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  • norrishappy norrishappy 1 hour 52 minutes ago Flag

    Yea with two billion human beings out of the game for Christmas the mandate of secular heaven is things will be fully rational if the markets are open!

    All time must be profane? The fundemental questions of metaphysics simply forgotten or in the case of Jon Stewart never asked? ;)

    But to give Jon his due, few people can go through such vast amounts of time and remain complete unchanged and unchanging. An anchor to the time before time for nearly his entire audience! Which always needs to be replenished as the generations mature nd move on to adult things like Fox News and Business.

  • norrishappy norrishappy 2 hours 42 minutes ago Flag

    Like Mr. Varney business suit what stands the test of time for it has purpose and function. It is not a Progressive fashion show but in the American tradition an expression of respect for his audience.
    It is amusing but the Progressive logical fallacy that all the religion is the same is a break of necessary logical identify. The Judeo-Christian philosophy is the basis of our way of life, Declaration and Constitution.

    Should we then be surprised that younger Americans not instructed by their family Elders per Guidance do not understand the Concept of Liberty and the Source? That they fall for the screaming absurdity that our Constitution is a 'secular document' for it does not say God like our Declaration?

    Never mind the Blessing of Liberty is Ordianed.

  • norrishappy norrishappy 2 hours 46 minutes ago Flag

    Christmas became a national Holiday as part of the Christian Awakening which led to the willingness to fight the Civil War. A recognized, acknowledged and glaring birth defect which Enlightened Americans desperately tried to eliminate, without war for three generations.
    Most of our Founders followed a more austere yet very powerful Faithful Christianity. There were government declared days of Prayer for guidance, provisioning and/or Thanksgiving. But Christmas was celebrated by a minority of Lutherans and Catholics before the Great Awakening.
    Another reason we have an official Christmas was the hostility of the heathens ran wild on this day. It was not uncommon for bands of drunken heathens to harry, threaten or even assault the ‘papists’. So it was simply pragmatic to make if sacred time for family.
    Now days we do not have the assault but we still do have Winter Solstice pagans doing their best to harry and harass. A day off and an encouragement to strengthen the bonds of family, friendship and humanity in the Spirit of Good Will is by Jon Stewart delusion ‘intolerant’.
    Our Constitution is the Guided logic of thousands of years of Judeo-Christian Theology in the area of productive logical philosophy. To be fair we should say Abrahamic philisophs for Moslem thinkers did add significantly to concepts of Individual Liberty. Before Islam in the main fell back into mystical emotional collectivism hundreds of years ago.
    It is amazing how deluded the Jon Stewart collectivist primitives truly are. They get all angry because business is now open on what was once nationally respected as sacred time in America. When they are the very deludes who have successfully killed the general idea of Sacred time in their simple minded emotionalism. Then their unintended consequences are again the Christians fault.

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    Ohio bans fracking

    by gal1918 Apr 11, 2014 6:58 PM
    norrishappy norrishappy 15 hours ago Flag

    If fracturing operations are causing minor earthquates it is releasing existing pressure in a very gentle way. Releasing the energy before it becomes a major event.

    Our Midwest has had some Biblical power earthquakes.

    As we see with Corn Ethanol our delusional environmentalists will block a pipe line which would reduce pollution by avoiding training crude. To keep this insanity going they ignore the econlogical and economic diaster of corn ethanol political corruption.

    Even Jon Stewart is getting worried about the unscience coming from his collective on the environment.

  • norrishappy norrishappy 21 hours ago Flag

    Yea. Don't know about Murdock.

    The interesting thing about investments is the market is efficient enough that only a handful can beat it by relatively small amounts.

    Like Las Vegas the large trading banks are not built of rational or informed investor opinion.

    The evil insanity of corn ethanol continues destroying 40%+ of crops even in a drought.

    Now if you are a government rent seeker can you get more juice from a politico and his powerful activist government or some one who actually believes in the rule of law?

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    Finishing strong for a change!

    by rjmcbear Apr 17, 2014 3:47 PM
    norrishappy norrishappy 23 hours ago Flag

    No Stag's Opie prime -

    What you are llogically claiming is comfort in other people's suffering. Perhaps you do not even realize it as this is the nature of delusion.

    It is worse that primitive Jon Stewart believing he can elect amoral people who will craft logical government policies to minimize suffering. Even after all this time Jon does not learn from experience after experience.

    Obama is not his secular superman. In fact rruth is Obama now scares him greatly. Comics are by proffesion irrational which is different than mental quickness and agility.

    A lack of wisdom, so Jon just keeps doing the same old things. Which is why is audience is young. We cycle through and most at some point move on to Fox New and Business. ;)

    To equip overselves with useful information so we can offer others an informed opinion rather than being the shallowness of Progressive hep and snarky.

  • norrishappy norrishappy Apr 17, 2014 3:39 PM Flag

    Now now Stag's Opie prime.

    For each life granted one is owed. We do not determine the time we have but rather only what we chose to do with the time we are given.

    A life lived well in family and community will be sorely missed. Feeling sorry for oneselve is a base unproductive emotion. Rather than the suffering of other people making you 'feel' better about yourself, it would be productive if you would do something productive to support the person. Caring is not an emotion it is an action.

    It is a sad result of the condition of lack of Wonder that the material here and now is all there is. So you are reduced to feeling better about yourself as some people have a more difficult path.

    I as a Christian look forward to seeing all my loved ones again. In a perfect conidtion where we share joy together rather than hurt each other. HUman suffering is simply our call to help and sustain each other in this time.

    Which is something very different from your self absorbed reality.

    Counting Blessings is in itself a call to caring and works.

  • norrishappy norrishappy Apr 17, 2014 10:22 AM Flag

    So Willie this seems to be all you did learn ;).

    As I believe in LIberty, I unlike you am not hostile to other peoples faiths. However LIberty requires judgement and responsibility. So yes hostile athiests racing to put up towers of empty bear cans next to Christmas displays is what it appears to be. Jon's collective loves the hostile therefore anti-social belligerence and so finds it extremely funny and amusing. Now Jon's audience can be forgiven as they are young and unsophisticate self absorbed Libertines.

    Non-attachment also comes with personal virtue to escape the worldly cycle. As you demonstrate, Progressive secular pagans reject all concepts of personal virtue as social judgment. How can the secural Pagan be the perfect Libertine is some one does not accept selfishness as equal to personal virtue?

    Progressive state religion is predicated of the falsity amoral leaders with unguided logic can have pure reason. It is one very nasty and destructive delusion. In fact a religion the collective would impose and in the main has imposed with dramatic deleterious affect on American society and culture.
    Now a Buddhist accepting personal virtue must be honest. Therefore a productive civilized discussion is possible.
    Unlike Progressive secular pagans whose uncivilized antics have no restraint. ‘Everyone does it and you would too, if you could’ is not a philosophy. It is simple knuckle dragging primitive expression and imposed assumption.

    Buddhists are reaching for a more perfect existence not limited by this world. The Progressive secular pagan imposes their belief there is nothing more than the material nihilism of the here and now. Not the same at all.

  • norrishappy norrishappy Apr 17, 2014 12:51 AM Flag

    Poor Willie better to say nothing than to prove you know nothing.

    There are many version of Buddhism. But in general to even cling to even the concept of god keeps a person from moksha.

    So while they maybe believe in 'gods' and demons, it is something to escape or perhap more accurately something to put away.

    Again Willie of the Corn, the opinion of a angry primitive is not important. Not to any Just person striving to be rational.

    I can not imagine being forced to live in community with Willies. Without repect of Liberty human beings are very intolerant. As you clearly are. That intolerance then makes you angry. As you always appear to be. Very unhappy as well.

  • norrishappy by norrishappy Apr 16, 2014 9:08 PM Flag

    Now Mr. Varney is correct about the concept of google glasses. It is already a military technology. If may even become so type of headsup without glasses in the not distrant future.

    Fashions change and are often absurd. But what lasts; like Mr. Varney's staid American Founders' style business suits, has function. So the 30 something Team Varney member is well, being a luddite primitive often occuring in youth.

    I do not know but an American with six children most likely started early. So yea Mr. Varney could be a grandpa again. He sure loves it after all.

    BUt after raising so many offspring through teenage years his exacerbation at hardhead youth surely quickly passes. Maybe Mr. Varney is getting ready to add to the family again by adoption? Again?

  • norrishappy norrishappy Apr 16, 2014 8:58 PM Flag

    Look only a very few peoples in Europe understand Individual human Liberty. The Poles and a few others which are not secular pagan.

    No I would not bheave like Willie of the Corn or you. It is their country and if they wish to live without Individual Liberty so their secular god of government can do tricks for them? Well they do have the Liberty to decide to live without the Creator's gift of Liberty.

    My nepher as brilliant as he is, still does quie understand Liberty. It is a difficult concept to understand when from birth you are programmed to believe justice can only be achieved by surrendering Liberty to collectivism.

    Now to be fair Sweden is about the only country on earth which mostly pulls off collectivism rationally. Even so they are allowing large scale Islamix immigration. Which of course is not wise as it is coming in as a collective which does not assimulate into secular paganism.

    Confusing skin color with culture elements of faith is a very large delusion.

    But the question really is why would Europeans be upset about being accruately describe by their choice?

    I guess if I were to be complete accurate I would have to say secular pagan controlled with the Faithful being oppressed minority.

  • norrishappy norrishappy Apr 16, 2014 7:04 PM Flag

    Some but not many. I speak to Poles and they are not Collectivist secular pagans.

    Actually my nephew by marriage is a Swede. He is a brilliant engineer and good all around good human being.

    He said to me Christmas is for presents. So I called him a secular pagan. Then we discussed the logic of his position and he being intellectually honest agreed he is indeed a secular pagan.
    But I am happy to proclaim that his child and my great niece was baptized.
    Interesting thing about the theistic philosophical position is that it is logical and rational. While the hostile therefore heathen atheist primitives of America are closed minded nasty simpleton irrationalists. Which is why nastily deluded Dawkens will not debate the theist position.
    The Swedes just do not think about it much. So they are not all out of control emotional about it like Willie of the Corn.
    Interesting thing as well if that the next subject after easily winning the theist position, the subject moves on to what would be the qualities of a Creator worthy of Worship?
    It certainly is not going to be legions of Willie of the Corn proclaiming themselves a god on to them self.
    I can say first hand there really are some very nice people in France. They go to church!

    Of course once the thiest position wins as it did with the Pagan Greeks thousands of years ago, the question then becomes what are the qualitites of a Creator worthy of worship?

    Logic is a tool. Interesting thing out Declaration and Constitution are openly Guided logic. Actually based on the Foundation of a Providencial Creator.

  • Distribution up 1.5% quarter to quarter.

    EPB same but then when it pays a stable almost 9%? Any increase would be a unexpected surprise.

    The Europeans are a bunch of lifeless self absorbed Progressive pagans now.

    But 'conservative or rational leaders understand they need American gas/ngls to reduce their exposure to Progressive Putin. The Europeans are not all Progressive secular Pagans. Just mostly and the ordinary self absorbed pagans whose secular god of government does tricks for them, understand the critical need. The Germans are certainly need some way to avoid the additional spikes in electrical prices cause by the pagan worshippers of their humanity hating earth goddess.

    The big pipes with export business are looking even better. But Houston is already pretty much maxed out.

    The OLB always loves CrossedHedgeyed nonsense. Especially Ron^3 which is complete irrational.

  • OIl rigs up 13 or so for the week. BUt NG rigs down 9.

    Good news is ethane and propane firmed to slightly up.

    Pretty crazy that the futures are still down sloping or backward. Granted associated production will add maybe 5% to the ng supply this year. But, the industry is going very high liquid for very understanble reasons.

    TI at almost $104 is nicely over the puts. The long dated futres are very backward - which is less happy.

    Still the ng industry seems to be basing - perhaps for a change.

    Could be a nice quarter. Add some positive news on the Permian.

    This maybe the point we should start looking up.

  • As they rush in it was also change the politics of the extreme collectivists like Obama. Obama will not change to a mature rational policy agenda. He can not at this point. But who comes after will have to.

    It always comes back to American economic growth as natural gas is the cyclical or growth fuel. At some point the associated supply from our vast oil expansion will be utilized. At which point the dynamic of the gas market changes.

    There are very simple rational policy adjustments to be made with vast positive aspects.

    Natural gas into our economy and this corn ethanol netherworld eliminated. Rationalization of EPA gasoline policies to lower pollution and reduce cost based on science rather than politics as secular religion.

    To be a great investment LINE simply need get through the dismal and irrational Obama times. It is a huge change that the Progressive private equity Wall Street rent seekers are already on the other side of the fence.

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    Ohio bans fracking

    by gal1918 Apr 11, 2014 6:58 PM
    norrishappy norrishappy Apr 14, 2014 2:21 AM Flag

    Silly racist Caliban.

    Logic requires personal virtue. Otherwise the person becomes an irrational racist mess such as yourself.

    The old doing good by doing well of American tradition. Another reason why we are thankfully not like you. ;)

    HOw does an investor quantify Obama's EPA falsifing well data in the attempt to block fracturing operations? It might have worked for Obama has gotten away with massive levels of abuse and corruption.

    Which is why the Progressives on the board are always claiming markets are not rational. ;). Oh course the Progressive Wall Street operators will take care of them. They are their food.

    Interesting to as corporate culture is a prime concern of the Graham and Dodd fundemental analysis. The only strategy which is proven to beat the market long term.

    Yes 'high tech' doesn't follow. But then this is why the great investors avoid the randomness of tech.

  • norrishappy norrishappy Apr 11, 2014 5:45 PM Flag

    What on earth are you babbling about? Off in your own like world again?

    No 3.0 EBITDA is a yard stick and not a critical metric. Funny you do read and copy. But aping is not understanding!

    'Only' about 12% of the enterprise value is in the Permian assets. Clearly LINE is up in a down market so it was a positive surprise.

    So again you are off on some weird babble and beating your chest about!

    Averages are not what analysts do my friend. Of course the change in the mix of production at current Obama disrupted BTU prices is the critical variable which needs to change. The one that actually dissapointed the market in the guidance.

    You can babble on and declare you are winning rather than proving ignorance. Maybe the OLB will even get excited and begin taking turns voting. But it will not change your reality. ;)

  • norrishappy norrishappy Apr 11, 2014 4:58 PM Flag

    3.0x is completely arbitrary yardstick.
    More important on a current basis is the debt service to free cash flow.
    When the debt is due and are the due dates laddered to avoid a refinancing crunch.
    The actual cost of the debt which is very reasonable.
    The current issue is more the depressed unit price and therefore huge imputed cost of equity. Combined with the need to raise new growth capital due to the thin coverage ratio. All debt could acerbate the already extreme cost of equity in the risk dimension. Equity at this depressed price is dilutive to current owners.
    So once again we are back to internal bank of Permian strategy. The asset repositioning into productive low decline assets which better match the business model. The best way to handle debt is to simply to grow cash flow.
    So once again all this babble about 3x leverage before resolution of the Permian asset transition is pointless. So the OLB goes on about it.
    Yes the dcf coverage and consistency needs to be improved. Backward futures markets and politically disrupted ng and ngl markets do not mix well will high levels of leverage. Certainly not with active short operators.
    But the 3x issues is best solved with the acquisition of a lower leveraged c-corp. But first Permian needs to be resolved which should improve the unit price.
    LINE is not liquidity constrained. They have access to loans at reasonable rates as we have witnessed. What they need to do is get the unit price up so the cost of equity is not so extreme.
    Planted questions by OLB personas taking turns with the brain. Just one of the many types of posing rather than learning.

    Actually you can use ration. It was a typeO but I left it just for you. Wrong again! ;)

  • norrishappy norrishappy Apr 11, 2014 2:27 PM Flag

    RRb racist you will be the dissembler and you still have the 3x leverage ration analysis fundementally flaews as well.

    As you full well know $1 billion was the low point. Being conservative to make the point of how silly and inane your prattle is.

    Hey you and Stag MOnster Opie prime are using the same irrationa dissembling tactics. How does the other persona 'feel' about it?

  • norrishappy norrishappy Apr 11, 2014 1:05 PM Flag

    OLB the hive mind taking turns with the personas and voting does do not the rrb racist logical or even correct.

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