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norrishappy 543 posts  |  Last Activity: 15 minutes ago Member since: Apr 24, 2002
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    Could be very good news for Linn

    by miketelford72 Jun 24, 2014 6:56 PM
    norrishappy norrishappy Jun 25, 2014 10:48 AM Flag

    Wrong Willie. As you always are.

    They are calling light oil an ngl so it is legal to export it. Because ngl legal definition requires some processing.

    If the oil was 'ngl' no action from the government would have been required. ;). It would not be news!

    Which is why the oil splitter jokes are coming on line for export. .

    You are very amusing today!

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    OT No One is worried about Jon

    by norrishappy Jun 25, 2014 9:23 AM
    norrishappy norrishappy Jun 25, 2014 9:35 AM Flag

    You are correct Gum,

    Nixon tried to go after powerful opponents not ordinary Americans.
    But back then our IRA was honourable and told Nixon no.
    But, one way or another as Mr. O knows first hand, 'conservatives' have been targeted by the IRS for generations.
    It does not appear to go the other way.

    Poor Jon should consider what part his primitive secular positivism has played in the decline in the organizational character of the IRS.

    Perhaps he has which is why he has become so clearly delusional.

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    Could be very good news for Linn

    by miketelford72 Jun 24, 2014 6:56 PM
    norrishappy norrishappy Jun 25, 2014 9:28 AM Flag

    Wow Crony Stag monster and the lackey really blew today.

    There is no export ban on any Natural Gas Liquids Willie. They are considered finished products! ;)

    The EXIM bank has become a crony capitalist give away for very large companies.

    Getting the cost of electricity down by using both natural gas and coal is far more critical to our competitive advantage in value added manufacturing.

    Experts on the American energy board!

    Yea Tweedle Corny and Tweedle Lackey fell down and broke.

    No shame can be truly amusing.

  • He finally acknowledged there is a problem at the IRS. Just more massive government incompetence seemed to be the point.

    He only talked about one hard drive. Not the total of seven which mysteriously all failed at the same time. Then were destroyed. Poor Jon did not address the archive contract which mysteriously was allowed to lapse just after the hard drive failures. Poor Jon did not address the IRS is required by law to archive all their information.

    That if they lost any information they were required to contact the Archive department. So no matter how you spin it what the IRS did is illegal rather than incompetent.

    He left out Obama claiming there is not a smidgen of corruption at the IRS. Clearly only the President has the power to keep Justice and the FBI from simply doing their job and telling us what the heck is going on.

    Poor Jon did bring himself to admit the Tea Party and religious groups were unfairly targeted. The IRS already admitted this happened. He did not mention the tax information leaked to the Obama campaign which is a felony.

    Obama golfed while veterans died. That is dereliction of duty rather than the eternal inefficiency of a government bureaucracy.

    Once again it seems the primary take away from Poor Jon's presentation was big government can never work.

    So we can add making Poor Jon complete delusional as the only Obama success.

    Well to remember Obama telling Mr. O he was most like Nixon. But this is a different age. Burning hard drives in the digital environment is not like burning analog tapes.

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    Could be very good news for Linn

    by miketelford72 Jun 24, 2014 6:56 PM
    norrishappy norrishappy Jun 25, 2014 9:04 AM Flag

    Corny Stag Monster,

    Now is not limited by the laws of physics.

    Wholly defective corn ethanol begins with about 35% less energy than superior and cleaner gasoline.
    So what the Stag ethanol pimp is claiming is simply impossible. ;)

    Corn can be grown for about $2 a bushel outside America at a profit. Which is why

    Global corn production for 2014/15 is raised 2.0 million tons with increases for Ukraine, the
    European Union, and Russia. Ukraine and Russia production are raised 1.0 million tons and
    0.5 million tons, respectively, on higher expected yields as the latest trade data for both
    countries confirm further expansion in the use of imported hybrid seed corn. European Union
    production is raised 0.6 million tons with increases for Germany and central Europe reflecting
    improved early season

    Brazil and India are also expanding production so the 1,600% increase in world corn production trend is not slowing.

    The ethanol disgraced Iowa State is claiming a cash cost of $2.40 to $2.50 to grow corn this year. Then they some how get to about $5 bushel.

    Which means farmers are planting all the corn to lose money! Yea, that is the ticket.

    The nature of monkey talk. Oh, Crony Stag monster has a hot stock tip for you!

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    Load Up The Truck

    by jimygibb Jun 24, 2014 8:16 PM
    norrishappy norrishappy Jun 24, 2014 9:41 PM Flag

    It will not be good if it continues last quarters economic contraction.

    It appears higher gasoline prices are already cutting into eating out.

  • Reply to

    Could be very good news for Linn

    by miketelford72 Jun 24, 2014 6:56 PM
    norrishappy norrishappy Jun 24, 2014 9:39 PM Flag

    But you miss the point which has had to repeated many times due to two of the slower OLB trooper.

    Obama as President was required by law to lower the mandates if either food or energy prices were disrupted.

    Corn over $8 a bushel or four times the economic price not a disruption?

    True Bush foolishly gave this to Progressives and Cornistan Progressive Republicans for more drilling permits.

    Yes at the end of Bush's term the tie of corn to the spike in oil prices was a major contributor to the systemic financial collapse. The Fed could not move aggressively to cut interest rates with oil taking corn and food prices along for the ride.

    The $8+ corn was also the spark which ignited food riots across the Middle East. All are big corn importers. Food cost was 80% of average income before corn went from $2 to $8.

    The real question is simply this. If Bush was President would he have followed the law and cut the mandates? We will never know. I believe so. It is the only lawful and therefore honourable thing to do.

    What we do know is the drought had a tiny impact compared to the destruction of corn by ethanol.

    Hope this helps you understand exactly what went on and is going on. It is critical.

    Yes, the ethane being destroyed as natural gas is also a failure of Obama policies. Free ethane should have sparked a capacity boom. But with the lawless EPA, plenty of statements of interest to build, but only a small fraction actually broke ground. Most is expansion of existing facilities which were lower risk. Still not enough to absorb the supply. Which is why EPD will probably make money hand over fist on export even as the analysts yammer.

    The gasoline blending stock ngls are not put in the natural gas stream They are selling at about twice the historical discount to whole oil.

    Yes ending the corn ethanol mandate would be a huge reduction in gasoline and food cost. As well as improving average MPG by 7%.

    The stuff normal economic recoveries come from.

  • norrishappy by norrishappy Jun 24, 2014 6:41 PM Flag

    Cheny certainly does not any protection. He likes the Darth Vader thing. Progressive and other bad guys take him very seriously.

    But Maher is so shop worn that even Jon could not make him interesting. Maher has been doing the same pull string bummy routine for generations now, without the slightest nuance. In fact he look so tired, old and spent next to Jon, he just faded away into the background.

    But then as a High Denisovan Jon still wonders at concepts just beyond the reach due to id. But this striving makes him look good, for his age. Vast age spanning centuries!

  • norrishappy norrishappy Jun 24, 2014 2:51 PM Flag

    Fuel prices are less than 10%.

    Plato's prisoner chained to the wall is your part in the morality play. ;)

    Willie's part is to be one beyond Narcissus and fall in love with his shadow.

  • norrishappy norrishappy Jun 24, 2014 2:09 PM Flag

    The only irrational nut is you Willie,

    Just because you wish a political appointed and therefore unaccountable elite to make decisions for you is not a rationalization that you have the authority to impose it on other people.

    There has been no warming in 17 years. The models were wrong even before we get to data falsification.

    Truth is earth climate remains far to complex for any one to model. So the question is not one of sub atomic particles but rather understanding the tool of science is proving truth not grant seeking consensus. Free any concept of the virtue required to be an objective truth seeker.

    What part of your high priests who claim they can measure and model all this being completely wrong will you not accept.

    There is wild vanity here but it is you. No one else.

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    OT: Now that Iraq is pleading for help

    by opinionsarelike33 Jun 22, 2014 6:43 PM
    norrishappy norrishappy Jun 24, 2014 2:03 PM Flag

    Progressive collectivist do not care. To be sophisticated is to be biochemical selfish. 'Everyone does it' so get selfish or despair.

    There is not another American less qualified by their record to be our President.

    A rational person would want our first woman Prez to make a mark like Thatcher the Great.

    But of course the British socialists played ding dong the witch is dead all day on her passing.

    There is not shortage of Stags, Willies or Rons. The choice of lower order existence is part of the constant human condition. Believing the lower order Denisovans by choice are fit to lead is a very recent fad delusion.

  • norrishappy norrishappy Jun 24, 2014 1:56 PM Flag

    Corny Stag monster insane corn ethanol soaked Opie,

    Actually oil is a minor cost element. Surface fuel as in diesel is about $33 per acre. Total variable production cost on prime land is something around $400.

    Much more important is the natural gas which goes into fertilizer and other soil nutrition. Along with herbicides and pesticides. Which was priced to oil BTUs due to the ethanol bubble outstripping capacity. But now ng capacity is matching demand and prices are coming down very nicely.

    Given the ever increasing yields on seed technology and digital application of soil improvement, free market prices in a good year will be about some where in the $2 range. Continuing the long term trend of consumers benefitting from the best practices of the best farmers in lower inflation adjusted prices.

    Corny Stag monster is clearly one of the most ignorant and least productive farmers around. Did not understand the basics of growing soybeans? Which is required for corp rotation?

    Cost of production has gone up but the cruel joke is not oil BTUs. It is unscience crony capitalist Progressive payoffs driving marginal land into production and criminal prices driving insane increases in rents.

    Like everything else, Ron^3 and Willie will not bother to understand because that is work. They do not like work. So much easier to be childish and pose.

    What is critical is that $4 bushel prices will not stop the 1,600% expansion in international capacity increase. Once the land is placed into service it because a sunk capital cost. The Progressive corn ethanol pimps are really setting up American farmers for a big hurt.

  • norrishappy norrishappy Jun 24, 2014 1:03 PM Flag

    Still about twice what a free market seeking efficiency would deliver. So the 1,600% growth in productive capacity in the few years of the insane RFS Law will continue. Until rational free market pricing is restored. Or the high cost excess capacity is eliminated and hopefully put to productive use.

    Political bubbles are fun until time impose reality.

    All the insane farming EPA regulations are setting American farmers up for the fall.

  • norrishappy norrishappy Jun 24, 2014 1:00 PM Flag

    Why yes Willie. Low information and vain about it, as you exemplify.

    Actually if we leave off the low information and magic believing Denisovans, the Just common sense of the average American is correct. As we remain the vast majority yet a majority.

    GW is something to be mind and careful of. But it is not a priority at this time.

    This generation of aware Americans are getting the results of lawless progressive government experiment.
    I have no doubt we will reject it like every time before.

    Whether it is W. WIlson his racial science and mob of the clan. Or FDR and his Constitutional crimes of locking up Americans based on nothing but origin of ethnicity, by executive order.

    The duties of an American Patriot do not allow despair or wanton ignorance.

    Fact is as far as the farce of secret knowledge Progressive Global Warming?

    Average common sense majority is exactly right. But our Duty as Patriots requires we end secret science and government. ;)

    My goodness I wonder what Jon did last night. The behaviour of the irrational can not be predicted.

  • I am not aware of any industry as competitive as American retail.

    The low cost process efficiency space is owned by Walmart.

    So the superior corporate culture and valued associates is the only effective response in broad assortment retail. It will take years to rebuild the TGT culture.

    BUt the pay off can and should look like Home Depot recovery from the progressive collectivist dark age Nardelli time.

    Culture is also why some American energy producers can meet weather challenges and the big boys can not. Why American trains are actually beginning to run on time. Except for all the defective corn ethanol.

    Hey our rail lines are full of oil. Traffic is backing up. It is the perfect time to follow the RFS law and begin reducing ethanol mandates to zero! Perfect time!

  • norrishappy norrishappy Jun 24, 2014 12:06 PM Flag

    As Willie the lessor Denisovan has not read again.

    Gee why not make the 'science' available to the voters? Transparency?

    Of course there is also the secular miracle of seven hard drives going down in short order. Emails erased from servers. Archive contracts allowed to lapse. No calling in the FBI to retrieve the emails.

    Nope they are gone so just accept it.

    No warming for 17 years. More data falsification from government agencies proved.

    Yes Willie I can review the models and identify mistakes and deception. No PhD required in climate science required. Just some fairly simple math.

    BUt maybe the real question is how could your foremost climate scientist be not very but rather completely wrong for 17 years?

    Your choice of Denisovan dark age cave existence is a choice you can make for yourself. Ah but that is not the way of the petty chuds. ;)

  • norrishappy norrishappy Jun 24, 2014 11:30 AM Flag

    Scientific journals in a variety of disciplines have moved toward data transparency. Ms. McCarthy sees this effort as a threat. Speaking before the National Academy of Sciences in late April, she defended her agency's need to protect data "from those who are not qualified to analyze it."

    Yea, would not want two advance students of economics to review the data and models. They might expose the wild corruption of 'Climate scientists' proclaiming the end times of the GW religion.

    "The House Science Committee will vote Tuesday on legislation to open up this closed loop. The Secret Science Reform Act, which I co-sponsored, has a simple goal: EPA regulations should be based on legitimate science and data that are open to the public."

    This is of course critical. If the Republicans can replace Reid's and his extreme abuse of power in our Senate, this and other critical reforms would land on Obama desk.

    Funny thing. Long ago the Judeo-Christian Reform truth seekers reasoned each individual should be able to read the Holy scripture. No intermediation by men was necessary for the Kingdom of God is the individual soul. So the Bible was translated into the common tongue and public education begun. The fruit is good.

    Now the Progressive Denisovan demand we return to the old ways of mysticism and intermediation with science as proof of course reduced to truth by perverse inventive consensus.

    The problem is not simple over bloated government and resulting lack of transparency.

    Nope this is primitive secular religion hell bent on establishing itself as the state religion. Nor is it an accident that this secular religion encourages despair in the average Americans responsible for maintaining our Liberty and freedom more for future generations than ourselves.

    Poor Jon. He really does mean well. The cave is usually dark. But when the service lights are one the stage lights eliminate Plato's shadows.

    Transparency in government is a Patriots duty.

  • The climate is changing and, yes, humans play a role. But that does not mean, as Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy would have us believe, that the debate—over how much the climate is changing, how big a role humans play, and what can reasonably done about it—is over. Still less does it mean that anyone who questions her agency's actions, particularly the confidential research it uses to justify multimillion and billion-dollar air rules, is a denier at war with science.

    The EPA's regulatory process today is a closed loop. The agency funds the scientific research it uses to support its regulations, and it picks the supposedly independent (but usually agency-funded) scientists to review it. When the regulations are challenged, the courts defer to the agency on scientific issues. But the agency refuses to make public the scientific research it uses."

    Yet The Denisovan Show with Jon Stewart spreads a dogmatic belief all scientists are secular priests of virtue as replaced by established truth. Except for that minor detail that proving truth is an insignificant detail.
    A 'consensus' forged by an ocean of patronage grant money is truth.

    The antediluvian ways of rejecting any possibility of a greater power than biomechanical determinism.
    Jon always has a new generation coming along to replenish those audience members who finally surrender child like naivety of constant human nature to life experience.

    Funny thing about speaking truth as we know it, in fully awareness of the limits of our imperfection. Truth becomes the prize of Free Speech. But only if the participants value the virtue of honesty.

    Progressives do not believe in individual virtue as all is relative. So yea, with out objectivity they make a monster of government. Something far worse than simple inefficiency due lack of transparency and thus accountability.

    As our EPA has become.

  • Reply to

    OT: Now that Iraq is pleading for help

    by opinionsarelike33 Jun 22, 2014 6:43 PM
    norrishappy norrishappy Jun 23, 2014 9:41 PM Flag

    That is fine Corny Stag Monster Opie,

    You have the part you like to play. Like shadow boxing.

    Was it Plato's shadows on the wall? ;)

  • Reply to

    OT: Now that Iraq is pleading for help

    by opinionsarelike33 Jun 22, 2014 6:43 PM
    norrishappy norrishappy Jun 23, 2014 6:56 PM Flag

    Corny Stag tanked up on bad Ethanol Opie,

    America can not fix the MIddle East. Iraq had their opportunity and they could not sustain it.

    That Carzi clown in Afghanistan was another cruel joke.

    Perhaps the Kurds can fashion a representative government based of God's grant of Liberty and the true tolerance this requires. Dr. Jasser is correct. We share a human bond with people who believe in God gifted Individual Liberty. It is indeed a very rare thing. Wonderful things do happen to peoples who embrace it like the Islamic Golden age or the American experience.

    We too have an infestation Progressive material nihilist collectivists. We also have the Denisovan Jon Stewart wing of collectivists who generally try to be positive but due to deep seated hostility for undefined reason, are heathens. I guess that idea there is a higher power judging bio-chemical reward self absorbed libertine choice as anti-social, is upsetting to them. So it makes them angry and hostile or in one word, (primitive) heathens.

    -It really is pathetic corny stag monster is still trying to hawk completely defective corn ethanol. Sadder still is the lackey will with the sickly me too set behavior. Of course we have ron^3 with his world is flat opinions about the nature of option markets. But it is fine, dissembling and deceiving in public is some how sophisticated behaviour rather simply being a brutish jerk. -

    But again this is the best the collectivists can do. Which is why their 'democracy' has never withstood the test of time. JOn despite the decades well beyond the count of fingers lives in the moment. As a rational person would expect of a person who believes all human beings are irrational. Unless of course it is a Progressive scientist not proving truth but rather consensus opinion. I know it is w old old way to believe.

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