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norrishappy 614 posts  |  Last Activity: 15 hours ago Member since: Apr 24, 2002
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  • norrishappy norrishappy Aug 25, 2014 2:30 PM Flag

    Now now stag's starve human beings for the defective corruption of corn ethanol Opie,

    I am very hopeful. Rationality would be natural gas into the American economy and the immediate end to ecology destroying corn ethanol.

    While clearly the OLB Progressive trooper are content with their emotions, I believe most Americans want to be rational so as to simpy do the right thing.

    It is the American history. In no small part due to our Constitution which is designed to slow things down enough that reason rules.

    Nothing like Beckel, Carvelout and Obana inciting fellow AMericans to base emotions they can politically exploit.

    Ah but is this empowering Americans to the self sovereignty or Liberty? Nope both these irrationals wish to steal individual liberty via emotions rather than lead a purposeful assembly of the puersaded.

    The OLB could be at their Liberty as well. But there is so much programmed into them that they no longer are aware of their determined by the other Will.

    Hey we have the hope and change of the ultimate 'flowering' of the NAACP talented tenth.

    Maybe American can get back to what we know works? Like individual character?

  • norrishappy norrishappy Aug 25, 2014 12:45 PM Flag

    Starve human beings for the Stag monstrosity of completely defective corn ethanol Opie,

    I have no idea what you are trying to express.

    But then observing Progressive behaviour is the same old.

    They wake up. Get in the car. Crash into the garage door. Then blame the neighbor. Sun rises and the behavior is repeated. They call it experience therefore learning and therefore science.

    Which is why Global Warming is now Climate Change. Even though nothing the government is doing at huge economic and therefore human cost makes any difference to their man made equations. So crashing into the garage door will set a higher moral example for other collectivists to follow.

    Our places of this type of higher learning are now producing material nihilists of the libertine persuasion claiming it is libertarianism. Yes they can be driven to vote if a foppish fad or event can be manufactured within politics.

    But of course foppish fad and over promising is destroying whatever belief in activist government they had.

    It really is ashame Cesar is not here to fight for the farm workers and rural people.

  • Clean Energy Fuels Corp.
    August 19, 2014 7:00 PM

    "Clean Energy Fuels Corp. (NASDAQ: CLNE), a key contributor to the natural gas vehicle fuel growth in Texas, noted today’s Railroad Commission of Texas report that CNG and LNG sales in Texas through July 31, 2014 were 220 percent of the fiscal year 2014 estimate. An estimated 14,521,326 gallon-equivalents of natural gas have been sold through this period, compared to the forecasted 6.6 million gallon-equivalents.

    “The use of natural gas as a vehicle fuel is taking off in Texas,” said Peter Grace, senior vice president, sales and finance, Clean Energy. “We firmly agree with Texas Railroad Commissioner David Porter that there is plenty of room for growth as more fleets take advantage of the economic and environmental benefits of natural gas vehicle fuel.”

    Clean Energy currently has approximately 40 public-access natural gas fueling stations open in Texas today. Milestones such as opening the Texas Triangle to natural gas fueling and leading Texas transit agencies converting to natural gas are significant contributors to the growth in the use of natural gas as a vehicle fuel in Texas."

    Encouraging direct use of natural gas as surface fuel is a logical bridge to Toyota's hydrogen fuel cell.
    Both are many times cleaner than all the monetary and 'scientific' corruption around ICE engines and fuel blends. Especially the stone cold heart ethanol pimps.

    IMagine just how much more efficient Silicon Valley would be, if it were in Texas.

    Oh yea, After more than two generations Toyota moves to Texas from LA CA.

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    No threat to California economy

    by norrishappy Aug 25, 2014 10:39 AM
    norrishappy norrishappy Aug 25, 2014 11:20 AM Flag

    Because the creature itself also shall be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God.

    The interesting thing about the Progressive perspective on everything is their assumption of holding a god eye's view or awareness. Therefore the right to lead. Poor Willie of the corn being the most useful of idiot example.

    Clearly Mr. Lund is not qualified to make pronouncements about economics. After all codification the modern understanding came at about the same time as the American radical social experiment bet on the proposition that people could in the majority be Just rational beings.

    Does it help or hurt Mr. Lung to point out he needs to get an expert opinion on matters of economics?
    Interesting, that depends on the content of his character. Hopefully he is not stuck in the primitive Progressive material nihilism politics as secular religion.

    Progressive do not believe in personal virtue as this involves rational judgements as what is good fruit and bad. The bondage of corruption attended by a lack of humility.

    Yes Opie, the quality of the fruit is far more important than emotional condition. If a person seeks to be rational as the basis of Just common sense.

  • "While the current drought is expected to impose major hardships on many farmers, small communities and the environment, it should not threaten California’s overall economy, Lund said. Agriculture today accounts for less than 3 percent of the state’s $1.9 trillion a year gross domestic product."

    Maybe an engineer is not the best expert to make such pronouncements.

    Thanks to the Progressive collectivist politics as religion, the naturally richest state in American has over 20% of the population in real poverty. More than any other state.

    Agriculture remains labor intensive and therefore a huge employer. Most especially of the 'poor'.

    Higher food costs to poor people? True the collectivist voters on the coast with their Whole Food fix will not notice or in truth much care.

    Ground water pumping will save this day. For now for the large corporations. BUt parts of the Southwest do not have ground water to pump.

    The vast majority of the water still flows free into the see. Environmental releases have priority defacto free of water storage conditions. Further than released are based on progressive feel good claims rather than scientific valuation. Less human water use is a good by secular nihilistic dogma.

    The same fruit of Progressive caring more by promoting self enriching and aggrandizing hustlers like JJ and Sharpie as aperaption leaders of their social justice.

    Where is the real legacy of Cesar Chavez? The logical ethics and demand for common sense fairness?

  • norrishappy norrishappy Aug 24, 2014 5:17 PM Flag

    Actually starve human beings for Stag's completely defective corn ethanol political corruption Opie,

    I just said a prayer of thanksgiving that Dr. Carson is so much filled with Grace, more than me.

    The exchanged brought Milton back.

    'Better rule the low places rather than follow on High'

    What is perturbing you so that you are testy? Which for some reason made a mental connection to the Mr. O'Cromag saga.

    Clearly Revered King saw something in Rev. Jackson. Something before the Progressive or collective situational ethics which he and his family became fabulously wealthy and personally powerful upon. Hopefully the 'love' baby is well. But then back in 1964 no one realized the inflection point of Scared Individualism and material nihilistic collectivism, had been reached.

    "Areopagitica; A speech of Mr. John Milton for the Liberty of Unlicenc’d Printing, to the Parlament of England is a 1644 prose polemical tract by the English poet, scholar, and polemical author John Milton opposing licensing and censorship. Areopagitica is among history's most influential and impassioned philosophical defences of the principle of a right to freedom of speech and expression. It is regarded as one of the most eloquent defences of press freedom ever written because many of its expressed principles form the basis for modern justifications of that right."

    Actually WIKI blew it again with the Progressive Collectivist editorial.

    Milton believed you should be able to say whatever you wished and then be held accountable to standards of reason. Which has no logical connection to the emotional and irrational freedom of expression.

    You can scream fire in a burning American Midwest town. How should Americans of good will and reason react to purposeful hyping of emotion to no productive purpose?

    It is an interesting phantom of reason. Without the cameras of Progressive elites I believe Americans would have simply shunned Sharpie and JJ to the low places.

  • norrishappy norrishappy Aug 24, 2014 12:11 PM Flag

    Stop the evil political corruption of corn ethanol patronage rather than exporting our cleanest oils!

    A little logic but that requires honesty.

    Progressive believe in naive secular positivism to explain their situational ethics.

  • Which is possible if we continue this dreary progressive time by electing Hillary. It appears the Democrat Party controlled by Progressives will provide a choice of ethical nihilism or pure wild eyed delusion.

    The rational reality is America as at the tip of at least several centuries of a natural gas boom. Of course rational energy policy requires a diversified portfolio.

    If Toyota's surface fuel is ready for mass production? Finally the internal combustion engine goes the way of the steam and battery car. But of course Progressives will respond by driving all our energy generation to natural gas. IMpose irrationality to cause prices to explode.

    If the Progressive really do believe in their GW religion then only cleaner coal and further improved nuclear are viable policy responses.

    Bio-fuel like other alternatives are limited by physics. KMI probably could take 50% of the co2 stream from industrial sources for EOR, at reasonable or viable cost. Plants in wet areas of America probably could use algae to absorb co2 into useful products. But, of course we should not allow Progressives to limit options to their physics impossible fuel delusions. Even solar when combined with passive shading could work in big cities.

    Progressive falsely convinced America; inclusive of me, that American was depleted of natural gas and oil.
    It is simply the failure of their primitive religion, they impose through politics. BY inflaming the negative emotions of the least aware, who are most hurt.

    Fool me once shame on me. Fool us time shame on us.

  • Stuart Burns

    A cogent explanation as to why the American economy has not embraced natural gas more. It gets back to Obama irrational passive aggressive politics as secular material nihilism religion.

    The goodness is that this portion of the American natural gas Providence is jobs and improving living standards delayed. As well huge improvements in air quality and co2 reduction.

    More troubling are the big pipes being completed to Mexico. To fuel the rapid expansion of Mexican manufacturing.

    It really does put in flashing relief the magnitude of Obama's imposition of politics as the imposed secular material nihilists religion. Capital investment is flowing to a corrupt and generally failed state. Even with northern states controlled by drug and human slaving cartels, there is greater investment security there.

    So it it surprising that the Progressives have seized another opportunity to divide America on negative emotions rather than using logic and reason to search for the paths to solution? That 'understanding' of a discussion stops at 'I am upset'?

    The limits of politics is made clear by the self disgrace of Gov. Nixon. The old throw the Christians to the lion thing. Bread and spectacle.

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    by ronharv Aug 22, 2014 10:09 AM
    norrishappy norrishappy Aug 23, 2014 11:59 AM Flag

    tantrum tantrum pettish lackey of the corn.

    How did those covered calls around $40 work out for you?
    No rational people are not waiting with baited breath.

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    by ronharv Aug 22, 2014 10:09 AM
    norrishappy norrishappy Aug 23, 2014 10:07 AM Flag

    Sand got tired of the Progressive hate and intolerance load you retain, rrb. It is the nature of the Progressive condition.

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    LNCO/LINE Spread

    by rrb1981 Aug 22, 2014 3:39 PM
    norrishappy norrishappy Aug 22, 2014 9:15 PM Flag

    See our delude doesn't understand the basics even if in the unlikely reality has a single investment at all.

    Mom's basement thing.

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    by ronharv Aug 22, 2014 10:09 AM
    norrishappy norrishappy Aug 22, 2014 9:14 PM Flag

    Ah thinking of delusional or by any other term rrb.

    The reasoning that LNCO should sell at a 7% premium to LINE requires the tax deferral remains in place.

    LINE has plenty on their plate right now with the Internal Bank strategy for asset re-positioning. If they can execute tax free swaps is not certain.

    Something very significant with an partnership structure? If you have to see you can book a big ordinary gain and a matching capital loss. But be unable to take more that $3 in capital losses.

    Clearly not a concern for the OLB troop. Certainly never crossed the hive mind yet.

    The reduction in frictional costs is significant. It is part of the 7% model. But it is not all.

  • Reply to


    by ronharv Aug 22, 2014 5:27 PM
    norrishappy norrishappy Aug 22, 2014 9:03 PM Flag

    Ron^3 has a little problem with not reading.

    Frictional cost. Which without reading the reasoning, has to be a large reason the analysts believes LNCO should have such a large premium.

  • It seems the only force which finally broke up the collectivist agitators at night was a wall of valiant clergy.
    If this is true, I hope O'Hannity will have honourable Webb report on it.

    There was also a call by Pastors for 'white' pastors to join for prayers in the park. Very important. The geographically closer the better, I believe.

    No one should delude themselves about the collectivist agitators respecting the cloth. They only respect what the Midwestern Americans would do to them, if they do not.

    Also that it will be impossible to correct what the collectivists have broken without clergy, who truly are in Awe of God.

    A strong local economy requires the rule of law. A 'bad' neighborhood requires more aggressive policing.
    To establish trust a-not-political-local-group of citizens of integrity will need to have first person relationships with the police. Talk over stops and other actions.

    Police going to church breakfasts? Just because is not practical in a big city?

    Again, the general prosperity is the first best policy solution. It makes every other challenge smaller but does not resolve it. A free market economy goes though cycles. Natural gas in-corn out
    What local policies create opportunity for neighborhoods? The average thrall secular religion Progressive can be put to productive purpose. Some cool 'ethnic' shops and eateries will have them spending top dollar.
    Just remember one secret price list for friends/neighbors and another for rich progressives. Real ethnic and not the mass merchandise promotion nonsense sold to naive children.

    The other item which needs a local strategy is equity home ownership. Believe me you really do not want to live around a bunch of intolerant Progressives.

    This is all econ101 per honoured Elder Sowell. The self appointed collectivist elite 10th had two generations. Maybe just maybe the virtue based 10th of the Majestic period King family were right all along? Truth? Time tested?

  • Slightly more than this year.

    This month the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) estimates that the World Corn Production 2014/2015 will be 985.39 million metric tons, around 4.43 million tons more than the previous month's projection.

    Corn Production last year (*) was 984.37 million tons. This year's 985.39 estimated million tons could represent an increase of 1.02 million tons or a 0.1% in corn production around the globe.

    This is with Brazil unable to get a significant amount of their crop to world markets.

    Clearly the forecast has significant new world capacity coming on line as a repeat of perfect conditions in most areas is exception.

    Good luck exporting ethanol political corruption. every one every where already has there own internal problem with the monstrosity of ethanol.

    As I said, the world in hungry for American meat and dairy. They want the American assurance of quality which Yum and MCD are busy wrecking in China.

    Given the bubble in corn supply ethanol political corruption has caused, the ethanol mandates are not going to artificially hold up prices. Lower prices for ethanol can not stimulate demand as it is already at an irrational mandate of 10% of American gasoline.

    Obama has created his very own bubble mess so poor Americans could be punished by artificially high food costs.

    The world is hungry for high quality protein. Time for real American farmers to get back into productive business.

    This food based ethanol is simply a disaster in every dimension. Excess corn the excess production capacity can not even utilize.

    I see no reason a cow should not eat all the rich and tasty stuff it wishes before we eat them. Or a chicken or a fish or a pig. It is only civilized to treat animals with respect, regard and therefore thanks.
    We should not allow Progressive to impose their grass smoke or fed delusions. If they want to? Well they do have the Liberty to be an emotional irrational. Even a big tantrum one like Beckel

  • For some landowners like Wheeler, it's not the noise or light pollution that gets to them. It's the region's wasted natural resource.

    And for all the wealth drilling has brought to the area, Wheeler says that he and many of his neighbors would give it all up for things to go back to where they were before the drilling boom.

    But ultimately, Wheeler knows that that will never happen. "They're not going to stop and we're not going anywhere. We both have to learn to work together better," he said."

    Americans from Progressive Fly over country.

    What is fantastic about the regulation in Bakken? By the time the Progressives spin up their fear and panic machine like the nyZt? Reasonable regulation is already addressing the problem.

    Really unfortunate Progressive Obamas blocked the first major integrated refining in South Dakota. With the dishonest passive aggressive nonsense. Simply because we majority traditional Americans wouldn't not support blocking.

    It is not possible to have objective and rational regulation, if those regulations are enforced by Beckel and Caved-Out-el Kcan't fashion naive emotional positives with their situation ethics, therefore say anything spin. As political operative both understand the Progressive agenda runs on emotions and they need those emotions so they can payoff the environmental collectivists.

    Emotions are good to move us to purpose. But emotions do not serve any productive purpose.

    UNless we allow our emotions to be harnessed by political operatives. Surrender judgement.

    For the most part in Dakotas the people are well served by both Republicans and Democrats. Problem is when you send a Democrat to national office without the personal relationship with voters and a backbone like Manchien.

    I love the Great One Levin and Mr. O. PhD Levin called Honourable Manchien same as the rest. Mr. O said he sounded like a Republican.
    The Reid empty seat on the Senate energy committee needs to be filled by more than empty space.

  • norrishappy norrishappy Aug 20, 2014 10:07 PM Flag

    No where near the rate our science and understanding has increased yield and production.
    Which is why until the monstrous corn ethanol political corruption, the price of food always declined in the mid to long term trend.

    Despite a population explosion.

    Progressive collectivists claimed it was scientifically proven enough food can not be grown.
    Progressives collectivists claimed peak oil was a science proven fact. Even on this board in the middle of the American energy revolution.
    Progressive collectivists claimed science proved we were going into an Ice Age in 1970.

    The list of course is endless. Progressive 'science' is always a hammer to drive collectivist power.

    AMerican row farmers would be very wise to encourage protein consumption by Americans.
    Because it appears world growing capacity is already well beyond the limited imposed by physics for the completely defective corn ethanol political corruption.

    I really wish I could bring back some Reconstruction Republicans who happened to be black to address Beckel and Caved-out-el. That it is fine to encourage any American to be emotional rather than objective, rational and purposeful. Those two would need a unabridged dictionary or Mr. Varney translating to understand the pinpoint admonishment delivered.

    Really is great writing and clear reasoning. It takes effort but it is worth it.

  • norrishappy by norrishappy Aug 20, 2014 1:57 PM Flag

    Hey I just bought that bath light fixture for my remodel! The frugal are in a emotional fit!

    But I am not surprised it sold out. Very high quality fixture and especially at the price point.

    But I am having a Mr. Varney missed an opportunity to be frugal moment.

    I wonder if the SVP Cavuto still has the Nagus authority to summon Mr. Blake on to his show for an interview.
    Home Depot is one of the great all time American come back from the brink business stories.
    Maybe Mr. Cavutos out of this world magnetism is not what it was. ;)

  • norrishappy norrishappy Aug 20, 2014 1:35 PM Flag

    Honourable Jason Riley is something completely different than the collectivist talented tenth who believe they are entitled to lead a collective.

    I think honored elder PhD Sowell and Paul Ryan can help fashion the economic response. As Americans we should understand full Liberty requires economic sovereignty. This is something the government can create favorable conditions but can not give or award.

    There is plenty of economic dead weight special interest corrupt patronage to be eliminated.

    But nothing is as large as using passive aggressive dissembling to keep our economy from fully utilizing American produced natural gas and ngls. Except for the shear evil monstrous insanity of corn or food based ethanol as a base load energy source.

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