emissions from "well to wheel" by approximately 60 percent, compared with the process of creating gasoline. So, carbon dioxide is still released into the atmosphere—it just happens before the liquid hydrogen gets to your tank. Incentives and mandates encourage a cleaner hydrogen-creation process: The state of California requires that 30 percent of H2 supplied for transportation come from renewable sources, which can include wind, solar, and biomass material. "

    60% reduction in co2? Which means it must be burdened with 30% energy from bogus renewables? Which may only reduce pollution due to the high cost depressing consumer demand and oh yea living standards and therefore jobs.

    As Progressives always say - YOU should live with less.

  • norrishappy norrishappy Sep 28, 2014 2:51 PM Flag

    Hum something Jon Chaka' Stewart is most emotionally fond of.

    The long tail of social collectivism goes all the way back to the story of Babel. OJB is very fascinating.

    The question of course is when has collectivism ever been successfully sustainable and therefore rational in all of human history? In fact has it ever improved the human condition? Has it never been anything more than a negative force?

    A free association of individuals can form a working collective. But always as with human nature, it can not be sustained into the next generation. Those individuals not matter how inculcated from birth usually do not make the same choice.

    Kibbutz being a primary example.

    Perhaps strange at first but the Kibbutz is individualism. Free association of individuals into a incorporation or collective.

    Ben Franklin

    The rapid progress true science now makes occasions my regretting sometimes that I was born so soon. It is impossible to imagine the Height to which may be carried, in a thousand years, the Power of Man over Matter...Agriculture may diminish its Labour and double its Produce; all Diseases may, by sure means, be prevented or cured, not even excepting that of Old Age, and our Lives lengthened at pleasure even beyond the antediluvian Standard. O that moral Science were in as fair a way of Improvement, that Men would cease to be Wolves to one another, and that human Beings would at length learn what they now improperly call Humanity.

    Ben's prescience really should not be astounding. How is the state imposed secular Progressive material nihilism any advancement in moral science? An individual has the absolute right to be a Libertine and therefore a free loader on civil society. Free of the Judgement of fellow citizens Liberty or self sovereignty.

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