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  • norrishappy norrishappy Nov 16, 2014 10:16 AM Flag

    Rosewater is a great movie. As long as the viewer suspends critical thought about the nature of instant communication of emotional and physical condition, as the foundation of a new world order. Freedom to express and emote is not a rational foundation of an individual and therefore a society. Freedom is not a synonym for the condition of Liberty. Rather freedom is the fruit of Liberty.
    The relationship to the Letter and Spirit of the Law duality. But of course Obama’s ability to win the last election was built on emotional micro-targeting via the organs of instant mass communication. The antitheses to our Founders’ instruction that our Constitution only be changed with the fully informed or rational, not emotional, consent of the whole people.
    But of course the braggadocio of the vainglorious grubbering is not within the intellectual framework of either the Letter or Spirit of the Law. It is in fact the raw power to harness as a political draft beast the fear and anger of hard pressed Americans as a function of ‘personalized’ instant mass communication.
    The average American or human being does not live in the ivory tower world of the elite. The great disjointed man made esoteric thoughts are not and never will be a sound foundation for a Just society. The best it can do is legalism in the name of the greater collective good.
    Anyways, if you avoid contemplating the greater message and enjoy excellent acting and directing, this is a most enjoyable movie. Jon is very gifted and talented. But he remains burdened by the Progression Poison Ivy instruction which purposefully omitted the classics or foundation of Liberty and the spring of Republic Democracy resting on individual virtue. Virtue is an individual choice and the best people can do to direct the choice under conditions of free will is inculcation.
    It is masterful story telling of the human condition. With seamless acting which fades away thought, completely unnoticed. Emotionally engrossing.

  • Once again the forces of reason clashed with the appointed Elder champion of material nihilistic irrational expression.
    Mr. O looked chipper and eager enthroned in his high chair. Swaddled in splendid current fashion Hickey Freeman attire. (Hickey Freeman is not responsible for the tie choice)
    Elder Stewart came out looking exhausted. Wearing an expression of grim contempt with matching t-shirt under what appeared to be a shaved and dyed Santa’s reindeer hide frock.
    Jon after all is the Progressive secular pagan Elder of their observance cycle. It begins with Halloween and culminates with the shortest, coldest and dimmest day of the year. The world covered in snow, so also the flattest day of the year. A day marked by Progressives leaving spent beer can stacks in public spaces.
    Elder Jon in his observant frock greeted Mr. O with the cycle standard, O’ Crypt Keeper. Which is actually shortened from the full invocation of “O’Crypt Keeper may the Progressive perfected dead rise early and vote often on Election Day”.
    This explains Elder Jon’s appearance on the O’ Factor. Elder Jon’s callow youth audience did not rise from their mother’s basement on Election Day. So the Progressive politically perfected dead stayed put as well. Resulting in New Republican Apocalypse.
    Rushing the day which Elder Jon prophesized, air conditions running on Festivus Day. Why the t-shirt is included in Jon’s vestments, as Elder. The awaited day of sun tanning on Christmas. Promised oceans of cooling beer. Not to mention great swirling clouds of legalized pot smoke putting everyone in Progressive state of mind, for free.
    The day when all Americans return to their natural state as a clan bound together by random emotional interaction. Finally undoing rational thought shared by Free Speech. After all, this led to the modern world and crime against the Collective of co2 emissions.
    No more cheerful lights of hope and peace on the shortest coldest Festus’s day. No more rampant gift giving as an expression and affirmation of family, friends and community.
    All those material resources collected as indulgence payments by the Progressive Elite. The Elite admitting those indulgence payments will not stop their Climate End of Days for it is impossible to actually control the climate. But the callow herd rejecting sentience in favor of random emotional expression will not be concerned.

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    Mitch McConnel really

    by opinionsarelike33 Nov 15, 2014 1:55 PM
    norrishappy norrishappy Nov 15, 2014 5:22 PM Flag

    Why yes completely defective corn ethanol government corruption Opie

    This is the patriarch of a proud to be American family you are blasting.

    Dr. James S.C. Chao

    He is the recipient of the Horatio Alger Award from the U.S. Supreme Court and the Ellis Island Medal of Honor.

    Ruth Mulan Chu Chao

    This is the matriarch

    She and her family fled the region during the Nanjing ravages. She later attended school on the outskirts of Shanghai, where she met James S.C. Chao. After a long period of separation because of the war early in their marriage, Ruth was finally able to reunite with James in emigrating to the U.S. Ruth was later able to complete her education, earning a Master’s Degree in Asian Literature from St. John’s University. She actively engaged in philanthropic activities, including the creation of several charitable foundations which have provided thousands of scholarships to students. She passed away in 2007.

    Hon. Elaine L. Chao his wife of course.

    Far better looking, much richer, better educated and even more than a decade younger than old Mitch. She was even a mature woman when they got married. So there is clearly much more than meets the eye with old Mitch.

    Now the damage done to Republicans and so at this sad point America, of Mitch larding a critical spending bill with pork is fresh. I am hoping he will rise to cap his career as a statesman.

    From what I can tell the navigation improvements were very much needed for the economy. Even if we go worst case, it was economically viable so was of value to every one. While the same can not be said of solar panels and wind mills. Along with rolling Americans by enforcing; based on a self mockery. climate control 'agreement' with totalitarian China.

    My prayers and a new benefit of the doubt go to old Mitch. Same as I did for Obama the first time around.

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    My comment to today's SA hit piece

    by marionpolk2000 Nov 15, 2014 9:34 AM
    norrishappy norrishappy Nov 15, 2014 3:22 PM Flag

    It really is an OLB piece or rather a third rate of Willie quality.

    Plunging oil AND resulting large declines in already deeply discounted heavier ngls are terrible for LINE valuation. As if a very large distribution reduction is not already factored in the price.

    American natural gas is selling below the marginal cost of production because of dumping of associated natural gas volumes. True government in Dakota is cracking down on flaring, as they should. So hook ups to processing will still deliver some additional volumes as infrastructure and processing comes on line.

    $75 a barrel will definitely push out the small entrepreneur wildcats. Real margins were thin and covering trucking and training is a very large expense.

    Low gasoline prices are a mighty real economic stimulation. As we are already witnessing in retail sales. Coal piles at the utilities are drawn down in many locations. Ethanol corruption plugging up the rails. Government forces us to use what is known to be a completely defective product so it goes even before oil.

    So it is very silly to go on about $3 ngas prices in the same breath as disruptive oil prices. Tight oil has both a high decline rate and needs ng pressure to bring it up.

    So we have some funny math on the hedging and oil prices. We have nonsequitur on the relationship between oil prices and dumping associated natural gas volume on the market - at any price when oil margins were great. Of course the NGLs are the more immediate concern and were not addressed. Which says something about the real lack of depth and understanding.

    SA seeks to disrupt the American energy renuance. Obama with his despot tactics (Spirit of the Law) is supporting SAs effort.

    LINE as far as maintaining the distribution is in a tough spot. BUt at this price it is already assumed.

    Management gave in to backward futures markets and it did not pay off. But they did not back off low cost production. So operating margins are wide.

  • norrishappy norrishappy Nov 14, 2014 7:35 PM Flag

    Medallion even in NYNY are down something like $150k. But the average loan to value ratio remains around 50% to market value.

    The Ubber guys really pulled off a good one stealing so many drivers in such a short time. BUt the Taxi moguls do have the socialist mayor in their pocket. So at least in NYNY this game is not over.

    Management has done a good job with loan to value ratios. So Taxi is insulated by a large measure of safety on collateral valuation.

    Taxi it self has a strong capital position so can do some real buy backs under book and at about a 9% cash on cash position.

    INsiders last reported to hold over 10%

    It is selling below $11 and book for valid reasons. BUt I am really not sure $11 is not a bargain. I am more concerned about the quality of general banking loans than the medallion portfolio. At least at $11 I am.

    Good Fortune all.

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    Finally a decent uptick

    by ecamp97 Nov 14, 2014 2:42 PM
    norrishappy norrishappy Nov 14, 2014 7:13 PM Flag

    Hey are we putting Opie on ignore for a while, again? Does seem a time out improves his manners. ;)

  • norrishappy norrishappy Nov 14, 2014 7:12 PM Flag

    SA is trying to manage it but that does not mean they fully control it. In the short term normal climate cycle is likely to deliver hard enough weather that it interferes with current oil and gas production. Watch Cushing to see if storage 'unexpectedly' drops.

    If $75 goes on for months we could see non-Sunni OPEC oil states go into social chaos.

    If you want an expert opinion, follow Mr. Hamm. There are production costs and social stability supply disrupters which become increasing powerful under $80.

    Yes, corn is now selling way below the rent values farmers paid. Simply because there was a irrational or political corruption feeding bubble created. American farmers have not only lost their edge in cereal export position to Brazil but our ethanol jammed rail system can not efficiently deliver for export. Which is why the Mississippi barge operation is doing so well.

    NOt to mention corn farmers have lost their biggest rational customer in animal feed. Given the long production cycle of beef, American demand has been damaged for years. Even pork, poultry and fish are running with shut in capacity which given the risks maybe slow to come back on line.

    Interesting the huge boost to wage earning American incomes via discount oil may go to restoring the quality of our diet with protein. Maybe, as even with better real incomes eating habits once formed have memory.

    he Ministry of Agriculture of China (MOA) published the approval of import of 10 genetically modified varieties for commercialization. For soybeans, the A2704-12 (Bayer), MON89788 (Monsanto) and 305423 (Pioneer) varieties. For the corn MON88017 (Bayer), MON89034 (Monsanto), NK603 (Monsanto), GA21 (Syngenta) and MIR604 (Syngenta) varieties were approved.

    Really surreal but just a few years ago Obama was bragging about giving the Socialist government of Brazil billions in tax money so we would be their best oil customer. That turned out to be a waste - shock. Unlike their corn growing capacity.

  • norrishappy norrishappy Nov 14, 2014 12:39 PM Flag

    Now Willie it has been years and I have the railroad holding/profits to know it well.

    Yea would you like to take back that csx and ndc negative babbling you engaged in for a very long time?

    It would be the manly thing to do. It would be the American thing to do.

    As I said your condition can be far greater and grander than it is. So it should be far greater and grander. But it is a choice only you can make.

    Why couldn't grubber keep his mouth shut? The Progressive condition precludes the self respect. So the vacuum must be filled by from vainglorious display. As the Occupy Line Board does.

    Interesting problem. Logical therefore moral as well. If you use deception to overcome the never flagging resistance of the majority of the people, can a law like Obamacare still be imposed?

    The answer is no. Our Constitution is not a legalism document.

    "Principles that motivate citizen behaviour according to Montesquieu
    Driving each classification of political system, according to Montesquieu, must be what he calls a "principle". This principle acts as a spring or motor to motivate behavior on the part of the citizens in ways that will tend to support that regime and make it function smoothly.

    For democratic republics (and to a somewhat lesser extent for aristocratic republics), this spring is the love of virtue—the willingness to put the interests of the community ahead of private interests.
    For monarchies, the spring is the love of honor—the desire to attain greater rank and privilege.
    Finally, for despotisms, the spring is the fear of the ruler."

    Whether or not you care to man up about it, the Obama regime abuse of IRS power toward ordinary citizens was a spring of fear. Beyond Obama's clear hubris imposition of 'ethics' by delusions of monarchy based on material nihilistic 'honor' The most naked despotism.

    Make no mistake, lead from behind is far to generous description. His ice cold political calculations are passive aggressive based on fear response.

  • Nor ethanol for that matter. Just the same old say or do anything determined behaviour routine in the never ending loop.

    Shameless and therefore useless. It is impossible to believe any real career Army Vet would lose so much personal respect as to try and protect this mess.

    We all make mistakes. BUt men correct their errors. Especially if they invoke our military as a foundation to their opinions.

  • norrishappy norrishappy Nov 14, 2014 11:32 AM Flag

    Pain in Trains Falls Mainly on Grain
    Rail Delays Slow Shipments, Pushing Prices Up Despite Bumper Crops

    Nov. 2, 2014 6:53 p.m. ET
    ONIDA, S.D.—The worst rail delays in more than a decade are impeding crop shipments in the Midwest, causing grain-storage facilities to fill up and sending pries for corn, soybean and soybean meal up sharply.

    Congestion on railroad networks, now threatening to extend into a second year in the U.S. Farm Belt, is forcing some buyers to purchase additional soybean meal, used mainly in animal feed, to ensure a steady supply, analysts said.

    That helped push futures prices up 11% in the past week. And soybeans and corn both jumped by around 7% as livestock and poultry operations in the eastern U.S. rushed to avoid feed shortages and speculators bid up the price of the commodities related to soy meal, analysts said.

    Such a poltroon Stag Corn monster. It is very clear you are not a farmer.

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    Looks like we are approaching the magic 75 WTI

    by sandra888us Nov 13, 2014 12:26 PM
    norrishappy norrishappy Nov 14, 2014 10:19 AM Flag

    Willie really believes he is aware and superior. Born to lead like all Progressives.

    It is an interesting facet of the Progressive useful idiot or automaton condition or conditioning. Even very bright and informed people like Ms Powers just slip into it. Progressive academic high priests of thought inform her reason so she need not think. All opinions are equal regardless of ethical condition.

    It is religion and it most certainly is not American Reformation Christianity. Which is why the Progressive religion is hostile at all levels of awareness to our religion, as FDR said.

    We have Wisdom instruction on the nature of the emotion based spirit of innovation ripping our Constitution, government and therefore the American people apart. It does not require dishonorable academics who assume they are the wisest. It just takes informed common sense from leaders and Ms Powers is a leader.

    An odd thing to is Grag Gutfeel. His swing unicorn faith like the Progressive flying spaghetti monster has contribute to the Good how? While the Judeo-Christian tradition birthed the radical social experiment which has improved the human condition more than any other force. Supernatural as it was a leap of blind faith about the nature of common people.

    Greg Gutfeel is clearly very bright and informed. Yet, despite all those clear talents and the Blessing of education, he is a very primitive guy. Yea all this Judeo-Christian Wisdom meets the logical conditions of serving the Good.In abstract and more importantly the experience of Americans.

    But I guess he really wants to live in Tolkien Middle Earth. But not the least of these hero saving all Middle Earth. It oddly seems he really has a compulsion to be a troll under a bridge some where. Stopping the collectivists from passing. Well he does have the God granted Liberty to chose the part he wishes to play.
    Actually now that I think of it Gutfeel would make a good Hobbit. Really good one liners.

  • norrishappy norrishappy Nov 14, 2014 9:57 AM Flag

    Why starve human beings for insane corn ethanol political corruption Stag monster,

    Retail sales just jumped 0.3% or 50% more than expectations.

    Corn ethanol corruption remains 20%+ more expensive than cleaner gasoline based on energy content.
    But of course our cars can not utilize 30% of the energy due to incompatible detonation or laws of physics.
    So the reality is defective corn ethanol cost 80% more.

    Now the dramatic spikes in food inflation are easy to see in the Index Mundi inflation graph. With spikes up every time even more government force was applied to the mandates. But let us put that aside for now.

    So just by doing the honest or right thing based on science and economics, American could reduce gasoline prices a sustained 8%+ almost immediately. Imagine what that would do for our economy. Wage earning Americans benefitting the most.

    Of course farmers can not get their crops to market and storage. To many oil trains. But what goes strangely without comment is the 10% of our gasoline supply by volume not value being trained in special corresion resistant rail cars.

    A cost of transport so extreme for corn ethanol corruption that the spot price has little relationship to the actual delivered cost.

    Of course it is normal economic growth which will change the demand portion of the oil price equation.

    Interesting thing too. Completing the XL will reduce emissions by about 50% over the current training.

    Our government was design in the aware knowledge special interest will infected any popular government. So it is designed to #$%$ it until a honourable press can expose it.

    BUt not to worry. Ms Powers have the unread opinions of 100 grant taking academics who have opinions as the keepers of all rational activist government thought. Individual virtue is some how a personal choice rather than the only foundation popular government can rest upon.


    News of a jump in U.S. oil production sent domestic crude prices tumbling below $75 for the first time in more than four years Thursday, reinforcing investors’ fears of a global supply glut.

    Production vaulted past nine million barrels a day last week for the first time since 1986, the Energy Information Administration said.

    Saudi Arabia produced an average 9.7 million barrels a day in 2013, while Russia’s output was 10.1 million barrels a day. However, the U.S. already surpasses both countries when byproducts like condensate and natural-gas liquids are factored into the total. On Wednesday, the EIA predicted that U.S. production next year would reach its highest annual average since 1972."

    Of course the nyZt spent page after page why this was all just an illusion.

    Their problem is of course this technology genie is out of the bottle. This is the only rational and powerful stimulus our economy has received in the last place for economic growth dreary Obama time.

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    Here is my take, for what it is worth.

    by dlw2244 Nov 13, 2014 1:02 PM
    norrishappy norrishappy Nov 13, 2014 6:54 PM Flag

    HUm some one understands Mr. Hamm.

    How about end of the world clerics in Iran with a delivery ready nuclear bomb?

    If Obama was attending to the interest of America rather than running his lawless immigration and climate change scams, what would be the American policy response to all this?

    There is only one way out of an ambush. Forward to fight out of it. Mr Hamm gets it and he is all in for America. Happy to be along for the ride.

    American has all the oil and gas we need. The Canadians ensure prices are reasonable and supply secure. Nice people those Looneys. They will even let us have the value added manufacturing jobs.

    World leaders are not missing Obama made a complete scaramouche of himself to sell this insane no agreement climate control agenda, to his clueless supporters. I mean if they do not get it now, it is because they do not care about facts.

    Well at least we have the Beckel emotional tantrum time most days, "Every one is like me!" Yea it is the collectivist closed and empty mind thing.

  • Reply to

    Here is my take, for what it is worth.

    by dlw2244 Nov 13, 2014 1:02 PM
    norrishappy norrishappy Nov 13, 2014 6:35 PM Flag

    "There is certainly a lot of speculation in terms of what geopolitical forces may or may not be influencing the price of oil."

    What part of SA setting oil prices have you missed? If you do not understand why are you determined to post?

  • Reply to

    Here is my take, for what it is worth.

    by dlw2244 Nov 13, 2014 1:02 PM
    norrishappy norrishappy Nov 13, 2014 6:29 PM Flag

    Problem is brinksmanship is always dangerous. It always begins by believing some one like Obama can be bullied.

    Putin is very popular in Russia. State controlled media insures it.

    As for oil prices. For now the House of Saud has control. They are demonstrating this to Putin. Even demonstrating Obama will go off on his internal Climate Control theater for his automaton base rather than deal with SA's hostile mercantilist attack on our domestic energy industry.

    Sad fact is Putin, China and the Sunni Oil states are taking out it on America via Obama. Further Obama really does not care. SA is hammering the Russian economy so Putin needs a distraction for his population. Sadly weakest leader to pick on his Obama.

    One thing is certain. Venezuela is now hanging over the cliff with $75TI. But they are still delivering oil welfare all over collectivist Latin America and Caribbean.

    Of course a mature President would be viewing all this as the transition to a new world order. The American century of rational energy policy based primarily on rational free markets. The failure of hostile collectivist states Progressive love in their delusions is a mid to long term positive.

    The real nail in the coffin for all this bully America games? Toyota fuel cell cars running of reformed American natural gas. On sale in Japan next month to prove out consumer technology. The reduction in pollution and even co2 offered by this new technology is beyond the mindless environmentalists dreams. So of course the elites do not tell them about it. Like the continuing economic and environmental disaster of corn ethanol. A bridge to something even worse.

    One way or another oil is going to settle near the cost of the last barrel of marginal production. Risk adjusted cost of the last barrel of marginal production.

    The Chinese economy really is sick. Investment going to line the pockets of the Mexican elite using our discounted natural gas for value added manufacturing.

  • Reply to


    by evetsnibur Nov 13, 2014 3:41 PM
    norrishappy norrishappy Nov 13, 2014 5:44 PM Flag

    How strange it is Obama gets credit for lower oil prices by complete international failure. Primarily by running the Climate Control scam to prove what remains of his base are unreasoning and therefore functioning as thoughtless automatons.

    BUt the big payoff at line is the natural gas. About 5.6 mcfs equal the BTUs in a barrel of oil.

    Which means the cleanest possible energy source in the world sells for less than $25 dollars a barrel. But only here in America. Everywhere else the price is directly to the oil BTU content.

    It takes intelligent people like Ms Powers to go on with her delusions about panels of Progressive academics; who do not value personal integrity, gifted authority over her reason and thus common sense to hold our economy down. The key to the Obama uncertainty is the lawlessness he is allowed by a dishonored press and academics of no virtue. Which is why Obama uncertainty can hold our economy to population growth despite emergency printing .

    If business was certain Americans of integrity like McCain or Romney would win in 2016, the capital investment race would begin right now. Natural gas at an 80% discount to oil and twice that for the insane Progressive 'alternative energy troughs'. Plus all the free ethane you could want for a decade at least.

    Amazing thing. Just six years ago Obama and the Democrats would rule American forever more. Now the Republicans have decisive majorities in both houses despite the people still being mad at them.

    Yet, Pelosi and Reid who brought the impossible fall of their political party still control it. Even as it is clear they no longer have the intellectual capacity to do so.

    Man if Reagan had all the Providence dumped on Obama! BUt given all the Providence the good news is an average run of the mill honest person will look like a hero.

    American natural gas is worth far more than it sells for. We just need leadership that desires full employment and rising wages. - Ms Powers Pebble in the Sky

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    Shorts are doubling down and LINN now trading

    by bearnobull Nov 13, 2014 2:11 PM
    norrishappy norrishappy Nov 13, 2014 2:41 PM Flag

    Corn ethanol and the even more insane Progressive advanced ethanol Opie,

    Given the irrational movements in oil prices, had FY15 guidance been given would it not have any value?

    Of course not.

    Obama's climate control theater for the willfully irrational Progressives, like Mr. William, Ms Powers and hot dog Riviera who was the first to say because Obama is the first 'black Prez the content of his character is irrelevant and so it was unethical to judge him by the content of his character, loved it.

    Putin understood Obama was once again purposefully fracturing America and Americans for churlish Progressive agendas. He saw the all clear sign of a rubberless American and acted in his vainglorious ambitions.

    The Chinese Elite mock Obama at every opportunity. Even showing him the ripped off Fifth generation Raptor fighter.

    Obama wades through it all and holds up a climate control no agreement as an accomplishment. No reason to wait for the Chinese and Russian elites to mock Obama. No one mocks Obama more powerfully than Obama himself.

    So should we be surprised the House of Saud is pouring it on too?

    Poor Progressive Elder Jon Stewart. The before and after Obama pictures he shows is more than words can express.

    Hey is Jon Stewart's new movie out yet? I really am looking forward to it.

  • Reply to

    Estimating distribution at different oil prices

    by maxgeo123 Nov 13, 2014 11:55 AM
    norrishappy norrishappy Nov 13, 2014 12:17 PM Flag

    Ron^3 a person who still hasn't bothered with the math of deep in the calls being cheap is not a go to person for other concepts.

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