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norrishappy 391 posts  |  Last Activity: 8 hours ago Member since: Apr 24, 2002
  • He is going ahead with his Climate Changes services.

    Never mind a NATO country shooting down a Russian Aircraft. Climate change is the threat!

    God help all humanity and protect America. Another year of this clinical delusion.

  • norrishappy norrishappy 8 hours ago Flag

    Yes Zombie neo-progressive bear,

    How a Zombie avoids addressing the ongoing nature about the Source of Liberty in our Constitution.

    It is amazing the neo-progressive got away with all this myth telling. YOu even attempted in the digital age of information.

    Even primitives are capable of free will. Which is not to be mistaken for significant let alone rational thoughts.

    Yes, you are more like a Zombie. Thrall to another's will.

    In Haiti there is evidence ritual and drugs can create a zombie. Damage the brain with drugs then use neo-progressive conditioning tactics.

    Interesting just like dope smoking neo-progressive youth.

    I mean look at Plosive and Reid. If it looks and acts like a zombie, what else could it be?

    Mad Who is sure Jon Stewart had much to do about it! When does his new show start?

  • norrishappy norrishappy 9 hours ago Flag

    Now now Zombie Bear neo-progressive like Obama -

    Free speech is an interesting thing. It is to discover truth, not shield your false vanity.

    Such a primitive. Hum, is a zombie a primitive or something else?

  • norrishappy norrishappy 9 hours ago Flag

    That would be the freely admitted racist OLB personas of rrb and sick Willie? Stagg too but the monster stays away more often. Given the record, it is broke.

  • norrishappy norrishappy 9 hours ago Flag

    Why neo-progressive Zombie prancing bear,

    Founding and Framing fathers did not grant us Liberty. God grants individual Liberty. The American government was instituted by men to secure the gifts of God, endowed on each human being.

    Washington held up his inaugural until a Bible to swear upon could be found and brought back. Remember these are the most rational men of the entire Enlightenment. They will give birth to a stable and productively animated Republic. Which in the blink of the eye will be the world's only super power.

    Getting back to facts your conditions caused you to forget, in swearing to up hold our Constitution, which includes "secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity", Notice the word SECURE and not grant.

    Are all religions consistent with the ideal of individual Liberty? No.
    If you can not swear to it, then you can not uphold our Constitution.

    Now certainly no neo-progressive fire worshiper believes in Liberty. They have a puny god which does tricks for them. The material nihilist like Obama swears and then mocks it in public as a negative. The neo-progressive vanity of petty people.

    Fire worshipers can not slaughter animals to your religion. Sadly you can slaughter the unborn innocent for your religion of scientism. Just like the insanity around stem cells was all tripe. There were plenty of other sources for clean stem cells. But the neo-progressive had no interest in truth. It is about harnessing emotions to rule over men.

    Our system does not begin the social order based on contracts between puny and most imperfect men.

    It begins with a self evident truth. God provides and faithful servants secure.

    Sorry, in your anger and tantrum, all you achieved was a long ride in the clown car.

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    Turkey & Russia

    by gumbyisle 17 hours ago
    norrishappy norrishappy 11 hours ago Flag

    No Sick Willie -

    Try to concentrate and form a question. As you are completely irrational, I have no idea what the heck you are trying to express.

    I do not speak monkey person-ish.

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    Turkey & Russia

    by gumbyisle 17 hours ago
    norrishappy norrishappy 12 hours ago Flag

    Sick Willie you are clearly in delusions again.

    What question did you ask?

    You have an answer based on up-to-date production theory. Supply chain and all that stuff.

    You will have to go and study so you can understand when you have been given an answer.

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    Turkey & Russia

    by gumbyisle 17 hours ago
    norrishappy norrishappy 12 hours ago Flag

    Now now neo-progressive Zombie bear,

    We like our brains how and where they are.

    Informing a delude or a zombie of their condition is not hate. it is service.

    You have to want to be better to do better.

    Your condition of towering vanity so easy wounded, is Loward and Piven conditioning.
    They understood fully the power of irrationality and how easily it bends you to another will.

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    Turkey & Russia

    by gumbyisle 17 hours ago
    norrishappy norrishappy 13 hours ago Flag

    Sick Willie.

    The Turks and Russians have been at it for centuries. Europe siding with Turkey to keep Russia out of the med.

    Obama is a detach child. It will get even worse by design if he keeps stripping down for Putin.

    Putin, who can beat the Russian national team all by himself. What was it 11 goals?
    The Russian people are not ignorant like neo-progressives. They do seem to like the strength thing.

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    Turkey & Russia

    by gumbyisle 17 hours ago
    norrishappy norrishappy 13 hours ago Flag

    Please forgive me. But Clinton's serve no one but self. Billy will not taking money from the tyrants of the world even as Hillary 'runs'.

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    Turkey & Russia

    by gumbyisle 17 hours ago
    norrishappy norrishappy 13 hours ago Flag

    Neo-progressive ZOmbie Bear,

    What the heck are you babbling about now?

    Malcom X went on the Hajj. Became a new man as a Hadji. Still working out the service and empowerment of his community. But no longer riven by hate, anger and resentment. He moved closer to an understanding like Booker T. But was not going to be so accommodating to the power structure. Which was not race determinate.

    In doing so Malcom not only refuted the heresy of the Nation of Islam. But also the collectivists like the Black Panthers. Panthers who in time and age can to realize community and not collectivism was the path.

    If we read Malcom's letters about his Hajj experience, he embraced universal humanity. Which eliminated Pan-African-ism. This conflicts with orthodox Sunni tenants.

    Also American has a long history of 'black' self defense. Look at the Reconstruction period black militias. The southern progressives took away the Constitutional right to arms.

    What could be more American than self determination and self defense! Unfortunately, the new Malcolm was not here to defend and protect the economic base of his communities from the collectivists.
    It is also possible the new Malcolm could have acted like a Fredrick Douglas during the implosion of public education due to forced busing. 'Provide us the resources and our community will manage the disruptive children'. What happened was exactly that which Douglas demanded whites not do.

    Maybe so and maybe not. Which is very different form the irrational neo-progressive delusional determinate myths. That insane ark of progressive myth thing. When they have fashioned a new dark age for all neo-progressives.

    Which is fine for neo-progressives. It is the dragging the rest of us down into the black-hole of reason thing, I will not abide.

  • norrishappy norrishappy 13 hours ago Flag

    Christianity is a pacifistic faith. Yet, our history is full of faith being bent to the prince's glory and not the good of the people.
    How much easier then is it to twist Islam?

    Look I am a Christian. A convicted Christian. But I also know as an American Christian, securing God's Liberty has been the greatest force for good, the world of man has ever witnessed and experienced. Truth is truth.

    Our faith is to serve the average people in America. To govern by persuasion with a realistic understanding of all men's fallen nature. None of us are angels.

    No, American should not allow a mass Muslim immigration. Unless their faith reconciles with our Constitutional philosophy. Same is true for people who name themselves Christian or anything else.

    We have enough strife, discord and dysfunction form our Cloward and Piven Obama/Hillary fashion material nihilists. It is indeed heartbreaking to see Muslim American so easily manipulated to the 'fire' agenda. But if the academy can abuse the potential of our elite children for base irrationality? What chance do industrious Muslim immigrants have?

    It is an interesting thing. Muhammad's last and youngest wife became a power in her own right. Something not possible in either Caliphate. The odds of it becoming increasing remote across all Muslim lands. What exactly is changing?

    As I said, I am a Christian. My objective is simply the good. I am overjoyed for every person who comes to Christ. But, there can be no compulsion in faith, if God grants us Liberty. No earthly perfection either, when mere men have 'freedom'.

    A simple sort of man. So the more learned can have the theological battles. I am busy enough just addressing the primitive irrationality and therefore bad of neo-progressive emotion based material nihilism.

  • norrishappy norrishappy 14 hours ago Flag

    Time, place and space. We are dealing with religion. Which is something very different than event driven history.

    In Mecca, Muhammad preached and exhorted people to submit to Islam. In Medina, he used the threat of the sword to compel people to convert to Islam.

    This is how we get to supremacists and 'moderates'. Neither is adequate so there will be no right or wrong reconciliation. It is also a key reason the Ummah has difficultly in fully rejecting the supremacists.
    Nor are European educated material nihilists going to solve the irreconcilable differences. It simply becomes a cork on the pressure bottle.

    Conquest served the interest of the ruling elite. Not the welfare of the people. The various localized cultural flourishings of art, science and commerce occurred in conditions of peace and prosperity.

    Laying waste to Baghdad and the Abbasid Caliphate was pivotal. Not only was it a culture golden age. But, also a period of religious tolerance. Remarkable for that period in history.

    "During this period the Muslim world became an intellectual center for science, philosophy, medicine and education as the Abbasids championed the cause of knowledge and established the House of Wisdom in Baghdad; where both Muslim and non-Muslim scholars sought to translate and gather all the world's knowledge into Arabic.[43] Many classic works of antiquity that would otherwise have been lost were translated into Arabic and Persian and later in turn translated into Turkish, Hebrew and Latin.[43] During this period the Muslim world was a cauldron of cultures which collected, synthesized and significantly advanced the knowledge gained from the ancient Roman, Chinese, Indian, Persian, Egyptian.."

  • norrishappy norrishappy 15 hours ago Flag

    Why Sick Willie,

    That is the problem. The princes and their retinue could have a second child. You had to have both money and influence. Ordinary peasants were not even allowed to marry let alone get permission to have a baby.

    China remains a totalitarian state. It is getting worse under the Neo-Mao. All the wrong policies at exactly the critical moment.

    The question is how bad the situation is allowed to get before the party replace Ping Pong.

  • norrishappy norrishappy 15 hours ago Flag

    Sick Willie,

    You will not study economic, history or politics. Interferes with your primitive religion.

    The decline in Chinese competitiveness is manifold. The most significant disruption is the inability to maintain quality. Corruption ripples through the supply chain. It can be dramatic like poisoning baby formula to basic materials quality and specification control.

    Modern manufacturing is a highly refined and engineer process. Like any extremely efficient process, tolerance for variance are in reality, non-existent.

    The sad part is you do not understand a concept just expressed. The really sad part is you will do nothing about your poverty of ignorance. Which is a symptom of lack of self respect.

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    Turkey & Russia

    by gumbyisle 17 hours ago
    norrishappy norrishappy 15 hours ago Flag

    What a mess. Turkey is of course NATO. It appears Putin was driving that wedge.

    The Baltic States are in great danger until Obama retires.

  • norrishappy norrishappy 15 hours ago Flag

    Yes Gum!

    In twenty years the imbalance of boys to girls to decline from a likely 10 to 7 to 10 to 8.5.
    So how will this by resolved in the Ying Yang balance of Confucianism? Assuming the Chicoms can save what remains of Han Chinese culture, with the people.

    Certainly it is extinct with the princes of the revolution generation. The Chinese are a collectivist civilization. But unethical and corrupt administration is accepted to a point.

  • By Kathy Chu and Bob Davis

    "Over the coming decades, a labor shortage will force Levi and scores of other Western brands to remake their China operations or pack up and leave. The changes will mark a new chapter in the history of globalization, where automation is king, nearness to market is crucial and the lives of workers and consumers around the world are once again scrambled."

    The nearness to market encompasses production cycle times. Automation is eliminating the advantage of slave labor markets. Rule of law, social stability and rational governance the critical variables.

    The stage is set for the American manufacturing reinsurance. Taxation, regulation and the cost of energy are critical. Also the rationalism or stability of these factors.

    Modern plants do not have much direct labor. But they are the engine of demand and nexus of activity which drives the surrounding economy. The only thing better is domestic energy production from economically viable sources like coal, oil and gas.

    The next Republican President will have a simple time returning prosperity. The question is the size of increase. Given the general deflation in energy and commodities, five years above 5% without inflation is very reasonable.

    It is clear the irrational and dishonest neo-progressive who control the democratic party are not a viable alternative. Yet, to keep the GOP from becoming the special interest sink under Bush, an alternative is necessary. In steps the Tea Party.

    The Chicom story is so last century. As long as Neo-Mao has power, it will never develop the critical consumer empowered internal economy. The fallout from the military belligerence around Asia will be generational.
    Access to American consumer markets via hostile mercantilism will be diminished. Just as the advantage of slave labor declines.

    Obama destroyed the democratic party. It only controls a few declining states.
    Obama is such a failure, we don't even need a Reagan. Just an honest person!

  • norrishappy norrishappy 20 hours ago Flag

    Poor Sick Willie. The secular religion of the moon-calf.

    China rests of the edge of depression. Trying to bring back traditional Confucian ethics as the massive gender imbalance of the one child policy overwhelms it. The neo-Mao broke economic relationships all over Asia so now the capital investment is flowing towards countries like PI.

    It is seems swing voters are done with Hillary. Even Trump is beating her, warts and all. I very much doubt any of the leaping Republicans will allow China to run the increased trade deficit, they must have.

    China is just another hostile mercantilism economy of Asia. Nothing special nor powerful about China.
    Not until it replaces the Neo-Mao.

  • norrishappy norrishappy Nov 23, 2015 5:09 PM Flag

    Gross Personal Delusions of the neo-progressive zombie herd,

    "and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America."

    Why is Blessing capitalized? Why is the o in ourselves small and capitalized for Posterity?

    why is it necessary to ordain and establish?

    Can not say simply established? Clear not a secular word until the progressive delusion.

    So what did Washington/Hamilton mean?

    "Of all the dispositions and habits which lead to political prosperity, religion and morality are indispensable supports. In vain would that man claim the tribute of patriotism, who should labor to subvert these great pillars of human happiness, these firmest props of the duties of men and citizens."

    The rule, indeed, extends with more or less force to every species of free government. Who that is a sincere friend to it can look with indifference upon attempts to shake the foundation of the fabric?

    Look you are playing a most ignorant monkey game.

    What is clear is that in our Framers and Founders discernment by Intelligent Piety, you are unfit to hold the power of a public office. The higher the office the more your unfitness become apparent.

    Why is this so? The Farewell Address does not damn you for having no faith. It damns you for attacking what by logical means is necessary for a Free Peoples.

    Do you claim this is not so?

    Bad enough you are an uncivilized free loader. Do you really have to wave your wanton ignorance around every day like the primitive heathen, you are?

    YOu just have no Liberty do you?

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