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    Education is one of the primary means by which human beings come to be fully human. The American Founders understood that a liberal education—which includes proper instruction in reading, writing, and arithmetic—prepares the student for self-government and is therefore essential for the maintenance and prosperity of a free society. The liberally educated soul seeks to grasp the highest things and, with the help of others, to live in light of them. This kind of education requires hard work on the part of the student and the teacher.

    I becoming a groupie of PhD Arnn.

    About half way through the lectures. Already I understand the merit of their reasoning. Backed by real world experiment or results.

    A powerful resource for our clergy.

  • norrishappy norrishappy 14 hours ago Flag

    To properly honor our Marines service? America stops this mindless global warming religion and gets on with energy security. Using our natural gas and ending the illegal corn ethanol mandates.

    So they have economic opportunity to return home too. We both know that adopting natural gas and ending corn ethanol will reduce co2 emissions more than all the mindless Progressive corruption. $6 billion a year for base load wind mills? Why?

    Enough already. None of this is rocket science. It is simple honesty and objectivity. Central points of Washington's true religion of our first government sponsored national day of Thanksgiving.

    To top it all off, the terrorists have convinced many young people a vengeful and vindictive god will deliver them from US Marines. This is a delusion which needs to be exposed.

    American Marines will do the necessary killing of the deserving. I have no doubt God will justly sort out the rest.

  • norrishappy norrishappy 14 hours ago Flag

    Willie, traditional Americans have a much more developed regard for human life than a material nihilist, such as yourself. Especially valiant servants like our young people in military service.

    As far as this false sensitivity of the nihilist. Make a visit to Camp Pendleton. Out to Twenty Nine Stumps would be good instruction for you as well. US Marines do not share your sickly vacuous nihilism. .

    No one who has been in war, loves war. But if you think our Marines are not motivated to go to kick the #$%$ of baby killing sex slaving terrorists, you are wrong as usual.
    I value every American life. All innocent life. So if we did lose a young Marine kicking #$%$ and killing terrorists, it would be a meaningful death. They did incite a mentally ill American to saw the head off a helpless grandmother among all the other attacks.
    Disrespect and disregard for our military is not deploying them when it is necessary. It is in Obama throwing one of his endless temper tantrums and leaving no residual force in Iraq. That sort of childishness comes from your primitive mentality that it was foolish to serve in the first place. So the insult to sacrifice begins with the progressive condition.
    The Ukrainians do their own fighting. As the Kurds do. They simply need some help with arms and supplies. A few CIA operatives with infantry service is how it is done. Also special forces are highly trained to organize indigenous forces. The combat effectiveness of indigenous forces is indeed multiplied.
    I am prepared for a punitive mission into Sunni Iraq, The only question is the state of the Sunni tribes Obama abandoned to the wolves. I am sure Petraeus and his vets still have the personal contacts to ascertain their condition.
    Breaking up and weakening terrorists is a valid strategy. Obama has in fact made it necessary. The question is who will fill the vacuum. You know that adult reasoning thing. But it is no nation building mission. The long term struggle is the tribes'.

  • norrishappy norrishappy 21 hours ago Flag

    Thank you Flash,

    None of this is new. The power of it is in the sustained truth of it.

    I would say 'other' begins when we stop seeing the person before us as an individual fashioned in our Creator's image. Therefore of intrinsic worth and potential beyond our human reason. Intended to live this life in a condition of intellectual and spiritual Liberty.

    But this is something different than who we as free people will associate with. Progressive collectivist would impose the lowest common denominator of the base and emotional mob upon free people. Claiming against all human experience and logic, they can 'will' a more perfect social contract. From their insanity of virtue free 'science'.

    Of course it is the weakest Americans who pay the highest price for Progressive hubris. The natural community leaders of proven traditional virtue can not be allowed to rise. But the truth or power of these virtues is so great that an additional modern material nihilist inquisition has been added to the systemic barriers.
    But only by denying the intrinsic worth and taking of individual potential from every free human being. For a Christian a light yoke and easy burden. For while the cost to us maybe great, the truth is beautiful.

    I am thinking of three Amerimen. A military officer. A healer / medical doctor. A police commander / leader. All are servants. All have accepted Christ's yoke and burden. Strengthened to come forward to serve even as the mob of the Progressive inquisition has gathered in full fury.

    There are no perfect answers. We are dealing with people. But fortunately American people.
    We are equipped with honest good will, guided logic and the humility to admit mistakes.

    The center America lost with the King brothers. Men enough to admit a defeat and adjust for Selma. Accept the terrible price the innocent will pay. Why would any rational person believe such servants would allow the material nihilist Progressive to keep imposing their failure?

  • norrishappy norrishappy 23 hours ago Flag

    It is interesting and now nearly forgotten that the founding mission of the Ivy League was to address these questions. For most of the history, the Ivy League did exactly this. Until it was captured by the ugly primitiveness of Progressive collectivism.

    How quickly our Majestic Ivy League providing the Theological foundation to the abolitionists movement was poisoned by the material nihilism of Progressive collectivism. True there were theological debates. But clearly the human Liberty side won. Before the intellectual poisoning.

    I was sadly disappointed by Rev Jakes interview with Mr. Cavuto. Some way to expunge criminal records is indeed a facet of true repentance. But the engine of the waste of human talent and criminality is accepting the failed schools and no gainful economic opportunity. If the community economy was like 1964, the community would have the internal power to 'judge' repentance.

    We know empowering American parents with school choice will save lives and potentials. Generations have passed as the collectivist delusions of the lowest common denominator has reduced schools to warehouses.

    Sharpy is clearly tare. Self seeking and promoting tare. In his wake is strife, conflict and destruction. Further no solutions or improvements. Just endless conflict. This creature has no place among people of good will earnestly seeking solutions.

    The only way forward is back to the core of Majestic Civil Rights. No actions or government programs free of the concept of human virtue have produced good fruit. We should seek to empower the virtuous. For only they are natural leaders. Nothing is more critical than providing a path for an American parent willing to sacrifice themselves for their children's future.

  • When a philanthropist dies, the instinct is to take the public measure of the man by the amount of money he gave away. On that score John M. Templeton Jr., who died Saturday at age 75, ranks among the giants, as his family’s John Templeton Foundation handed out nearly $1 billion under his leadership.

    But his philanthropy went far beyond mere charity to explore mankind’s moral purpose. The motto of the Templeton Foundation is “how little we know, how eager we are to learn.” Templeton took these words seriously, and it led him to fund research outside the conventional boundaries of the foundation establishment. Templeton funded research into what it calls the “Big Questions of human purpose and ultimate reality.” This included how to enhance freedom and the role of virtue as well as efforts to learn more about “spiritual realities such as love, forgiveness, gratitude, loyalty and generosity.”

    An evangelical Christian who graduated from Harvard Medical School, he became a pediatric surgeon, and he believed passionately in scientific inquiry. Born to wealth as the son of financial legend Sir John Templeton, Jack Templeton understood the moral foundation upon which free markets depend.

    In a note published almost 10 years ago on the Web page of the Yale Class of 1962, he questioned a “tolerance” that “demands incessantly that one abandons all judgment.” He went on to ask: “Should we tolerate a public educational system with its entrenched self interest in which virtually every inner-city parent knows is destroying any hope or possibility of their children achieving meaningful opportunity in a 21st Century Economy?”

    Too many scions of wealth squander it or betray the principles required to create it. Jack Templeton used his good fortune to spread those moral and economic principles for the benefit of all.

  • norrishappy norrishappy 23 hours ago Flag

    Willie you are clearly disabled by emotionalism and the attending irrationality.

    You might want to ask the Ukrainians about this new Progressive world order. You know Obama's so last century behavior from Putin. Hillary making a clown of herself with the reset button.

    Maybe the Baltic States, Poland and the other democracies on the Russian frontier. We can add Israel as the only true Democracy in the Middle East.

    It is amusing. You nwant your wife to vote for collectivists because you clearly do not like democracy much!

    You are one amusing emotional bouncing ball. Willie you really are not well.

  • norrishappy norrishappy 23 hours ago Flag

    Prancing Progressive Bear,

    You really are deranged. Perhaps it is your recognition that Hillary is inept and unworthy to be our President.

    'Lets have an argument. Carter or Bush? Just how we feel about it, rather than policy results. Progressive behavior.

    These are just political parties. Politics is not my religion. Attempting to serve the general Welfare or the Good is a purpose of my faith.

    Again, we both know encouraging adoption of American natural gas and following the RFS Law to eliminate the corn ethanol mandate will stimulate our economy and improve family incomes. From the bottom up.
    Both actions would improve 'income inequality'.

    So the Progressive wants to skip through time and compare Carter to Bush.

    When Obama is clearly worse than Carter. Both economically and foreign policy. Obama's agenda is not just live with less but America must be less.

    Never actually explaining his agenda. So the world has an irrational American President taking actions no one can understand by rational process. To gain internal political cover for the destabilized world, white people, police and the 1% are the evil enemy. Putin and the Aryan Mullahs exploit Obama's unexplained irrational behavior.

    Hillary was the failed Sec of State. Brazen and wanton in destroying the government property on her illegal mail server. White people, police, Republicans and the 1% funding her political ambitions made her do it.

    The real issue for Republicans are the candidates who kowtowed to corn ethanol pimp Ratatter. But of course the Progressive has no interest in the future or policies.

    Just the same old cult of political personality. The Progressive mental and emotional conditioning. Same tired behavior routines.

    Which is why the only solution is a time out for Progressives. Which means we will have to ride herd on republicans twice as hard.

  • norrishappy norrishappy May 20, 2015 10:32 PM Flag

    Yes Rice is a national disgrace.

    If Obama has not built his government Leviathan by intent, then he has happily bubbled into it.
    As things are with the EPA, IRS, Justice ,,,,, we are indeed at a critical breaking point.

    It is stunning Hillary can openly claim at this point her intention to act unconstitutionally. Still be held up as a leader. Rather than driven from the stage by just outrage.

    Our largely ethically failed press is most responsible. They exploit the industrious Democrats to busy to be fully aware. BUt as you say, our 'press' is infected with progressive political operatives. Operatives that will not sit out even one cycle for the good of the country.

    Progressive have no shame so there is no cure. They just need to be removed from the power, Power Hillary is already boasting to wildly abuse. What is it rice actually believes in? A very sick person. Both are.

  • norrishappy norrishappy May 20, 2015 10:15 PM Flag

    The answer for GW is yes. Yes he was.

    His tax reduction did get us out of the Clinton recession and economic drag of the terrorist attack.
    He did allow political management of the war. Which nearly led to implosion. But he had the sand to call for the surge. While Hillary and Biden were surrendering, our troops secure victory.

    Bush did side with the government regulators against the demands of Barmy Franks and the progressives to expand the subprime mortgage buying by Fannie and Freddie. Franks and the 'black' caucus got their way. Barmy after all controlled the ultra powerful Finance committee.

    Bush like Republicans still seem to do, allowed the ChiComs to run huge trade deficits. While not directly a cause of the subprime which was pretty much all Jon Stewart's Progressives, the excess liquidity did play a roll.

    Also, there was no wage growth under Bush. Employment was never truly stable, even if it was full.

    Mr. O just claimed illegal immigration does impact family incomes. He hasn't taken note of construction wages. As housing imploded our employment rates barely moved. Due to illegal immigration.

    A mature person attempts to understand and not repeat mistakes.

    Carter's solution for the failure of collectivist policies was, Americans need to learn to live with less. Despite all the years and very real leaps in our living standards and efficiency, Carter has never changed. Never learned.

    Americans are the can do people or at least we the non-progressives are. We have all the oil, natural gas and coal we need because some Americans refused to believe your primitive religion. They believed they could and did.

    Kennedy was a very effective President. But then he took responsibility. But, then for all his moral short comings, here was a man who would put his life on the line for his men.

    Look Dancing Progressive Bear, we both know adopting our natural gas and ending corn ethanol would greatly aid our economy and incomes. Why this Bush derangement?

  • norrishappy norrishappy May 20, 2015 7:46 PM Flag

    Likely the bankers demanded some additional equity cushion on the re-determination.

    It would appear the cash was was about equal.

  • norrishappy norrishappy May 20, 2015 7:12 PM Flag

    Now Willie no reason to be snotty.

    If the election were held today Romney would be President. As Obama really could not be any worse, things would be better. Likely much better.

    Hillary is doing very poorly with aware Americans. Including the independents.

    Unfortunately Jon Stewart's Libertine voters are the least aware of all. He tells them not to trust him for information. But he is more trusted by them than CNN and MSNBC. Which believe it or not, as delusional as Jon can be and often is, is rational.

    Hey Progressive do not think for themselves. As you in particular and the OLB in general proves every day.

    The fact that Hillary is not laughed off the stage only proves how corrupt the main line press is. We both know she in inept and corrupt.

    I just hope in your delusive condition you really do not go and vote in the election! ;)

  • norrishappy norrishappy May 20, 2015 2:14 PM Flag

    It is important to remember the analysts are expecting no pick up in economic growth and therefore demand.

    Our economy not responding to a windfall of lowering gasoline prices is the last place ever. We see all this positive confidence 'opinions'. But when it is cash in hand, it is a different story.

    The deary Obama time has been so grueling that perhaps of consumer behavior has been changed. Which in the longer term would be healthy. More rational and logical consumers will drive economic efficiency. Nothing like Progressives and their pop culture fads.

    Please do not underestimate how quickly normal American economics growth would change the analyst's equations. The wells are declining. It is not being replaced either in association with oil production or the about 200 rigs actually drilling natural gas.

    It really would be a shame if the economic jolt of the surfeit of natural gas and ngls is just slowly consumed. A few companies taking political rents on bad policy.

    In normal times, companies would be lining up long term supply contracts from producers and building like crazy. But Obama gave yet another completely delusional Global Warming speech today. Enough uncertainty to make American consumers and business fearful of our future.

    This is all so frustrating. What has happened to some many of my fellow Americans? Did Jon Stewart do this to them?


    Natural gas prices are rising Wednesday, regaining most of their losses from Tuesday as warmer weather forecasts boost expectations for demand.

    Natural gas for June delivery is up 4.4 cents, or 1.5%, at $2.992 a million British thermal units on the New York Mercantile Exchange. Natural gas is still in a bull market, up more than 20% since it closed at a nearly three-year low on April 27.

    Increasing demand for gas-fired power helped spark the rally, and that trend is still going strong. Power plants run more as people turn on their air conditioners during hot weather, and forecasts for the East Coast keep getting hotter for longer.

    Commodity Weather Group LLC in Bethesda, Md., said Wednesday it expects temperatures around 90 degrees Fahrenheit in major markets like Washington and Philadelphia extending well into next week. That is more than 8-degrees above normal and feeds a slight increase in national energy demand, Commodity Weather Group said.

    “Electric power demand has mostly offset domestic production growth,” Teri Viswanath, a natural-gas strategist at BNP Paribas SA in New York said in a note. It could lead to smaller weekly surpluses compared to last year during the weeks to come, she said.

    But several analysts do think the bull market could be hitting a ceiling. Weekly surpluses are still likely to be strong and the country is on pace to have a “bumper” 3.8 trillion cubic feet of gas in storage before winter, Energy Aspects said in a note Wednesday.

    That would cap prices at $3.10/MMBtu--at which more power producers will switch back to coal--and make $2.60/mmBtu a target for the summer, it said. Prices retreated sharply Tuesday when they touched $3.10/mmBtu,

    “The current production level is still too high for 2016 and that should cap the upside on gas prices,” Citigroup Inc. said in a note.

    Physical gas for next-day delivery at the Henry Hub in Louisiana last traded at $2.98/mmBtu, compared with Tuesday’s range of $3.04-$3.12. Cash prices at the Transco Z6 hub in New York last traded at $2.60/mmBtu, compared with Tuesday’s range of $3.00 to $3.18.

  • norrishappy norrishappy May 20, 2015 1:56 PM Flag

    Our Marines died in Benghazi. It is a serious matter. Three brave Americans of honorable action came forward to tell the story they lived. In honor bound opposition to the myths of Obama and Hillary.

    One might claim it was just a political screw up. Every one covers up. If the lap dog press enables it.

    But the cover story of the video is absolutely inexcusable. Terrorist know they carried off a successful attack. Rather than respond like 'men' seeking justice against cowards, Obama/Hillary told an outlandish myth. Progressives believed it. As sadly did real democrats.

    American weakness before our enemies. We are and will pay the price as Americans.

    Obama/Hillary lies and deceptions are not beliefs. They are established facts. Irrefutable facts.

    Claiming everyone does it is immature. More importantly it stops the process of correction.

    Our dishonorable opinion takers who used to be journalists will not hold them accountable. Progressive with no virtue will behave ever more brazenly. As Obama have done. As Hillary has already promised to be lawless.

    There is no solution except a time out from power.

    This and to call the 'press' out. Assuming some like at the WSJ take care of their reputation so it is rational to trust them.

  • norrishappy norrishappy May 20, 2015 12:12 PM Flag

    Oh Willie,

    Hillary would insure American is sharply divided. At a moment her very actions internationally have destabilized the world.

    Even if she was suddenly competent, her record would insure she is powerless in international affairs.

    This would not be 71% of American extending Obama their good will. Of which I was one. Hopeful rather than rational.

  • norrishappy norrishappy May 20, 2015 12:10 PM Flag

    Look Carter is a good man and also clearly delusive. Carter was never qualified to be our President.
    His character was good and his judgement always irrational.

    Your comment is simply irrational. In a very childish way.

    One individuals limits does nothing about the necessary logic of ethics.

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    Why dilute the stock ?

    by digitalkirsch May 20, 2015 8:43 AM
    norrishappy norrishappy May 20, 2015 11:50 AM Flag

    No. The only thing which could change is taxes. LNCO is nothing more than a corporate rapper around one partnership unit.

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    Why dilute the stock ?

    by digitalkirsch May 20, 2015 8:43 AM
    norrishappy norrishappy May 20, 2015 11:13 AM Flag


    The exposure is not in the hedged oil and natural gas. It is in the ngls in the immediate term.

    Whether or not the issuance was dilutive is a question of the YTM the debt was bought back in at.

    Yes, it was a very bad signal. No one should count on the distribution holding.

    But with the shale decline rate still playing out. Possible improvement in growth rates if it is clear Hillary will not win.

    It is just Obama / Progressive uncertainty is everywhere. Including American energy self sufficiency.

  • norrishappy norrishappy May 20, 2015 11:06 AM Flag

    Now Willie, even in Washington Ma Barker Hillary stands out.

    The insecure illegal personal server and bald faced erasing of government records is very special.

    Hillary is the only politico who can approach or even exceed Obama's most damaging theater. Not to mention Putin and everyone else except the American people reading her emails.

    Your delusion that the level of corruption is currently anywhere near comparable to Obama and the Clinton's is so absurd to be amusing.

    The intellectual and moral corruption of the majority press is proven to be a sickness by supporting Hillary. A few have enough self respect to at least make some demands to answer questions.

    At least the press does its job with Republicans. Holds them to a clearly unequal standard. Which alone makes them the rational choice.

    The critical path to economic recovery is corporate tax reform and putting the EPA back under political supervision. So it can be returned to a science basis rather than this insane material nihilist collectivist religion.

    If we elect a Republican President we maybe able to get school choice for inner city Americans. At least in red states. It will only take a few years to prove a solution.

    Your sad state of existence proves why the Progressive collectivist bureaucratic state or sciencetism is a malfunction of rationality. We all know that corn ethanol is not just a defective product. It is a ecological and economic disaster. Yet, your hubris and base vanity is so great you can not admit it. Even to yourself.

    So you are not well. At least Stag the monster of the corn is rewarded with human blood soaked cash. Disgusting and revolting but rational for a Progressive.

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